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(generated from captions) Returning to Canberra now. A

short time ago we heard from

the Independent Senator Nick

Xenophon. He says he is

satisfied with the lathest deal

with the alcopops bill before

the Senate. He is the only

Senator still holding out on

the vote, Stephen Fielding. He

joins us from kna. Thank you

for yoning us. Good morning. Will Senator

Xenophon's pleas to you fall on

deaf ears or are you for

changing? We're in discussions

last night with Nicola Roxon at

the 11th hour, literally at 11

owe clook last night. Still talking about how the Australian Government can

de-hook alcohol advertising

from sport. We know just from

the issues we've seen in Sydney

or New South Wales recently how

alcohol answer sport and the

problems therer there. We need

to stand up to the alcohol

giants and draw a line

somewhere. The Rudd Government

needs to have courage to stand

up to the alcohol giants and

say we're going to put a stop

to alcohol advertising with

sport. It's something they can

do. What we shouldn't do at the

last minute is roll over. We

should be showing courage and

standing up to the alcohol

industry. Nicola Roxon is

taking your requests seriously,

you feel you're getting

movement there, there's some

agreement on the Government side? We're still talking I

think is probably the best way

of saying it. So some - I

don't want to get ahead of

this, but some understanding or

some decision might come out of

your suggestion to unhook sport

and alcohol? Look, what I will

say is that there are sympathetic I suppose to the

issue. I won't say - I won't

put woords in the Minister's

mouth or the governments,

they're not saying they're

going to do this at all but

we're still talking. Does that

make sense? There's no-one at

the Federal Parliamentary level

and probably no-one really in

Australia, if they were fair

dinkum can justify not putting

an advertising restriction in

place. (Clears throat) What you

say does make sense. I guess

the problem is, if you are

serious about that that's a

massive bit of regulation that

a government, any government

has to put in place. You could

in time be the author of the

collapse of Anna number of

sporting organisations around

the country, some of them for

good or for bad, absolutely

rely on that alcohol sponsorship. Look, the same

thing I suppose was said when

we said we were going to put

advertising restrictions for

tobacco. Everybody said the sky

would fall in and sport would

fail. If you do it in an

orderly fashion then it well

happen but you've got to draw

the line in the sand and say it

will happen from this

date. That was part of the

discussions last night.

Obviously Family Fires wants to

see that link broke be now. I

did offer to the Rudd

Government that maybe they

could put a time in front but a

definite timeline that by this date advertising restrictions

would be put in place. OK. That

was attractive to Nicola Roxon?

Just some sort of timeline you

can all agree ob andthon you

could pass the Bill? I thought

I would get a better response

but you need to talk to her.

Dragging this on. You've got to

realise this is not something

that Family Fires has been

pushing for just 1 day or 1

week, family First. We raise

this had with the Government

over 11 months ago. In fact we

introduced a Bill into

Parliament in September it is 7

called the alcohol toll

reduction bill. It had 3 things

in that - advertising

restrictions, alcohol warning

labels on alcohol production,

the third thing was getting the

ads from the alcohol out of

industry hands and into the

regulatory body. The Government

have had since September -

since they were elected, to

deal with this issue, so there

is not a matter of at the last

minute - the Rudd Government's

had a lot of time to deal with

this issue. They've sole out

Australian families by

addressing it earlier. You're

right to say that. Someone from

the Australian drug foundation

backed you up on that, he said

and his message to you via me is you have now, pretty much

everything that you wanted 11

months ago. That the time to

stop fighting all this is now.

You should be pleased. There

has been a massive reduction he

says, in the number of alcopops

sold. He says 310 million fewer

drinks. He says stop fighting

now. Do him and do everyone who

drinks this stuff, a favour and

just get on board. It's not a

matter of fighting, it's a

matter of common sense. When we

looked at the - Do you take

what he says as a member of the

Drug Foundation, he is happy

with this tax, he says it's

working. I understand where

he's coming from. The

Government has used - I'll come

to that issue through this way,

when we looked at the Tobago

toll, neerds the cost on the

communities, tobacco toll, the

alcohol toll is word #1r5.3

$15.3 billion cleaning up

after excessive alcohol. With

tobacco we didn't take the most popular cigarette and up the

tax on that one. You know there'd

be substitution. He says other

figures have not gone up for

other drinks. That is not the

case.le There is substitution.

There is a debate about how

much, but there is

substitution. What's happening

here is the Rudd Government is

cleverly camouflaging the

issue. They've been lazy in

turn ing the binge drinking problem into a tax

problem. It's never was a tax

problem. It was a problem of

create agriculture of

responsible drinking. I drink,

most Australians drink am we

need to create a culture of

responsible drinking and

advertising restrictions will

help in that measure in a baig.

The reason why the Rudd

Government don't want to do it

- it's too hard for them.

Quickly and finally, Bob Brown

had a bit of a swing at you

yesterday and said that you're

not talking to the other

Senators, you're not engaging

with them as much as you

should. There is hard work to

be done if you want to sit snt

Senate. He thinks you're not out there keeping the information flow going. What's

your response? The information

flow is there. That's a

diversionary tactic off the

real issue. Rolling over at the 11th and in the really hitting

the big issue of alcohol

advertising is really not

really what should be

happening. Right now we should

be standing up to the alcohol

giants and the Rudd Government

should be dag the same thing by

dehooking sport and alshol chol