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Live. Tonight, Indonesia's

most wanted terrorist killed

in a gun battle with police.

A tearful farewell. Hundreds

attend the Lin family

funeral. Tricky business t

magic way the make it better.

And the wickets tumble as

Australia rise from the Ashes. 'What a catch! What a


Good evening. He was

Indonesia's most wanted man

alleged to have mastermind

add series of suicide

bombings including the 2003

attack on the Australian

Embassy in Jakarta and last

month's bombings at two

luxury hotels. Now Indonesia's anti-Terry many sources aNoordin Mohammad Top

is dead killed at a shootout

in central Java. Noordin

Mohammad Top spent his last

moments alive holed up inside

this central Java house. Last

night Indonesia's

anti-terrorism police

surrounded the home before

moving in this morning with

robots leading the charge.

Shots were fired an

explosions heard then

Indonesia's most wanted

terrorist was reported to be

dead. A huge advance for fighting terrorism in

Indonesia. The police have

now taken out the man who was

responsible for all the major

attacks in the last five

years but it does not mean

the end of terrorist many. A

separate raid on Jakarta's

outskirts near the home of

Indonesia's president led the

arrests, left two suspects

dead and uncovered a huge

hall of explosives all linked

to Jack scrk's hotel attacks.

TRANSLATION: We found 100

kill #2k3wr578s of

explosives, two booby traps

and three plastic containers

of explosives at the house

and a car prepared for a car

bombing in two weeks time.

We still don't know with any

clarity what those bombs were

designed to be used for and

there are suggestions they

were designed to target the

President in some way but we

do not know what the basis of

the evidence is. Noordin

Mohammad Top knew about the

first Bali bombings but directly organised the first

Australian Embassy car Marriott attack in 2003, the

bombing in 2004 and the

second Bali attacks of 2005.

Police have also revealed the

identities of the two suicide

bombers who attacked

Jakarta's Marriott and Ritz

Carlton last month. One was

aged just 18 and typically their names are not

well-known. It is hoped

Noordin Mohammad Top's dead

means it is less likely that

others will be persuaded to

follow their example. The

head of the Taliban in Pakistan is believed to have

been killed in a US air

strike. Baitullah Mehsud is

accused of masterminding the

assassination of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir

Bhutto in 2007. He is linked

the the Marriott Hotel

bombing in Islamabad which

killed more than 50 people.

If the reports of Baitullah

Mehsud's death are correct

there is no doubt that the

Pakistan people are safer as

a result of it. Baitullah

Mehsud had described suicide

bombers as his atom bomb and

said wanted to die for his

cause. Three Australian

soldiers have been hurt in

two separate roadside

bombings in Afghanistan. Two

soldiers serving with the

mentoring and reconstruction

task force were injured

yesterday when their armoured

vehicle hit a mine A third

soldier was injured today in

similar circumstances. The

Defence Department says the

injuries are not

life-threatening. Around 1000 mourners gathered today to

farewell a Sydney family slain in their home and to

give support to the sole

survivor. 15-year-old Brenda

Lin grieved for her mother,

father, two brothers and aunt and the crowds tears were as

much for her as for the dead.

Well before the memorial

service started there was an

outpouring of grief for

Epping news agent Min Lin,

his wife Lily, their sons

Henry and Terry and Lily's

sister Irene. The

confronting sight of so many

coffins together gave some

indication of the extent of

the tragedy faced by the

household's only surviving

member 15-year-old Brenda Lin

who was on a school trip the

New Caledonia when the rest

of her family was murdered,

today she remembered those

she loved in a taped eulogy.

Her father dosh You cannot imagine how one short trip would take you away from

me. Her mother. I miss you

so much. Her brother Henry.

With you gone I really don't

think I can smile at the way

I did before. Her brother

Terry. The room feels so

empty without you present.

And her aunt.

# I can't live, if living is

without you... Min Lin's

parents also spoke, their grief requiring no

translation. Among the

mourners were real tiffs,

friend, dignitaries, school

mates and customers. They

recalled the day three weeks

ago when the newspaper was

not delivered as usual and

the family was found

bludgeoned to death. We are

haunted by the question why? China's Consul General also

spoke. TRANSLATION: Words

are not enough to condemn the

cruelty and inhumanity of the

crime. He urged the New

South Wales police to

redouble their efforts to

bring the murders to justice.

