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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Today - Tiger hopes Live Today - Tiger hopes to resume flights as soon as possible, but engineers say that could take weeks. Also ahead

ahead - a deadly waiting ahead - a deadly waiting game

for six people Bernie Ecclestone opposed to Hendra

virus. Syria president sax one

of the country's

And Kevin Rudd meets with

Burma's pro-democracy Aung San

Suu Kyi. You're watching ABC

News 24. Good morning, I'm

Melissa Hamilton. Checking the

weather first. The Tiger airways domestic

fleet is spending its second

day on the ground. . The Civil Aviation Safety Authority

yesterday cancelled yesterday cancelled all

domestic Tiger flights until

next Friday because of serious

safety concerns. The move will leave an passengers stranded. The

airline's CEO says he hopes

services can resume as soon as possible to ensure competition

and lower airfares for the

Australian public. But a peak

body of aircraft engineers says

it could take weeks for Tiger

airways flights to resume. The Australian licensed engineers association says there have

airlines with the reporting of been inconsistencies at the

defects. I would doubt very much

air in the next few air in the next few weeks.

They have a way to go to seefy

the regulator. The grounds will

tourism industry. have a major effect on the

Queensland tourism industry tourism industry. The

council said the move could

deter carriers from flying with

other budget airlines. Any

aviation access and airlines is concern that's hanging over

obviously something that

worries the tourism industry.

We want passengers to feel confident, not worried about anything, and safe in the

knowledge that they can get to and without any and without any concerns. Six

people are facing an anxious

wait to find out if they're at

risk of developing virus. Authorities yesterday risk of developing Hendra confirmed a second outbreak of

the virus in Queensland's south and the State's chief vet anticipates the situation will

worsen. The deadly disease has

been detected in three horses on three separate properties in the past week. Two in Queensland and another in

northern NSW. But the NSW Industries says cases on the

State's north coast are not linked Queensland. Syria's President linked to those in

has sacked one of country's governors after mass most important regional

anti-government protests. As many as half a million

protesters are said to have

marched in the city of Hama.

Activists say at least 24

people were shot dead by security forces. Syrian state

TV showing anti-government

protesters or as the reader puts it, armed criminal

gangs. Four civilians and

policemen were killed and other

wounded at groups exploiting following Friday prayers gatherings of citizens

yesterday. On the official international channel international

international channel they showed that as well as critics, the government has vocal

supporters of all ages. I love

Syria. I want to live in my

country. We're all country. We're all hear love

Syria and we are Syrians. but

pictures put up on Facebook by opposition activists give very different impression. opposition activists give a

This was after Friday prayers yesterday. Across the country,

people power, demanding the

downfall of the government. In neighbouring Lebanon, people are watching and waiting and some expect that eventually Syria President Bashir al-Assad

will have to stand down. The more the international

community and the Arab

community let Assad stay in

power the more bloodshed we'll

witness. At the end of the day

Assad will not enact any

reforms because that cannot

lead the transition. The

nature of his ray goom does not

allow him to lead the transition. He cannot stop the killing either. Opposition

protesters are continuing protesters are continuing to

die. These are unverified

pictures posted by activists

who say that over 20 people

were killed after this week's

Friday prayers. The US

Clinton has stepped Secretary of State Hilary Secretary of State Hilary

Clinton has stepped up western

calls for Libya's Colonel

Gaddafi to quit. Brushing off his threat to attack Europeans. During a rally in Tripoli,

unless NATO stopped its Colonel Gaddafi said that

airstrikes, Libyans would move

into Europe like locusts to attack homes and offices. His supporters waved glean flags and posters of the Libyan

leader. Gaddafi took the

opportunity to publicly denounce an arrest warrant against him issued by the

International Criminal Court. US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has called on Gaddafi to step down. Instead of

issuing threats, Gaddafi should

put the well being and the interests of his own people first and he should step first and he should step down

from power and help facilitate

will meet a democratic transition that

the Libyan people There's speculation Dominique Strauss-Kahn could make a

political comeback in France

now he's been freed from house

arrest in the US. Before sexual assault accusations were

levelled against the former IMF chief in New York, Dominique

Strauss-Kahn was tipped as a

possible French presidential

candidate. His supporter are

hoping egg's revive his after

cracks in the case against him emerged. Dominique

Strauss-Kahn's return to French

politics seemed next to impossible less than two days ago. The former IMF chief was

accused of sexually assaulting

a hotel maid in New York in

May, but doubts have May, but doubts have since

emerged about the credibility

of the 62-year-old's accuser and the case is and the case is reportedly close to collapse. Now Mr

