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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to Japan's latest whaling push. Fierce reactions to free Douglas Wood. An advertising campaign but farmers aren't happy. Forest workers cheer of mobile phones. And the unexpected downside Joe O'Brien with ABC News. Good evening. The Federal Government hopes Whaling Commission a push to reform the International

will lead to a total ban on whaling. The move comes after revelations

to resume the Japanese Government wants humpback whale. hunting the endangered for scientific research It's supposedly but Australia rejects that, to change their mind. urging the Japanese

was banned 30 years ago, Since the hunting of humpback whales from around 100 to 4,000. the population has recovered

under threat, with revelations Now the species is again to extend its whaling programme the Japanese government has applied to include humpbacks.

a massive impact on Australians This is something that will have the relationship and the way they view and their view of Japan. 400 minke whales a year - Japan already takes around of scientific research. all in the name by the new push, Australia is so concerned at the highest level. the issue's been raised

about this when I was in Japan. I expressed some concerns If John Howard is saying in Asia than Japan, that Australia has no greater friend Downer used that friendship well it's time Mr Howard and Mr changed. to get this decision from Japan The Government wants reformed the International Whaling Commission majority of the 55-member nations and will lobby for a two-thirds to defeat Japan's application.

won't act to stop the killings. But if that fails, Australia a diplomatic incident with Japan, They don't want thinks and Humane Society International with Japan. we need a diplomatic incident boats and military boats We are not averse to using patrol who are invading our waters to board pirate ships whaling in the waters off Antarctica but the fight about of that water. is a fight over the jurisdiction will raise the issue Senator Campbell International Whaling Commission at a meeting of the in Korea next month - and southern right whales just as the humpbacks begin their migration west and east coasts. along Australia's Rachel Fisher, ABC News, Hobart.

stepping up its campaign The family of Douglas Wood is in Iraq freed. to have the Australian hostage

newspapers this weekend. It's taken out ads in Iraqi on Arabic satellite television. and is preparing commercials to air The ads stress his illness to get medicines to him. and the need is of rapidly spreading lawlessness. But the bigger picture in Iraq they call 'Matador' The US military operation in the western al-Anbar province, was intended to crush the insurgents other weapons travel from Syria. through which bombs and have been killed, The US says more than 100 insurgents but so have seven Marines and the cost of the fighting of 350 families, has also been the displacement by the Red Crescent organisation. now being cared for CAR HORNS TOOT roadside bomb attacks in Baghdad, There have also been more or Iraqi army patrols all targeting American and police checkpoints. and a policeman were killed. Two Iraqi soldiers In just two weeks government was announced since the democratically elected

to destabilise it, and the insurgents set out more than 420 people have now died. doesn't help the pleas being made That staggering number on behalf of one foreigner, Douglas Wood. the Australian hostage, newspaper advertisements in Iraq His family has placed television commercials and is putting together and the need for medication. highlighting his heart problems

Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali The Sydney Muslim cleric, is carrying it. (Speaks Arabic) because of his weak heart At present we have his medicine and his blood pressure.

of passion and humanity We wish anyone who has a grain his medicine to him. to help us in sending The sheikh says he remains hopeful Sunni leaders might bear fruit, his meeting yesterday with but he needs more time. (Speaks Japanese) Nobutake Machimura, The Japanese Foreign Minister, satellite networks, has also gone on Arabic of one of his nationals, pleading for the release after an attack a security worker taken hostage four other foreign contractors. in which insurgents killed Geoff Sims, ABC News. in riots in Uzbekistan, Dozens of people are reported dead prompting international concern in the Central Asian republic. about unrest eastern town of Andhizan Crowds gathered in the of 23 men to protest against the jailing of Islamic extremism. on charges took over public buildings Armed protesters later from the local prison. and freed 2,000 inmates to quell the protest. The army moved in and the demonstrators We urge both the government at this time. to excercise restraint claims One western reporter in the town of 20-30 bodies to have seen a stack in Andhizan's main square, all in civilian clothes. to a US air base Uzbekistan is home against terrorism. and supports America's campaign the regime is a brutal dictatorship Critics say all opponents terrorists. where the government brands Condoleezza Rice, The US Secretary of State, has promised to investigate claims

at Guantanamo Bay that American interrogators the Koran. desecrated Islam's holy book, have marched in Gaza Hundreds of protesters to condemn the alleged abuse. across the Islamic world There have been four days of marches