TRANSLATION: Only by doing

so can the souls of the

victims truly rest in peace

and only by doing so can the

confidence of the living be

restored. Those closest to

the victims moved on to a

private Buddhist burial with

the question unanswered - who

murdered the Lyn family and

why? In the US there has been a rare piece of good

news about the ecommon my

with the unemployment rate

falling for if first time in

18 months. Barack Obama says

the economy has been 'rescued

from catastrophe' but he

admits the jobless rate will

probably rise again before

the recession is over. Washington correspondent Lisa

Millar reports. The queues

at job fairs like these are

not getting any shorter. A

large brokerage firm here in

Washington DC, I worked there

for five years and was let go

because of the economy. The unemployment rate might have

dipped slightly to 9.4% but

if job hunters still

outnumber the employers. It

is actually a bit depressing

because I have applied to so

many places, sent out

hundreds of resumes and I

have not got many

responses. But after all the

bad news there is a sense it

just might be changing. I

have been off for 7 months so

things are getting berth in

terms of getting more hits

and correspondence with

employers so I'm feeling

positive . Jobs are still

being lost, 247,00 last month

alone but 200,000 less than

the month before. Day we are pointed in the right

direction losing jobs at less

than the half the rate we

were within took office. We

have pulled the financial system back from bring. Economists predicts

unemployment will rise again

possibly topping 10%. While

we have rescued our economy

from trophy we have begun to

build a new foundation for

growth. In a save bad news a

drop of ploy boy will albeit

small is being celebrated but the White House says this

will not be a true recovery until every American who

wants a job can get one.

Unionies its say they are

angry and suspicious about a

Federal Government line of

credit given the car

manufacturer Holden. The

Government stays the $200 million deal is to protect

jobs. However, union leaders

fear it could be used to fund

redundancies. Just days ago

Holden was talking up its

prospect with a new V6 engine

but it has now emerged Holden

as sought and received a $200

million line of credit from the Federal Government. That

has angered the car workers

union which only learnt a

about the deal today.

Knowing regard to this has

been tabled in regard the any

money. The transaction took

place last month but was

quietly announced on a Government web site

yesterday. It follows the US

Government's bailing out of

Holden's parents company

General Motors and comes amid

a global tightening ever lending. The Government has

said it has acted to shore up

Holden exports and to protect

workers in the sector. The

Government's action are part

of our underwriting of the

jobs of over 200,000

Australians. Both the

Government and Holden say the

details of the deal are

commercial-in-confidence and

he deny will not reveal how

it plans to spend the money.

In fact the company says it

only intends using the fund

as a last resort. The union

is still suspicious about the

deal and is demanding that

Holden rule out

redundancies.. our members have not gone through these

difficult times in regards

the reducing hours and wage

toss see Holden make anyone

redundant. This is not

about redundancies and this

may not ever about be drawn

upon, it is just at form of

insurance. For its part

Holden has not ruled out

redundancies and warns the

worst is not over for the

economy. The principle is

called the polluter pays

which has been hammered home

to the shipping company

responsible for Queensland's

worst environmental disaster.

Swire Shipping claimed it was

responsible for $14.5 million

for the clean-up in March but the clean-up cost more than

$30 million. After being

pursued by the State and Federal Governments the

company has agreed the pay

$35 million. They will now

pay three-quarters of the

cost and the rest will be met through other companies

through a industry levy.