Strauss-Kahn's supporters in

the French socialist party are

hoping his political career can

be salvaged. They say he could still re-enter next year's

presidential race. He has to

play a role, a great role, in

important for France and for

the left and for the future struggle. But Mr Strauss-Kahn's

come back hinges on his name being cleared. being cleared. There could be

a great wind of sympathy for Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Wrongly accused and Wrongly accused and proved innocent. France has been reacting with a mixture of relief

relief and astonishment following his release from house arrest in the US.

TRANSLATION: It is very surprising. I personally was

relieved because the image of tarnished during this affair. Smiling photographs of

Dominique Strauss-Kahn made the

front pages of most French

newspapers with headlines newspapers with headlines like dramatic turn of events and

affair part 2. On the streets

of Paris some people remain sceptical about the

62-year-old's chance of making

a come back. Trans TRANSLATION: He's

finished. He was well placed for presidential elections.

Maybe today he will come out of

it and regain his honour but

this has put an end to his Strauss-Kahn still has a long way

way to go before he can run for

office. The charges against

him are still being pursued and

he can't leave the US.

appear in court again later this month. Anisha Khopkar, ABC News. Protests have been held in Afghanistan's capital

over a series of rocket attacks

which have killed civilians

along the eastern border with Pakistan. About 500 protesters

took to the streets of Kabul quths death to Pakistan" long

live Afghanistan. The attacks

in recent weeks have killed at

least 36 civilians including 12 children. Protesters are accusing the Pakinstani army of deliberately launching rocket attacks on innocent attacks on innocent people.

The army has denied these The army has denied these chams

saying no rounds were fired

intentionally but that some may

have accidentally fallen on the

neighbouring state during targeted attacks on Authorities in Greece have

arrested the captain I've boat which was trying to deliver aid to the

Gaza trip. Greece's Coastguard

said the captain of the Audacity of

Audacity of Hope faces charges

of trying to leave port without

permission and endangering the

lives of the boat's lives of the boat's passengers.

El a face court on Tuesday.

The boat was carrying 36 passengers and 10 passengers and 10 members of

the press. Greece has banned

boats from heaving to Gaza from

leaving Greek ports. The

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has

urged the Burmese government to allow greater allow greater political

participation in the country. He made the comments after

talks with the Burmese

democracy leader Aung San Suu

Kyi. Prior to the meeting, she

was warned by a Burmese

government official not to engage in political activities.

Mr Rudd is in the highest ranking Australian official to

visit Burma since its civilian government took office in

March. He says Aung San Suu Kyi intends to tour outside the city despite government warnings for her not to do

so. Aung San Suu Kyi is in very good spirits. She's in good spirits. She's in very robust mind. She's a very

determined determined person. She is a person of person of enormous will,

determination, and I would say

just plain political guts. She has made plain that she intends

to campaign elsewhere within

Burma in the period ahead.

That of course is her

democratic right. What I would

say very clearly to the say very clearly to the Burmese authorities, Burmese

government, it is absolutely

critical that the Burmese

Government guarantee Aung San Suu Kyi's tour of the country is undertaken. I believe all governments around the world

would be looking very carefully

at how her security at how her security is provided

for by the Government when she

undertakes that tour. I made

it clear in my discussions with

the President of Burma that the

next and necessary step must be

the release of 2000 political

prisoners. These prisoners

remain as prisoners of

conscience within Burma and the

international community awaits

action by the Burmese ensuring that these people obtain freedom. obtain freedom. The letter that the Government through the

