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(generated from captions) a VP thanksgiving service, where thousands re-enacted in Canberra, on the Australian War Memorial Today's commemorations focussed bringing an end to World War II. in the Pacific, Japanese forces laid down their arms 60 years ago today, Felicity Davey with ABC News. Good evening. a long day at the crease. And Australia's batsmen facing a paroled paedophile. A political stoush over the Gaza Strip evictions. Israeli troops begin the day the war ended. Tonight - 60 years on, remembering This program is captioned live.

to Australia while the Japanese Ambassador never to engage in war again, and resolving of the war, for the pain and destruction Offering the world another apology (Speaks Japanese) was today keen to impress. A fact Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi they've learnt a lot too. and I think Japanese - to live with other countries - I feel that now we have to learn forged in war. he reflected on the lessons for the names of lost mates, searched the honour roll And as Colin Fereday yourself. And that's when you feel better so you start to forgive. it's doing you no good to hate, you think, well, But after a while, even among former prisoners of war. attitudes have softened - And over six decades, ENGINES ROAR in World War II. of those who saw conflict attended by any real number the last significant VP milestone it's widely thought this will be every year, But with their ranks thinning and women attended today's service. Around 1,500 ex-servicemen but for liberty. fought not for conquest this was a good and just war, Yet let us never equivocate - there today. the PM led official commemorations the Australian War Memorial in 1945, they gathered on the steps of Just as in peace to come here and have a good time. but I'm sure they'd want us that didn't come back too, We remember those mates of us undercut with sadness. were always going to be and now - ensuring VP celebrations then - of Australian lives, came at a terrible cost The defeat of the Japanese in 1945 'til early hours of the morning. and lighting fires ..pulling pickets off paling fences We were still dancing, with... that feeling of euphoria. they'll never forget those who can remember, has caught up with And while age and infirmity to celebrate peace in the Pacific. they danced in the streets 60 years ago, and a renewed commitment to peace. the hard lessons of war - there were also reflections on In Japan, first held there in 1945.

from the emperor. to listen to a radio broadcast marched onto the parade ground when the Japanese guards He wasn't sure what was happening was in a POW Camp in North Japan. Overseas, Rowley Richards It was happy. and kissing you and going on. just grabbed you and hugging you had exploded with people - Looked as though the whole place was serving in Borneo. whose fiance Len Smith factory worker Marj Lott including then 17-year-old People spilled out onto the streets, mad, the war is won, it's past. We're acting up, we're merry erupted with joy. Cities and towns around the nation Fellow citizens, the war is over. and then... over six years the sickening horrors of war hundreds of thousands endured 40,000 Australians had died, remain vivid. memories of that momentous day 60 years on, and sober reflection. of both wild celebration August 15, 1945 was a day the war For Australians who lived through a wreath-laying ceremony. Professor Bashir then led and indeed of both wars. in that terrible war by those men and women because of the sacrifice made to flourish all of which have been permitted Australian character - and the absolutely unique Australian way of life the good and bountiful the precious inheritance of freedom, We contemplate today of what she called those dark days. The State Governor recalled the end also attended the service. that fought in the Pacific Veterans of other nations and to remember those who'd died. of the Japanese surrender the day they heard remember Veterans of the war turned out to at the Martin Place Cenotaph. attended a VP Day service mostly ex-servicemen and women, In Sydney several hundred people, Craig Allen, ABC News, Canberra. of today's celebration of peace. was invited to lay a wreath as part

The atomic bomb, to thinking people, cast a sobering thought over VP Day. But they say it helped produce a peace of sorts, which, looking back, has been better than many at the time had hoped for. Joe O'Brien, ABC News. The confrontation between Jewish settlers and Israeli security forces has begun in Gaza. The settlers have been given a future with nuclear weapons. was a deep concern about mixed with the celebration that day say, though, The friends who were with him give 'em a fly, Frank." So Chester said to me, "Go on, to photograph. and there wasn't much for them on the back of a truck Cinesound News was coming along Frank McAlary says it was him. dancing down the street. was that of a young man the enduring image of the day Back on Australian soil to the point of being boisterous. very cheerful which became, understandably, in the officers' mess, There was a party at night. and remembers getting the news Tom Hughes was in one of those teams as part of the war effort. from Plymouth Sunderland flying boats Australians had been piloting in England, On the other side of the world, before getting back to Australia. but had to work another five months They survived that, rather frightening. and actually we found it barbed wire compound So we were within this but they were completely barred. to barracks to celebrate, all the men tried to come in was declared, When we got word that peace when the surrender was announced. 