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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Today - 10 American Presidents past and

lost in the September 11 present pay tribute to those

attacks. For as long attacks. For as long as this memorial stand we will remember

what the men and women aboard

the plane did here. We the plane did here. We will

pay tribute to the courage they showed, the sacrifice showed, the sacrifice they made, and the lives they


Egypt still on alert after an attack on Israel's embassy.

Israel's Prime Minister says

he'll stick it the peace treat

try with Egypt despite the

violence. More than 190 killed

after an overloaded ferry

off the coast of Tanzania. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Andrew

Geoghegan. Thanks for joining

us. Let's take a quick look at

first. the weather around the capitals the weather around the

A week of ceremonies is under way in the United States marking the 10th anniversary of

the September 11 attacks.

Security has been stepped up in New York and Washington with the streets and searching heavily armed police patrolling

vehicles. Police say they're also

also prepared to respond to an increasing calls reporting suspicious packages. A

spokesman for the port

authority said it will step up were also be checked at vehicle inspections while bags

airports, bus and rail

terminals. The alert came as

endless stamina for the anniversary saying they had the Taliban

conflict in Afghanistan. One

New York local says there's a high amount of tension in the

city. Yesterday I was on the rush hour on the Brooklyn-bound express train. It was packed.

Usually you have the cell phone talkers, textures, newspapers people talking, laughing, you

could hear a pin drop on could hear a pin drop on this

really, really packed really, really packed subway

everybody was train. It was almost like

their prayers to themselves everybody was kind of saying

under their breath.

train. You super quiet and solemn on the

train. You can really feel it down here. US President Barak Obama and his wife have Obama and his wife Michelle have visited Arlington National

Cemetery in Washington where

they walked through a section containing the graves

soldiers killed in Afghanistan containing the graves of

and Iraq. The former US President George W Bush,

meanwhile, has laid a wreath at the Pentagon where 184 people

were killed. He later spoke at a memorial service at

Shanksville in Pennsylvania where the fourth hijacked plane where the

crashed 10 years ago. Along vice-president Joe Biden, Mr Clinton and current

Bush praised bravery of the

passengers on board the flight

who prevented the hijackers

from reaching their target.

For as long as this memorial

stands we'll remember what the

did here. We'll men and women aboard the plane

the courage they showed, sacrifice they made and the the courage they showed, the

lives they spared. The United

States will never forget. With almost no time to States will never forget.

they gave the entire country an

incalculable gift... They saved the capital from attack. They

saved God knows how many lives. They saved the terrorists from claiming the symbolic claiming the symbolic victory

of smashing the centre of

American government. And they

didn't know the horror that did it as citizens.

awaited them, but they confronted unimaginable fear

and terror with the courage

that has been summoned only

the truest and the rarest of American heroes. Dennis

Richardson is the former

Director-General of the

the current secretary of the intelligence agency ASIO and

Department of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking on the eve of the anniversary of the September 1

attacks, Mr Richardson says the

death of Osama bin Laden was a

question of justice rather than one of safety. First think the first question there

I think justice demanded that is not has is the world safer.

Bin Laden was either lawfully

captured or lawfully killed. He was responsible for the murder of thousands of people

and regardless of whether... I

safer or think whether it made the world

secondary to the

justice. We'll play that full

interview with interview with Dennis hour. The Prime Minister will Richardson in the next

today attend a memorial service

for 9/11. Political

correspondent Eliza Borello has the details. Good morning.

Where will Julia Gillard be? Good morning. This morning she'll attend a ceremony at the

memorial wall service which is in Cessnock in NSW. It is in Cessnock in NSW. It is a

attend. It commemorate the tradition for Labor leaders

death of coal miners in the

area. This evening, she'll

for attend a US embassy ceremony

for the 10th anniversary.

September 11 attacks. In other Minister of news, I gather that the Special

Minister of State and WA

power-broker Gary Gray has

fainted. How serious is this?

