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Live. Julia Gillard prepares to

announce her new cabinet. An

Islamic cleric leaves Australia after losing his fight against

deportation. More than 500

arrested in violent protests,

the G20 summit in Toronto. And

ing lad's World Cup campaign

ends with a 4-1 loss to

Germany. Good morning. It's

Monday 28th June. I'm Michael

Rowland. I'm Mary gearen, the

top story on ABC News Breakfast

- Prime Minister Julia Gillard

is today expected to announce

her new cabinet. It's

understood the pm stood with

Kevin Rudd - spoke with Kevin

Rudd last night about his

future. Julia Gillard has

already given Labor a boost in

the opinion polls, today's news

poll shows Labor's primary vote

is up 7 points to 42%. For more

on this, Melissa Clarke joins

us from Canberra. Good morning.

we're expecting news today. How

much do we know about her

intentions regarding the

cabinet line-up? We're expecting a cabinet meeting

tomorrow. We are expecting her to announce her new cabinet

line-up some time today or

tomorrow morning at the latest.

There is obviously a lot of decision that is need to be

made, even if she does do a

relatively minor reshuffle of

the cabinet. There is quite a

lot of big decisions to make

what, to do with Kevin Rudd.

What to do with lancy Tanner,

whether or not to take him out

of the cabinet or leave him

there until the election is

called. Then how to drnt her

own portfolios of education,

work place relations and social

inclusion. There are a number

of decisions she's had to make

over the weekend. We think we

would be pretty close to

finding out what the details

are. We may well see a new

person enter cabinet or a

reshuffle within cabinet that

doesn't see too much move

around or change in and out of cabinet.

cabinet. Which would save Julia

Gillard having to make some

decision abouts who comes in

and who gets promotions. That

first thing tomorrow morning at should be some time today or

latest. The polls are showing

the honeymoon is official. It

is certainly official. It's a

pretty nice honeymoon too. The

primary vote for Labor dr this

is where the real concern was

with the moves behind the

ousting of Kevin Rudd, was

really about the plummeting

primary vote for Labor t was

down 35% at the last Newspoll.

today in the first poll taken

over the weekend, directly

after gloord took over as Prime

Minister on the Thursday, Julia

Gillard took over, we've seen

the primary vote jump back up

to 42%. The Coalition's primary

vote interestingly is the same

- steady at 40%. Where the

numbers have come from - five

percentage points of that

increase has come from people

who've previously said they'd

vote Greens, the Greens primary

vote is down to 10% from 15%.

The other percentage points are

from uncommitted voters. There

is a big swing back to Labor.

Julia Gillard has had a similar

jump, about 7 percentage points

in terms of better PM, when

compared to Tony Abbott as

Kevin Rudd was. Definitely a very clear and significant jump

of up in the immediate aftermath

of this leadership

change. Obviously everyone's

been sitting through flard's

word - Julia Gillard's words

about various policies, mining.

What has been revealed about

exact policy changes she is

intending to make? It's still

very unclear, because we've

heard a lot of language change.

Some of the rhetoric is clearly

different from Kevin Rudd. The

conciliatory attitude that's

being brought before the

negotiate ing with the mining

industry, this change in

language when it comes to

population policy, she wants to

put sustainability front and

differentiates her from Kevin centre, saying that

Rudd who didn't mind the idea

of a big Australia and wanted

to look at all aspects. She

says the priority is

sustainability. In terms of

actual changes to policy, we

haven't seen a great deal yet.

The mining negotiations seem to

be paused somewhat while Wayne

Swan is overseas. Although

there is different talk we

haven't got a clear change

there. When it comes to

population policy we still have

effectively the same process in

place - a Minister based on

population - although now

sustainable population -

conducting a review, looking at

all as pents that might

influence a population policy

and thinking. In terms of

actual changes to process we

haven't seen a lot yet. It's

mostly a change am language and

rhetoric. Thank you for joining

us from Canberra. In other news, hundreds of people turned

up at Sydney airport last night

to fair well Islamic cleric

Mansour Leghaei who lost his

fight against deportation, the

Sheikh was ordered to return to

Iran because he was declared a

security risk. He has lived in

Australia for 16 years and says

his deportation is unjustified,

ASIO is refusing to say just

why he's is a risk, he left

with his wife and daughter, his

3 sons will remain in the

Director of Public Prosecutions country. We shall Australia's

is under pressure to explain

its decision not to charge

officers involved in the deaths

of an Aboriginal elder. In 2008

the man known as Mr Ward died

after being driven in the back

of a prison van where

temperatures exceeded 50

degrees. The Director of Public

Prosecutions, Joseph McGart has

told the man's family for

officers would be charged. New

South Wales police are

incorrecting the suspected

double murder of two men in

Newcastle overnight. They're

looking for the driver of a

white yut scene in the area -

seen in the area at the time.

Two men aged 22 and 30, police

say, were found dead outside a

home at mayfield just after 6

last night, boats had gun shot

wounds.? Police have used tier

gas to bring demonstrators under control at the G20 sum

its in Toronto. More than 500

people have been arrested since

the summit began. Inside the

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne

Swan held talks with the US

President Barack Obama but

President Obama didn't indicate

when he would rescheduled his

Australian visit. Thai

officials say say all

passengers on board two tourist

boats that collide ed. One

Australian is believed to have

suffered head injuries, police

say one boat was returning from

a full moon beach party on Koh

Pa Ngan ain't other was taking

more party goers to the island.

