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Tonight - State of disarray

as the Government takes on as the Government takes on

early mark. One hour from early mark. One hour

Question Time, we can't even

get in the House. A week of

woe, now a winter of discontent. The Leader of the

Opposition no longer is fit for

office. And the Blues blunder

wheel the Maroons make history.

Lockyer scores Queensland's

third try. third try.

Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. Well,

the lights may be on, there's

no-one home in State

Parliament. Angry MPs arrived

at work today to find they were

locked out. It all started last

night when the Government

staged a walkout rather than

risk a vote on selling off NSW

Lotteries, the move closing

down the Upper House down the Upper House until

September leaving Government

business in legislative

limbo. It was the school of

hard knocks at State Parliament, the Government Parliament, the

closing the doors, shutting

down debate realising the down debate realising

Lotteries Bill was doomed, it

walked out on last night's

proceedings forcing everyone to

an early mark. In accordance

with precedent as there's no Minister Secretary in the Minister or Parliamentary

Secretary in the House, I'll

leave the chair until the

ringing of the long

bell. Gutless. The Premier

frustrated that the Opposition

refused to back the lotteries

privatisation denied it was

like the Sydney Swans playing

home after playing

three-quarters Thoed go home if

That's what happened the Opposition didn't turn up.

That's what happened here. The

Opposition turned up along with

the Greens. We are supposed to be be sitting, one hour from be sitting, one hour

Question Time, we can't get

into the House. They say it's

an insult. We have half of an insult. We have half of the

Legislative Council who want to

go to work scheduled working

day, we have the Labor Party in

a shambles and on strike. Cockroach politics,

this Government has scurried

away from the light of

democracy. It's a bizarre

scenario, the ruling freezing

time in the upper House. time in the upper House. So

when MPs return on 1 when MPs return on 1 September,

it will be considered June

24. We are in limbo. The

parliament is in limbo, it's

still sitting. The Lotteries

Bill passing the upper House is

at long odds after Cabinet

knocked back the Shooters'

Party's bill for hunting Party's bill for hunting in

National Parks. Until the

Government sorts themselves out

we may have difficulty sorting ourselves out with ourselves out with the

Lotteries Bill. Labor has

little room to manoeuvre. It

little room to manoeuvre. It is

Labor Party policy to abolish

the upper House. That is plan

C. If it was an extraordinary

24 hours in State politics,

what do you say about the what do you say about the week

that was in Federal Parliament,

beginning with Malcolm Turnbull

in hot pursuit of the Prime

Minister, and ended with the

hunter being the hunted. Kevin Rudd says Rudd says the Opposition Leader

has many questions to answer,

one of them conserving a one of them conserving

meeting that Malcolm Turnbull

had with the public had with the public servant

Godwin Grech, the two men met

before Godwin Grech gave his

dramatic evidence at last week's Senate Inquiry. week's Senate

Political Editor Chris

Uhlmann. A tale of two testimonies. The

representations that were made

office and the by both the Prime Minister's

office and the Treasurer's

office were - were professional


..I certainly had the

impression that he wasn't your

average constituent. The ABC

confirmed that between Senate Committee confirmed that between those

Senate Committee appearances

Malcolm Turnbull had a meeting

with Godwin Grech. There are so

many, many, many questions

which now hang over his

head. It's been reported that Senator Eric Abetz may also Senator Eric Abetz may

have been at the meeting with

the Treasury official who's

been questioned by police about

his knowledge of a forged email

designed to show Kevin Rudd was

pushing the cause of John

Grant, a car dealer Grant, a car dealer friend.

