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(generated from captions) They're a very smart aren't they? They're a very smart class,

APPLAUSE Annabel Crabb wrote a piece for the drum on the a piece for the drum on the ABC website

website during the week saying

what is the theme of this

election campaign in the election campaign in

absence of a theme it seems to

have quietly retreated to the

local level. Some of the

feedback that we got on that

Patrick wrote Annabel Crabb is

right in asking whether there right in asking

is a theme for the election.

That's one of the big problems. The election doesn't The election doesn't really

seem to be about anything in

particular. There don't seem

and the leaders are not

leading. Marija writes, I

guess it comes down to the big ticket items but items must happen at the local nitty-gritty on the ground

level. These things are important at the grassroots

of the day's news at the stop level. I'll be back with more

This Program is Captioned

Live. Tonight on Stateline Tonight on Stateline -

violent video games - where

should Australia draw the

line? We do need to protect

children. The Attorney-General

on naming and shaming young offenders. offenders. And breaking the

ice - For me, it would be,

yeah, something they've been looking forward to for a long

time. Hello and time. Hello and welcome to Stateline. I'm Eliza Blue.

First tonight to the laws that

have been labelled the modern version of the med evil

State Parliament will debate version of the med evil stocks.

the prohibitive behaviours order bill next week, the latest step in the

tough law and order agenda. The latest step in the Government's

laws were introduced by the Blair Labor Government Britain 10 years ago but the moved to scrap them because new Conservative Government had

they don't work. Moreover, laws have been they don't work. Moreover, the

conveyor belt to serious laws have been described as a

and prison. But the Attorney-General, Christian

will make a difference in WA. I will Porter, is confident that it

caught up with him earlier. Christian Porter, welcome Stateline. Pleasure Eliza. A Christian Porter, welcome to

17-year-old who is regularly caught, say u, urinating caught, say u, urinating in public in weekends in Northbridge, is he going to be

receive an order? It very much

depends on who he is, precisely

what he or she has done and

their criminal record. Can I

put to you something you

to this week, "I think it would

be unusual if not amazing if someone who had no someone who had no criminal

record but had committed an

offence in two oor three years

would be given an order." Would you rule it out? All of these

things turn on the facts of the

individual case. The way we've

not structured the legislation is

two offences within three years but also the court would have

to be satisfied that, unless

they prohibit you from doing

what would otherwise be lawful what would

behaviour, you will offend

again. My concern with the legislation is not that legislation is not that it

would catch too many people and there would be too many Ord

bers I would seek to review it

to make sure there's

enough. Why would that be a

concern if you are getting too

few? I don't want it to be few? I don't want it to be so

narrow that we're not pig up the people. It will be a

police prosecutor in a court

trying to instruct the judge.

Wouldn't it be fair to think

that this would be a great way

for him to get somebody for him to get somebody off the

street s? Let me say that the

least as reasonable as the magistrates and judges are at

Attorney-General they will be

take ing moderately drafted

kaush legislation, apply ing it sensibly. I want to look at the naming and shaming naming and shaming element. You've made it clear that you do advocate that happening, that reproducing of the information that's put on that advocate things like the wanted

poster at the carousel shopping

centre, for instance? What we

have put in the legislation

have put in the legislation is

the judge has the the judge has the discretion to

publish these details. Isn't it

the whole notion of the rule

doing this consistently, that it's basically you've been

everybody should know everybody should know about

it? Indeed. That's why I say

there's a presumption in favour

of a judge orders publication.

Once the judge has Ord ir ordered that it p be ordered that it p be lub

published, which we expect that

in the majority

will do, it will go on a

website and we have put on in

the legislation that there is an ability to on publish. Can you get it down you get it down after it's been on on published? As a matter of practice I think once the information like that is

there, it is out there for some

But our concern has not been period of time. I accept that.