Home Affairs Minister sent to

Aung San Suu Kyi just several

days ago, was a disturbing

development. But the response which she has delivered to the

Government opens the

possibility of dialogue with the government on these questions. We would urge the

government to undertake that dialogue. Irish police in East

Belfast say violence there that

left 6 police officers injured was spontaneous and came mostly

Police used rubber bullets and

water Canon to try to disperse

the crowds. Seven people the crowds. Seven people were arrested. The around midnight. Police

officers moved in to prevent

further clashes. They came under attack from loyalists who

threw stones, empty bottles and bricks. Police vehicles were targeted. There were attempts to destroy cameras being used to gather evidence. fired plastic bullets and used

a water Canon to help disperse

the crowd. Police say tension

was heightened in both the

loyalist and nationalist communities after two recent

nights of rioting in the same

area. Today, police say the trouble started after trouble started after the

orange order parade had passed

through. Due to the events of

last week, and after the

commemoration parade last

night, there were a number of minor incidents. passed off peacefully. There were a number of were a number of minor incidents, one assault in

particular seemed to be the

catalyst for more intense disorder. The disorder was not Arkansased. Community

groups are continuing to work

with politicians and the police

to prevent another night of

violence. But admit when

crowds gather the situation is

difficult to predict. Calm has

been restored, but with the

marching season now in full swing

in 10 days time, community

leaders here hope that tensions between the nationalists and

the loyalists can be contained.

In Russia, the governing party

appears to be doing all it can to make sure parliamentary elections planned for December

are over by they begin. A leading opposition leading opposition party has been barred from taking part

and now one of Russia's richest

ga, has taken leadership of

says he's willing to back it with $100 million. Many

suspect his party is nothing

more than a Kremlin ally

more than a Kremlin ally in disguise. Moscow

Norman Hermant reports. Parliamentary

elections on the horizon it elections on the horizon it has

been a strange time in Russian politics. The most recent

development the election of one of Russia's richest men Mikhail

Prokhorov to lead a small

Probus party called right

cause. Mikhail Prokhorov is

hard to miss.

billion and it two metres tall.

He's renowned for his play buy

lifestyle and spending which in

the last few years has included

buying an American basketball team, the New Jersey mets. The

billionaire says he'll take on

the krem on some issues but he doesn't want this to be doesn't want this to be known

as an opposition party. This

week he was shown on state television meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who praised some of his ideas. Many analysts suspect this is all happening with the blessing

of the Kremlin backed United

Russia Party. It is expected to win analysts say it may feel analysts say it may feel its

worthwhile having worthwhile having some

potential allies in hand just

in case. Those guys on the Russian political scene are

playing the game let's pretend

because if there is no

politics, when there's no

competition, when there are no opponents, you have to imitate, you have to imagine, you have to pretend. True opposition to pretend. True opposition parties face almost insurmountable odds and that's

if they're allowed to compete

at all. Recently the opposition people's from contesting the upcoming elections, increasingly it

seems that no matter how well Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's

party does at the polls, can't lose. Norman can't lose. Norman Hermant, ABC News, Moscow. Prince Albert

of Monaco and his South African bride Charlene Wittstock bride Charlene Wittstock have taken part in a religious wedding ceremony. wedding ceremony. The couple got married in a civil ceremony yesterday after reports in the

French press that princess

Charlene was having second thoughts about the thoughts about the union. As a star-studded congregation of

over 3000 people looked on, Charlene Wittstock made her way

up a long red carpet and into

the palace courtyard. Looking

beautiful and wear the former

swimmer from South Africa looked every inch the royal

bride. Awaiting her at the altar, Prince Albert. There

has been much anticipation of their

their marriage. It's the first

marriage of a ruling prince of Monaco

father married the Holywood

actress Grace Kelly in 1956.

In recent days rumours swirled

this wedding could be off. The palace has palace has been as pains to deny any strains between the pair and last night they went

ahead with the planned civil ceremony. APPLAUSE. Today's religious service watched by

the prince's sisters Caroline and Stephanie marks the start

of a new chapter for family. And tonight they're holding a huge reception it the princely palace to celebrate. To sport now with

Tulsen Tulsen Tollett. Finals are being played and won at

Wimbledon. They are. Wimbledon. They are. Some

winners and some losers. Luke Savill has won the boy's

singles title. One of the losers is Samantha Stosur in

her doubles partner. They lost

their doubles final. Petra Kvitova is the ladies's

Wimbledon singles champion. She was the straight set winner

over Maria Sharopova. The 8th seat Kvitova was broken in the

first service game, but struck

back well to take the opening

set by 6 games to 3. became the first Czech became the first Czech play

other triumph at Wimbledon

since Jana Novotna in 1998.