Eric Abetz's office refused to

confirm or deny the report

referring inquiries to this

statement. Are you really

wanting a Senator to breach a

confidence and pursue that, or

do you want to pursue a

Treasurer that on the own

documentation that he has

tabled in his flawed defence,

shows that he has mislead the

parliament. He was an

inquisitor at both Senate

hearings, but Labor failed

today in an attempt to have the today in an attempt to have

Privileges Committee examine

the second hearing. Did he seek

to misuse those hearings? I

think he has to explain was

there a conspiracy. The

Coalition believes the

Government is using the fake

email affair to avoid

scrutiny. How many other

dealers did you speak to on the phone even if it's for 2

minutes. It's a matter of

public record I spoke to Mr

Grant. The Treasurer spoke to

only one John Grant

only one John Grant from John

Grant Motors. Two of the Prime Minister's staffers have been

interviewed by the Australian interviewed by the

Federal Police, his press

secretary Lochlan Harris and

economic advisor Andrew

Charlton, both fully

cooperated. A week that should cooperated. A week that

have been a triumph turned into

a tragedy for Malcolm Turnbull,

he ends it reduced, but not

destroyed. It can't have been a

great week for the head of

Treasury, Ken Henry. There are

suggestions because the email

came from Treasury, you have to

answer questions. All will

become clear. One can

hope. Iran may have banned all

foreign media, thanks to the

Internet and mobile phones

there's compelling evidence of

a brutal crackdown,

eyewitnesses are using websites

and blogs to relay information,

some speaking of a bloodbath,

saying security forces used

firearms, clubs and tear gas to

suppress another Opposition

rally, the accounts are

impossible to verify. But the

images coming out of Tehran are

disturbing. Here is Middle East

Correspondent Ben Knight. These

are some of the latest images

from Tehran posted on YouTube

from Tehran posted on YouTube -

they are bloody and confronting. As with other

video from the Internet, these pictures can't be

authenticated. They are backed

up by eyewitness accounts of a

brutal crackdown by the

authorities. A distraught woman

who spoke to CNN said

protesters were attacked as

they went to a large Opposition

rally. All of a sudden some 500

people with clubs and wood -

they came out of the mosque and

they poured into the streets

and started beating

everyone. It's also not clear

where or when this video was shot.

shot. It's obvious the people

in it have been badly

injured. They were beating

people, like, it was a

massacre, they were trying to

beat people so they would die.

This was exactly a massacre.

You should stop this, you

should stop this. Iran's state

broadcaster presented an image

of calm. A number of people

gathered in front of Iran's

parliament to protest parliament to protest results

have been dispersed by security forces. This Revolutionary

Guard commander said except in

rare cases there was no

incident recently. There's been

no sign of Opposition no sign of Opposition Leader

Mir-Hossein Mousavi for several

days now. Iran's Supreme Leader

says neither the system nor the

people will give in to

pressure, no matter what the

price. On the streets, that's a

threat the demonstrators so threat the demonstrators so far

appear to be choosing to

ignore. In Iraq nearly 70

people have been killed by a

bomb at a crowded market in

Baghdad. More than 130 others

were reported injured, the

market is in the capital's

mainly Shi'ite district of Sadr

City, and was hidden in a vegetable cart. It comes

vegetable cart. It comes less

than a week before US soldiers

are due to pull out. The US

says the withdrawal won't be

affected by the upsurge in

violence. More than 2,000 RAAF personnel will be offered

compensation after being

exposed to toxic chemicals

while repairing the ageing

F-111 fleet. Some F-111 fleet. Some maintenance

workers were offered payments, but

but a Federal Parliamentry

inquiry found many entitled to

them were left out. James Kelly

reports. Kathleen Henry says

the F-111 deseal-reseal the F-111 deseal-reseal program

killed her husband Allen. He

died last year. Allan Henry had

leukaemia, one of 2,000 called

pick and patch personnel pick and patch personnel who

worked on the F-111s worked on the F-111s at

worked on the F-111s at the Amberley Base near Amberley Base near Brisbane

between 1973 and 2000. They

were exposed to dangerous

chemicals used to replace old

seals on the Jets' fuel

tanks. All I had on was shorts

in the summer, and a T-shirt in the summer, and a T-shirt on

- in the winter. Because they

weren't part of the formal work

program, they weren't eligible

for the Howard Government's

ex-gratia of up to $40,000, made in

made in 2005. The scheme was

born of a fuzzy logic, shrouded

in misleading spin and administered this confusion. Today confusion. Today a Joint Parliamentary Committee tried

to right the wrong, it made 18 recommendations including

widening the ex-gratia payments

to include pick and patch

workers, allowing them to make statutory declarations statutory declarations where

there was no documentary

evidence, and giving them access

access to similar health care

and pension schemes. We have

always hoped for a payment in

recognition of contamination

for the core deseal group.

