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Live. Today - as a plane crashes into a grand Live. Today - horrific scenes

stand packed with spectator at

a US air Also today - protestors

heckle the Immigration Minister

as he tries to fend off criticisms of the pr posed changes to criticisms of the Government's

Migration Act. And now you're trying Torres reckt the Malaysia solution. You're an absolute disgrace to Party. This is your opportunity. Thousands gather

in Brisbane to pay tribute to

Australia's worst house fire. the last 5 victims of

in And Australia claim victory

in the men's doubles at the

Davis Cup. Hello, you're

watching ABC news 24, I'm Simon Palan. Looking at the

The pilot of a vintage World

War II fighter plane has died

after a dramatic crash into the

grandstands at an air show in

the American State of Nevada.

Local officials say the pilot

and 2 other people died and at

least 54 people have been have been reports of multiple

fatalities though. A final

The pilot was a number has not been released.

The pilot was a 74-year-old

described as very experienced.

Video from the scene posted on YouTube shows the plane

plummeting from the sky sending

up clouds of debris. And the President and up clouds of dust and

CEO of the Reno Air Racing

Association Mike Houghton spoke

to the media a short ago. The NTSB is the site, the investigation and

the release of specific numbers in different categories. I in different categories. I will

say that we had a total of 54 that were engaged and have

injuries. They have all been

transported. The hospitals are

providing some information as they see fit but of those

numbers, those are just the

transported. We do not have a ones that are injured and

transported. We do not have a

final count as far as the

number of deceased and the NTSB

has, as I say, they've taken it

over and they will be over and they will be releasing

along with medical examiner. those numbers as they have them

There are some that have been

deceased. Some people's status

has changed from the time they has changed from the time

left the field. I do want to

clarify, clear up win - one

thing that I misspoke and Jimmy

Leeward would be really mad at

me. He was only 74. All of his medical records and everything

were up to date, spot on Jimmy was were up to date, spot on and

and tall enned and qualified pilot. Mike Houghton there.

He's the President of the Reno Air Racing Association and

Brooke Boone is a reporter at

the local TV station. I spoke

to her earlier and asked her

how emergency services with dealing with the situation. The NTSB has now crash, they are crash, they are working, they

will be working to figure out

what exactly happened with aeroplane, whether or not what what exactly happened with this

kind of technical

the plane had, if it was the

pilot, if it was the plane. So

they are working on this. Those are federal agencies, they're

highly authorised and the NTSB has taken over highly authorised and the NTSB

investigation. I'm also told

that it only took about 62 minutes from the time of the

incident for the actual - the

entire scene to be secured. So

quick to act. And Brooke, the

authorities have confirmed the

death of the pilot, a

74-year-old pilot but they haven't confirmed how many others have

are you guys reporting on this

at the moment? We do have 3

confirmed deaths, that is

including the pilot. So yes, we

do have fatalities in this

situation. I mean immediately

after we heard the report come

in we were told that this was a

mass casualty situation. So

that was one of we were that was one of the things that

bat from the get go. Right now

we have two confirmed - rather

3 confirmed deaths, one is the

pilot. OK, and this isn't the first

first crash that we've seen at the Reno Air Show is it? No,

it's not actually. We do have

reports, I believe the year,

and give me one second, we do

have reports a number of years

ago that a red baron crashed on

September 16. It actually

occurred here at the Reno Air travelling, I believe, at a accident and the plane was

very high speed so again this

was not the first crash that

we're talking about and that

death of the pilot as well. So, accident also included the

you know, it's just a terrible, terrible tragedy we're talking about a number of people

injured here and obviously something to look into for the future. Protestor have heckled the Immigration Minister as he tried to fend off changes to the Migration