individuals that are committing first and foremost with the

the efences that huge problems in the local the efences that are causing

foremost concern is how does community. Our

the community have an extra

tool available to protect itself. So they forfeit their

rights if they've been a repeat

as well as rights. Teresa May, the UK Conservative home

secretary, said that - she

looked at one in four people

going to jail after they've

breached the orders. There's a

lot of facts here from the

British situation that look

than good for the like maybe they're more harm

community. I've head read that

speech and there's been comments made about that speech

and various interpretation s

given to it. How do you see it? Your interpretation is

better than some. What the new home secretary has home secretary has said is she

is reviewing the system. She's

used some pretty big terms

here, she's called it the laws were criminalising around coercive. Pretty serious. Be were criminalising around

but that is what the laws do

laws do is they criminalise do. That is clear. What the

behaviour that in and of itself

would not be criminal. I might

say this about the UK system -

what we've done is learned about that system, what has

been the better part of that system, and try and adopt them to local to local circumstances. And

what we've done is I what we've done is I think

significantly different to system that exists in the

UK. How have you applied it to Western Australian

circumstances? What we've done

is we've identified who are the

trouble makers we're trying to target. And we've ensured that

our system flows from criminal conviction. We will target the

worst of the worst. And that's I think what the community

really want to see out of this legislation. Just staying in despite the

despite the Conservatives

actually being elected on a law

and Ord irplatform like the

Barnett Government here as you have argued this week, their

version wasn't working prop ler

I. So I. So you're confident that

you've made enough changes

between what's happening there, which doesn't work, they which doesn't work, they say.

Are you confident Are you confident they will work here for that core

offenders? I am. I am not

pretending that this is a

silver bullet but what we've

identified is a clear group of

people that we need to turn the

attention of government policy

on that's what we are doing.

the home secretary that they

have a problem that we don't

have here - that is a Budget

deficit which is 70% of their gross domestic product. But it's Government to pull away a successful

successful law order program despite that deficit. They're

cutting their prison budget by 40%. This

40%. This is something that's

being reviewed and looked at.

But also that same speech the

home secretary over there home secretary over there talks about the possibility of

replace ing their system with something more direct, the moment. Once our

legislation is in place we legislation is in place we will

continually review it to see

what its effect. Is at the

moment it's been designed moment it's been designed to target the worst serial repeat

offenders in the community on an anti-social behaviour level

and we are going to have a

court being able to tell court being able to tell them they can no longer do the

things they were doing. If they

breach that order, I breach that order, I would expect a result similar to that

of the United Kingdom where

about half the people who

breached the orders over there ended up with a jail sentence. If half of these offenders up with a jail sentence because they breach an order that will

be a win for community safety. Thanks for your time.

Thank you very much. As if

there's not enough of nit the real world,

real world, there seems to be a

growing appetite for vile men's

the virtual world. Video games

including many that stimulate -

simulate violent acts have

become big business. The question facing Australia is

whether to join other countries

and introduce an 18-plus rating

for the more extreme material or just continue to it. Here in WA, a group of MPs

is opposing the new adult classification, fearing such a

change would lead to more violence violence in the community.

Eliza Borrello reports - and a

warning this story contains some violent images. Get away from the windows an secure

the top floor. Gun fights.

Wars. And mass kill ing. Simulating vile ents Simulating vile ents in a vifrtdual world is increasingly popular past-time.

The question facing Australia

is where to draw the line. I

think if you look at the gaming

industry, they do see Australia

as a little bit of a joke, a little bit behind the times. We

do need to protect do need to protect children. They don't have the capability yet to determine themselves

what is right, what's wrong. It's an issue that's close

to home for mother and State

Liberal MP Liz Behjat. Liberal MP Liz Behjat. Mrs

Behjat and 12 of her parliamentary colleagues are fighting a proposal for a new R-18-plus classification which

they claim would open the flood

gate s to even more violent gate s to even more violent and graphic material: Mrs Behjat's

12-year-old son Ali is a keen

gamer. Like most parents she

wants to avoid him being

exposed to violence and sexual

is already too much on the imagery, which she says there

market. My son himself has market. My son himself has come

across some games an says I

don't want to do that. He

doesn't feel comfortable in one

there's game in particular where

drive over people. And kill as many people as you

can. Currently, the most extreme material legally

available in Australia carries

an MA 15-plus rating. Games

found to be un suitable found to be un suitable for

minors are labelled RC, refused

classification, and are banned

Ministers are currently trying from sale. What the censorship

to decide is whether an R-18-plus classification should be introduced. We think we're protecting children but not having having an Red 18 rating but