After the years of being put

through the wringer, there's through the wringer, there's a light at the end of the

tunnel. Others say they deserve

more. It still misses the core

group in addressing

compensation issues. The

committee wants ex-workers to

have counselling to help them

move on with their lives, move on with their lives, the

Government is considering the

recommendations. White justice

for Indigenous Australians

isn't working, according to a

new report, saying Aboriginal

people are 13 times more likely

to end up in jail, a major

rethink is urged. Among the

suggestions, an education fund

for every indigenous child to

keep them at school, out of

jail. The number of Indigenous

Australians in jail has been

growing steadily despite the

1991 Royal Commission into

Aboriginal deaths in custody,

and other efforts to curb it. A report finding the number of

Aboriginal women in custody has

tripled, they now make up a

third of all female prisoners.

Almost a quarter of male

prisoners and half of all

juveniles in detention are also indigenous. Enough is enough.

These rates are too high. In comparison to the rest of the

world, Australia should hang

its head in shame. The figures

are worse in the Northern

Territory, indigenous inmates

making up more than 80% of the

prison population. A lot of the offences committed are

committed as a result of

alcohol, and that's a problem

that needs to be addressed systematically. The Australian

National Council On Drugs which

released the report says

current initiatives to reduce indigenous incarceration made

no significant Headway, arguing

treatment and rehabilitation

are far better options to

detention. Let's stop locking

up our people, let's impose up our people, let's impose or

let's intervene before our

people get into trouble with

the law. The report makes the law. The report makes a

number of recommendations to

reduce the Aboriginal prison

population, including -

establishing indigenous residential residential rehabilitation

centres as an alternative to

prison; creating an education

support fund for each

indigenous child to encourage

them to stay at school; and

changing the eligibility for diversion programs so indigenous people have access

to drug and alcohol treatment.

But some indigenous leaders say

the reforms will only be effective if issues like

poverty, lack of education and

job opportunities are also

addressed. Researchers say addressed. Researchers

they are one step closer to unravelling Motor Neurone

baffling medical Disease, one of the more

baffling medical conditions,

they have tracked down where

the disease begins in the body

and found a new way to treat

it. Two years ago Philip

Hearnshaw started to notice

something was wrong with his

muscles. The year before I

found that I couldn't hammer a

nail, or swing a crowbar like

previous. After a number of

diagnosed with Motor Neurone tests he was eventually

Disease, what causes the

illness remains a mystery, but

scientists at

scientists at the Prince of Wales Medical Research

Institute have uncovered new

information about where the

disease begins. I think our

research has research has defined Motor

Neurone Disease as beginning in

the brain. Armed with that

knowledge they are trialling a

new treatment originally

developed to treat heart

problems. What we are hoping is

this medication will prolong

the survival of patients the survival of patients with

Motor Neurone Disease, or even

hopefully arrest the disease

process, that'd be the ideal

situation. The drug reduces

sodium in the brain, which may

stop the degeneration of

nerves. Researchers want to

reroute 100 patients with the

condition from around the -

recruit 100 patients with the

condition from around the country. Philip Hearnshaw says

taking part in the research is

one way to stay positive while

dealing with a life-threatening

illness. Well, I wanted to be

useful, and so immediately if

you figure out that your time

is getting shorter than anybody

else's time, that doesn't stop

you wanting to be a productive

in useful citizen. Scientists

hope to have preliminary

results of the trial in the

next few months. Tonight's top

story - there's been confusion

at State Parliament after the

Government shutdown the Upper

House to avoid risking a vote

on the sell-off of NSW

Lotteries. And still to come, a poetic performance.

The National Trust is taking

action to stop a historic

building being demolished building being demolished to

make way for the CBD Metro

Project. These 19th century

terraces in Pyrmont are set to

be knocked down. The National

Trust plans to list them on the

Heritage register, it won't

protect them but could sploouns protect them but could

Sydney City Council to put the

buildings on its protected

list. The city supports the

list. The city supports the

community campaign to save the

terraces, we would consider

that. A bit cute by half for

people to be look tog have retrospective

listing. Residents want the

station moved to the Star City

casino site. They've been

opened to discussions but

haven't been approached. The

OECD says the global downturn

it bottoming out but there's

scope for interest rate,

reporting the Australian

Government stimulus payments

should help the economy begin

recovering, the organisation

predicting the jobless rate

here will peak at 7.9%, half a

percent lower than the

Government's forecast. We won't

revise our forecast at all.