Act. I'm in in smilt

Minister Bowen has wrapped up where a press conference

in a hasty style. It's the first time he'd spoken since

amendments of the legislation

were released. He's brushed

aside asylum seekers rights

won't be taken into

consideration. Our position is

the Malaysia arrangement which

has got those human rights

protections built into it. I think it's appropriate that think it's appropriate that the

minister of the day, regardless

of the political party in

weigh up office have the capacity to

a determination in the public

interest. The Minister should

be held accountable for that. The Minister should report The Minister should report that

provides for. The Liberal Party to parliament as the bill to parliament as the

can't live in fantasy land pretend that offshore

processing is legal when it's

not. The Liberal Party needs to come to terms with the fact

that the expert legal advice is

clear and consistent. Earlier

in nearby Fairfield a group of asylum seeker activists down the streets towards the asylum seeker activists marched

immigration office

gave a press conference here in

Smithfield and a large number of that group from Fairfield

made their way to the park gate crashed the made their way to the park and

more demented and more cruel conference. Your solution is

and goes against the High Court and what Labor Party

supporters, what unionists

would want to see. The Minister tried to proceed and answer

questions. He then left on foot

and he was followed around the

block for at least 10 minutes by a group of refugee activists. (All yelling) The Government says Australians wanten effectively solution to

the people smugglers and the

Immigration Minister says the Malaysia Malaysia solution with these

amendments is the best way to

deliver it. But judging by

events like we've seen today

there are many Australians who don't agree. Nick Dole

there. The Federal Opposition

says the Government has gone

too far in its proposed changes

to the Migration Act. The

Government released the draft to get around the High Court ruling that sunk its Malaysia

asylum seeker deal. Now the

amendments give the Immigration

Minister broad powers to send asylum seekers to

asylum seekers to any overseas country Abbott has indicated he won't support these proposed new laws. My difficulty with the Government's proposed

legislation is that it does

strip out the protections that

the Howard Government thought

were necessary. It does far more than simply

previous situation and previous situation and my

further difficulty is with gif - giving a blank cheque to a bad government. This is not

minister who has proven himself

to be competent in his previous

dealings with other countries,

whether it be the so-called East Timor solution, the

negotiations with p smed negotiations with p smed NG over Manus Island, or indeed the negotiations with Malaysia

over the people swap, and

idea of giving this Minister an entirely unfeted discretion I

think is one which is troubling. Now we will

through our normal party

processes next week. We will go through those party processes

and I don't want to pre-empt

them but as I say, I am troubled by this legislation

and I am surprised that local Labor members of parliament

aren't equally troubled. I

think that Anna Bourke, the

member for member for Chisolm, Michael

Danby, the member for Danby, the member for Melbourne

Ports are decent, compassionate

people and I think they will

find this legislation pretty

difficult. Certainly as I said

yesterday, the Howard Government and the Coalition

not only has the patent on

offshore processing, it's pretty pretty obvious, having seen

this legislation, that we also have the patent on have the patent on offshore protection. Meanwhile the

new pictures it plans to put on

cigarette packets. The pictures of lung cancer victims and diseased body parts will cover

75% of each packet when new

plain packaging legislation

comes into effect next year. It comes as the comes as the big tobacco companies continue their companies continue their fight against plans to introduce Olive brown plain Olive brown plain packaging.

The Health Minister says The Health Minister says it's

time to replace the images that are currently on packets so smokers don't become desensitised to the aware that graphic warnings of

a similar nature have been used

in the sale of cigarettes for

the last couple of years since 2006. They've proved to be very

effect IF but there are been

recommendations that the sides should be increased and of course they should be refreshed

so people aren't seeing so people aren't seeing the

same messages all the

time. Nicola roxen dy - rockon

there. Sir Syrian troops have

killed more people as demonstrators

streets. Amateur video released

last night show protestors shot

at in Homs. A separate video

reportedly showed protestors in

Damascus fleeing a cloud Damascus fleeing a cloud of

tear gas. Act Sris say the

crackdown failed to stop

thousands of people taking to

the streets to demand an end to President Bashar al

rule. Protests have become a

weekly ritual in the country

since political unrest began 7

months ago. Moammar Gaddafi has

declared through a spokesman

that his forces are are prepared for a long Fighters laul to the new interim government have been

forced back from Bani Walid

which is one of the last towns held by held by Gaddafi loyalists. A confident show of fire confident show of fire power from Libya's NTC fighters.