Islamic cleric Sheikh Mansour

Leghaei has left Australia after losing his fight against

deportation, The Sheikh left

for Iran last night after ASIO

declared him to be a security

risk. ... My classes will continue... So what happens

right now is that physically I

will be away from Australia. My

body and soul remains here with

the community and we continue

the battle with the... Until we

hopefully wish to the final

conclusion and come back to

Australia. When it's going to

be is in the hands of God. The

widow of an Aboriginal elder

who died in the back of a

prison van in 2008 has been

told the charges will not be laid against the guards

involved. The decision's been

met with anger and sad ness.

The Director of Public

Prosecutions Joseph McGrath

flew to Warburton to personally

deliver the news to Nancy Ward

that he was not recommending

charges be laid over the death

of her husband. Friend and

local Shire President Damian

McLean was there. The DPP

spoken, advised he had taken

independent legal advice from a Queen's counsel in New South

Wales, the pros peght of a

conviction given all the facts

was almost non exist ent. The

47-year-old died after being

transported 360km in the back

of a prison van, from Laverton

to can goorlie in extreme heat

with only a small amount of

water. His death sparked

outrage in the community. The

prisoner transport contractor,

Global solutions Limited, now

known as G 4 S came under

scrutiny. I hope they... Charge

the person who's responsible

for my cousin's death. Be

charge and dealt with (last

year an inquest was held. The

coroner said guards Nina stoko

and Graeme Paul and the

Department of Corrective Services had all contributed to

Mr Ward's terrible death. But

any hope of charges being laid

have now been quashed. He said

there were so many other

elements of responsibility in

this, going from the outsource

contractor to the Department of Corrections to the WA State

Government. That you had the

guards in fact were using

equipment that they were

directed to by their employers,

that they had a limited degree

of authority in making decision

abouts how they conducted their

work. A smokesman for the

Deaths in Watch committee says

the decision is an outrage. If they can't brick charges because there's too many parties involved there's something seriously wrong with our criminal justice system. An announcement is expect ed tomorrow. The New South Wales Government has made a final appeal to the mother of a baby

boy found abandoned on a door step 3 months ago. Unless his mother claims him, Baby Adam was taken to hospital for a check-up. There the nurses named him. The now 3-month-old Adam is in foster care, the time has come for more permanent arrangements to be made. We're in the process of adoption. What we want to do is get Adam into a permanent situation to give him the best chance in life. So why did Baby Adam's mother decide to abandon him? It's a question many have asked and no doubt he'll be asking in a foo your's time. This is her last opportunity to come forward before he is adopted. There is no repercussions, you are not in trouble, we just want to make sure that Adam knows a little bit about his family history. Grave fears are held for another mother, 31-year-old Christie McDougal was last seen at Homebush just over a week ago. Her car was found 3 days later in near bb ermington. It may be the case it may be the case she has met with foul

play. Her family says she would

never voluntarily stay away

from her 2-year-old son. He

miss his mum. Sees the photos.

He cries. Police are urging

anyone with information on the

31 yelled's disappearance to

come forward. Let's look at the

front pages of the major

newspapers. The new prime

minister Julia Gillard will make limited

make limited changes to the

current cabinet with Simon

Crean or Stephen Smith tipped

to take her old portfolios. Former Prime Minister Kevin

Rudd will be shut out from the

new cabinet. The 'The Canberra

Times' rr says Mr Rudd asked

for more time to consider his

position in the government. Senior members

Senior members of government

have urged the pm to keep Kevin

Rudd out of the new cabinet. It

also reports on Jana

Rawlinson's Olympic shock. The

champion hurdler held secret

talks to turn her back on

Australia, it seems and run for

Great Britain at the 2012

Olympics. Jana has now prejed

her loyalty to Australia. It

also reports taxpayers have

been subSiddising the Agape

Doomsday cult for a deKate.

Doomsday cult for a deKate.

'Sydney Morning Herald' - the

Gillard Government plans to end

the war with the mining industry. Julia Gillard will

defer the final decision on the

super profits tax until after

the next federal election. The

PM will deliver mining

companies one of their key

demands in a revamp of the mining

mining tax - that's the Vern in

the wois Australian. The Merc ry says the world first heart

surgery has given a young soccer star

soccer star another shot at

life in his dream to play top

level football. The 'Northern

Territory News' says a father

was stabbed to death after an 18th birthday party went wrong.

If you have any views on

whether Kevin Rudd should be

allowed back into the federal

cabinet under Prime Minister

Julia Gillard or whether Julia

Gillard is best to leave him out - at least for the short-term. Or whether in fact

the change of the population ministry to the

ministry to the sustainable

population growth ministry

answers your needs and sends

the message that you want to

have sent. Should we be

striving for that big

population Kevin Rudd initially

projected, 45 million or should

we ditch plans to that and look

at bringing a more sustainable population policy into place.

You can send emails

You can send emails to, or

text us on 042 999 66 55. To

talk about the show online

there's our twitter account.

The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - the New Prime

Minister Julia Gillard is today

expected to announce the

make-up of her new cabinet.

Julia Gillard has already gifen

Labor a boost in opinion polls,

today's news poll shows Labor

has clawed back most of the

losses suffered in recent months

months under Kevin Rudd.

Islamic cleric declared a security risk by ASIO has

returned to Iran. Sheikh

Mansour Leghaei has lived in

Australia for 16 years and says

his deportation is unjustified.