There's big challenges ahead

because of the global

recession, there is a drop in

business investment flowing

through that will affect

employment and the Australian

economy. In a separate report

the International Monetary Fund

also reupgraded growth

forecasts for Australia, the

IMF warns the short-term

outlook will remain weak. The

upbeat economic news and

positive tone from the US positive tone from the

Federal Reserve helped boost

global markets. Australian

shares and the dollar scoring

gains, here is Phillip

Lasker. These days separating

the green shoots from the

bovine by-product isn't easy,

you might remember the World

Bank cut global growth

forecasts to negative forecasts to negative 2.9%,

that was bad news, the OECD

raised global growth forecasts

to negative 2.2%, good news.

Australia has a double dose of good news, International good

Monetary Fund upgrading

domestic growth forecasts from

negative 1.4 to 0.5% coinciding

with Ken Henry saying the

economy's performance was

stronger than expect, so it was

all systems go for the

Australian share market

finishing more than 1% higher.

That OECD forecast and a

pick-up indurable goods orders

in United States helped resources particularly metals

stocks. The banks did well, and

so did most of the retailers,

some of Asia's markets did

better, encouraged by the

optimistic tone from the optimistic tone from the US

Federal Reserve after it left

interest rates near zero. interest rates near zero. But

Deutsche Bank's strategist in

London Jim Reid is a kill joy,

likening this graph showing

price earnings ratios for

American shares going back to

1881, showing three downturns

or bear markets lasting two

decades, so the latest one has

been relatively short. At the

end of each bear market the

ratios fell to 5-10. If that

happens this time around the

market will have to go below the previous the previous trough reached in

March this year and Mr Reid

thinks it's possible. Right

now, the focus is on

commodities, low US interest

rates and the OECD, all

boosting the Australian dollar.

That's finance. The big

American fashion Abercrombie and Fitch has an American fashion chain

image problem, accused of

making a London shop assistant

take a stockroom job because

she has an artificial arm. she has an artificial

Abercrombie and Fitch is

renowned for recruiting staff

that look like models to sell

clothing. A law student clothing. A law student is

suing for being removed by the

shop floor from a visual

team. She's a tough girl. She

had to put up with a lot of

difficulty in her life, she's

overcome them. It's not the

first time the company has

faced discrimination charges,

in 2004 it was forced to pay in 2004 it was forced to pay

$50 million out of court to

workers claiming they were

given backroom jobs because of

the colour of their

skin. Another prominent

American politician has been

caught with his pants down, Governor of South Carolina has caught with his pants down, the

admitted to cheating on his

wife while AWOL, Mark Sanford

was one of the Republican

parties great hopes for the parties great hopes for

White House in 2012. Now he's

been caught way off base having

an affair. Mark Sanford's

family thought he was on a

mountain hike. He was missing

in action in Argentina. I let

them down in every instance I

would ask their forgiveness,

it's not an immediate process. it's not an immediate

It is, in fact, a process

taking time and I'll be in that

process for quite some weeks

and months and I suspect years

ahead. There's no hint of

resigning, many people are

calling for it. Queensland made

history, NSW is history. At

least until next year. The

Maroons celebrate still a

record-breaking fourth

consecutive series win in the consecutive series win in

State of Origin . The

Queenslanders defying injury

and illness winning 25-14. Look

familiar - it's the Maroons

revelling in a series win,

while stunned Blues players deal with another defeat It's

fantastic to be a Queenslander tonight. I don't know what to

say. I'm shattered. NSW needed

to win to keep the Origin

series alive. Instead is handed

an 18-0 lead to Queensland in an 18-0 lead to

the first halfway mixture of

dropped balls, light-weight

defence and sloppy

passing. Here's a knock-on,

Lockyer is there. He can't

believe it, Craig

Bellamy. Those first three

tries are the softest tries

I've seen in origin. There was

nothing soft about Trent

Barrett's hit on Greg Inglis,

he's been suspended for two

weeks, Greg Inglis played no

further part in the game. The

Storm centre cleared of a fracture. I'm pushing to play

Sunday. Two Jarryd Hayne tries

bringing the margin to bringing the margin to eight.