They're pushing into two of the

remaining strong holds that

have so far eluded them. Sirte,

and this place Bani Walid. Both

remain fiercely loyal to the

deposed leader Moammar Gaddafi.

Here on the outskirts of Here on the outskirts of Bani Walid towards the north the men

have been gathering together.

The wepon of choice trucks with heavy armour. And

those the trucks are perfect

for entering a city, it's this

kind of fighting that will

determine who wins. Street to

street where a wrong turn could

spell death. As the battle raged, some of these fighters

withdrew after coming under

heavy fire from Gaddafi forces.

But perhaps it's here that

the most symbolic victory after

the fall of Tripoli could take place. Sirte is the birth place of Gaddafi and NTC fighters

have already taken control of

the airport and are

coordinating forces on all

fronts for the final push to

free those trapped by Gaddafi's forces. TRANSLATION: The living standards are really

Sirte there is a huge humanitarian crisis. People

there are suffering - no food, no water, no electricity, no

medicines and no gas. The city is under siege of is under siege of Gaddafi forces for the last 3 months. It

knows where the Lybian knows where the Lybian leader

is and it's unlikely that he

will be in either Sirte or Bani

Walid. The fall of these towns will mean that the has succeeded on has succeeded on a military front at least. By but it

comes a t a cost. Libya's comes a t a cost. Libya's NTC fighters say they've suffered

heavy casualties on their side. Gaddafi loyalists have pledged in the past that they will

fight to the bitter end but fight to the bitter end but how long this particular battle

will rage is now up to will rage is now up to the

strength and determination of both sides. Well according to international

international aid agencies and

local officials there's been local officials there's been a slow response to slow response to the devastating flooding in

Pakistan which has affected up

to 6 million people. Up 4,000 villages have been

submerged in Sindh province.

The area is still recovering

from last year's monsoon floods. The hungry waters have

created ghost towns in

Sindh. We reached one of them.

This is Pangriou. It was home to 90,000 to 90,000 people. By the roadside an attempt at

normality. But he has to wash

in contaminated water. And all

around stories of loss. Vardu

tells us her crops and her cattle are gone and she and her

family have had no help from

anyone. She shows us where her

village used to be. It has

vanished like so much vanished like so much else. We

took a boat across the cotton fields joining the Pakistan army. They've been racing against time to save drowning

communities. These rescue

missions have been running missions have been running from

first light until last light.

Most of the people in this area have now been evacuated. More

than 2,000 have been brought to

dry land. But some are still

clinging to what's left of

their homes, even though their homes, even though the water level here is still rising. Most of Ali Nawar's village has already been swallowed. 300 houses have been swallowed. 300 houses have been destroyed. The village now an

island. But in the primary

school we found generations local people who had stayed put.

put. We were the first

outsiders to arrive. The

villagers prefer to suffer at

home than languish in a relief

camp. In her 80 years camp. In her 80 years Hakeem

Zardi has seen plenty of hard times but told me this

worst. "There was a cyclone in

the '70s," she says, "but our

houses were saved. Now

nothing left. We eat only once

a day." What's striking is

what's missing from this sodden landscape - a major relief

effort by Pakistan or anyone

else. Loved ones have sung moving tributes for the last 5

victims of Australia's worse

house fire at a funeral in Brisbane's south. Family Brisbane's south. Family and friends messages of love and said their

goodbyes to 5 members of goodbyes to 5 members of an extended Tongan family who died

in last month's horrific blaze in Logan south of Brisbane. Nearly 2,000 mourners packed the service many wearing specially printed specially printed T-shirts

marking the occasion. Family

and friends performed moving musical tributes and goodbyes have finished. A

cousin of some of the victims

killed in the blaze said the

family deeply appreciates the community's response to the

tragedy. They give us flowers,

some people they give us hugs,

and kisses and money and all of those. I can't put that in words. ACT businesses lose millions of dollars after

a chemical fire that has shut

down part of Canberra's north. Fire fighters extinguished Fire fighters extinguished the large factory blaze

last night. They say they will

continue to monitor the site

over the next few days. An

exclusion zone has been established around the suburb

until at least Monday morning. Expert s in Queensland

are warning deadly tick numbers have risen dramatically this season after the wet start to

the year. Doctors and

veterinarians have recorded massive increases in the numbers of cases they've treated. This fighting a desperate battle

against a toxic tick bite.