since the allegations were first aired. We honour the sacred books of all the world's great religions. Disrespect for the Holy Koran is abhorrent to us all. The worst protests have been in Afghanistan, where 14 people have died. The Prime Minister's Tasmanian forests agreement has struck trouble with timber companies and farmers concerned it could threaten their viability. But Mr Howard is standing by the deal and has taken a swipe at green groups which he says don't have a monopoly on concern for the environment. (All Chant) Save Tassie's forests! As conservationists sang out against the Tasmanian Forests Agreement at Kirribilli House, John Howard received a musical reception in Launceston. (singing) "Our chainsaws sing with their big powerful voice. I am and you are in the timber industry". At a National Timber Communities Conference, Mr Howard defended the forests deal, labelling those who've criticised it extreme greens who've claimed a monopoly on the environment. If you don't match what they demand then you don't care about the environment - well I'm sick of that point of view and so are a lot of Australians. But it's not only the Greens who have problems with yesterday's $250 million agreement. Farmers say they've been betrayed by plans to phase out the conversion of native forests to agricultural land. This is a land rights issue. And timber companies fear an uncertain future for products like floor boards and furniture once the clear felling of high quality old growth forests

is scaled back. We have the potential here for the profit margins of these companies to be squeezed by between 20 and 30 per cent. The Prime Minister has promised consultation but is standing firm. The industry is very happy with the agreement. Agreement or not, Tasmania's Labor Government says it would have been forced into action by negative international publicity created by green groups. They gained a stranglehold in the marketplace on this matter of forest practice and only a fool would ignore what's happening in the marketplace. A battle won but the war appears far from over. Gary Magnussen, ABC News, Launceston. The Australian Government says it's on the verge of signing a deal with East Timor covering revenue from the Greater Sunrise gas field. Under the deal,

East Timor will defer the setting of a permanent boundary in the Timor Sea for up to 60 years in return for a greater revenue sharing agreement. It's understood revenue from the Greater Sunrise Gas Field, which could be worth as much as US$15 billion, could now be shared 50-50 between the Australian and East Timorese governments. Few details are known of Australia's talks with an East Timorese delegation which ended in Sydney yesterday. There will probably be no further need for negotiations. The conclusions the officials reached

will be taken back to ministers in both East Timor and in Australia and be given consideration. But the Portuguese language press agency says the East Timorese PM has labelled the reported deal an absolute lie. East Timor had been claiming control of a larger area of the oil and gas-rich Timor Seabed, for 50 years. deal will shelve that claim but it's now understood the 18% of revenue. East Timor was previously offered Timor-based justice campaign, The Australian-based East Timor, calling for a better deal for East shortchanged. says the country is still being is entirely The area of Greater Sunrise within the East Timor boundaries under international law. as determined You can never guarantee stop when you have a fair outcome. that unreasonable criticism will All I can say to East Timor, is we haven't behaved unfairly we have been very generous to East Timor A spokesman for the East Timorese government said its delegation was returning from Australia today but neither the group nor the PM could be reached for comment. Kellie Tannock, ABC News. The Federal Government is under fire from doctors and the Opposition for failing to address rising out-of-pocket medical expenses. They say that while the bulk billing rate has risen, it's still well below what it was almost 10 years ago. when the Government came to power The latest Medicare statistics show is on the rise, the bulk-billing rate have also increased dramatically. but out-of-pocket medical expenses of seeing the doctor The out-of-pocket cost under the Howard Government. has risen by almost double If you're not bulk-billed - $15.38. It's the highest it's ever been. Combine that with the fact obstetricians, and x-ray doctors, that seeing specialists, co-payments ever, there, too. and you're paying the highest

co-payments have increased. The Health Minister concedes has improved affordability But he says the Government by lifting the Medicare rebate to more than $30 and introducing the 'safety net'. Not only are more doctors bulk-billing, but patients whose doctors don't bulk-bill have got more money in their pockets, thanks to an increased rebate. He's pointed to new figures showing a 1% rise in the national bulk-billing rate to a three-year high of 74%. There has been a very substantial, across-the-board increase in bulk-billing. But doctors say it's still 7% lower took office. than when the Government GPs that weren't bulk-billed before That means 1 in 100 patients who see down from how it was in 1996. now are, but it leaves us seven the rate is as low as 30% And the Opposition says in some regional areas. off, the government's policies Doctors say while they're better have done little to help patients. Kathryn Roberts, ABC News. continues The run of major drug busts with another man in court today a commercial quantity of heroin. charged with importing police forces around the country, However, despite the success of little difference some experts say it's making

to the supply of drugs on the street. In Sydney's south-west yesterday, Australian Federal Police seized another kilogram of heroin

with an estimated street value of $1 million. Police allege the heroin was hidden inside a package of car parts sent to a man in Sydney from Lebanon.