we're letting them accessing it

by other uncontrolled means. Aindividual gamer Ceri Hutton supports the scheme. He says says under the current system children are accessing suitable children anyway because many games are rated MA 15 which should be rated should be rated R. There's 'Fallout 3', where you use

heroin in the game, you have 'Grand Theft Auto' where you

can have sex with a can have sex with a prostitute

and kill her and take your

money back. You have 'Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Duty - Modern Warfare 2', where

you are gunning down innocent civilians in an against that would be let's against that would be

talk to the

board and tell them they need

to be strict stricter. But

according to the gaming

industry, one of the biggest

issues is banned into Australia illegally. People are importing

them, downloading them, pirating them. So if they're

going to be here let's get classification label going to be here let's get a classification label on them. But Western Australian researcher Julian Dooley researcher Julian Dooley says US studies have shown adults

only raidings have dr - ratings have their have their drawbacks, often making games more appealing to

children. What they they took games where they put

an R rating classification on

some and not on others and

younger kids were more likely

to want the R-18 one. Dr Dooley

says research has also shown a

violence link between simulating

violence in video games and aggression among gamers. The

games themselves are associated

with an increase in aggressive

behaviours, thoughts and feelings. They're also associated with over time the effect of

exposure to that sort of

content is not as strong. In 2008, a Thai teenager was arrested driver to death. The arrested for stabbing a taxi

18-year-old confessed to police

it was a copy cat murder, inspired by the game 'Grand

sort of realise that while Theft Auto'. It's important to

there maybe something tlit's there maybe something tlit's really anecdotal evidence. And the way the industry is heading the gap between what's the gap between what's real and

what's make believe is becoming

increasingly narrow. Microsoft narrow. Microsoft has

recently developed recently developed technology

which takes interactivity to

whole new life. This is a new Microsoft Kinect console. And

basically what happens here is the system scans your body creates a digital the system scans your body and

representation or an avatar of you. And you can see character following him across, you. And you can see the

so this is this guy's avatar

and you can see every does. Australia is currently that he does the avatar

the only dropped country without an adults only category. And the billion

dollar Australian industry says that's restricting growth. For little that's restricting its

benefit. Financially what

we've seen is when a game is refused classification and modified that it's significantly slows down the sale of sale of that game. A discussion paper

paper on the issue released by

the Federal Government received almost 60,000 submissions. almost 60,000 submissions. 98%

of them were in support of on R-18-plus R-18-plus classification. It

was outstanding. More people

signed the petition for an R-18 they than did oppose code can only be amended with the agreement of Australia's censorship Ministers. The

and the State Federal Home Affairs Minister

to meet again in November. In Attorneys-General. They're due

the meantime, there's likely to

be plenty of lobby ing from

both sides. We shouldn't be

by banning it altogether. We trying to protect the children

should leave that up to the responsibility of the parents. But which according Liz Behjat that is easier said parents. But which according to

than done I think that is just

putting added pressure then on

to parents and others who supervising children to where to parents and others who are

is that game, who ease got it

and what are they do ing? nit's not available they will and what are they do ing? If

not have access to it. You are

not going to beat me, Keegan.

That's final. It's my house. I beat you last time! Eliza

Borrello with that report. Now

to the Federal election which

we head into the last weekend

of the campaign. This report on

day 28 from Matt Peacock.

When we all view the When we all view the same website it can become a bit

slow. What are your party's plans for high-speed

broadband. They're a very smart class, aren't they! Both

sides of politics were

emphasising education today emphasising education today and

both were offering fistfuls of dollars. Labor's promising million for job training, including tax free cash bonuses to encourage apprentices. At

months they receive $1,000. At the ends of their first 12

the end of their second 12

months another $1,000. When

they fib ish their third year, $1,200 . And when they have completed, $1,500. . APPLAUSE

And the Coalition's matched Labor's earlier promise to

reward good teachers with a $200

its own. We're not going to solve all the problems

immediately. But we do want to

put a fund in place to principals can apply that put a fund in place to which

principals can apply that will

enable the best teachers to get paid significantly more. But

the argument about where the

money comes from continue s

with Treasurer Wayne Swan insisting that the Coalition

leaders submit his costings for Treasury scrutiny by tonight, in accordance with by the Howard Government. What of Budget honesty, introduced

we've had today is a sersive of

dog ate my homework excuses

from the Liberals as to why

they will not submit they will not submit their

proposals to the

Finance process.Ly tell you why Finance process.Ly tell you

they won't submit them -

because there are huge because there are huge cost

blow-outs which are a threat to

the surplus. All of our policies will be independently

costed, and the independent

verdict on our policies will verdict on our policies will be released but unless the Government take action against this criminal Government take s appropriate