ASIO is refusing to say just

why he is a risk. Deputy Prime

Minister Wayne Swan has met US

President Barack Obama at the

G20 sum nit Toronto. Outside

the summit police used tear gas to bring

to bring demonstrators under

control. More than 500 people

have been arrested since the summit began. Thai officials

say say alls on board two

tourist boats that collided off

Koh Samui have been acounteded

for. # Australians were among

the injured - 7 Australians.

The speed boat run

The speed boat run is a popular route between the

islands due to the monthly full

moon beach party which is a

world renowned rave-style party

that attracts around 10,000

people. Who party all night on

the beach when the moon is

full. About 100 speed boats

ferry people to and fro on

those evenings. In this instance nts understood two

boats, each carrying around 30

tourists crashed into each

other, about 3km offshore.

other, about 3km offshore.

There had been a big storm in

the area about an hour earlier,

but the weather had cleared and

I'm told it wasn't raining when

the boats hit each other. There were still heavy seas. The

group of Australians who were

injure ed were sitting together

at the front of one of the

boats, they were simply flung

out of the boat and into the

water on impact. One woman has

back injuries, quun has head injuries,

injuries, quite serious, as we

understand it. Most of the

injuries to the more than 30

who were hurt were cuts and

abrasion s, there are reports

of one person with a broken

leg. Because of the number of

boats moving in the area at the

time, it seems people were

fairly quickly plucked out of

the water by other tourist

boats, then taken to shore on

Koh Samui where they were then

taken to hospital. Around 30

taken to hospital. Around 30 ambulances attend the the scene. There have been reports

of two people missing but

different police have given us

conflicting accounts of of

this, the officer heading the

investigation says there are no

reports to him of missing

people, but others have told us

that they are checking hotels

to make sure no-one has failed

to return to their room. There

is some concern about the head

counts that were done by the

boat companies before the boats

left the wharf, whether they

left the wharf, whether they were correct. Officially the

latest comments to us from

police is that everyone was

pulled out of the water after

the incident. Obviously

authorities are very keen to

re'sure people, other tourists

that is, that no-one's been

killed, after a major accident

five years ago that killed 18

people including two

Australians, in the same

location, again as a boat returned from the full moon

beach party. After

beach party. After that, strict

regulations were put on boats

that they can only carry 30

people at a time, and that all

must wear life jackets. In this

situation, it's understood that

everyone was wearing a life

vest. Amazing story - the full

moon beach parties are quite a

production were Koh Samui to

Koh Pa Ngan. It's amazing this

sort of accident hasn't happened

happened more often Yeah, given

you imagine how many people

potentially squeeze on to those

boats. Overseas, the director

of America's central

Intelligence Agency says fresh

sanctions on Iran are not

likely to stop uranium.

likely to stop uranium. We

think they have enough low and

rich uranium right now for two weapons, they have to enrich

it, fully, in order to get

there, we would estimate if

they made that decision it

probably would take a year to get there, probably another

year to develop the kind of

weaponry delivery system to

make that viable. The President and the international community

and the international community

have said to Iran you have to

wake up, join the family of

nations, you have to abide by

international law. I think the sanctions will have some

impact. The fact that we had

Russia, China, agree to that,

that there is at least strong

international opinion that Iran

is on the right - on the wrong

track, that's important. Those

sanctions will have some

impact, the sanctions that were passed

passed by the Congress this

last week willing have some

additional impact. It could

help weaken the regime. It

could create some serious

economic problems. Will it

deter them from their ambitions

with regards to nuclear

capability? Probably not. To

the markets - the Dow closed

down 8 points. The Nasdaq was 6

points up. The S&P

points up. The S&P 500 was 3 points higher.

We've got a face become

page asking - a face become rr

page asking the question about

Kevin Rudd, do you believe he

should be in Julia Gillard's

new cabinet which they're

expected will be announced

today? I think that Julia

Gillard will have to think

seriously about it given the

obviously still raw emotions

involved after the leadership

challenge, she'd be very brave

prime minister to put her

recently deposed predecessor in

the cabinet so soon after the

election. Sure f there's still

lots of peace, love and

understanding after the election and if Labor is

reelected, of course, possibly

consider bringing Kevin Rudd

back into the fold then. I

think it's fraught with danger

if Kevin Rudd comes in at this

early stage.. or on the other

early stage.. or on the other

hand is it a sign of good faith

and does that help her prime ministership? We'll find

out. Good faith in politics, I

think I'm a bit too cynical for

that. Speaking of that other

great contest, the sock shall

World Cup - soccer World Cup, a

couple of blockbuster matches.

here with the details is Amy brainbridge. Thanks Michael.

Speaking of faith

Speaking of faith - England

supporters may have lost a

little this morning. England's

footballers have about soundly

beaten by Germaniment the 4-1

defeat means Germany advances

to the quarterfinals, England

head home with a question mark

offer the future of manager

Fabio Capello. One of sport's

fiercest rivalries and today at

least before the match one of

the its friendlyist.

the its friendlyist. English

and mingling together

as they arrived for an

afternoon that will be talked

about for decades to come. So

much expectation resting on the

shoulders of just 22 men. Yes,

it's only a football match but

they don't come much bigger

than England against Germany in

a World Cup. Germany's opener stemmed from the most innocent

stemmed from the most innocent

of beginnings, a goal kick that

caught England asleep. this is

a German team that can attack

at pace. Once again England's

defence was torn to pieces.