Today 31-year-old Abdul Hardi el-Bikai from Yagoona appeared in court on charges of importing and possessing a commercial quantity of drugs and was refused bail. In an unrelated arrest, another Sydney man is facing charges cocaine trafficking syndicate connected to the alleged baggage handlers. police believe involved Qantas is one of 13 people 28-year-old Robert Ryan Chandler cocaine into Australia accused of conspiring to import since last December. The Australian Crime Commission says on the local market every drug bust has an effect for organised crime. and profits available However drug experts say and seizures across the country this week's series of arrests on the street. will have little impact on supply in Vancouver, Even a seizure of 100 kilograms a smaller city than Sydney, had, if anything, a negative effect - no effect whatsoever on the purity, no affect on availability. And with increasing concern over airport security, the shrink-wrapping service available at other domestic airports will soon be introduced at Sydney. Marie Scoutas, ABC News.

Police in Colombia have found a massive stash of cocaine, stored in bunkers near the coast ready for distribution by sea. haul to the capital, Bogota. Authorities moved the 13.5 tonne was owned by rebel militia groups Police believe the cocaine with drug running. who financed their operations of the haul, Despite the massive size it's not a record. seized 28 tonnes of cocaine Last year the US coast guard near the galapagos islands. are taking a new approach Health officials in Papua New Guinea in the battle against AIDS, targetting highway truck-stops. of the population With an estimated 2% now estimated to be HIV-positive, to address risky behaviour. authorities are urging people in Papua New Guinea - It's the most important road the Highlands Highway. It links the main port city of Lae

Highlands. with the heavily populated

is also bringing a deadly cargo - But this vital transport link for the transmission of AIDS. it's an all too effective conduit roadside truck stop. By day, it's a quiet

an HIV hot spot. By night, it becomes and unsafe sex are rife. Prostitution are targeting the area, Local health workers to change their behaviour. hoping to get people the behaviours which is high-risk Trying to get people to look at can change their behaviour. and look at ways in which people But that's a difficult battle. main means of transmission in PNG. Heterosexual contact is the to prostitution. Poverty is blamed for turning women further along the highway, Just a half hour's drive have noticed disturbing trends. workers at this hospital are spreading at an alarming rate, Sexually transmitted diseases especially among teenagers. are so far uncommon, While HIV infections disaster is not far away. the clinic's workers know in the HIV-AIDS reactives We have seen gradually increase after doing the screening. to face the problem. So, we are looking forward in the near future. We know that it will be a problem at the roadside hot spots, By targeting their message local AIDS workers hope the rate of transmission. they'll be able to reduce 1 in 50 Papua New Guineans The latest figures suggest are today living with HIV. in prevention programs Unless there is success along roads like this, that figure will only get worse.

PNG Highlands Highway. Sean McLeod, ABC News, in Texas A controversial Internet site the chance to go hunting is offering web surfers by remote control. The site lets people kill an animal or office. from the safety of their home of traditional hunting are appalled American politicians and advocates and are trying to shut down the site. Mark Simkin reports from Texas. North America correspondent It's a warm spring day

going hunting and John Lockwood is in his office. He's developed the ultimate killer application. It was more exciting for me today just being here and being a part of it, than I've been excited in hunting in a long, long time. It was truly exciting. Live-Shot is simple in concept, but sophisticated in execution.

Anyone, anywhere can use the Internet

to obtain a hunting licence. It takes about five minutes. Schedule a shoot, log on and blaze away, using a mouse to kill a deer. It costs a few hundred dollars target shooting, although the cheaper option, from Australia. is attracting enquiries pick up your firearms. Alright, shooters,

in Texas, Hunting is virtually a way of life although not for the animals. hunt in the States each year. More than one million people Internet shooting is appalling. Many of them say but it's totally unethical. It's a stupid idea Hunting is not a game.