48 hours to leave or be forced out. But as Matt Brown reports from the Gaza Strip, they're trying to block troops from entering some of the settlements. under siege 350 of them found themselves in an all-women's barracks. in Papua New Guinea Amy Taylor was stationed just bawling their eyes out. and it wasn't long before they were and quieter and then they got quieter and banzaiing and going on The troops were on parade

To defy their government and oppose the withdrawal, some appeal to a higher power. Others turn to the methods usually used to control the movement of Palestinians. to see the hard scenes that are going be seen here of army and police dragging their own brothers on the ground, in the air and trying to dump them out are gonna help people wake up. When the first group of soldiers arrived at Morag, they took a low-key approach compensation the government has been offering them to leave. The longer and they were confronted by emotional scenes. This is the beginning of the final confrontation. The protesters here have gathered to stop these soldiers from entering the settlement. They're pleading with them: "Jews don't expel Jews from their homes." But this won't stop the withdrawal from Gaza. The Israeli military has defended this settlement for more than three decades. Now it's clearing the way to turn these homes into rubble. Matt Brown, ABC News, the Gaza Strip. And Matt Brown joins us now. Matt, what's the timeframe for those settlers who are refusing to leave? If they don't take the long and historic drive down this road and out of this settlement forever, by Wednesday morning they will be forced out. If that happens, they face losing a great chunk of the compensation the government has Despite the Opposition in the Gaza settlements, Israeli soldiers have been moving from house to house, telling their occupants they have to leave. They've been ordered to be polite and understanding but the security forces are also prepared for the worst. The military has been unable to stop thousands of Israeli protesters from streaming in to the settlements over the last month. Many of them are in the Morag settlement in Gaza's south. I believe we're going to manage to get all the soldiers to leave our houses crying, feeling terrible and have their Jewish soul shedding blood. The protesters have been living in Morag in tents, under trees and in backyards. For the state of Israel

in rural and regional Australia. Once upon a time, the Howard Government insisted all proceeds from the sale of Telstra go to pay off debt. How times have changed. Tomorrow, Cabinet will consider a formal proposal from Communications Minister Helen Coonan to spend $3 billion to ensure National Party support for the sell-off. Remember, we started with nothing on the table - it was going to go through as it was - and because the National Party went in to bat, we've got ourselves to this point. According to the Coonan submission, $1 billion would be spent on a new rural broadband network and $2 billion on a fund to ensure telecommunications in the bush don't slip further behind the cities. Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, who's been threatening Palestinians living in the city of Rafah, and they're very keen to Rafah, and they're very keen to move in here and take control after so many years of occupation. Just last night, to the north of where I'm standing, a mortar fell. There were no injuries but that'sed kind of thing that could cause a major disaster during this operation. Matt, just briefly - obviously it was always going to be a day of much emotion, but what's the sentiment that sentiment that you've observed mostly there today? It's a mix of resignation, a sort of sombre sense of fate, but also there is a great deal of outrage, outrage that after doing what the government said to doing what the government said to do for so many years, and colonising this land, these people are being thrown out. Some people are on thrown out. Some people are on their roofs, some on their lit krl concrete verandahs, very determined to make this operation as difficult they stay here, the greater the chance of violence, there could be violence between the protesters and the police and soldiers, there the police and soldiers, there could also be violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis Palestinians and the Israelis living here. There are a great many as possible for the Israeli military. Matt Brown, thank you. Rebel Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce has hinted he's ready to back the full sale of Telstra. Senator Joyce has welcomed the news that tomorrow's Cabinet meeting will consider a $3 billion program to upgrade telecommunications to vote against the Telstra sale unless the bush is looked after, is hinting this may be enough to win his support. Obviously, I must now go back to... and talk to the people of my state and say, "Well, you've got this on the table, "if you don't want that, you possibly may not get anything "so let's see what we can do." Kim Beazley's still on the charge against the government's industrial relations shake-up, telling a business audience Labor believed there was no evidence the changes would benefit the economy. We still cannot get any substantiv...substantiation of the assertion that these changes will impact productivity. Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews publicly acknowledged today that the mammoth task of drafting the industrial relations legislation may not meet its deadline, saying only that the bill would now be ready about October. He also revealed it would be subject to a Senate inquiry. Senate inquiries can be useful in terms of detail of things that, you know, may have been overlooked. Given the government still wants the legislation passed by Christmas, it would be the briefest of Senate investigations. Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra. A political row has broken out over a convicted paedophile from Western Australia who has been allowed to serve his parole in NSW. Premier Morris Iemma said yesterday he was stuck with the situation, but today he joined the opposition leader in calling for the man to be returned to WA. The community of Manoora Point, just this side of the Queensland border, today voiced its concern that convicted paedophile Otto Darcy-Seale is now living in its midst. We don't want you, Mr Paedophile. Residents are angry. They were only alerted to the situation after media coverage. He should not be in our community. He should not even be out in the middle of WA. A West Australian court sentenced Darcy-Searle to 424 years for committing more than 100 offences against children. He was granted parole after five years and moved to northern New South Wales where he has family. The question for Morris Iemma is did the New South Wales Government agree to take receipt of this individual and, if so, why? Yesterday, the Premier said he wasn't happy with the situation but his hands were tied by constitutional arrangements. But today he changed his tune, vowing to do everything possible to return Darcy-Searle to WA. We've been advised that there is action on the parole conditions, the conditions attached to the parole, that presents us with an opportunity to have this person back in Western Australia. John Brogden says the Iemma government has blundered. He should be on a plane back to Western Australia tonight. Late today, the Government demanded that the WA Parole Board move Darcy Searle out of NSW, saying if he remains here, it will withdraw supervision. Simon Santow, ABC News. Indonesian police say they've completed their investigations into the case of the nine Australians accused of heroin trafficking in Bali. The Australians appeared before prosecutors today as the case files were handed over. All nine could face the death penalty. Renae Lawrence maintains she was forced to act as a courier because of threats to her and her family. We didn't even know what it was but even if we did know what it was, we didn't have a choice. Prosecutors say the trials could start in about four weeks. The Indonesian government and Acehenese rebels have signed a peace agreement meant to end decades of conflict in Aceh. The treaty was formalised at a ceremony in Helsinki. It commits Indonesia to disarming loyalist militias and reducing its 40,000 strong troop deployment. The Free Aceh Movement has agreed to hand over weapons and give up its demands for a sovereign state. There are lingering concerns that hardliners among the rebels and within the Indonesian army will refuse to take part in the process. Investigators fear a loss of cabin pressure may have caused the crash of a Cypriot airliner in Greece, killing all 121 people on board. The Boeing 737 crashed in the mountains north of Athens. Escorting fighter pilots reported the cabin crew slumped in their seats and others trying desperately to take control of the doomed airliner. Greek officials say most of the bodies recovered form the airliner were frozen solid. This is all that's recognisable of the Boeing 737. The rest is scattered over an area of a square kilometre. Witnesses say the plane fell like a stone and exploded as it hit a hillside north-east of Athens. Two fighter jets had been scrambled to intercept the 737 after its pilots reported a problem with the airconditioning system. They saw one pilot slumped in his seat, there was no sign of the other. They also saw two people in the cockpit, either crew members or passengers, apparently trying to take over the controls. A text message sent by a passenger indicated that the plane may have experienced a drop in cabin pressure. He wrote, "The pilot has turned blue. "Cousin, farewell. "We're freezing!" What has actually caused this problem we do not know. And