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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. This morning heavy continues to wreak havoc in Live. This morning heavy rain

States. continues to wreak havoc in 3

Also material , Kevin Rudd blames

the US for the diplomatic the US for the release of

inmates killed in a in Chile. Astronomers discover inmates killed in a jail fire

a planet that could be rich in Anthony Mundine floored Anthony Mundine floored in boxing upset. By knockout, ABC News 24, I'm Joe Good morning, you're watching

Flood warnings are still in ABC News 24, I'm Joe O'Brien.

place in

place in parts of NSW and

on that shortly. First, the

weather in the capital cities


Emergency community this morning after evacuating residents from a NSW Emergency services are

heavy rain caused damage in 3 States. The township States. The township of focus of rescue Tarcutta

focus of rescue efforts. The

Hume highway has been closed by

flood waters north of the town.

Overnight Wagga Wagga Overnight Wagga Wagga was

lashed by heavy rain and strong

winds causing flash flooding.

The SES says it's rescued 96

Australia residents have people in the area. In South

sandbagged their homes in preparation for Light and Wakefield Rivers

north of Adelaide to north of Adelaide to flood. And

in Victoria Mount Buller in State's north-east in Victoria Mount Buller in the

State's north-east has received

more than 100 mm of rain. A was rescued in Whittlesea overnight after getting stuck

in a tree as flood waters rose

in the area. Emergency in the area. Emergency services assessing in Wagga Wagga are still

assessing the extent of the damage caused by the severe weather and flash weather and flash flooding.

Residents say they're playing a waiting game with hundreds

still unable to return home

after being evacuated on after being evacuated on

Roberts is in Wagga Wagga and Sunday. Our reporter George

filed this report

overnight. Here at the entrance to Wagga

the Sturt Highway has been off by this small flood here. the Sturt Highway has been cut

Now as you

just over a metre of water.

It's one of many floods around

the area. Earlier on we were

able to drive through here but

that's no longer possible. As

you can see, this car off you can see, this car off in

the distance here tried to do

that a short time ago just

before a heavy downpour which

it's raised this up to the point

drive through the water and

literally has had its literally has had its engine

flooded with water and has been

is brought to ta stand still. This

is one of many small floods across the city across the city of Wagga Wagga

and with more rain expected in

the next 24 hours it's likely

that many more events like this

are going to occur. There are also concerns for

also concerns for the residents

of the town that the banks of

the river may not hold and that

the levee banks may be breached

if the predicted rainfall stagnant water around the area continues.

as well there are literally

hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes flying around as

well so that's creating another

frustration for people in the area.

area. Now if you're in a

life-threatening emergency

always call always call 000 immediately,

storm call the SES. for general help in a flood or

The Foreign Affairs Minister

Kevin Rudd has blamed the US for the

for the release of those 250,000 secret 250,000 secret diplomatic

cables. WikiLeaks

Julian Assange is causing angst

for governments around the world with for governments around

world with the release of world with the release of the

secret files. Mr Assange is secret files. Mr Assange is in

custody in Britain on Swedish

sexual assault charges. Mr

Assange denies those charges.

Mr Rudd says Mr Assange can't

be held personally responsible

be held personally responsible for the leaks. I have been

pretty consistent about where

core responsibility lies in

this entire matter and it with the release of an this entire matter and it lies

unauthorised nature of this material by US personnel.

That's being tested in the US

secondary question to legal system and there is a

secondary question to be posed

about the legal

responsibilities of those who then disseminate then disseminate that

information. And I rush to judgment on information. And I rush to no

wrong to do so. Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd there. One

of the world's top

counterterrorism experts is

former Australian army officer

David kill Cullen. Last he spoke with the '7:30 Report's Kerry Report's Kerry O'Brien about

whether they've had the WikiLeaks material and

whether they've had an impact

on the NATO campaign in

Afghanistan. The The wick leak

saga continues. You said more

than a month ago that the

Taliban in Afghanistan had

people from claimed to compile a list of

anything happened on the ground people from WikiLeaks that they anything were going to kill. Has