Novotina and former Czech great

Martina Navratilova were also

in the royal box watching. I

knew that I have to be first

who is playing hard and who is making the points, so I tried

it and, yeah, I did

indeed. The men's final

between Rafael Nadal and Novak

Djokovic is it this evening. The Queensland Reds remarkable

Super Rugby season has reached

new heights. They'll week's grand final at Lang week's grand final at Lang Park

against the Crusaders after a

comprehensive win over the

Auckland Blues in the semis.

Rod Davis was at the heart of everything for Reds. everything for Reds. He

ignited the first-half with an

intercept try. Quade Cooper intercept try. Quade Cooper at

his illusive best. He set up

Ben Tapuai's five Ben Tapuai's five pointer. The Blues ensured that only trailed by eight at halftime though.

Davis again sprang into life Davis again sprang into life to

help the Reds pull away. Cooper. Bringing Davies in.

Rod Davies to rocket rod. Fenfinished with a hat-trick. The Reds will face

the Crusaders after they

dismissed the challenge of the

Western Stormers in cap town. The 7 time champions showing their class. Sonny Bill Williams. Offload to...

Brilliant rugby. They have devastated defences all over super rugby in 2011 these super rugby in 2011 these two. The two. The final will be played next Saturday evening at Lang Park. They attitude at scrum

time and probably in defence.

They didn't get the Stormers go

net go forward ball because of

the hits they were playing

in. It's reward for in. It's reward for the effort that the boys have effort that the boys have put

in. We've got one more game to

go now, but pleased with the effort top.

We're going to need a bigger effort next week. Essendon effort next week. Essendon had

a thrilling win over Geelong. Carlton thrashed Richmond by

103 points while Fremantle held

off Gold Coast challenge.

Adelaide surprised the Swans

but the Bombers snapped a five game losing streak against game losing streak against the competition pace setters. After

a bright start to the season,

the Bombers form had the Bombers form had been fading with five losses in a row. Geelong looked certain to continue

continue its unbeaten run. Kicks towards

goal. Perfect start for the Cats. But the Bombers switched

on and led by 15 points at the

main break. main break. Here's Angus Monfries. Looks at

offer. Not much. He kicks for

goal. Gail Monfils has kicked a ripper. It looked like the

Cats would haul Essendon in. They kicked 7 goals to five in

the final term. The Bombers

were able to do what no other

team has this season. At Football Park the Crows were

coming off a bad losing streak

of their own, six in a row, and a record low crowd of 23,000

fans showed up to see them in

action. Kicks the goal of goals. They would have been

happy with what they saw. Adelaide prevailed Adelaide prevailed by 7 points

in a low scoring encounter.

The Crows overcame the wet

conditions and the Swans for a

much needed victory. Trapped

it. Spins. Goals it. Earlier, Carlton demolished Richmond at

the MCG. After losing to West

Coast last week, the Blues

turned things around in the went route. It's a beauty. It

was the Blues a highest was the Blues a highest winning

margin over the Tigerses in

more than 100 years and gives them breathing pace in the top four. Gold Coast seriously

challenged Fremantle in the

first-half at Subiaco

oval. From 55. No. Oh

yes. It goes to the line.

Another boom from McKenzie. As

has happened all season, the

Suns waned and the Dockers led

by captain Matthew Pavlich

notched up a 50 point win. Amanda Panthers

Amanda Shalala, ABC News. The Panthers have notched up their second consecutive win in the NRL. They've downed an ordinary looking Canterbury

Bulldogs by 14 points in Perth. A perfectly

chase from Luke Walsh sent Adrian Purtell away as The

Panthers made a blazing A Panthers made a blazing start.

A few minutes later, Walsh boot

was again instrumental.

Looking for Travis Burns Looking for Travis Burns who

went up above the pack. He

beat Andrew Ryan and The Panthers have their second. Walsh second. Walsh and Burns

combined again in the sect half

to a 20 nil lead. Jamal Idris

managed to pig one back for managed to pig one back for the

dogs. Free rein to play the

way we did. Back yourself.