it is only responsible to wait for the findings of the investigating team to see exactly what happened. It's been revealed the same plane had a problem with its airconditioning system earlier this year. plus the 85-cent interim, With today's dividend, the dividend yield. is pretty simple as well - And the reason for that jumped 1.5%. mainly because Telstra shares Index would have actually gone up, Now without that, the All Ordinaries but the shares fell $1.43. The payout is $1.12, Commonwealth Bank went ex dividend. was pretty simple - finished lower today The reason the local sharemarket Here's Alan Kohler. in the price of Telstra shares. despite a strong rise fell back today and local share prices To finance now, Kirsten Aiken, ABC News. any easier for relatives. it won't make the tragedy aviation disaster in Greek history, the cause of the worst While the answer might explain conducted effectively. whether that maintenance had been We need to find out now

Credit card fraud and identity theft provided and leaked. if my own information was I mean, I know how I would feel because it's just devastating. It's hard to express how we feel because of the security breach. terminated its outsourcing contract At least one Australian company has our details by now. You know a lot of people could have fairly open doesn't it? I'm mortified, because it leaves us her details were up for sale. Dianne Poole was shocked to find out of Australians. and even the passport numbers was offered bank details An undercover journalist at some call centres in India. because of criminal activity at risk of identity theft, that thousands of Australians are has revealed A '4 Corners' investigation And that's finance. at just above 77 US cents. is trading slightly lower And the Australian dollar lead and nickle jumped around 5%. on the metals exchange on Friday - There were some big rises after nearly touching $70 a barrel. it fell back by a dollar but in Singapore this afternoon or Saturday morning our time, on Friday, The oil price rose in New York No, me neither. when petrol was 10 cents a litre? Remember 1973 story may disturb some viewers." "Some pictures in the following where the newsreader says It's a bit like those stories for a minute. You might want to avert your eyes Here's a graph of the petrol price. by an average of $26. households has gone up and the monthly cost for Australian in the past 12 months The price is up 13% didn't you? but you knew that already, of 115.8 cents a litre, to an average national price up 1.3 cents this week the petrol price - there is not a lot to like - Here's something about which to like about that. Investors reckon there's a lot like up to 12%. After that it's anything of franking credits. before taking account special dividends, is 8.3% Telstra's yield, including and it's around about 8%. so take account of the tax rebate fully franked, of 5.3%, CBA's payout provides a return in Australia already totals billions of dollars a year. The Supreme Court has heard that the family of missing Sydney woman Kerry Whelan has been the subject of a number of extortion attempts since her disappearance in 1997. 52-year-old Bruce Burrell is facing trial for her abduction and murder. It's been eight years since Bernie Whelan received Australia's batsmen will have to score in Manchester. if it's to win the third Ashes Test a piece of cricket history Australia will have to create twice a year. The reports will be given to parents actually very dangerous. for quartiles is to an artificial formula Narrowing down and going back to rate a child's achievement. only having four bands available but they have some concerns about in favour of the changes Parent groups are generally with those at another school. will become comparable grades at one school For the first time, to his or her classmates. will have their progress compared The Government says every student and more information. with plainer language a new look School reports are to be given Rachel Mealey, ABC News, Sydney. of home security. to upgrade its level which prompted the family involving his stepson, there'd been an incident to his wife's disappearance that a number of years prior Mr Whelan also said on acreage outside of Sydney. and three children and lived with his wife of a multinational company Bernie Whelan was a senior executive He told the court: since his wife's disappearance. the subject of extortion threats that he and his family have been Bernie Whelan revealed Giving evidence at the trial her abduction and murder. is now on trial for Bruce Burrell Mr Whelan's former employee at a hotel in Western Sydney. after parking her car the previous day Kerry Whelan had vanished for his wife's life. asking for money in exchange a ransom note