Taliban playing with people's to that effect or was the

heads? That's right, one of the Elders came out and said that

they had a list of about they had a list of about 1,200

people based on the cables from the Afghan leaks and said those people were now going to the Afghan leaks and said that

be hunted down. There's

certainly been a lot of violence in that part of the

country but it's very hard to tell whether anything's

happened to those people happened to those people or

not. So it's a little bit up in

the air at the moment I'd

suggest. Any obvious

repercussions of any kind the WikiLeaks disclosures? Obviously

political repercussions. A lot

of anger and concern coming out

of key partners in the Afghan

Government and also the

Pakistani military have been fairly upset about some of the revelations, particularly this

last lot of diplomatic

revelations and the earlier ones about Afghanistan. So

political more than political more than military, I

would suggest, at the

moment. But are they things

that disturb you because you

might understand that at another level who see it who see it as a refreshing kind of expose of what's really

going on and what's really being said behind the scenes? I'm quite sympathetic

to that point of view. I think a lot of value of free speech

and public discussion is

enabled by free access to what

people are actually thinking.

My concern when I was speaking

about this about a month ago was was for local people who are

left unprotected and if named

in a secret document and that

document's then released, they

can be targeted. can be targeted. They're living in a village can come around at night and

they do Google people and they

do check on the

do check on the Internet. So I think WikiLeaks have subsequently redacted some of

the names in other lists and I

think that's a responsible

think that's a responsible

approach. Chinese and oil gas CNOOK will begin prospecting for gas in central Queensland after signing a landmark deal

with a small Australian company. The deal mark asmajor

step forward for China's involvement in Australia's oil

and gas industry. Australia's

china's biggest supplier of

help extract it too from field around the Queensland town of help extract town of Longreach, one of

is buying is buying a 50% exploration stake in part of the stake in part of the Galilee basin probably being the basin for $50 million. With the

basin to be ready basin to be ready for large scale exploration and development activities. And development activities. And if

commercial quantities of gas could billion to $20 billion to build

new gas well, pipeLyons and processing processing facilities not to

mention the value of the ground. 7 to 8,000 jobs during construction phase and

permanent jobs in the long term about

what could be a major

investment for CNOOC which have the option to buy a $27

million stake in Exoma its

million stake in Exoma its new

Australian exploration partner

if gas is

million gets it on the ground floor of something floor of something that could be worth billions. And it's potentially huge customer. But

when that customer is a when that customer is a major shareholder when that customer is there's bound to shareholder in the seller

there's bound to the gas. EXOMA

has the backing of the Queensland the gas. EXOMA says Queensland and Federal Governments. Governments. China has continued to voice its disappointment with disappointment with the Nobel Peace Prize choice of jailed claims more than 100 nations will by cot in Norway but the committee

claims otherwise. China says it's sent letters to foreign ministries and embassies encouraging diplomats to stay away from Friday's ceremony, Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. The human rights and democracy activist

activist was sentenced last year to 11 year to 11 years in jail after co-authoring the charter 08 petition calling for sweeping Chinese political reforms

Chinese political reforms and

freedoms. Chinese

consider the award in its domestic affairs.

TRANSLATION: In fact I tell the Nobel Prize committee they

they are self-directing

performing an anti-China performing an anti-China farce.

We are against anyone who makes an issue of the Liu Xiaobo

matter to intervene matter to intervene with China's domestic affairs and released the names of just countries unable to attend

its statement says for various reasons. The freedom world survey has been published

annually since 1972 and its results are available democracy web's map of The 19 countries not attending the ceremony closely mirror

some of laggards in red some of laggards in red on this map. China's Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Arabia, Sudan, jailed Chinese activist, says many says many countries now consider economic interests and However, many Chinese However, many Chinese require that rights. China has put has warned of consequences for democracy activist. A symbolic empty chair and a portrait Liu Xiaobo will be used to represent him Prize podium on Friday. represent him on the Nobel Prize Prize podium on Friday. A

planet with mountain ranges

made out of diamonds, it may

sound like something out of sound like something out of a science fiction film science fiction film but scientists believe they scientists believe they may have found a new type of have found a new type of planet where diamonds could be as

abundant as sand is on

Earth. It's not just the stars that twinkle

the planets might too.

