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Al Qaeda won't stop Kookaburras, says coach -

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Al Qaeda won't stop Kookaburras, says coach

Broadcast: 16/02/2010

Reporter: Leigh Sales

Australia's men's hockey coach says Al Qaeda's threats will not stop the team from playing in India
later this month.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: An Al-Qaeda-linked terror group has issued a new threat against
international sporting events in India, including next week's Hockey World Cup in New Delhi.

The Indian news service, Asia Times Online, says it's been told by the commander of the 313 Brigade
that it'll target foreign sports men and women.

Australia's mens' hockey team is concerned, but will still play in India later this month.

The Kookaburras will be transported under armed guard and will remain alert to threats.

RIC CHARLESWORTH, AUSTRALIA'S MENS' HOCKEY COACH: We're aware of what the security arrangements are
and we've been in touch with the Australian High Commission and they're on the ground in Delhi,
they know what's going on.

And I think the Indians have got a lot at stake here. They want to do this well because they've got
the Commonwealth Games coming up.

LEIGH SALES: There's also concern around the Commonwealth Shooting Championship which begins
tomorrow and the Indian Premier League Cricket which starts next month.