Veterinary clinics have seen record numbers record numbers of animals

through their doors suffering

are tick paralysis. She was

actually one of the more

complicated cases. Already this September the Samford Valley

vet clinic near Brisbane has had more than 70 cases. They

need to be in contact with 200

ticks and one would attach. So

I think that really represents our abundance not just animals in danger.

Paul Durham suffered a reaction

and almost died and almost died when he was

bitten by a tick. And I could

not get up. When the ambulance

come I thought well, going to happen next? GPs say patients have been filling

their waiting rooms suffering

from tick bites, particularly young children. We've seen

probably two to three times the

normal number we will normal number we will see at

this time of the year. Experts are warning tick problems are likely as the weather becomes more

humid. P it's people and animals in rural and bushy

areas who are most at

risk. Since his ordeal Paul

Durham has to carry an epi pen

at all times and he remains

vigilant. I don't treat them in

a casual way, even if a casual way, even if you've

been bitten by ticks before, I

had too, I'd been bitten by

ticks before. Vets are urging

pet owners to check pet owners to check their animals daily. 80% of ticks

attach to the head and neck attach to the head and neck so

you really need to around their ears. A around their ears. A timely

warning ahead of the peak of

tick season. To sport tick season. To sport now with Meredith and Australia fought

back to win the doubles in the

Davis Cup? Yes, Australia has won the doubles rubber won the doubles rubber against

Switzerland in their David Cup

tie in Sydney. Hewitt and Guccione teamed up against Federer and Wawrinka. Australia

got off to a good start while the world number 3 Federer stepped up to secure

the first set but the Aussies

hit back in the second to even

up the score. The good run

continued as Australia secured

the third. It was more even

contest in the fourth with the

match going into a tie break.

Hewitt inspired his team-mate

to secure the win. Australia

now lead the tie 2-1. Australia is is 9/306 on the second day of

the third cricket Test against Sri Lanka in Colombo. Mike

Hussey is 110 not out Hussey is 110 not out and

Nathan Lyon is also at the

crease. Mike Hussey form and has secured another

century on the pitch in

Colombo. His 15th Test hundred

and he's played this knock in

very, very trying conditions.

The whole team on their feet.

They all know that this has been a been a suburb innings. Mitchell Johnson managed just 8 runs managed just 8 runs before

being sent packing before Peter

Siddle was caught for a duck. Trent Copeland didn't have much luck either as he luck either as he was sent to the pa pavilion on only one run. Australia leads the 3-match series 1-0. Wallabies

flanker David Pocock has been

ruled out of today eats World

Cup match against Ireland with

a back complaint. The game is

being played in Auckland and

will more than likely decide who finishes on top of the

pool. Pocock woke with a sore

training session yesterday. His

place has been taken by Western

Force team-mate Ben McCalman

with Wycliff Palau moving on to

the bench. The Broncos host the

Dragons in a semifinal tonight.

The winner will meet Manly for

a place in the grand final next weekend. Last night the Warriors put on an Warriors put on an inspiring

performance to beat the West

Tigers in their semifinal clash. The Warriors fought back

from a 12-point deficit at half

time to come away with the

win. The Tigers went into the

match trying to secure its 10th

win in a row and Wests were on

its way as Keith its way as Keith Galloway crossed for their crossed for their first try. Some Marshall magic saw Benji

break through a flimsy Warriors' defence. But Warriors' defence. But the Warriors streaked away with

James Maloney getting some

points on the board. That work was undone when didn't mark up close to the

line leaving Robbie Farrah to

just dive over. The Warriors

came back from the break trying

to make the most of their second chance of the finals

series as they closed in on the

score line. The try saw the

Warriors move within Warriors move within 2 points

of the Tigers with 4 minutes to

go. A late lunge from Krisnan

Inu saw him take the Warriors

into the next round. into the next round. In the

AFL Mark Neild has been

appointed as the new coach of

the Melbourne Demons on a

3-year deal. The 40-year-old

has been an assistant coach

with Collingwood for the past 4

sns an replaces Dean Bailey sns an replaces Dean Bailey who was sacked earlier this season.