Astronomers from found a world

that's highly rich in the

element carbon, the stuff that diamonds are made from. There are smaller planets out are

which have the same carbon-rich

composition. It may well be

they're rocks instead of being made of silicon men made of silicon men rals like sand here on Earth they're

carbon based so like graphite or even diamonds. Diamonds of

course are found on Earth but scientists writing in the

journal 'Nature' say in carbon rich

rich worlds they'd be woven

into the fabric of the

landscape. Just imagine a world where diamonds are more

plentiful than sand. Well plentiful than sand. Well a new

study suggests that such worlds

may well exist and that the

galaxy is strewn with

glittering planets, entire mountain ranges might look like

this. On such worlds instead of seas and rivers there would be

pools of tar and the rocks

themselves might be made from diamonds. But would different to those found on the Earth? Diamonds actually come in all different shapes and

colours. As you can see, most

people expect diamonds to look

beautifully white like this beautifully white like this but

actually if you know diamonds

you can see they come in you can see they come in all different churs and who knows what

diamonds from other planets might like look. It's only

recently that instruments have

been sensitive enough to detect

the composition of a planet

around a star that's hundreds

of light years away. Astronomers don't know

be but now that they've found

one they will scour the universe for more. And a

historic mission to historic mission to launch the first first privately funded spacecraft into orbit has taken place at Cape Canaveral in Florida. In a bold demonstration test for NASA demonstration test for NASA the

spais X mission could mark a

turning point for commercial space flight. The unmanned

Falcon 9 report was launched

successfully and was expected

to circle the before parachuting into the

Pacific Ocean off Mexico. The

venture could lead to the first

commercial space station supply run next year and eventual astronaut rides possibly astronaut rides possibly in

another 3 years' time. Book me in. For more detail

day's top stories and day's top stories and to send

us your comments an pictures us your comments an pictures go to You to You are watching ABC News 24. The

EU/IMF loan is by no means

guaranteed to save the country from economic ruin. The Government will with an extra $7 billion or so

a year just to pay the interest

bill. What makes me angry bill. What makes me angry is

that my kids' future is on the

line. As the line. As the threat becomes more sophisticated, the security response becomes more rigorous. The TSA is out of the control. I'm not looking forward to being patted

down. If he did it to me he

could go to jail. There's over

100,000 people here 100,000 people here tonight. Every Saturday rain or Every Saturday rain or shine

they flock here to hear Brother Mongolia. From London. From

Hobart. From Canberra for ABC

News 24.

The top stories this hour -

emergency services emergency services are

evacuated residents from the

NSW community of Tarcutta this

morning. Heavy rain has also

lashed parts of Victoria and South Australia. The Foreign

Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd has

blamed the United States blamed the United States for if

- the release of 250,000 - the release of 250,000 secret

diplomatic cables. Mr Rudd says

Julianne Assange can't be held

personally responsible for the

leak. Scientists believe they

have found a new planet where

mountain ranges are made out of

diamonds. Quick look at the

weather now in the capital

cities today:

It's one of the most advanced illegal tunnels

discovered. It's 800 metres

long and ran from inside a

house in Mexico straight under the border with the United States and into a warehouse in

San Diego. American authorities

found 20 tonnes of marijuana inside worth tens of millions of dollars. The tunnel had of dollars. The tunnel had its own lighting, ventilation and

even a system trolleys for transporting

drugs. We descended through a passage way hacked out

passage way hacked out by criminal criminal hands. Deeper and deeper we went until we were 90

feet under the earth. US

federal agents led the way. In

recent years they found dozens

of drug tunnels but this one of drug tunnels but this one

represents a new level of

sophistication. In this room

you can see the scale of this

operation. There are rail

tracks and carts were used to

transport the drugs. There's lighting, there's authorities say whoever built

this spent $1 million and took

a year to do so. For half a

mile it runs right underneath

the US/Mexico border.

authorities say they're winning

the war on drugs. We're making

the border a more secure

environment, however these drug

cartels, they're not going cartels, they're not going to

lose their bottom line dollar and so they're having to go to

these great lengths to ensure their profit margins. And here

is the bottom line, tens of

millions of marijuana seized when marijuana seized when the tunnel was discovered in an empty warehouse in San Diego.