It's experiential, it's being part of the outdoors, and Internet shooting of an animal is just that. You might as well go to the HEB and pick something up that's shrink-wrapped. Internet hunting is under fire from all directions. The Texas wildlife authorities recently ruled that you cannot use Internet hunting to hunt native animals and a Texas politician wants to take the matter even further. Harvey Hildebran is sponsoring legislation that would ban the practice outright.

We also miss out on the tourism economic impact when people can hunt from around the world without having to come to Texas. We want them to come to Texas, enjoy Texas hospitality. The campaign has led 14 other states and the national government to put Internet hunting in the cross-airs. Mark Simkin, ABC News, San Antonio. They've already been blamed for bullying and teenage debt. Now there's a new warning about mobile phones. Some adolescents are becoming so addicted to them that experts say their long-term health is under threat. If you're a teenager, to be cool, you've got to have a mobile phone. You're always going to have one.

Oh, here my phone goes now. It's estimated 85% of young people use them.. PHONE RINGS Hello? ..many even sleep with them. What time do you switch them off at night? We don't. You can't turn your phone off. It's too scary, like you're away from life. And clinical psychologists are finding that dependence is contributing to the epidemic of teenage and pre-teen depression. They actually end up with disrupted sleep and poor social habits as a result of their addiction to their mobile phones and so it certainly contributes to lower mood, cranky behaviour in their families and, of course, greater difficulty in learning at school. To avoid more serious consequences, the advice is for parents to ban mobile phones from the bedroom at night. The amount of affrontery that young people experience It seems that we've just created a round-the clock culture

and it's one that young people are just unwilling to let go of at any cost. However some psychologists are actually handing out mobile phones to teenagers to fight depression. It's difficult to get young people If you can actually really get what they did at the actual time, you can start to understand and experience with the young person what it's like to be young and to feel stressed and moody and upset about things. The results will be used to create mobile phone software

that detects when there's a problem and helps deal with it. So what we want to do is develop the research tool into a treatment tool or into a clinical tool that can be used with at-risk young people. So that we can actually start to get at the early warning signs of depression and prevent it before it gets bad. A large group study will soon be under way and researchers hope that eventually the free download will be available to all Australian teenagers. Deborah Rice, ABC News. The Waratahs have finished second on the super 12 ladder after beating Auckland last night, but failing to score a bonus point. If they'd scored one more try they would've finished on top, boosting their chances of hosting the competition final in a fortnight's time. It wasn't the grandstand finish the Waratahs were hoping for in their last match before the semifinals. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what an end. WHISTLE BLOWS NSW may have won the game but the disappointment of failing to secure a vital bonus point

was clear on the faces of the Waratah players. We set ourselves pretty high standards and we've come up a fraction short. Two first-half tries had the Waratahs on track to finish on top of the table. Can he get it down? Try! Peter Hewat. Lachlan Mackay When Perth-bound five-eighth put David Lyons over, to collect the bonus point NSW still had half an hour with another try. you are something special. Lachie Mackay, What a great pill! A penalty close to the Auckland line for another 5-pointer. had the Waratahs poised on a shot for goal. Instead, the captain decided taking the three. So Chris Whittaker, BOOING You can look at other games. during the season There were other opportunities where we could have picked up a point perhaps,

so you can't just put it down to one game or one decision or anything like that. In a hectic last 10 minutes, NSW pressed for points only to come up empty. Oh, tackled there - great defence. They came up and shut them down. The Waratahs can only host the final if they win their semifinal next weekend and the Crusaders lose. The four-time champions leapfrogged NSW on the table against the Hurricanes. with a strong win six tries to two The Crusaders piled on ahead of the semifinals. in an ominous display its unbeaten streak Warringah has continued club rugby competition. in the Sydney this afternoon Warringah defeated Parramatta to remain on top of the ladder. Southern Districts, Easts, Other winners today were Sydney Uni, West Harbour and Eastwood. its resurgence in the NRL St George Illawarra has continued over Penrith last night. with a convincing victory The Dragons 22-point victory in succession was the club's fourth win while in tonight's match Manly leads the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were missing almost a team worth of first-graders, but weren't short on confidence - perhaps too much from Matt Utai. COMMENTATOR: Just loses it. Hazem El Masri demonstrated how it's done. And finally got there for the first points of the night. The Sea Eagles have a poor record in night games, but with fullback Brett Stewart finding open space, the future looked bright. He has speed to burn. bring up 100 points for the season, El Masri grabbed his second to put Manly up by eight at the break. before Terry Hill's flick pass sluggish start against the Panthers Last night, the Dragons overcame a for the first time this year. to move into the top eight Burnie scores for the Panthers. Referee Paul Simpkins in the second half - didn't help the Penrith cause that led to a try. he missed Shaun Timmins' knock-on There's Gasnier - he's in again. the Dragons needed. It was the break including a double to Matt Cooper, They piled on five straight tries,