It appears that he will be

okay. He was attending a

funeral in Fitzroy Crossing,

which is about four hours east

of Broome in WA's Kimberley his

spokesman said he complained has been taken to a nausea before collapsing. He

hospital for observation has been taken to a local

hospital for observation it

appears his condition is

stable. Let's move on to news for tomorrow at that will be when the Federal Cabinet meets to discuss Cabinet meets to discuss the

new asylum seeker policy. What

can we expect from that

meeting, do you think? Yesterday, Chris Bowen gave a very strong indication that the

government won't be accepting the coalition's the coalition's solution, which

is to send people to Nauru. He released estimates which reveal

it would cost just under a years to process people in

Nauru. He says that is an expensive and ineffective

option, but he's not ruling it

out completely.

all options on the table, but appears to strongly favour Government's initial solution

which was to send people to

Malaysia. Obviously, as we

know after the High know after the High Court

scuttled that plan, for

Malaysia to be a viable option

Government will need to change the Migration Act and that the Migration Act and that will require the support of the Coalition who don't like the

Malaysia plan. Whatever the

new plan is the do know that it will go

straight to a Caucus meeting

after that. Thanks very much. Thank you. The

Immigration Department says

more than a dozen unaccompanied children are among the latest

group of asylum seekers to

arrive on Christmas Island.

ABC reporter Jane Norman is on

Christmas Island and filed this report. Australian report. Australian authorities

intercepted a boat carrying 72

asylum seekers on Friday, the

first since the High first since the High Court ruled the Federal Government's so-called Malaysia Solution so-called Malaysia Solution was

invalid. Immigration have confirm there are 54

single men in the group, one

woman and 14 asylum seekers

claiming to be unaccompanied

minors. The asylum minors. The asylum seekers will have initial health and security checks on and their claims will and their claims will be processed in Australia. It is

the first boat to arrive on the

island in three weeks island in three weeks and Government's immigration policy in limbo, locals believe in limbo, locals believe many

more are on their way. Let's

move overseas again now and Egypt says it will take harsh measures to quell civil unrest after protesters Israel's embassy prompting the

ambassador to flee. ambassador to flee. Security forces fired tear gas and drove

armoured vehicles at protesters who were throwing stones who were throwing stones and

petrol bombs. It is the such attack since the two

nations made peace 32 years ago. Three people died in the

clashes. The protesters broke

into the embassy building

entering consular offices and

throwing out documents. Six

members of the embassy staff

were trapped inside the were trapped inside the building and had to be rescued

by Egyptian commandos.

Israel's flown its ambassador

and most embassy staff back

home. Egypt's governing military council is meeting to

discuss the situation. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says despite the

attack on its embassy in Cairo,

Israel will stick to its Israel will stick to its peace treaty with

TRANSLATION: We will continue

to keep the peace with Egypt.

It is in the interests of both

countries. We will try countries. We will try and prevent additional

deterioration in our relations

with Turkey. We did not choose

that path. If it is up to me or us, we will act to lower the flames and if possible also rehabilitate relations. will continue to strive for peace with the Palestinians for that we need to return to direct talks, because peace can only be promoted and only be promoted and reached

this way. A ferry which capsized off the popular tourist archipelago of Zanzibar

left 190 people dead. Local

officials said 620 survivors

have been recovered but at

least 40 of those are seriously injured. The ferry as

travelling between Unguja reports. As many as 800

people were on board the

overcrowded ferry that sank

between two islands in the

Zanzibar archipelago off Tanzania. It is thought to

have tipped after losing engine

power. The rescue task was so

big fishing boats came big fishing boats came to help pull passengers out of the water and recover bodies. Survivors were taken to Stone

Town, the main port in the

capital of the archipelago. An

emergencicy first aid centre

was set up there to treat those arriving by rescue boats. Along with passengers, the ferry was reportedly carrying a

heavy cargo of rice and other

goods. Some of the survivors

have angrily accused port and ferry officials

the boat. The authorities are struggling to cope and struggling to cope and have asked for foreign help from countries such as South Africa and Kenya. The and Kenya. The Zanzibar government has called on government has called on all reserves to join the rescue effort. Jacqueline Sainsbury is an Australian journalist living in Zanzibar and joins

now on the phone. Jacqueline, it is of course night-time

there at the moment. Is the

search and rescue effort for surs on. I last spoke to local on. I last spoke to local tour companies who were out in companies who were out in the water with their boats. water with their boats. A lot

of people have had to return

because they've been out since 3 am last night. Everybody is

exhausted. They're going into

shore to refuel and going out

in the morning. There's a makeshift mortuary and makeshift mortuary and they're still bringing bodies in from

the water as we spoke. Do they

have adequate medical facilities to treat the

survivors? That depend s on

your definition of adequate.

People here are doing their

best with the resources they

have. A lot of people are just

being treated for hypethermia

and dehydration. The hospital

is ill-equipped to deal with

is ill-equipped to deal with a massive disaster. Everybody is being called on for donations.