Who knows how mch had Who knows how mch had already

come through undetected. Just minutes away is the border, closely watched, heavily

guarded. The US has beefed up

security on its security on its southern frontier but it can't stop all the traffickers. We cross the

legitimate way to the city of

Tijuana. It doesn't look like Tijuana. It doesn't look like a frontline but it's becoming one in Mexico's war against

in Mexico's war against the cartels. In

house 7 people were arrested.

They were living in squalor. 2

rooms completely filled rooms completely filled with

bags of rubble because in the

middle of the floor the drug America begins. We're about 6

metres, that's around 20 feet,

below the floor of the house

and this well that we're and this well that we're in

it's lined with cinder block.

It's pretty sturdy and if you look over over here look over over here this is the

entrance to the tunnel and on

this side it's lined this side it's lined with wooden planks. These are the rail carts

transport the drugs half a mile

underground to the United States. Once they finish gathering evidence gathering evidence here, authorities will seal up this

tunnel for good but how more tunnel for good but how many more remain hidden? That report

there from the BBC. Amazing

story. They're incisive, witty

and can be quite cruel but and can be quite cruel but they

usually get to the heart of a story better than any words

can. Political cartoons can. Political cartoons provide

a snapshot of the major events

and personals in the life of our nation and now the best

cartoons of the past year are

on show at the Museum of

Australian Democracy in Australian Democracy in Canberra. 2010 will go down as a good vintage for political cartoons. It's been a bumper

year for cartoonists, so much happening. It's been a gift

that keeps giving. From the fallout

fallout from the Copenhagen climate change

climate change summit, to the

mining super tax. From the rise

of Tony Abbott to the of Tony Abbott to the Labor leadership spill. It's almost Shakespearean the issue of

rising to high and ambition rising to high and ambition and glory and defeat and glory and defeat

embarrassment and humiliation, all of these things thrown into the pot. So it's very rich pickings for the subsequent hung the subsequent hung parliament, rich pickings lot of argument it's not necessarily good for the lot of argument and fighting, it's the country but it's great

it's not necessarily good for

the country but cartoonists. In a year of the country but it's great for cartoonists. In a year of great cartoons, Jon Kudelka cartoons, Jon Kudelka s have greatest. He's been honoured with the National Museum Australia's annual political cartooning award. We're not careful, that's careful, that's what editors are for, they make most I think. Which is a sign but we have most I think. Which is a sign democracy is working pretty well. Why does the well. Why does the political

cartoon endure? It's a like poetry. They're daition of a whole lot of ideas, a synthesis of insight and sometimes great artwork all coming to amuse you and make

you think. What next for coming to amuse you you think. What next for the country's you think. What next country's political cartoonists? With the hung

parliament it's going to be another another great year. The

exhibition runs in Canberra until March until March 20 and will then travel to Melbourne and Perth. In boxing In boxing Anthony Mundine has paid tribute to opponent Garth

Wood after a shock 5th round

knock out in their middle weight

weight bout in Sydney. had planned to use the fight as

a stepping stone before heading to box in the United States. But admitted everything was now

up in the air after Wood up in the air after Wood left him won the television series 'The Contender' and was fighting in only his 12th professional

bout. The former NRL player

went into the fight as the clear clear underdog. It was Mundine's first defeat to an Australian boxer in more than

20 bouts. I don't know, what 20 bouts. I don't know, what do

I say, I'm the best I say, I'm the best kept secret but you're all aware of me now.