Podolski, 2-1. England looked

to be beaten already - how

quickly it turned. First, an

upson header. then the incident for

for which this match will be

remembered - Frank Lampard's

shot - goal, celebrations. Then

the referee said" no". Replays

were conclusive, the ball had

crossed the line. A refry ing -

refereeing blunder that will increase the calls for

goal-line technology. Fabio

Capello couldn't believe it.

England's chance had gone, in

the second half they were caught twice caught twice on the

caught twice on the

counterattack. Thomas Mueller

made it 3-1. Then minutes later

it was the same man again to

rub salt into England's already gaping wound at earlier

injustice. the contest was over

long before the final whistle.

England's World Cup hopes had

been shattered. To win a World

Cup you need everyone in the

squad peaking at the right

time. Unfortunately we never got

got that, so it's bitterly

disappointing. It's a life of

misery to support England but

I'll never stop. When it were

2-1, 3-1 down, there weren't

enough passion. Controversy -

yes. Despite all that Germany's

young team had come of age.

England's ageing team is

heading home. Germany will play

the winner of the Argentina and Mexico match

Mexico match that has just

wrapped up. Argentina was too

strong for Mexico, winning 3-1.

let's take a look at the goals.

COMMENTATOR:Age Tina have first

first blood against Mexico.

What on earth was the Mexican defender doing there?!

Blinding goal! fabulous


If his first one was debatable, his second is


That is a super strike from a

young super star who is making

his name in this game. To

cricket - Australia has lost

the one day international

series against England.

Australia set a target of 212

in the first innings, Shane

Watson made 61. In the second,

England seemed to be coasting

to victory. There was a

sensational collapse of six

wick fots

wick fots 18 - wickets for 18.

England took an una sailable

3-nil in the series, two

matches still to come. five

balls remaining. To the NRL -

the Knights had an upset 24-16

win over the Titans on the Gold

Coast. The Warriors beat

Coast. The Warriors beat the

snoid Roosters 22-18. The

Roosters have managed to holds

on to the 8th spot in the

ladder. Let's look at. So


COMMENTATOR: The kick is very

Jude itious. So close!

This says - benefit of the


The Roosters get a try

through Pearce.

No problems with the pickup, the handling.


In the AFL, Melbourne coach

Dean Bailey says Adelaide made

his team look second rate in

yesterday's loss at flashing.

The Crows - at football Park.

The Demons have continued

their poor record on the road,

eventually going down by 44

points. In men's basketball,

Australia has beaten Argentina

in the second game of their

three-match series. The Boomers

won 85 points to 71 in

Melbourne last night. It

follows up the Boomers' win in

the opening game in Perth on

Friday night. In netball, the

Adelaide Thunderbirds have

scored the upset of the season

in the transTasman championship

semifinal in Sydney. The.Thunderbirds Packed a home

grand final after a 52-38 win

over the New South Wales

over the New South Wales Swifts. Www.has been lucky to -

Mark Webber has been lucky to

escape serious injury after a

spectacular crash in the

European Formula One Grand Prix

in Spain. Webber's team-mate Sebastien Vettel won

Sebastien Vettel won the race ahead of British pair Lewis

Hamilton and Jenson

Button. Briefly in other news,

athlete, Australia has denied a

media report that two-time

world 400m hurdles championship

Jana Rawlinson is considering

competing for Great Britain at

the London Olympics. If she's

fit she will be competing at

the Commonwealth Games in New

Delhi in . How about that crash

Delhi in . How about that crash

with Mark Webber. He got up and

walked away. Obviously the

safety aspects of the cars have

improved. And to suffer that - survive that sort of collision

is just amazing. Briefly, it's

a rest day at Wimbledon today.

If any tennis fans are

wondering what's happening,

everyone else is having a rest.

They've been watching England's

defeat. Much to their horror.

Thanks Jana! - Amy. You're not a runner.

Visit the main ABC News web

site. if you scroll down that

page you will find a link to

Breakfast. Vanessa O'Hanlon

joins us for a look at weather

now. It's a freezing start to

the week in Canberra, minus 3


degrees. another cold front

will move across the south-east

causing patch y right rain to

develop and windy conditions.

Low cloud along the south coast

in cool south-westerly winds

will also cause a few showers

and despite the the cloud over

the interior very dry

conditions. In Queensland north

of Yeppoon, isolated showers

along the coast.

In New South Wales a cold morning,

morning, widespread frost. Fine

but cool day, west to

south-west winds. Sunny in

Sydney, top of 16. Victoria -

severe frost warning for the

north-east. Isolated showers developing over the south-west

from late this morning. Cold

day with increasing cloud.

Tasmania - scattered showers in

the West and north. Rain later

in the day, possible

thunderstorms near the West

coast, also for the West gusty

winds tonight. South Australia,

windy and cold in the south,

windy and cold in the south,

showers redeveloping, mostly

sunny but cool day in the

north. Late showers expected in

Adelaide, 15. Western Australia

mostly cool in the south, a new

light showers along the south

coast, areas of rain over the

interior, cloudy at times in

port. Mostly sunny and windy

for the Northern Territory. A

few showers expected about the

far north-east, otherwise a

sunny day.

That's the latest weather. You're watching ABC News

Breakfast. Still to come -

we'll be speaking to Tony

Burke, the Minister for

sustainable population, he will be

be discussing the new Prime

Minister's decision not to strive for a big Australia.

Also a review of some of the

newspapers with Jim Middleton

from the ABC's Asia Pacific

news centre. Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is expected to

announce her new look cabinet. Ms Gillard has spoke tonne

dumped PM Kevin Rudd about his

future in Parliament. She may reallocate her old portfolios

reallocate her old portfolios

to existing cabinet members.