Still with the AFL and West

Coast faces Carlton in a sudden

death AFL final at Subiaco Oval

tonight. The winner will play Geelong next week. Meanwhile

Hawthorn has advanced preliminary finals with a convincing win over convincing win over Sydney and they will go through to face

Collingwood. Lance Franklin's inclusion after suffering a

knee injury in the Hawks' loss to Geelong last week seemed to Geelong last week seemed to

inspire his side as they raced out to a strong lead. out to a strong lead. Adam

Goodes was playing his 300th

match and he chipped in for the

Swans in the third quarter.

But it wasn't to be as Hawks won and will play premiers Collingwood for a

place in the grand final.

Australian Casey Stoner was

third fastest in 3 practice

sessions overnight for the Moto

GP in Spain. Stoner has a

35-point advantage over leader

Jorge Lorenzo. The Honda rider

finished third at the last race

in Italy 2 weeks ago behind the

victorious Spaniard. Stone ser

hoping to continue his journey

to a second world championship

in Spain. The session was delayed and evenl

event schully suspended due to

electoral problems on the track. Smoz Erb returned to Brisbane today the airport to welcome her

home. Stosur was victorious

over Serena Williams in New

York earlier in the week and is

the first female Australian

grand slam champion in 31

years. On Monday she will

receive the keys to the Gold

Coast as part of her victory

celebrations along with world champion athlete Sally Pearson. Australian world

failed to cap off a

failed to cap off a perfect

season in the 100 metres. Unfortunately she fell last

night at the diamond league championships. Thank you, Meredith. The long-awaited

renovation of Launceston's Queen

Queen verk Museum and Art

Gallery has been completed. Its opening coincides with opening coincides with a touring exhibition that

features the work of some of

Australia's best known artists. Workers were artists. Workers were busy

putting the finish ing touches

to the $7 million art gallery

repurr bishment. The site has

been closed since 2008. Whenever you cover old building habits you discover bad habits and to return this

building to a 21st century standard was a big undertaking. To mark the a opening the gallery is hosting a national touring exhibition

that feerpts household names that feerpts household names of

Australian art including Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Tom Roberts. It means the works

will be safer here away will be safer here away from

the flood plain and we feel

that this is a marvellous that this is a marvellous space

to bring works so there will be many

National Gallery here. Royal

Park will showcase permanent selections from the 19th century to contemporary works

as well as decktive art and

works that have been dust in storage are also dust in storage are also back on display. But it

on display. But it may never

have happened as the council

once considered selling the historic building. Council made

a very wise choice back then

and now we can see the fruits

of that and it's just an exciting day and I'm sure

everybody will be so

excited. For all the right

reasons Tasmania has a great

recognition for its wilderness

but it's fought back. The art gallery

opens to the public tomorrow.

Taking a look at the liet

now. A belt of high pressure

across the country is leading

to mostly clear skies. Cloud is

increasing over the south-east

ahead of a cold front bringing rain for western rain for western Tasmania. Taking a look at tomorrow's

weather around the weather around the country - Queensland can expect a fine

day apart from some and far northern Cape Yorke

Peninsula. NSW will be mostly

fine although there could be

some early showers on the some early showers on the far southern ranges. Victoria should see apart from morning fog and

drizzle in the south. And for Tasmania isolated showers there

and drizzle about the west, clearing during the morning. South

South Australia will see early

morning light showers about the

lower south-east and patchy

early fog about the ranges. It will be fine otherwise. And

there will be some stormy

showers for the south-west of WA. It's looking mostly sunny for Northern Territory from isolated showers about the

north coast. Standby now for 'Behind the

News'. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI