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Live. Frantic efforts to

find earthquake survivors in

Sumatra. The clean-up begins

after the devastating Pacific

tsunami. Day noon victims

wait for aid in South-East

Asia. Iran agrees to more

talks with six world powers. Good morning. Beverley

O'Connor with ABC News for

Australia network - The

death toll from Wednesday's earthquake on the Indonesian

earthquake on the Indonesian

island of Sumatra is rising

sharply. The UN puts the

figure Attenborough least 1

100 while the Government in

Jakarta says it fears

thousands of people have

died. The 7.6 magnitude quake

has devastated the city of

powerful quake struck Padang, a second less

yesterday morning. The search for survivors continues in

the Pacific Islands of Samoa, American Samoa and American Samoa and Tonga following this week's tsunami. At least 140 people

have been killed, thousands

have been left homeless. We

will begin our coverage with the latest on the Indonesia

earthquake disaster and I'm

joined by our correspondent

Gavin Fang in Jakarta. Gavin

where are the main search and

recovery efforts focused on

this morning? Bev at the

moment the Indonesian

authorities are focusing authorities are focusing

efforts on two hotels in

Padang, the Kumar Sangakkara

and the Bumi Minag. There

were two conferences going on

at the time of the earthquake

and between the to hotels.

They believe there were 200

people now trapped under the

rubble. Yet apparently there

were some voices heard from

there but the police say that

most of the people they

believe would be at the bottom of the hotel. They

have only managed the pull

two people out alive from

these two buildings so that

is not a very good outcome at this stage. The other thing they are having a problem

with is that they do not want

the use heavy money because

that increases the risk that

there may be another collapse

and they may not be able to

get to these people. Do we

know had was in the hotels,

who were the people holding

the conferences? We do not

know at this point what the

conferences were but it is

possible that if there is any

foreigners caught up in this

disaster it is probable they

would have been in these two

hotels. They are also popular

with Australian surfers, this

is one of the big jumping-off

points for the surf safari

tours to the island near Padang, surfers regularly

stay at these two hotels. I

know the

know the Bumi is a relatively

new-looking building but

apparently that after

speaking to someone who had

been here said there were a

lot of Australian surfers and

it is peak season. We do not

know if there were any Australians or foreigners but

these are types of people who

frequent these hotels. Has

military been mobilised by

the Indonesian Government?.

The President said yesterday

he had mobilised military.

There are about 1000 Army

personnel that are going into

Padang. Their main task at

the moment is to try to

repair the roads into the

city. It has been cut off now

for two days which has meant

it has been very hard to get

supplies and this heavy earth

moving equipment into the

city. The Navy are apparently city. The Navy are apparently

going to set up some floating

hospitals off the coast of

Padang because did hospital

system is overwhelmed. Last

night we saw people lying on

mats in beds outs side the

hospitals because there is

simply no more room inside

the health system, it is overwhelmed. One hospital collapsed, another of the

main city hospitals is badly

damaged so the Navy are going

to be involved in this

medical effort. The Air Force

is being used to fly supplies

in and out of Padang

airport. Indonesia correspondent Gavin Fang

talking from Jakarta.

Earthquake survivors on the

island of Sumatra endured

their second night in the

open in damaged dwellings or

continued their fan tick as emergency workers

efforts the save anyone who

might still be alive under

still struggling the rubble. Survivors are

still struggling to

comprehend destruction caused

by the two powerful

earthquakes but this is just

the beginning of their

tragedy. Hundreds hoping the

find their loved ones

gathered at Padang's main

hospital only to receive the

sad news. Many were killed

when the earthquakes toppled

hundreds of buildings. TRANSLATION: As

we reached across the street

all the buildings on this

side collapsed and on the

other side. Then smoke was

blowing and fire start. It is feared the death toll could

rise with officials claiming

a large number of people

remain trapped under tons of

rubble l. The Indonesian

president has taken a

first-hand look at the

to do all they can carnage and urged authorities

TRANSLATION: I ask rescue

workers to continue to work

in teams with clear goals to

help look for survivors using

all available tools. With

local workers frantically

searching for those still

trapped the rescue effort has

been boosted by the arrival

of international rescue

teams. TRANSLATION: We want

the save those suffering in

Indonesia as soon as we can

we will make our best efforts

and try the save as many people as people as possible. Meanwhile

survivors are struggling to

cope with food, shell her and

water in short supply. At

this school building more

than 50 people are seeking

shelter after their fishing

village was destroyed by the

the tremors. TRANSLATION: We

are staying here because

houses were flattened and we

are afraid of aftershock

assist. We live by the beach

and this is higher and

victims are safer. But efforts to reach

victims are being hampered by

loss of power and

communication. The

Australian Government says

there could be as many as 100

Australians missing in the

Sumatra area. 13 Australians

were registered in the area

and the Government is trying

to contact four but the Foreign Affairs Minister says

he believes there could be

many more there. Stephen

Smith says aid will be

provided at the request of the Indonesian the Indonesian Government.

We have agreed with Indonesia

we will provide urgent assistance. When the

President came back from the

General Assembly in New York

he made it clear Indonesia

would require assistance.

What has been agreed

effectively overnight is in

addition to humanitarian

stores we have prepositioned

in Indonesia, blankets,

tarps, nets, water

contamination tablets and the

like effectively everything

except food and water, we

will now start the make that

available but importantly

today from Australian urban

search-and-rescue team will

leave Australia to assist on

the search an rescue mission

in Padang and as well as an

urban search-and-rescue team

we are also sending a Defence

Force evening thereing

assessment team which will be

able to give assistance on

the difficult engineering

aspects of searching

buildings that have been

damned by the earthquake so

they will be levering Austin

course of the day and that -

we regard that as a

significant contribution to

the immediate rescue effort

and we very pleased to be

able to assist Indonesia in

this way because the careful

this disaster is only now

becoming apparent. We worry

that we will see deaths not

in the hundreds but over 100.

The grim task has started

after the cleaning up of the

Samoa Pacific. So far at

least 150 people are

confirmed dead in Samoa,

American Samoa and Tonga. In

parts of Samoa bodies are

still being discovered dund

rubble. Both my parents are

gone. My dad was found

yesterday, just Street mum

today. Those who survived

the tsunami are coming to

terms with the loss of their

loved ones. We lost his

parents and two of our kid

while we only had two kids,

we lost both our kids. My

eldest is 2 years old and my

youngest is one year-old, she

just turned one. Funerals for

those kill asked begun

amounts makeshift morgue has

been set up at the hospital

in the capital Apia. Health

authorities are turning their

atefntion to stopping the

spread of diseases across the

devastated island. We are

planning our next move in the

next few days to make sure we

get clean water and we have

facilities and food and

things like that for the

people to use. Entire

villages on the island's

South Coast were wiped out

after being swamped with

waves up to 6 metres high

that travelled up to 1.5

kilometres inland. Australia

has sent medical teams to

help local authorities and is

providing relief supplies to

affected areas. Our primary

task to date has been the

make sure of the welfare of

Australians and we are doing

that but now it moves onto

not just rescue and emergency

relief but also longer term reconstruction. Meanwhile

local are still scouring the

rubble for anything of value

but there is little the destructive wave has left

intact. The tsunami also

battered parts ever northern

Tonga where nine people are confirmed dead. Procedures

still missing. For the very

latest I'm joined by zbef

Waters on the line. You have

just attended a press

briefing. What is the latest news? We are talking about

an island which is about an

her and a half's flight north

of here, the main island of

Tonga. There are about 1000

people in desperate need of

assistance. Most have lost

their homes. They are

sleeping in the open and only have the clothes that they

are standing in. Yesterday a

ton began patrol boat arrived

with very, very small amount

of supplies, food and water,

and they have set up a tent

hospital with two doctors

attending the sick. Also

yesterday the only plane in

Tonga that can land on the

airstrip there because it is

so badly damned is a very

small twin prop. That landed

yesterday and managed to

evacuate four critically ill

people who are now in

intensive care in hospital

here in the town and that

includes a 4-year-old. That

same plane left with the

Princess Regent and the Acting Prime Minister on

board the make a visit to the

people. They are expected back later this afternoon.

There is a French frigate in

town being load would

supplies at the moment. They

hope to get under way tonight

and if so they will arrive

some day with about 2500

ration packs and a grade more

food and water and clothing. Are the Tongan

people worried that because

they were not the centre of

the tsunami they play be

overlooked, that they may not

get the sort of support they

need? I don't think so. They

have actually turned away

some help because New Zealand

and France have come to their

aid so quickly. Australia did

offer a frigate to send but

given that there was a French

frigate here already the

Tongans decided that was not

necessary. What they need are

supplies that will sustain

life for a long period of

time so there is Australian

aid coming in on a commercial

flight later today apparently

and the whole community has

swung together here in Tonga.

Everybody is very grateful it

did not - that the tsunami

did not actually hit the

capital, the churches in

particular which are very

strong here are in the

processing go around town

gathering anything they can,

particularly clothing and

soap and essential items to,

try to get it on board the French frigate as soon as

possible. Get water. Peter

Costello work was the aid a

Tim Costello says all

organisation are cooperating international non-government

to deal with the string of

tragedies across the globe.

Here you would be forgiven we

are competitives chasing our

dollar or brand. In the field

there is magnificent

cooperation. You sit with all

the other agencies say we are

doing water and sanitation in

the Philippines or shelter in

Vietnam, our speciality in

Indonesia is... and they then

put their on the table at the

UN the coordinating body you

agree on how you work and

share your staff your

technical experts. At least

the good thing that is we

free to do this. The

President of Indonesia has

welcomed us in. I remember

after cyclone Nagus to Burma

it was a totally different

story. It was very difficult

to work together t Government

was keeping aid out and we

know tens of thousands probably died as a result of

that political decision so I

guess my hope is that given

all this battering, compassion, fatigue t they

don't want to take it, give

because this is terrible

suffering. Tim Costello the

CEO of World Vision.

Other news - in South-East Asia millions of

flood-affected survivors of

last weekend's typhoon wait

for aid as the death toll

climbs. 3 million are

displaced. The Philippines

has confirmed 277 dead, inset

Nam the number is 92 and in

Cambodia 14. The villagers in many parts of the Philippines

are underwater. Anotherty

noon is large. Gathering

strength and expected to hit

on Saturday possibly as a

super typhoon. Locals say

they fear the consequences of

more flooding in their

already submerged villages

and they say they are

struggling to cope A group of

lucky refugees has arrived at

the President President

Gloria Arroyo's Palace. The

opening of the Platt was to

flood victims is seen as a

public relations exercise by

the Government in response to

the disaster. A young Papua

New Guinea family of four and

two of their relatives who

survived a terrifying 29-day

or Dell adrift in an open

boat in the Pacific ocean say

a passing tanker refused to

pick them up. The six who

were rescued by a Chinese

fishing about the taken to

the Fed greated states of

Micronesia. Just 17 months

old, a remarkable survivor,

adrift in the Pacific ocean

for almost a month she lived

on diet of raw fish and

soaked but uncooked rice. Her

father was taking the family

on what would normally have

been a three-hour trip back

the his home island in this small open boat from

attending his wife's mother's

funeral. In between the

islands we got stuck in a big

storm. We lost

direction. When the storm

passed they could not see

land and used up the rest of

their fuel looking. The

children got seasick, luckily

their mother was a nurse. I

had some medicine with me, I

treated them in the about the

and after a few days they

were okay and it was just

drifting. But two weeks later

her youngest child developed

diarrhoea. We nearly lost

her in our boat but somehow

in the ending we had very big

heavy rain, collected rain

water, she drank. In the

morning when she woke up she

was fine. After drifting for

29 days and hundreds of

kilometres north across the

eKay tore these people

thought they were saved when

a tanker came alongside. They

were stunned when it refused

to pick them up just throwing casks

casks of water. Formally in

hours a Chinese fishing boat

did rescue them. Thank God

they saw us. They told the

captain that they thought we

were pirates. Faith got the

family through the ordeal.

We have this faith in us and

we needed it. I knew somehow

I would be saved with my

kids. Back on dry land this

group just want to get home.