Julia Gillard's rise to the

top has helped boost Labour's primary support according to

the latest Newspoll. Support

for Labour is up 7 points to

42%. Labor has an

election-winning leads over the

Coalition 53-47%. Hundreds of

people turned up at Sydney

airport last night for farewell

Islamic cleric Sheikh Mansour

Leghaei who lost his fight

against deportation, the Sheikh

was ordered to return to Iran

because he was declared a

security risk. He's lived in

Australia for 16 years and says

his deportation is unjustified.

ASIO has refused to say why he

is a risk. Mansour Leghaei left

with his wife and daughter, his

3 sons will remain in the country. New South Wales

country. New South Wales police are investigating the suspected

double murder of two men in Newcastle overnight.

Newcastle overnight. They're

looking for the driver of a

white yut seen in the area at

the time. - white ute. The two

men aged 22 and 30 were found

dead outside a home at Mayfield

just after 6 last night, police

say, both had gun shot wounds.

Western Australia's Director of

Public Prosecutions is under

pressure to explain its

decision not to charges

officers involved in the death

of an Aboriginal elder,

of an Aboriginal elder, in 200

# the man - 208, the - in 2008

the man known as Mr Ward died

in the back of a prison van,

the Director of Public

Prosecutions, Joseph McGrath

has told the man's family no

officers would be charged. US

President Barack Obama has

reaffirmed his commitment to a

strojer relationship with

Australia during a meeting with

Wayne Swan held on the

Wayne Swan held on the

sidelines of the G20 summit in

Toronto, it was an unexpected

bonus for the New Labor

Government. pattish Bashir is Patrick Bashen thanks for

your time this morning. My

pleasure, thank you. It's an

unexpected bone for us a Deputy

Prime Minister at the G20 to be

given this audience with the

President of the United States, isn't it.

isn't it. Yeah, it is. It

appears whether it's the poll number that is your colleague

was just reporting on or the

things are going quite well in

the early stages for the new Australian Prime Minister. It

looks like the ruthless coup

last week is paying off

already, including with the

Americans, obviously the most

Americans, obviously the most

important international ally.

Whereas the Barack Obama

administration would've been

initially very concerned about

a good ideological friend of

theirs this in former prime

minister Rudd losing Office

given who has replaced him and

the new ten ture and tone of

her government I think the Barack

Barack Obama administration is

probably quite relieved. Julia

Gillard had a phone

confidential wut President

Barack Obamaa where she confirmed Australia's

commitment to the war in

Afghanistan. In terms of

foreign poth policy that's the

No. 1 issue for the baurma

administration. It's been a

rough week to put it mildly on

Afghanistan here in Washington

for Barack Obamaa and his people, so to get

people, so to get that kind of

reconfirmation of the

Australian support and position

is very welcome here. And of

course Obama is the new kid on

the block in the sense he is

the first black president, you

have your first Australian

female prime minister. I think

they have something in common

despite all the obvious lack of

similarities. How important do

you believe personal relationships are

relationships are with Barack

Obamaa? As you mentioned he

struck up a good working and

personal relation happen with

Kevin Ruddment how does baurma

- Barack Obamaa go about

cementing ties with Julia

Gillard? International

relations often do come down to

whether respective leaders have

good personal relationships. I

think Barack Obamaa understands

that, he has tried with different leaders to

different leaders to forge good

relations. He did do so successfully with Kevin Rudd.

He is going to attempt to do so

with Rudd's successor. I think

that there is no reason to

suspect they won't get on well.

They are idiologically I think

very compatible. I think they

find themselves in difficult

positions politically and both with a lot

with a lot to prove. So I think

there will be a relationship of

murtual self interest and I

think Australia should probably

look forward to quite a lot of

good noises and signals coming

out of Washington towards Australia and Canberra

specifically, because America

needs its good allies,

Australia has always proven to

be one. The Barack Obama

administration will do what it

can to support the new

can to support the new Australian Government and the new Australian Prime Minister

specifically. One of the concerns in some sections of

the foreign policy

establishment in Australia is

perhaps Barack Obama isn't as

focused on the Asia Pacific

reej en as they'd like him to

be, how does Barack Obama seek

to overcome those concerns? I

think privately he will stress that yes, he does

that yes, he does have his eye

on the Asia Pacific, all is

well. But I think in candid

terms and again privately he

will explain f it needs to be

explained at all, to his

Australian counterparts, he has

to deal with the political and

electoral realities that are in

front of him. His party isn't doing that well in

doing that well in the polls.