14-year losing streak at Wollongong. to continue the Panthers' They've just got a knack for really putting teams away. Trent Barrett's solo try sealed the Dragons fifth win from their past six matches, heading into the Origin period. We've been building the last few weeks

and starting to play some good footy, but we're still down the bottom of the table so we're not getting too excited. Penrith forward Frank Pritchard is likely to face the judiciary this week on Nick Youngquest. after a high shot of the AFL season Hawthorn has won its second game over Melbourne this afternoon. with an upset victory

goals in Hawthorn's win, Mark Williams kicked eight West Coast outclassed St Kilda last night. and Geelong thumped Carlton of attention before the match, Chance Bateman was the centre in the history of golf The greatest money-winning streak has come to an end missing a cut. with Tiger Woods finally in the money The world number one had finished consecutive touraments in a record 142 for the final rounds but failed to qualify in Texas. at the Byron Nelson Classic Overnight leader Australian Stuart Appleby

hit a second-round 3 over par that's left him in a tie for 18th. While he's not the superstitious type, there was something eerie about Tiger Woods' earnings streak ending on Friday the 13th. His long run of success is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in world sport. the previous record Woods had long surpassed

of 113 consecutive cuts whom this tournament was named. held by Byron Nelson, after the final hole, Woods needed just to par on the 18th but a visit to a greenside bunker his extraordinary streak. put paid to hopes of extending

had a forgettable day - First-round leader Stuart Appleby his putter failed him regularly to be five shots off the pace. as he slipped back a little over a week away, With the French Open to rivals Roger Federer has sent a message Slam title that's so far eluded him. that he's hungry for the only Grand The Swiss world number one

battled through to the semifinals of the Masters series in Hamburg with a 6-4 7-6 win over Argentina's Guillermo Coria. He claimed it as a major victory. 'Cause I don't play many, many clay court matches, especially leading up to the French, every victory I can take is great for my confidence. A confidence-boosting stage win in the Giro d'Italia was just what Australian Robbie McEwen ordered. A crash 4km from the finish main rivals, eliminated one of McEwen's Italy's Alessandro Petacchi. In the sprint finish of the 153km sixth stage, at the end for Estonia's Jann Kirsipuu. McEwen was too strong

SHOUTS EXCITEDLY ITALIAN COMMENTATOR of McEwen's career It was the seventh stage win in the Giro d'Italia. their human co-stars They've often upstaged famous cars are up for auction. and now some of Hollywood's most 'Grease' is for sale, The souped-up Ford from the movie 'Beverly Hillbillies' jalopy. alongside the by designer George Barris. Both were created His most famous work, the 1960s batmobile, won't be in the auction, although the bat cycle is up for grabs. Cars from 'Starsky and Hutch', the 'Dukes of Hazzard', and the 'Back to the Future' movies are also expected to fetch high prices. Now the weather, and all that cloud on the coast didn't produce much rain today. Dangerous surf conditions. And before we go, a reminder of tomorrow morning's news and current affairs line-up. host a debate On Insiders, Barry Cassidy will Minister Peter Dutton, betwen Workforce Participation Employment Senator Penny Wong. and Shadow Minister for guest is John Stewart, On 'Inside Business', Alan Kohler's CEO of National Australia Bank. with 'Seven Days', I'll be back at 10.15 international news. our look at the week's 'Asia Pacific Focus'. And at 10:35 Michael Maher presents And that's the news to this minute. at 8:25pm. I'll be back with more news We'll leave you tonight Medieval Fayre, with Brisbane's annual the age of chivalry. where thousands turn out to re-live Goodnight. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.