Iran has agreed to let UN

nuclear inspectors visit a

new uranium enrichment plant

but Barack Obama says the

international atomic energy

agency must have unfettered

access within a fort knifed.

Representatives of the six

world powers have expressed

cautious optimism over the

negotiations taking place in

Geneva. Not everyone is keen

to engage with Iran. You are

asking the international

community to impose immediate

oil embargo on the Iranian regime because they look to

buy time for the buy time for the negotiations. Continuing on

this path will endanger the

world because lit let the

main regime time the build

the bomb. But inside talks

began in a bid to end the

trust between Iran and the

representatives of the six

world powers. TRANSLATION:

We consider the atmosphere to be constructive and hope other side would have the

same political will and determination. Just hours

after the talks broke up the

US President warned that international patience will

not last long Iran must

demonstrate through concrete

steps that lit live up to its responsibility bill is the

with regard to its nuclear program. In pursuit of that

goal today's meeting was a

constructive beginning but it

must be fold with

constructive action by the

Iranian Government. Mr Obama

says Washington has a clear

set of expectations if US

engagement is to continue.

Iran has told the Six Nations

it plans to cooperate fully

with the International Atomic

Energy Agency and will allow

nuclear inspectors at its

knew enrichment plant in

weeks but the conciliatory

tone ends there. Tehran is

refusing to give up its

nuclear rights. TRANSLATION:

We a defending our rights

based on than the

nonproliferation treaty and

we will not bend on nuclear

rights. A second meeting has

been scheduled for the end of

the month. China has staged a

spectacular and awe-inspiring

display of its might to

celebrate the 60th

anniversary of the Communist

revolution led by Chairman Mao. Beijing's Tianamen

Square was turned into a

high-tech stage for a show of Paitientline and military

muscle. This is a massive

day for the Communist Party

of China, it has been in

power here for six decades

and today presides over an ever-rising giant of a

country that even the world

economic crisis could not

slow down but because the

party in Joe's monopoly power

it has the use occasions like

this to convince a domestic

audience its country is in

good hands. The People's

Liberation Army had pride of

place at today's parade.

Thousands of soldiers trained

for month so that not a boot

lace was out of play and they

did not disappoints with

their mass precision.

China's top brass had

promised to show off its

latest high-tech weapons and

there they were all made in

China, jet fighters, armoured

vehicles including battle

tanks and even trucks

carrying missiles. For some

here this is an embarrassing

throw back to the old days

that makes their country look

like North Korea. For others

it is a sign that China's

Renaissance is now firmly

is powerful, now China has

stood up so we can speak with

confidence. There may have

been thousands of soldiers

but there were many tens of thousands of civilians representing Chinese

achievements in all walks of

life. Chairman Mao's

disastrous famine of the late

'50s did not get a mention

nor the decade-long

oppression of the cultural

revolution. This was modern

China a place of space travel

t Olympic and the President's

much spoken of harmonious

society and believe it or not

China is still supposed to be

marching against a Communist

future. Tonight celebrations

will continue in Tianamen

Square with an all-singing, all-dancing ceremony

including what has been

described Tasmania world's largest fireworks display

then tomorrow this city which

has been effectively locked

down to make way for this

spectacle can get back to a

bit of normality. Let's look

at financial markets now.

Preparations for this

weekend's national Rugby

League grand final are almost

complete. Melbourne and

Parramatta will face-off in

the much anticipated season

finale. The Storm is trying

to win its second premiership

from four consecutive grand

finals. The Eels who last won

in 1986 are not intimidated.

They say they are relaxed and ready. Former world No. 1 Jelena Jankovic is through to

the semis of the pan Pacific

open. The 7th seed Serbian

defeated Bartoli in straight

sets. Jan will face the

Chinese in a tight three-set encounter. Maria Sharapova

will meet Sebastien Vettel of


She beat Iveta. Let's

look at how the weather is

shaping up for us for Friday.

You have been watching ABC

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The death toll continues to

spiral high in Indonesia's

quake-stricken Sumatra as

rescue effort continue. The

grim search for bodies also

continues in the Pacific

devastated by a series of

tsunamis that killed 150

people. That is the bulletin.

We will see you later. Thank

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