Under the polluter pays

principle it is appropriate

that taxpayers not foot the

bill. The Federal Government

is applying to the international maritime

organisation for a review of

the laws that limit a polluter's liability in the

event of an environmental disaster. Thousands of

pilgrims have gathered at

church services across the

country to celebrate the sent

tinny of Sister Mary

Mackillop's death. While the

pop is yet to make a final

decision on her canonisation

church leaders are hopeful an

announcement could be made as

early as next year. A show of

faith, 100 years on supporters of Sister Mary

Mackillop return to the

Sydney church where her

funeral was held. For these

cat click it is a celebration

of her feast day marking her

birth into heaven. It was

invitation only at the church

and about 1000 people shared

in the mass at a sporting

oval across the road. In

Adelaide hundreds attended a

service. It was in South Australia's south-east where

Sister Mary Mackillop founded

the Sisters of Saint Joseph

and her first school. She

devoted her life to the care

and education of the poor add

needy until her death aged

67. She had a great accepts

of he belonging to God, a

great sense of prayer and a

great sense of God will

lead. She is best known as

Mary Mother of the Cross and

supporters say she had many

of her own crosses to bear

including a battle with ill

health for most of her life.

Despite her devotion she was excommunicated for standing

up to church leaders only to

be embraced again by the

church soon after.. she

remained totally loyal to the

church leaders even when they

treated her disgracefully. In

1995 she was beatified by

Pope Benedict in a ceremony

in Sydney, the first stage of

becoming a Saint. While thousands of people have

claimed to have been cured by

Sister Mary Mackillop her

second recognised miracle has

now been accepted in Rome.

There is just one final step

before the Pope can proclaim

her a Saint. Bishops and

cardinals of the congregation

for Saint will examine all

the material to date. That is

when Pope Benedict can then

make the final decision on

her canonisation. Sister Mary

Mackillop supporters hope

prayers will be answered

early next year. One of the

world's leading illusionist

is using his skills to bring

a touch of magic into

hospitals. David Copperfield

hopes rehabilitation wards

around the country will soon

be teaching trick toss help

their patient regain movement

and a sense of fun. Beyond the show business David

Copperfield is promoting magic in a very different

way. Project Magic uses

magic for a form of therapy

for disabilities where magic

is taught to patient an

hospitals to help them to

regain their dexterity. David

Copperfield was less of a

showman when he launched his

project in Sydney. Today it

involves traditions training occupational therapists who

will take the program into

hospitals. Those therapists

will use a lot of traditional squeezing the ball, stacking

the cones and it is not motivating whereas when you

learn a trick something that

others cannot do you have

something special. Patient

say there are also

psychological benefits.

Takes your mind off things

and needles and all that

like, all the bad stuff in hospital. The concept has

been adopted in 1000

hospitals overseas but mixing

magic and medicine may not

come easily to doctors here.

Maybe a little bit of

scepticism to start with but

not too much, a question of

introducing the concept in

the right way. Children's

Hospital is a fantastic place

for this to happen but in

wider sectors, they were

talking about nursing homes

and psychiatric

facilities. The benefit for

one of the world's top

magicians is no mystery. To

watch a patient get a

reaction they have not got is

better than Emmies or Oscars

or anything of any of those things. Indonesia's most

wanted terrorist has been

killed in a shootout with

police. Noordin Mohammad Top

is accused of attacks on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta

and last month's bombings at

two of the city's luxury

hotels. Still to come, how to

get a racing yacht out of

landlocked Switzerland.

Australia has revived its Ashes campaign with a dominant display on an

action-packed opening day of

the fourth Test. The decision

to play an all out percent

attack paid dividends for the tourists with England

dismissed for just 102.

Australia then batted aggressively with Ricky

Ponting and Shane Watson

making half centuries.

England's problems started

very early with a 5 o'clock

hotel evacuation caused by a

fire alarm then wicket keeper

Matt Pryor suffered a back

spassome shortly before the

start of play. He recovered.

The home team's luck changed

with the toss. We are going

to have a bat. There was more

good fortune on the first

balancing. That went halfway

up middle stump. It was not

costly as Andrew Strauss

edged in North's direction

'What a catch! What a

catch!' It was a procession

if there as all of

Australia's pacemen picked up

wickets. Finally given a game

at the expense of Nathan

Hauritz Stuart Clark showed

the selectors what Australia

had missed in the first thee

Tests. At lunch he had 3 /7

off 6 overs. Deep trouble,

yes, as bad as that Sir!

There was no disguising England's long tail in the absence of Andrew Flintoff.