He is not as popular as he was,

given Iraq, given Afghanistan

especially now, given the state

of the American economy, the

Asia Pacific region is going to

be a focus, if it does become

one forks the second half of

his first term or from his

point of view hopefully for his

second term. It is simply -

there is simply no room

politically for a focus towards

that part of the world in the

that part of the world in the

very short-term. I would assume

his Australian counterparts

would appreciate that, even if

publicly they're not going to

rejoice in that reality. Looking again at the

President's No. 1 foreign

policy agenda - the war in Afghanistan, how important is

it that countries like

Australia the biggest non-NATO

contributor of troops stay the

course there@time when the war

is getting increasingly

difficult for the US and its

difficult for the US and its Coalition allies? It's

extremely important they stay

the course from the Barack

Obama administration's

perspective. And even more

imporments as the days and

weeks go by. As the news on the ground remains very

indifferent, to put it politely

in Afghanistan, popular support

is harder to come by

domestically. Its key to

maintaining the support of

Americans behind this war this

Americans behind this war this the baurma administration is

able to explain and tangibly

dem straight that countries

like Australia buy into the

rationale for being there and

most emimportantly the

rationale for staying there at

least in the short to medium

term. For example, if the new

Australian prime minister were

to say something publicly which

would suggest Australia might

be having a change of heart

that would be very very harmful

to the Barack Obamaa

administration and they will

keep their fingers and toes

crossed in the coming weeks and

months that she doesn't do,

that I would think it's highly

unlikely that she would. Pat

rish Basham from the Democracy

Group, I appreciate your

insight thank you. A a a North

Korean artist that used to

Korean artist that used to paint propaganda posters for

Kim Jong-Il has defected the

south. Sun Mu has to hide his

identity because his satirical

depiction of the leader could

get him killed. He was trained

to create artworks glorify ing

Kim Jong-Il now Sun Mu uses his

brush to biting effect to

parody the dictator. Even from the

the relative safety of Seoul

the artist refuses to show his

face, fearing the wrath of his

former leader. Translation: It

was terrible, the regime brain

washed people, Kim Jong-Il

would kill me if he could see

my paintings of him. Sometimes

depicting the dear leader in

brand name sports wear, sun Mu

aims to transform him from

communist revolutionary to bouj

war predender, the artist does it

it using the same propaganda

style he was taught in P Yang

yong but not everyone gets the joke. When sun Mu began

exhibiting his paintings a few

years ago he upset many South

Koreans. They mistook his sat

fire for blatant North Korean

propaganda. Some South Koreans

don't understand the message of

my paintings, at one

my paintings, at one exhibition

someone complained to the

police, they thought it was

propaganda for Kim Jong-Il. His

paintings gomt don't come cheap

starting at several thousand

dollars, as well as commercial

success, the defector has won

critical acclaim. This is a

totally strange and new style

for us in South Korea. Some

find the totalitarianism he

depicts quite scary, but it's

very effective. No

very effective. No doubt, the

faceless painter from Pyongyang

is very effective at upsetting

the dear lead er as well. Back

home, a nation-fairs safety

program targeting big wave

surfers has been launched in

Tasmania. Far from discourage

ing surfers it's helping them go bigger.

go bigger. They know they're

risking life and limb every

time they hit the water. But

the adrenaline rush is

addictive. There is absolutely

no denying that it's a risky

activity. Obviously drowning is

an inher ents risk, every time

you go big wave you go big wave surfing.

Despite the dangers surfers are

pushing the boundaries more and

more, chasing magazine spreads and

and lucrative sponsorships.

(Cheering) I've had a couple of

near misses. I just wanna feel

the - confident out there and

know that if someone else is in

trouble they can help them as

well. Surf life safing Tasmania

is providing that confidence.

Alarmed at the growing number

of spinal injuries, broken

bones and concussions, it's

started a safety program for

big wave surfers. These guys are

are at the top of their game

but there is also a few things

that we can build around some

skills and gear and equipment

and understanding to help 'em

do what they do and to do so

safely. The surfers are given

training in a range of areas

including risk assessment,

advanced driving, rescue text

neeks and emergency

care. Arming these surfers, enabling them to look after

themselves and those that are

going there. The big

going there. The big wave

surfers have embraced the

training in a big way. We've

taken I guess some

responsibility and a certain

amount of duty of care. The program's designed to

complement, not curtail, their

haze raising antics. Gonna

skill us up with the gear and

equipment to go out and chase

even bigger and better waves. I

wanna take it to the next level obviously. This is why we're

doing that. We're going out in

doing that. We're going out in bigger more dangerous

conditions. They're hoping the

major surf brands will get on

board to push the program

interstate and overseas.

They're talking about doing

it safety!. It looks easy.

Anyone can do it! Right. A

25-year-old Frenchwoman has

outraimed the traditional owners

owners of Uluru by climbing the

world famous rock and stripping off her clothes. The Aboriginal

owners are look ing to kick the

woman out of Australia. She

said it was to honour

Aboriginal culture but her own

vid Joe shows she had other

intentions. I'm gonna

just... The French born exotic dancer followed through on

dancer followed through on her

promise, when she got to one of

the country's most sacred

sites. I did it as a tribute to

the way it used to be, you know

how they were living naked back

in the tais. The central land

council has called on the prime

minister to step in and deport

the woman. That's not a

tribute, that's an insult to our people and our

our people and our land. I

think it's up to government to

take any further action about

it. Immigration officials say the woman's future in Australia

is a matter for police. They

say the dance constitutes a

street offence. If someone

complains answer the dancer can

be found she may face a 200 dollar fine. dollar fine. The Federal

Government has released plan

that will eventually stop

tourists climbing Uluru, a ban

the Rock's traditional owners have been seeking for

have been seeking for many

years. Who would've thought

pole dapsing was a cultural tribute. Who would've

thought. The new Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is expected to

announce the makeup of her new

cabinet today. Today's Newspoll

shows Labor has clawed back

most of the losses suffered over recent months under Kevin

over recent months under Kevin

Rudd. An Islamic cleric who was

declared a security risk by

ASIO has returned to Iran.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has

lived in Australia for 16 years

and says his deportation is

unjustified. ASIO has refused

to say why he is a risk. Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has met US President Barack Obama

at the G20 summit in Toronto.