League leak we cannot trust

this Government to do the job

properly. The Government's case

itself seemed to itself seemed to be weakened by

the ad mission that some of its

promise, yet to be announced, also might not be

submitted There will always submitted There will always be some policies that will be announced next week. That

happens and was envisaged within the charterment some of

those anyway be or may not be costed. This morning Wayne Swan

gave the Coalition an ultimatum. To deliver all policies to Treasury by 5:30

today. I say to Mr Swan - why

aren't you keeping to that ultimatum yourself? tha announcement from Mr Abbott is nothing more and nothing less

than when it comes to than when it comes to education it's cut, cut, cut. We've it's cut, cut, cut. We've had the guts to the say to the

Australian looks, we will spend this extra money, but it is

going to be affordable and it will be affordable because here are the spending reductions that will fund it. With past prime ministers still campaign trail, a weekend television appearance to come

from Kevin Rudd could cut either way. How are you? I'm either way. How are you? I'm fine. All things must end. Yes, sometimes sooner than you

think. As both sides gear

up for the final frantic up for the final frantic week

of their campaign, it's still

anybody's race. With even the

prospect of a hung Parliament

with the Greens

holding the balance of power. The big power. The big issue for the next three years in the Parliament will be stability

and will be whether a

Parliament can actually deliver

out comes. And so the make-up

of the lower house and of the lower house and the upper louse b) critical. WA best known upper louse b) critical. WA is

best known for its sun, surf

and sand so it's hard to

imagine how a sport reliant on freezing temperatures could

work here. But ice hockey is

growing in popularity in Perth,

so much

get a side in the national competition. Jake Sturmer hit

the ice. . Perth has experienced its longest stretch of cold night on record. It was

a few brave souls who chose to

go for a run The is taking its toll. Cold, it is

not even freezing. These guys

know what it's like to really

feel the chill. Their sport

of choice depends on them moving. WA may not have the perfect climate, but ice

hockey is growing in hockey is growing in popularity

here in Perth. The number here in Perth. The number of participants has doubled in

recent years, rising from 200 to about 400 registered players. It's starting to build

up more, more ice facility, to

give us an opportunity to grow the numbers. While there's no argument it's still very much a

niche sport, players an officials are confident there

is enough sport to get WA a

team of its own in the national

competition. For me, it would be, yeah, something

long time. We're at a stage now

that ling things are looking positive. And fingers crossed

over the next couple of

years. We would love to have

WA in the league. It would make

it a truly national league. At

the moment it's only teams down

the east coast and across in

Adelaide. We have to final ise

our proposal and put it in there so it's there so it's financially sustainable. And if we can put

that on the table and it all makes perfect sense makes perfect sense to

everybody I think it won't an issue. To prove how competitive a competitive a Perth team could

be, the WA State side known as

the Thunder will take on the

Adelaide Adrenaline in two

exhibition matches in Cockburn this weekend. They're hoping to

reverse their fortunes reverse their fortunes from

four previous exhibition matches, WA remains winless We

will just throw it, in come

out, five on three. So Stan

Scott has been working the

troops extra hard over the past week. Too long! It's really

good for the young talent

got here, the solid

players. It's good for them to

test themselves against the best players in the country. WA has its fair share of talent too. Seven players national squad are part of national squad are part of the national team. One of those is