That's what we did tonight. We

came one a few errors. The

cycling and Belgian Philippe

Gilbert ha won the first stage of the Tour Down Under. It was

192 kilometres. Defending

champion Alberto Contador was

from the finish. Incident saw

him finning 82nd 1 minute

him finning 82nd 1 minute 20

second off the place. second off the place. Gilbert beat Cadel beat Cadel Evans who finished three second as drift and

Norway's Thor Hushovd who came

home six seconds behind. Australian Casey Stoner will

start from pole position for

tonight's Italian Moto GP after

setting a new circuit record in qualifying. The championship

leader and winner of leader and winner of four of the 7 Grand Prix this is season

finished half a second faster than Ben Spies. Winner of last

weekend's race in the Netherlands.

Netherlands. Marco Simoncelli

who earned his second pole this

season last week will start third behind Stoner and Ben

Spies on the grid in his home

race and Stoner was happy with how it all went. how it all went. Dual Cox Plate winner So You Think has

won a second Group 1 event in

the UK winning the eclipse

stakes in sand down winning last year's Arc de Triomphe winner workforce. Checking the

weather now. You can see a

thick band of cloud across the southern States. That's causing widespread rain

in South Australia and

Victoria. More patchy cloud in

the west is triggering gusty showers in WA. Taking a closer

look at the states, Queensland can expect isolated showers

about the far north and south

coasts. Cool and cloudy in the

west but mostly dry. Light

rains expected over the west

and south-west of NSW. There will be will be snow showers on the alpine peaks with strong alpine peaks with strong to

gale-force winds. It should be

mostly sunny elsewhere. In

Victoria, rapes forecast for

the north-eastern parts and ranges. ranges. There'll be isolated showers on the south-west coast

with possible thunderstorms.

More rain too for Tasmania with More rain too for Tasmania with

the heaviest falls expected in

the north-west and isolated thunderstorms later in the day.

South Australia can expect a

wet day as well with scattered showers extending across the

State from the west by the

early evening. There's the chance of isolated

coast. Scattered showers and

possible hail across the south

of WA. Thunderstorms on of WA. Thunderstorms on the

south-east coast with isolated

light falls elsewhere. In light falls elsewhere. In the Northern Territory, the Northern Territory, the chance of afternoon or evening showers

in the top end. Cloudy with light showers further south. And looking ahead to And looking ahead to Monday,

fine in Brisbane, partly cloudy

in Sydney and Darwin, rain for Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart,

showers clearing in Melbourne

and Perth. It's been and Perth. It's been said that

a good snapshot stops a moment from running away. Some of the most extraordinary moments photographers. The world's

best are now on show in Sydney. This is considered the Academy Awards of photography, the world press photo

Christo earned a place with his

aerial shot of the coal class

pictures sick. He said the best

pictures are the ones evoke emotions. Whether one pictures are the ones that

loves what you do takes their

breath away, as long as what you do gives someone an

emotion, then you're doing your job properly. The exhibition includes works by two other pictures from the Singapore

Youth Olympics and the horror

of the Pakistan floods captured by Australian Daniel. Many of the images are zones, natural disasters, death

and destruction on a scale of

which we're not used to in

Australia. It is the real world. From the devastation

caused by the Haiti earthquake

to the violence of a day time

shoot-out in Brazil. This

portrait of an 18-year old

Afghanistan woman showing the

scars after she fled her photograph of the year. Making

the cut isn't easy with the cut isn't easy with a record 108,000 photographs

entered this year, to get

through them the judges spent

one second looking each picture one second

to wit tell the numbers down to

that the final 200. It has to be

that quick, yeah. It is just

more about a feeling they have

and they're very trained people

so they usually when they see something extraordinary they'll

say yes and it is in and everything where they don't say

anything it just goes. With

2011 already marked by huge

extraordinary pictures next there will be no shortage of

year. Adrian Raschella, ABC

News, Sydney. I'll be back with

for The World This Week. I'm update shortly. Then standby

Melissa Hamilton. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

News 24. Aircraft engineers

Tiger Airways flights to rae say it could take weeks for

assume. All of the airlines's

domestic flights have been

cancelled for a week by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

due to serious concerns about

safety procedures. It is

estimated that at least passengers will be affected by estimated that at least 35,000

the decision. Queensland

Health is testing six people

for Hendra virus after a second recent outbreak of the disease in the State's south. A property has near Boondah. A horse returned

a positive sample there last

night. Authorities say the two

out breaks and another in

northern NSW are not linked.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has Foreign Minister Kevin

met Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in

Rangoon. Talks come just days