Outside the summit police

Outside the summit police used

tear gas to bring demonstrators

under control. More than 500

people have been arrested since

the summit began. For a look at

national papers today we're

joined by Jim Middleton from

the ABC's Asia Pacific News

centre. Good morning. Obviously

we're search ing through the weekend tea

weekend tea leaves to see what

everyone else has analyse ed about Julia Gillard's first

comments. Indeed it is Gillard,

Gillard, every where. That goes

for the broad sheets and the

tabloidses. A Canberra stall

waurt, Peter Bowers died last

night at the age of 80. He was

a thorn in the side in the 70s

and 80s to both Malcolm Fraser

and Bob Hawke, also the father

of Michael Bowers, ace photographer

photographer and commentator on

'Insiders', passed away at the

age of 80. Our commiserations

to him and to his family. He

did mention Michael Bowers told 'The Australian' Dad always

says said it won't abproper

country until there's a sheila

in the job. He just saw

it! Stayed on until Julia

Gillard was installed.. A number of

number of the newspapers yes,

Gillard every where. 'The Age'

is one of the papers which

reports that there will be probably the reshuffle

announced today. It appears it

will be very limited. That 'The

Age' pointing out for example

that either Simon Crean or Stephen scomit, the Foreign

Minister will take over her

responsibilities, work place

relations, industrial

relations, employment.

relations, employment. That

none of the plotters, that is

neither Bill Shorten nor Mark

ar bib will get an elevation at

this stage which gos to that

sensitivity about the way in

which she got the leadership

answer the twittering and also

the talkback commentary that

there has been about that,

which has been the one down side really about

side really about this

transition. So yes. They

dominated a lot of the coverage

for quite some time. I don't

know whether Labor would've

expected the method of the

execution would've attracted

sas much. I don't think they

would've doubted that there

would've been concern among the

elect ra rat about the fact

that a person who had been so

popular so recently had been toppled, not even given

toppled, not even given the

comans to go to - chance to go

to an election. The fact of the

matter is Kevin Rudd is the person the voters themselves

endorsed at an election back in

2007. We don't like our choices

being undermined. It obviously

has an impact on the standing

of the prime minister. She's

had to, the new Prime Minister

and she's had to deal with that

and therefore it seems sensible

and therefore it seems sensible

politically not to reward at

least - not before the

election, either Bill Shorten

or Mark Arbib, after the

election it will abvery

different story. If you were

Julia Gillard would you be giving a cabinet position to

Kevin Rudd? Ah, if I were Julia

Gillard I would not. And it

appears from at least some of

the commentary in some of the

newspapers certainly the

Australian rr for example is

reporting very hard that he

won't be offered a

won't be offered a position.

Again, not before the election.

The same goes, the suggestion

is, in the 'The Age' and other

outlet that is, no, Kevin Rudd

won't be given a position. It

would be sensible, I would

suggest politically for him to

have some time on the backbench

whatever his ambitions in the

longer term. And it may well be

that this is the deal being fashioned in

fashioned in the discussions

that Julia Gillard is said to

have had with Kevin Rudd

overnight that if you behave

yourself between now and the election there will be a

position for you after.

Obviously everyone's looking

through all of her statements

saying these poll says - pl

policies she's kinds of talking about, the mining tax, population, asylum seekers and

so forth, what does she ak

so forth, what does she ak

fuelly bheen mean by all her quite quite measured statements? At

the moment it seems to be

pretty much spin, the serious

one and the one that brought

this to a head in the final

days was it's mining tax, the

West Australian rr is reporting

she will offer a new deal to

the miners, this seems to

involve reducing the rate from

40%, increasing the threshold from 6

from 6 to 11%, at which the

level of profits at which the

tax would cut in. There is also

suggestions in the 'Financial

Review' she would like to put

this off until after the

election. Which would seem to

be a tactical move. There is a

lot of manoeuvring going on

there. Quite clearly this has to

to be dealt with in one way or

another. Tony Abbott alone is

making hay with this and it is something that the government

has to - if they are to have a

chance of retaining Office at

the next election. Yesterday on

'Insiders', it was interesting

when Barrie Cassidy was asking

Tony Abbott if the miners come

to some sort of agreement is that a

that a bad thing. It was

interesting to watch how he

answered that. He responded by

saying yes, it's a bad tax,

that leaves him in effect

nowhere to go. The other side

of this remember is Wayne Swan

in Toronto has been reiterate

ing effectively in a sot o vose

way, reiterating the ghast's

warning if you ditch the tax we

effectively ditch the company

tax cut and the improvements to

tax cut and the improvements to superannuation. Tony Abbott

also said against on 'Insiders'

yesterday it didn't really

matter if you cut the tax by

- I noticed that. I think there

are a lot of companies outside

there that - out there that

would say the opposite. The

other thorny policy issue - asylum seekers. This is an

interesting story. Paul has a

good yarn talking about the asylum seeker

asylum seeker issue saying that

the United Nations will be issuing new guidelines that are

expected to make it harder for

Sri Lankans to win asylum.