Anything from a Anything from a blanket to a

spare doctor from the mainland. The latest

have is 800 people were on the

ferry when it capsized. In

that area of Africa ferries are

overovercrowded. Do we know

why there were so many people

on board? It just comes down

to money and time. Most people that are travelling on these

sorts of vessels are unable sorts of vessels are unable to

afford a safe passage to the island. They are they island. They are they can't

afford a plane fare and the correct passenger fare is

significantly more expensive. Most of the people that were on this vessel yesterday have paid

a sort of you wouldn't call it a bribe, you would call it a

tip to, get on the boat, to

save money, and the people save money, and the people that

are running these ferries take

as many as been any response from the government? Obviously, they

have emergency services in the

area and you've spoken about the medical facilities there. What's the general What's the general response

been from the government? They

had an emergency meeting today. The vice-president The vice-president and the president met with the

Government to try and convene an inquiry into what an inquiry into what happened

on the north coast. Administrators from Administrators from the mainland have come over, this point, everybody is

focused on gathering their

loved ones and burying them as

soon as possible to respect them in accordance with Islamic

law here. Once that has been

done, everybody can focus their

attention on an inquiry. Until everybody has reclaimed their

family members and friends

no-one is going to be focusing

on what happened properly.

Jacqueline Sainsbury, in

Zanzibar, thanks very Zanzibar, thanks very much. Thank you very Thank you very much. In Pakistan, monsoon rains have killed 136 people in the

country's south and 170,000 country's south and affected 170,000 acres of agricultural land. The rain is land. The rain is inundated the city of Karachi flooding streets streets and causing traffic

jambs lasting several hours. Hospital officials in Karachi

say some of those killed were

electrocuted. Dozens more were injured in motorbike accidents. injured in motorbike accidents.

The monsoon rains began in mid

August and usually last until countries have blanked 30 billion dollars to help several

Arab nations rebuild and move

towards democracy. G8 finance ministers meeting in France

announce the money will go to Egypt and Tunisia which overthrew their autocratic

leaders. Morocco and Jordan leaders. Morocco and Jordan

will also benefit. will also benefit. The ministers ignored call for a

stronger unified tonnes to

Europe's debt crisis instead

recommitting to existing

measures which include a bail

out for Greece. Protests

against harsh austerity

measures in Greece have turned

violent. Demonstrators firecrackers at riot police

when they tried to disperse the

crowd. The protest coincided

with a keynote speech from Prime Minister George

Papandreou who promised to meet ambitious savings targets order to secure international

Jones to save the Greek

economy. international loans

to save the Greek economy. We

lost the pictures there for a moment. The head of the foreign affairs department, Dennis Richardson, was Dennis Richardson, was the

Director-General of ASIO when September 11 attacks occurred.

The ABC's political correspondent Andrew Greene spoke to Dennis Richardson. Dennis Richardson, welcome to ABC News 24. Thank you

Andrew. Take us back to

September 11, 2001. Where were you

you and when did you hear about

the news? I was at home, like most

most people. I was just

getting ready for bed when I got a telephone call and it suggested that I turn on the

TV. I turned on the TV just in

time to see the into the Twin Towers. I then

phoned the Attorney-General who

was in Perth at that time, Darryl Williams. I Darryl Williams. I then went into the office and other

people came in. I stayed in

the office for the next 24, 36 the office for the next 24, 36 hours, met with the Deputy

Prime Minister, or met with the

acting Prime Minister in his

office, Mr Anderson, and we had a telephone hook up with Prime Minister Howard who was Minister Howard who was then visiting Washington and then

there was a meeting of the

cabinet and things went on from

there. How was the mood in both those meetings? It was sober, serious and serious and sensible. Urgency?

Oh, yes, but it Oh, yes, but it was... There

was no panic. Was there a genuine concern in the following days and weeks that on Australian soil? We on Australian soil? We just

didn't know. Certainly, US authorities were concerned

about a second attack in the United States and that's where

the focus of a lot of the

global effort was. We spent a lot of time... lot of time... We immediately

swung into 24 by 7 operations.

