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Secret police meeting not unusual: Vic Premie -

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Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has defended a secret meeting between his chief of staff and the
state's then deputy police commissioner.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The Victorian State Government has been embarrassed after it was revealed
that the then deputy commissioner of the Victoria Police held a secret meeting with the Premier's
closest advisor to discuss leadership problems in the force.

Sir Ken Jones met Premier Ted Baillieu's chief of staff Michael Kapel as speculation was building
that the Government wanted to replace Police commissioner Simon Overland.

Sir Ken left the force in May after falling out with Mr Overland.

Despite saying he didn't know about the appointment, the Premier says it's not unusual for his
chief of staff to hold such meetings.

TED BAILLIEU, VICTORIAN PREMIER: Michael meets with people all the time. That's what we expect of
him in his job. He did that in good faith. And as I said, he didn't believe any issues raised
warranted any further action.

ALI MOORE: Last month the State Government announced an inquiry into leadership problems in the
Victoria Police.