Michael Crocker and Justin

Poore brought back memories of Poore brought back memories of

Origin matches in the 1980s,

after making numerous areas,

David Williams crashed over

putting the Blues within

striking distance, despite

being down on troops the Master

oons putting their bodies on

the line. - Maroons putting

their bodies on line These

blokes do it to win footy

games, they'll do anything to

not let the team-mates down,

they keep on proving it. That's why we have

why we have four in a row. We

were under pressure in the

second half. NSW has three

weeks to come up with a plan

before it tries to avoid the

humiliation of a 3-0 series

defeat in Brisbane. Maria Sharapova's Wimbledon campaign

is over before it even began,

still struggling after eight

months out with a shoulder

injury, she was beaten injury, she was beaten by

Argentina's Gisela Dulko, a

player who had never gone close

to beating the Russian, tonight

is good for Australia, Lleyton

Hewitt, and Samantha Stosur

both playing. Maria Sharapova

hasn't played much in the last

10 month, against effervescent

Argentinian Gisela Dulko, it

showed. There were rare

glimpses of masterful play

against an opponent manoeuvring her around

her around the court. Gisela

Dulko leading realised she'd

taken three games off Maria

Sharapova in the previous two

meetings and lost the next

seven in the upper hand. In the

clutch of the third set Gisela

Dulko found the range. Right on

the line again. Even the line again. Even though

Maria Sharapova saved a host

Maria Sharapova saved a host of match points, there was match points, there was more

screech of despair than grunt of

of authority. It's long of authority. It's long and

Gisela Dulko did it. I think,

yes, it's the win of my

career. The worm and well

catered for throng may have had

no inkling of heavy betting on

Austrian Jurgen Melzer's

straight set win over Wayne

Odesnik, attracting

investigators and distaken over

the spectre of match fixing. We

don't talk about it in don't talk about it in the

locker room. It's happened more

frequently than we talk about it. There were no suspicions

over Roger Federer's easy win

or Serena Williams stroll over

Australian Jarmila Groth, the

6-2, 6-1 was about a class

differential. Formula 1 Formula

1's sparring parties ended difficulties. The difficulties. The sports

governing body agreed to scrap

plans to cap team spending at

$80 million, the wealthier

teams will rein the Budgets

back to 1990s level. The FIA's

unpopular chief Max Mosley will

stand down in October. Andrew

Symonds is no longer a

contracted first class player

for Queensland. The former Test all-rounder told

all-rounder told the Bulls he

may be available Andrew the

only one that can make the

decision. Ricky Ponting and

Phil Hughes went cheaply, some

batsman enjoyed time in the

Ashes warm-up match against

Sussex including Michael Clark,

and Brad Haddin, Australia

reaching 7/349. There was Spanish bewilderment as Spanish bewilderment as the

United States produced its biggest football shock biggest football shock by

eliminating the top-ranked team

from the Confederation Cup. The

2-0 loss ended Spain's equal

five matches unbeaten. five matches unbeaten. The

United States will meet Brazil

or Africa. Newcastle's

or Africa. Newcastle's progress in the Asian league in the Asian league ended Noche

Flamenco Company with the

club's heaviest defeat, 6-0 by Korea's Pohang Steelers. Old Korea's Pohang Steelers. Old

beat, new drum, a Spanish company touring Australia is

using Flamenco dance and modern

poetry to put a spin on a

century's old story. Her name means lonely innocence means lonely innocence and

Soledad Barrio expresses the

dark side of life, longings and

loss through her dramatic

dance. She started dancing

Flamenco in her native Spain not long after not long after she learned to

walk. Flamenco, for me is my

life. It's the same. I don't

know why I stay in love with

the Flamenco, because it's a

feeling very feeling very inside. The Noche Flamenco Company stakes Flamenco Company stakes the