Peter Siddle took a

career-best 5/21 as England

was dismissed for a paltry

102! Finally given

out. Andrew Flintoff's

replacement Steve Harmison

removed Katich for a duck but

Ricky Ponting decided attack

was the best form of

defence. Not too short but

put away beautifully. At one

stage he and Shane Watson

scored at 8 runs an over.

Both reached their '50s in a

partnership of 119. What a

shot. Three lbws lifted English spirits near the end

of a long day for the home

team. The St

George-Illawarra is a step

closer to securing the minor

premiership after downing the Panthers at Penrith last

night. Tonight the Rabbitohs

lead to see Eagles late in

their game. Last night the

Storm defeated Cowboys and

the Dragons rarely had to get

out of first gear the beat

Penrith. I was just not

Shane's night, he was the

first player reported after

this high shot on Cooper

seconds after being knocked

out himself. A few minutes

later he was on the serving

evidence. A report. Elford

went to hospital with

bleeding behind the eye.

Drama aside the Dragons were

rarely in trouble after they

opened the scoring. Running

straight over the number 7

for Penrith. Jeremy Smith

celebrated his return with a

double which included the

softest try of the season

while Jamie Soward became the

first man the notch 20 with

four goals a field goal and a scintillating touchdown. It

was Billy Slater and Dallas

Johnson's 150th game for the

Storm but more significantly

the cowboys had never won in

Melbourne in 7 attempts. It

came as no great surprise

that the Storm scored first

after a death kick from

Cooper Cronk. What a kick,

what a take. The cowboys hit

back through Willie but

trailed 10-4 at the break

after the cowboy defence

parted like the Red Sea.

Slater was the star of the

second half. Stormed onto a

pass by Blair before setting

up a brilliant four-pointer.

Slater then tossed the last

pass to seal the win. An

amazing first half at

Brookevale Ovian. Manly looked a good score in the

first two tries to lead

12-nil but the Bunnies hit

back with 4 tries in 12

minute to lead by 10 at the

break. Late in that game at

Brookevale Oval the Rabbitohs

lead to see Eagles 36 point

to 16. Shute Shield competition leader Sydney Uni

has defeated Gordon in round

19. Uni won by 12 points. The other winners were Randwick, Eastwood, Southern Districts,

Warringah, and Easts. St

Kilda has beaten Hawthorn in

Launceston to extend its

winning streak to 19 games

The Saints beat the premiers

by 25 point. West Coast upset

the western Bulldogs and last fight Carlton defeated

Geelong. Sydney FC leads

North Queensland fury 3-2

late in the round 1 A-League

in Townsville. It is the

fury's first game in the

A-League and it marked the

first appearance of their

captain the former England

and Liverpool star Robbie

Fowler who as up staged in

the opening minute by Sydney

captain John Aloisi. Playing

John Aloisi, onside. Shot!

John Aloisi scores at the

other end A dream start for

John Aloisi! and swift counterattack for Sydney

FC. After setting up the

first goal Kofi Danning did

it all himself in the 28th

minute to extend Sydney's

lead. Rostyn Griffith scored

North Queensland's first goal

in the A-League shortly


half-time. Controversial

swimmer Nick D'Arcy has

finally returned to the pool at the national short course

titles in Hobart. The

Queenslander was drop from

the Australian team last year

after being convicted of

assaulting a team-mate.

D'Arcy finished fourth in his

semi at the 1000 metres

butterfly a short time ago.