That's quite important to the

Government, because on July

8th, 3 months after the freeze

that was announced by Kevin

Rudd, Julia Gillard has to deal

with what they do next about

the freeze on processing of Sri Lankan asylum seekers

Lankan asylum seekers if there were

were tougher guidelines issues

by the United Nations, that

would provide cover for

maintain ing this tougher

stand. 'The Australian' reports

the toughened guidelines may

allow the Government to return

failed asylum seekers in

greater numbers, although it's

expected the UNHCR will

recommend refugee status for a

number of high risk groups auch as people

as people associated with the

Tamil Tigers, at the same time

'The Australian' reports no

fewer than 16% of after gan

claims are being rejected. This

is very different from the

games of the Pacific solution

and John Howard where very many

more asylum seekers, in fact

very few were sent home. There

is one other points - I notice

the 'Sydney Morning Herald' is

reporting that East Timor may

be offered the prospect of

being set up as a processing centre

centre for asylum seekers. No

Pacific solution but a Timor solution possibly on the

way. She has to do something

because Labor backbenchers is

are screaming about the effect

this is having on marginal

seats in Western Sydney,

Brisbane. It's one of the three

big s she's got to get rid

big s she's got to get rid of.

Those two and climb at

change. The news poll in the

Australian is the latest in -

the third really since it's

changeover on Thursday morning,

to sug that's - suggest Labor's

primary vote has been restored,

the parking vote with the

Greens has gone away, the satisfaction

satisfaction rating with the leader and preferred Prime Minister's bounced up. There is

one very interesting thing -

I'll draw your attention to it

- Tony Abbott as satisfaction

rating has gone from minus 11,

that is is if you take the plus

and the minus, to plus 1 which suggests polarisation within

the electorate, that is people

are moving from this

uncertainties - the one thing -

they didn't want Kevin Rudd but they

they didn't want Tony Abbott

but the arrival of Julia

Gillard also seems to have

polar ise ed support on the

other side of politics so that

Tony Abbott has got more

support than he had from within

the Liberal and Coalition base

than he had before the change.

The we're into election mode

and probably sooner rather than

later. Jim Middleton, thanks for

for coming and joining us. A pleasure, Mary, good to see

you, Michael. Thank you. To

sport - that sound you hear is

the wailing of English soccer

fans all over the world.

England will head home after

being beaten by Germany 4-1.

Germany has secured a berth fth

Germany has secured a berth fth

quarterfinals against Argentina

who beat Mexico this morning in Johannesburg, Argentina proved

they're real contenders during

their 3-1 win. a double help ed

Maradona's side advance. A

match against Germany will be

in Capetown. Cricket -

Australia has lost the one day international series against

England. Australia set a target

of 212 in the first innings. Shane watt San

Shane watt San made 1. In the second innings

. Inland held their nerve to

take a 3-nil lead in the series with two matches still to come. Australia's Mark Webber has

been lucky to escape serious

injury after a spectacular

crash in the European Formula

One Grand Prix in Spain. Webber

crashed into the back of a car

driven by Finland's

driven by Finland's Kovalainen.

Sebastien Vettel won the race ahead of British pair Lewis

Hamilton and Jenson Button. I

don't think we'll get sick of

seeing those pictures this

morning. No. Vanessa O'Hanlon

joins us for a look at the

weather. You're keeping a

watchful eye on the Gulf of

Mexico? Indeed. We've got the

first tropical storm of the

Atlantic hurricane season it

made land fall over Mexico at the weekend.

the weekend. the greater concern is that it will

strengthen in coming days and

move out over warmer waters in

the Gulf of Mexico. It appears

it will miss the oil slicked

region, as with any storm thist

could take an unpredictable

term. back home - a very cold


Fog in New South Wales a

Fog in New South Wales a cold morning wit widespread

frost. Fine but cool day with

west to south-west winds. Sunny

for Sydney, top of 21. Victoria

- severe frost warning for the north-east.

Tasmania - scattered showers

expected in the west and north,

rain later in the day, possible

thunderstorms near the west

coast, also for the west, gusty winds. In South Australia

winds. In South Australia windy

and cold in the south, showers

redeveloping, mostly sunny, a

cool day in the north, late

showers expected in Adelaide.

Western Australia mostly cool

in the south. Areas of rain

over the interior, cloudy at

times in Perth. Mostly sunny

and windy in the north for the Northern Territory. Showers for

the north-east. Mostly sunny

ahead. Showers expected in Adelaide. Sunny

Adelaide. Sunny in Darwin and


Still ahead - we'll be

speaking to the son of Sheikh

Mansour Leghaei, Dr Mansour

Leghaei lost his battle against

deportation. He left the

country last night. We'll be

speaking to the new Minister

for population sustainability,

Tony Burke. All this after this

very short break.

Julia Gillard prepares to

announce her ni new cabinet. An Islamic cleric leaves Australia

after losing his fight against

deportation. More than 500

arrested in violent protests at

the G20 sum nit Toronto. And

Mark Webber walks away from a

spectacular crash in the

European Formula One Grand Prix

in Spain. Good morning. It's

Monday 28th June. I'm Michael

Rowland. I'm Mary Gearin. The

top story - prime minister

Julia Gillard is today expected to announce her ni new

cabinet. It's understood the PM

spoke to Kevin Rudd last night about his

about his future. She may

realvait her coal - reallocate

her old portfolios to existing

cabinet members. Julia Gillard

has already given Labor a boost

in opinion polls, Labor's

primary vote is up 7 points to

42%. For more, Melissa Clarke

joins us from Canberra. Tell us

what's been happening regarding

the cabinet line-up. Is there

any clear indication on what Julia Gillard is planning

Julia Gillard is planning to

do? It's not clear. There are a

lot of elements still up in the

air. Often we get an indication

of the direction things are

heading in, that hasn't really

been the case in this circumstance. We know Julia

Gillard was due to talk to