dance of the dispossessed

around the globe. Flamenco's

origin amongst gypsies and Jews origin amongst gypsies and Jews

in Spain. In a new work Camino

poetry rirch by child refugees

is given a voice on the

stage. It's a scream, stage. It's a scream, desperate

scream about oppression, losing

your home, identity, your

family, and these kids woke me

up. The company is recognised for its

for its authentic style, a

contrast to the more familiar commercial interpretations of

Flamenco, while it's an

enduring art form, it's a way

of expressing human

tragedy. The worst thing is not

to be able to speak about it,

and so the Flamenco alousz us

to speak about it. - allows us

to speak about it, but

celebration, happy things, but

also to scream about whatever one feels

one feels is injustice. Noche

Flamenco opened in Sydney and

will tour the country. Sydneysiders endured

a fair bit of wet weather

lately, all for nothing, or

close to it, as far as the dam

levels are concerned. We had

68mm in Sydney, falls in the

catchment ranging from 11-40mm,

only enough to push

only enough to push the overall

storage level of 0.1%, with

Warragamba steady, no rain in

Sydney, cloud increasing over

the city. Temperatures ranging

from 15-17 degrees. Now despite

the extensive cloud overnight

minimums are set to drop. We

are looking at single figures

for most suburbs, around the

state cloud thickening for all

areas, thanks to a trough

sitting back in South sitting back in South

Australia, and it's slowly

approaching the western approaching the western border,

there was little rainfall apart

from isolated showers by from isolated showers by the

North Coast, south-west slopes

and Southern Tablelands and

snow on the peaks of the

snowies, 212 at Maitland the

warmest temperature. - 21 warmest temperature. - 21 at

Maitland the warmest temperature.

A flood watch is current A flood watch is current for

south-eastern Tasmania, and

that's after 28mm fell in

Hobart today, with more rain

overnight in tomorrow. A mass

of cloud over the east ahead of

the trough and low in South

Australia. It will see rain spreading through the state

tonight and tomorrow. The

trough moving off the coast

during Saturday and will form

into a low, but the low will

have little impact apart from

strengthening south-westerly winds seeing the cloud winds seeing the cloud and rain

clear with a high pressure

ridge the dominant influence on

our weather. As far as rain

goes, up to 10mm over the

inland, 10-20 north of Walgett

to Coffs Harbour, light falls

along the rest of the coast.

Rain reaching Brisbane and

Sydney late in the day. A

strong front moving through

Perth. Across the state -

cloudy along the coast, late showers

showers or patchy rain areas

developing. Cloudy with rain

developing along the developing along the tablelands

in the afternoon falling as

snow about the Alps. Rain areas

west of the ranges, clearing

from the far west where there

is the chance of thunderstorms.

For Sydney a mostly cloudy day

form with the chance of a late

shower and tops of 16-17. Winds

at this stage

at this stage remaining

generally light, tending north-easterly in north-easterly in the

afternoon, particularly afternoon, particularly along

the coast. We are not looking

at significant change in the

forecast temperatures over the

coming days, rainfall overnight

Friday and Saturday clearing by

Saturday afternoon, Sunday dry

and sunny, it will be windy

with the south-westers, we

expect to see mild conditions

persisting through the week. Tonight's top stories

again - a lockout sparks chaos

outside State Parliament, angry

MPs arrived to find the

MPs arrived to find the doors

of the Upper House closed for

the winter. More OzCar trouble

for Malcolm Turnbull, for Malcolm Turnbull, the

Opposition Leader refusing to

confirm or deny ties with the

public servant Godwin Grech. That's ABC News for this

Thursday. We'll leave you with

the works of Titian, Turner and

Rembrandt among others on display at display at the South Australian

Art Gallery. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the

Welcome to the program. A

torrid session of Federal

Parliament comes to an Parliament comes to an end, while there are questions

hanging over the Treasurer and

the Opposition Leader, the Opposition Leader, it's

Malcolm Turnbull who is facing

a lot more uncertainy over the

long winter break. In particular, more questions have

been asked about the nature been asked about the nature of

Malcolm Turnbull's relationship

with the Treasury with the Treasury official

Godwin Grech, and newspaper

reports today suggested he and his

his Senate Deputy Leader Eric

Abetz met Mr Godwin Grech

before he gave sensational

evidence to the Senate last

Friday. Political

Friday. Political Editor Michael Brissenden reports.

It's been a week that's

transformed politics and

possibly political fortunes