He scrapeside into tomorrow's

final as the 7th fastest qualifier. Earlier in the

women's 200m butterfly final

Jessicah Schipper broke the Commonwealth record by almost

7/10 of a second and just

missed out on the world

record. I was hoping to do a

PB and go faster than Rome

and I only just beaten my

long course time so I'm happy

with that. The West Australian teenager took out

the men's 200 free clocking the fastest time by an

Australian at home. The

Wallabies are confident that

inside centre Berrick Barnes

will be fit to play in

tonight's Tri-Nations test

against Africa. Berrick

Barnes received treatment

after collide in with prop Al

Baxter during the captain's

run at Newlands. Despite the

big hit medical staff he will be able to take to the field

after going down do the All Blacks last month the game is

a must-win for the Wallabies

if they are to stay alive in

the series. The reality is

every Test match you play you

play quality players and I

think this has been a rocket

outfit and a comfortable team

with the way they play and

they have a lot of confidence

in each other. The Wallabies

have not won in Cape Town

since 1992. It is a year

since the opening of the Beijing Olympic but the

Chinese Government is looking

at ways to get people back

into the venues. Numerous

world records were set inside

the birds nest stadium inside

the game and as anniversary

celebrations got under way

today another record was set

outside. In the shadow of

the Bird's Nest stadium

34,000 people gathered. Then

the music started. And so did

the tai chi. Chinese often

practice this martial art in

groups but this was an

enormous gathering to mark

one year since Beijing hosted Olympics. TRANSLATION: We

are all very excited to be

part of this performance with

tens of thousands of people

and the make it into the

Guinness book ever records.

The Bird's Nest has barely

been used since the Olympics

apart the millions of

tourists who have come here

to see it. Stadium officials

hope to use these celebration

toss reignite interest in

holding mass event here. But

today did not go off without

a hitch. A storm came

Flinders the north and it was

not long before the rain

coats came out. Even with a

summer thunderstorm which has

absolutely drenched everybody

here spirits are still high.

The Olympics was one of best

things to happen to this city

according to many people and

they are not going to let a

little bit of rain get in the

way of today's celebrations. TRANSLATION:

I think the Olympics changed

Beijing a lot. The city has become nicer and people have

become more open.

Though the Olympics was a

full year ago it still plays

a bill role in this city's

identity as the crowds left

today they were a little

soggy but proud to be part of

yet another record at this

world famous stadium. A

Swiss sailing team hoping to

secure the America's Cup for

a third time has given new

meaning to the term "Flying

boat". 'Alinghi 5' was taken

from helicopter to the

Italian coast. The team hopes

the conditions off the coast

of Genoa will be more akin to

what they will face next year

in the United Arab Emirates.

In Genoa we want to be able

to stretch its legs and sail

for many hours in one

direction which is what the

Cup is about, the old courses

t 20 miles up, 20 miles back.

Team Alinghi won the

America's Cup in New Zealand

in 2003 and repeated the

victory in Valencia two years

ago. The koala that became a

symbol of the last Victorian bushfire season will be put

on display at the Melbourne

Museum. This footage of Sam

the koala was seen around the

world. Sam died on Thursday

after being diagnosed with

inoperable y cysts. The

museum want to display Sam.

The Melbourne Museum has been

collecting stories and Sam

symbolises that effect and

the environmental damage and to animals the tragic results

of people in Victoria. The

museum hopes the display will

be opened by early next year.

Let's look at the weather now

- clear and sunny skies

brought Sydney a top 17

degrees today.

Cloud skirting the south

is producing showers over

southern WA, Victoria and

Tasmania A high pressure

system over east Australia is

keeping the skies clear A

trough is expected to bring

showers to South Australia

and Victoria tomorrow that.

System will hit New South Wales South Coast on Monday

and extend to the rest of the

southern districts by

Tuesday. For tomorrow here is how it will play out -

Our top stories -

Indonesia's most wanted

terrorist Noordin Mohammad

Top has been confirmed as one

of the two men shot dead in a

police shootout in Java.

15-year-old Brenda Lin the

survive sing member of a

family murdered in their

Sydney home was joined by

1000 mourners at an emotional

public memorial for her

parents, two brothers and

aunt and Catholic pilgrims have remembered Sister Mary

Mackillop at church services across the country marketing

100th anniversary of her

death. The news and current affairs line-up tomorrow

morning - at 9 o'clock

'Insiders' with Barrie case

difficult, his guest is Penny

Wong. At 10 o'clock on

'Inside Business' Alan Kohler

interviews Michael Cameron of GPT. Barrie Cassidy returns

at 10.30 with 'Offsiders' a

look at the week in sport and

at 11 o'clock Jim Middleton

hosts 'Asia Pacific Focus'.

That is the news for now. I

will be back with an update

in an hour and for the last

news 24 hours a day don't

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