a record fourth innings total Shane Warne's bunny. He was supposed to be Here's Peter Wilkins. at 6/280. England declared its second innings from a day five start of 0/24. of 423, He dropped four shots in five holes betrayed him. before his trusty putter cruising and led by three American Phil Mickelson looked to be weather-interrupted PGA, On one strange day at the And what a shot! a chance of securing a major title. Australian Steve Elkington is still It's tantalisingly close. Way into the crowd. which has been thoroughly outplayed. for the number one team in the world provided some consolation Glenn McGrath's five-wicket haul some freewheeling run-scoring, While England rode its luck amid Hodge takes the catch. Brad Hodge. to a fine grab from substitute Michael Vaughan lost out though first innings century maker as England improved on that margin, Fielding lapses were again costly 142 runs in arrears. Australia's 302 leaving it for a first test hundred, brought undone his ambitions by Shane Warne on 90 Earlier, a similar attempt tomorrow. is for us go out and take 10 wickets But obviously the real test for us tonight. which allowed Elkington, and Mickelson rallied. Then he produced an extraordinary shot from the deep grass at the 14th. Mickelson leads at 4-under par with four to play while Elkington is at 3-under par with three to play alongside Thomas Bjorn. I'm feeling pretty, pretty satisfied That's it! the PGA winner 10 years ago, to be lead by two. Just as quickly, Elkington faltered with some disciplined hitting. against Australia scoring his first 100 bowling with great alacrity, Andrew Strauss hopped into the by a Brett Lee zinger, But after having his ear massaged for six. COMMENTATOR: Away into the crowd Goodness! There's a group at 2-under including Tiger Woods, who's final round 68 might not be quite enough. A medal at last. Craig Mottram has claimed Australia's only top-three finish at the World Athletics Championships in Finland, winning bronze in the 5,000m. I said all year that I didn't want to run a fast time this year, I just wanted to win a medal here, and we did it. As Mottram celebrated becoming the first Australian to win a medal in the event, the winner, Kenyan Benjamin Limo, has marked his victory by naming his newborn son Helsinki after the world title's host city. The Wallabies are facing an injury and confidence crisis as they prepare for Saturday's Test against South Africa. Coach Eddie Jones and captain George Gregan are under pressure to end a 3-match losing streak, but neither is considering standing down. There was more bad news for the Wallabies today, with centre Stirling Mortlock joining a long list of players unavailable for Saturday's Test. Injuries are making it difficult to do it. We've got the depth. With a bye to follow next weekend's game against Parramatta, the Dragons are poised to launch a late charge for the minor premiership. A few 100m away Sydney's other red and white team was recovering from its best win of the season. After thrashing Brisbane yesterday, the Swans are considered genuine contenders for this year's flag, alongside West Coast, Adelaide and St Kilda. Mark Douglass, ABC News. And in late Tri-Nations news from across the Tasman, All Blacks flyhalf Daniel Carter has a fractured leg and will miss the rest of the season. Tests have revealed the unsuspected break. for Eddie Jones to prepare the team for what's shaping as a crucial match for his future. Oh, I'm not too concerned about my own future. I'm just worried about getting 22 players on the field. With the Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cup effectively gone for another year, many critics also calling for the captain's head, but Gregan believes he still has plenty to offer. I'm still enjoying going out there and competing and feel like I'm contributing to the teams I'm playing in so whilst that's the case, I'll continue to play. The Wallabies are hopeful five-eighth Matt Giteau will recover from a back injury in time to take on the Springboks. It's been a remarkably injury-free NRL season for St George Illawarra, and the Dragons are now favourites for the competition. Every year you want to win the comp, obviously. We've got the team at the moment

Carter will be out for up to 12 weeks. To the weather now - Mike Bailey, it was a windy, old winter's day. In fact it was hard to tell the season, Felicity. Good evening - yes, it was wintry even if the temperatures don't agree. Sydney's coastal range of 10-to-25 degrees produced a maximum that's 5-above average. But it didn't feel so mild because of those gusty winds. Their strength - and the dry westerly air - produced a chill factor that made it feel much colder. Right now in sydney it's 17.7 degrees, nearly 3 above average. At Penrith it's 16.4, but with relative humidity there at 40% and a westerly at 28km/h. The apparent temperature is a colder 9.4 degrees. Those winds were gusty over southern parts. A change is making its way across NSW tonight. A lot of cold air on its way. Will move rapidly across the Tasman Sea. Another change building from the west - expected later in the week. Wind warning - south of Windy Cape. Gail warning - south of Green Cape. Winds gradually easy tomorrow in most areas. A change toward the end of the week. Thanks, Mike. And that's ABC News this Monday night. I'm Felicity Davey. The '7:30 Report' is next. I'll be back with news updates and '4 Corners' at 8:00 will have more on that story about identity fraud. For now, goodnight. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.