So I promise me girls we'll go away and then we'll sit down and then we'll sit down with my team and we'll discuss where

the Hood's going. You get caught, you know what I mean,

it's about how you bounce back and, you know, I want to congratulate Garth congratulate Garth and his team, they did great to prepare him right him right and get him, you

know, in focus. But he's rised

up so more credit to him. A

pretty subdued Anthony Mundine

there. In the Champions

after a 3-1 victory. The Gunners were Gunners were made to sweat for

the win.


Percy appeared to have put the Gunners on their way but Gunners on their way but the the hour mark setting up a nail had to win to qualify for the next home nerves with a fine finish before French international Nasri wrapped up the Frank Ribery scored twice Frank Ribery scored twice in Munich's win

biggest upset of the night came

in France where the shocked Chelsea. Vanessa is

with us now to take a look the weather. Vanessa, there's rain several States, how about we start with South start with South Australia

first? Joe, what a week it's

been. This is real tropical

weather that's been coming down

so the rain's been falling very, very quickly. Let's take

a look at South Australia. This

system came through from Western Australia, didn't

really cause too many problems

there. But as you can South Australia fell on Tuesday

night with big, big dumpings

including 70 mm at Adelaide

breaking records. Now rivers

peaked last night, there were 3 that were of that were of concern. At this stage though things seem to be

getting back to normal but

emergency services are still

getting callouts and about

4,000 homes are without power.

In Victoria now the heavy rain

started in the west yesterday

or also on Tuesday night about

80 mm fell in Hamilton and Horsham and it continued

through yesterday. Once came through very quickly. And it continued throughout the

day. This morning north-east is

on a heavy major flood watch so

the SES are looking after

things up there. Closely looking at towns of Myrtleford and also in and also in Wangaratta residents are being asked to

drink boiled water. Now the highest totals were highest totals were around Mount Buller with 102 mm.

Tasmania's also on a watch for

the northern parts of the State

although not as severe as the

other States. In NSW, and the rain continues to fall this morning, now it's moved further Richmond. There's a band of

rain there at the moment but it

did fall heavily over the

south-east. Another 67 mm fell

in Wagga adding to the woe there's but it's in the ACT

that have major concerns this

morning mainly with the towns -

suburbs of Queanbeyan where

river levels are expected to peak this morning. Also

Captain's Flat around the dam

area there so there are quite a

few evacuations. This system

will continue to move further

north. In Queensland there has

been consistent rain past 2 weex. These shots were take nn Brisbane of waterways

overflowing but the main

concern is actually for the

weekend. Come Saturday we'll

see some really heavy rainfalls through the south-east and continuing rainfalls in

north-east NSW. If we take a

look now around the country. In

Queensland today and we'll have

a lot more rain falling through

the southern inland areas,

maybe picking up another 50 mm

today. The rain will be quite

widespread, a top of 36 degrees in Longreach. For NSW rain will

continue throughout the State

as it moves further north. top of 29 degrees in Sydney.

The humid weather has cleared

from Victoria but still from Victoria but still some isolated showers about, 26 in Melbourne. In Tasmania a few showers about the west and

later on in the south-east otherwise

otherwise a fairly clear day t.

For SA there's a high pressure

system moving in so dryer

conditions, just some rain up

in the far north-east. For WA

you will see a few more showers just along the south coast

otherwise a fine and sunny day a top of 27 degrees in Perth,

missing out on all this heavy

rain. Once again storms are firing up in the far north of WA and we'll also see rain

continuing to fall across the Northern Northern Territory. Thanks for that comprehensive


wrap. I'll be back with more headlines at the top of the

This Program is Captioned Live. This morning - the flood

emergency continues. Heavy

rains wreak havoc in three

States. Also today - more trouble over WikiLeaks. Kevin

Rudd blames the US for the

release of diplomatic cables. More than 80 More than 80 inmates killed in

a gaol fire in Chile. It's not

just the stars sparkling.

Astronomers discover a planet which could be rich in diamonds. And knocked out -

Anthony Mundine floored in Anthony Mundine floored in a boxing upset. By knockout,

Garth Wood. Good morning,