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Qantas workers scale back strikes -

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Qantas engineers have called off further industrial action this month, allowing the airline time to
clear its maintenance backlog.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: It appears the Prime Minister's threat to intervene in the Qantas industrial
dispute has worked. Engineers walked off the job for four hours in Sydney this afternoon, causing
more disruptions for passengers. But they've called off any further industrial action for the next
two weeks, as they return to the negotiating table.

STEVE PURVINAS, ENGINEERS UNION: We think Qantas were being disingenuous yesterday when they said
that 100 flights per week would be cancelled from our actions. We've now called off all of those
actions with plenty of notice and there's no reason why those flights shouldn't be reinstated.

ALI MOORE: Qantas has welcomed the temporary move, but says it doesn't change the damage that's
been done. Industrial action has also hit the airline's budget carrier Jetstar, with check-in staff
refusing to charge passengers for excess baggage. Jetstar says if the action continues it may have
to increase its fares.