We were all of a sudden working

at a tempo which

for decades. We were then a relatively small organisation

of under 600 and the of under 600 and the priorities were one, whether any links between 9/11 and Australia secondly, was there secondly, was there any

planning in respect of an

attack here in Australia. We

simply didn't know. On Osama

bin Laden, has his demise changed the terrorism? Has it made the

world, indeed, safer? Well,

first of all, I think the first

question there is not is the world safer. I think justice demanded that Bin Laden was either lawfully captured or

lawfully killed. He was

responsible for the murder of thousands of people and regardless of think whether it made the world safer or not is safer or not is really secondary to the question of justice that need tobd answered. Nevertheless , is Australia better for the Australia better for the fact that Osama bin Laden is now

dead? Yes, Australia and world

is better. There's not much

place on the planet for someone

living freely who plots and

plans as he did. Another

by-product of

the Afghanistan War. 10 years on, can that be regarded as a success? Well, certainly,

there is a very different government in Afghanistan today

than the Taliban. The Taliban

had provided a safe haven for

Al Qaeda. The Taliban had

provided a safe haven for

terrorist training terrorist training camps in

Afghanistan. We have a very

different government in Afghanistan today. The

capacity for Al Qaeda to

organise out of Afghanistan

today is now, you know, very,

very, very very, very diminished. Did

Australia's involvement in Iraq

have any implications for security here? I made comments

on that at the time. I said, at the time, publicly, that

there could well be

in Australia for whom that did

make a difference, but I left

it at that. In the past few

years we've seen the emergence

of Wikileaks. Has that changed the intelligence sharing the intelligence sharing that

you've described? I don't believe so. I believe so. I think Wikileaks

was obviously a massive

security failure within the US

system. Equally, I don't

believe it has changed the way sensible governments work sensible governments work with each other each other or, indeed, information sharing between allies. How would allies. How would you characterise the work that Wikileaks does? I wouldn't characterise it. It

character. Is it shameful? No,

I'm not prepared to give it an

adjective. Does it affect Australia? There has Australia? There has been

instances where it has, but we have managed that. Has have managed that. Has it changed the way Australia operates? Certainly we

reviewed what we did and the

way we did things, but I don't

fundamental affect on the way

we operate. Where are the

future security risks for Australia? Clearly, the Australia? Clearly, the trans Pacific relationships. Obviously, we have a

Obviously, we have a national interest in how that dynamic plays

plays out. We obviously have plays out. We obviously have a

vital national interest in the

way in which China and the United States manage their

relationship and I've got to say over the last decade or more, they have consistently managed their managed their relationship

very, very successfully and

very sensibly. We shouldn't

take our eyes off the Pacific

and south-east Asia. Our close

neighbourhood remains of

enduring importance to us. Would Australia's security

be enhanced if we were a member of the Security Council? The UN Security Council is an

important body. It the mandate under which our

troops fight and die in

Afghanistan. Given the

importance of that body, I

think it makes sense for Australia to once in a while

seek temporary membership of

the Security Council. I think

it is part of our broader international international responsibilities

and we shouldn't shy away from that. Dennis Richardson thanks very much for your

time. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks a

York a better sense of what happened at the World Trade

Center 10 years ago, a group called the September 11th families association families association has sets

up tours. They're guided connections to the event and

they share their stories.

Maria Iacovone is one of those guides and Scott Bevan joined

her as she led a tribute

walking tour around the

perimeter of Ground Zero. I want to welcome you to the tour

today. My name is Maria. The

tour is going to start here

behind me. We are going all the


September 11th 2001? I was in

my office building about a mile

away from here. You were

watching it all unfold. You took some photographs I can

see? Yes. These were taken

from my office window. As you

can see, we had a view of the

towers. Some of my woe co-workers actually saw co-workers actually saw the

planes hit. I didn't. But I

did see the collapse from this

window. When the towers

collapsed, I don't even think I

comprehended what had just

happened. I will happened. I will remember forever the words

me saying oh my God, they're collapsing. I remember a collapsing. I remember a lot

of people around me crying and

I think I was just more in

shock, what is happening around

me, in Manhattan right now and in the world. I want in the world. I want everyone to take a good look at World

Trade Center 7. Now you're

looking at t in your mind I

want you to double in size and

that will give you an idea that will give you an idea how

tall the towers were when they

stood here. Why do you want

to do this? Why do you want to

yourself but for others? I

don't think I really as much relive it as I will relive it as I will never

forget it. Every day it is

always there with every New Yorker I believe. Little things, the weather will spark

a memory of 9/11. It was a

beautiful day it was almost

like this. The sky was

gorgeous. It was a little

eerie for me coming down here

today I have to admit. I don't

know in it was the terror alert

or if it was the sky being so blue as it was on

just the anniversary, but it

just all coming together here

today for me a little. Knowing

people I've lost someone, and suffered, I've met suffered, I've met a tremendous

of those that actually survived

the collapse and they've become

dear friends of mine. I guess

I feel the need to always tell

everyone about 9/11 so we don't

forget. Also, so that don't

let our guard down. As you see

today from the terror alert,

that they're giving, there's

country. We need to not forget

for that reason as well, for that reason as well, and of

course the memory of the 2,751

people that died that day.