Sam Bavin It's taken me

overseas playing with some

national teams in a junior

aspect and also senior. So,

yeah, spent some time in Korea and in China playing and then through North America and Canada. It's been fantastic. An

electrician by trade his

commitment to ice kept him busy. At times it's

tough: We generally train

Thursdays nights. So some Thursdays nights. So some

Fridays can be interesting at work. Seem

work. Seem to struggle on

by. One of the biggest hurdles

facing a Perth facing a Perth team is getting

time on the ice. With only two

rinks in the metro area and

high demand for ice, clubs are

often force to train at

unsociable hours. It is not the

only challenge facing the

Thunder - travel for the layer

Players is likely to be costly

too. All of the teams are all

privately fund so they all have

to fund their travel costs for

all of the away games during the season. I wouldn't expect

that to be any different but I

would be pretty confident if

all the other boxes are ticked

that we could work that one out as well. While support from the

league'ses who is good news for Stan Scott, he Stan Scott, he just wants to

lead a winning side: We don't

want to be middle of the road. We We want to be a good team, a strong

strong team and challenge them

for the top honours. And now it's time for a look

back at the week. I I'm joined by Lisa Scaffidi and from the Fin re-eview. We've

had some big apointments for

this CHOGM meeting in Perth. What

What is the Perth City Council

doing to prepare for

huge event? Obviously given the

strong city focus that will strong city focus that will be apparent during that time with

the meet ing being held in the

city area, the city will be under great scrutiny but obviously needing to perform

very strongly . Are we ready? I

believe we will be. We will that we can for the city at that time. That will

that time. That will include everything from floral

plantings through to flags,

hopefully great lighting on

some of our fas some of our fas yads and

generally putting our best foot forward at this time for the

world to see us. I guess my

only concern is nothing against

Richard Muirhead, who was

appointed to oversea the Government f Government's

response to CHOGM, we've lost a

lot of high profile events late

lir. There is is there a danger

next June someone might say

you've lost CHOGM. I was saying

the eexcellent was a a way to get the leaders to have a

holiday in WA. No better place

to holiday, as far as I'm concerned. There will probably

be a few crazy uncles. The last time the Ugandan President President came he was asked President came he was asked how they were dealing with the they didn't have homo sexuals.

And you think crazy uncle time. And you have And you have the wild shirts.

But on this weekend is obviously election obviously election time and

it's the first time that we've had such an incredibly had such an incredibly tight race. Lisa, how are you seeing

it play out? You know, it it play out? You know, it just

concerns me that it hasn't run

in such a presidential in such a presidential style

and there hasn't been in my

opinion been enough of a focus

on the reminding the on the reminding the general public that they really need look at who is their local member and that at the end of

the day they are voting for

their local representative. And

what is that person going to do for

for their local community. It's

interest ing to say that

because I think the because I think the major

parties are keenly aware that

ultimately it does come down to the marginal seats. Their

suggestions for example that

Tim Hammond in Swan because he

has number one ballot he may

just get across the line simply

because of that small fact. Andrew Wilkie it was believed

in the last election lost it on that basis. What is really interesting this weekend, the

last weekend of the campaign, is

leaders still keeps haunting

the two sort of supposed prime

ministerial candidates. We've

got John Howard coming to WA

sort of support Don Randall in

a marginal seat. We have Mark Latham and Kevin Rudd appearing

on various TV networks. It's really interesting because

Kevin Rudd in this whole campaign is the most interesting candidate out there

and he is not running for high

office. Are you going to be

tuning in this weekend,? Yes,

to the Kevin Rudd, to the Kevin Rudd, not Mark Latham you think as a female

politician you're in the politician you're in the public realm you would have been intimated - intimidated if intimated - intimidated if the Mark Latham Mark Latham show had come to town. I think it's sad when you see people who were seeking

public life and not able to exit

exit stage left gracefully. He

had his time, it didn't had his time, it didn't work out as he obviously wanted it

too but he really does need to

move on and not spoil it for

other people. One last thing

other people. One last thing to

leave you with - we saw Julie

Bishop going to extreme s to get a vote cane toads - what happened to kissing babies? It

is such a significant issue. And the person leading the

charge there with the cane toad debate, Graeme

lord mayor of Darwin. So through conversations I've had with him I have actually learned how serious an learned how serious an issue it

is and of course WA also has a

lot to fear with the infull

traetion of the cane toads

already up in

Kununurra. Certainly it shows

how brave Julie is. Not only is

she prepared to kiss a very ugly creature she is also

prepared to reveal on national

television that television that she's a really

crap dancer, no a oh fence crap dancer, no a oh fence but

that was bad. Thank you both of you very of you very much. Pleasure. That's That's the show for this week. You can find out more

about the program on our

website . See you next Friday

for our last show before the

election. Goodnight.

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