Then there was United 175 that

came down the Hudson and passed

The World Trade Centre on the

east side and it swung around

between the 77th and between the 77th and 85th

floors that morning it struck.

540 miles per hour, 9,100

gallons of jet fuel when struck the towers. How gallons of jet fuel when it

difficult is it for recount tales, recount recount tales, recount facts,

recount and deck dotes. How

difficult is it for you to do that As the years going on I

find it a little bit moretivity

than it was a week or a than it was a week or a year after. There are things, but I

also feel that there are also feel that there are many

people that want this story to

be told and not forgotten.

They can't fully get it understandably so because they

have lost a spouse or a child.

I can do it a little better. Maybe can I do it for them and

help them out and continue to

get the story around to

everyone else so we don't

forget. We're right on the cusp

of the site here. We can hear the work going on in the background. How do you feel

about what is shaping up here b

how this will look in the

future? I'm glad to see future? I'm glad to see it

coming along. It has been a

so it is nice to see not just a

said I've done hole any more, bass as you've

said I've done this volunteering here for five

years now, and to come down here all the time beginning it was very hard for here all the time and in the

me. I would leave the me. I would leave the area and

have a big sense of Gurr and resentment and have a big sense of appearing

Gurr and resentment and hatred

and sorrow and now it is nice,

it is nice to see trees and

life and life goes on obviously

and it is nice to finally it here. Maria Iacovone thank and it is nice to finally see

you for the tour. Thank you

for sharing your story and all

the best to you. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Scott Bevan Alexander Downer Manhattan Alexander Downer Manhattan at

Ground Zero. ABC 24 will have extended coverage of the anniversary of the September extended coverage of the 10th

attacks. You can see rolling

coverage through the out the

day followed a by a special

presentation of the memorial

service live from New York. That's here on ABC News 24

tonight, September 11th. A

change of pace. The Swans had an upset win change of pace. The Swans have

in in their elimination time at Docklands. The Saints were the favourites going into the match

but the Swans have continued

their good form. The win means

another sudden the Swans will face Hawthorn in

another sudden death match next

week. Early in the match both

ball but it was the Saints with teams struggled to control the

the first major. Gets the one

on the board early. on the board early. The Saints

break the drought. But that

seemed to wake the Swans from their slumber as they strung

together a few majors to take a comfortable lead into halftime. What a man to give it

to. The Swans out by three

goals. Nick Riewoldt briefed

some life into his team with a inspirational goal. lotted three nor coming no the

final quarter but the Swans

showed that never say die attitude that served them stow

on the point in the fourth well in the past as they poured

quarter to seal the win.

Yesterday's other match,

Collingwood survived a major scare against West Coast

finishing 20 point winners in

their qualifying final. The

Eagles reduce aid 26 point final before the Magpies steadied to

earn a preliminary final spot. Injuries forced late

Eagles lost Daniel Kerr while changes for both sides. The

Collingwood was without Ben Reid. West Coast started by far

far the better. The Eagles

have two. The Eagles were

flying high, literally, much to

the concern of Eddie Maguire.

It didn't take long for the

reigning premiers to be back to

their best. Scott Pendlebury

and Wellingham showed the way

as the Magpies claimed the lead. Wellingham got three. from satisfied. But the

visitors had bigger concerns as

suffered dominant ruckman Ben Cox

suffered an injury. Andrew Krakouer increased the spectacular fashion, Krakouer increased the lead in

spectacular fashion, but

Michael Lecras's snap was just

as impressive. With West Coast

trailing by 13 points to start

the third, cox returned briefly but it didn't help. Krakouer kicks a Gutenberg beauty. Cox

was substitute bud despite its

increasing lead, also had concerns. increasing lead, Collingwood

face scrutiny from the Match Review Panels for two

incidents. The Eagles need aid

final quarter spark and Nic

Natanui did his best to provide

it, setting up a Quinten Lynch goal.

snapped his third the game was

well and truly on. A two goal ball-game. Jack Darling reduced

the margin to 7 points but West Coast couldn't get any closer and Luke Ball ended the