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(generated from captions) restore peace as on the Korean has tr time on the Korean peninsula. China persuade the North Koreans and

I think they need to take a north creeance. much tougher view with the

The number of people killed in the Cambodian stampede likely to rise above 380. Hopes fade for air. Obviously with the passage

of time hope does diminish and whilst we remain optimistic we are focus on to effect a recovery. And Doug are focus on going underground

selection Bollinger tipped to miss out on Bollinger tipped to miss out

the Gabba. Good morning, I'm Michael Rowland. South attacks Korea is threatening missile

unless Seoul agrees to withdraw

a disputed maritime border. They traded heavy military fire yesterday. This to the yesterday. This morn weg spoke

South Korea, Christopher to the former US ambassador to

He says it's time China South Korea, Christopher Hill.

another look He says it's time China took

relationship with North

Korea. I think it's very much

time for China to take a time for China to take a hard

look at this ally that they've

had. China has from time time tried to persuade had. China has from time to

they need to take a are split on the are split on the subject. If you talk to people in shange Shanghai

that benefit from China's opening with the world they

have no interest in maintaining this relationship this relationship with a

commune Nyst relic but other

Chinese are doing that, keeping

a close relationship with a

country that's doing no good and is holding China back. That is the former US undersecretary for

for State Chris fer Hill and

Mark Willacy joins us on the phone. It can be best described as an uneasy border region there this morning? That's right. We've seen no further action since that

that barrage and exchange of

fire yesterday. What we have is

a lot of politicians an

military chiefs meeting to

trying to formulate a strategy

if there is another flare up

has and what we know is South Korea

has a lot to lose over this.

The North has thousands of missiles pointed which is 50 km from the border. Any retall trrk strike by Any retall trrk strike by the

South would certainly be met

with a barrage of missiles from

north of the border and

could spark mass casualties in

Seoul, prompt the economy to Seoul, prompt the economy to go into meltdown and could trigger full-scale war.

full-scale war. There is a lot

to lose here. This uneasiness

is heightened by the fact is heightened by the fact that

nobody from our top diplomats

down seem to know what's

on within North Korea and what

prompted these missile attacks

in the first place? That's right. It's a place at the best of times,

Pyongyang, but what we do know

is that South Korea is saying this was a preplanned the North against defenceless this was a preplanned attack by

was car yig out a military civilance. Seoul admitted it

exercise near this island and

had fired shots but it says it

was to the west and not to the

north in Pyongyang's territory.

We had a broadcast out of the Pyongyang overnight accusing

shop shots and saying Northern South Korea of firing the

troops retaliate. It appears

this could have been an issue over a South Korean naval

could have been exercise, a naval drill or it

trying something very different. How critical is it

ease these tensions? It's very now for China to step in and

critical. China is the one

conduit towards Pyongyang so if

the Chinese have that hotline

directly to Kim Jong-il's

regime they're the ones who can

or some sort of logic to the offer some sort of concessions

North Koreans about why they shouldn't continue with these

barrages. So the Chinese are

extremely important here. We

firmly behind their South have the Americans lining

Korean all and we're hearing

from the Pentagon now that US from the Pentagon now that US and South Korean defence chiefs have agreed in talks to

coordinate any response to

North Korea so everyone's

lining up behind the South

Koreans. From the North Koreans. From the North Korean perspective they're obviously going to hear from much from China. So it's very important Pyongyang. Would China be what China has

deciding that it has more to

lose than gain in continuing to

prop up its ally in Pyongyang? I I think there's an ongoing debate in Beijing about this

whole policy towards Pyongyang.

Many there see Pyongyang as

that relic from the past that

is dragging China down but

China also knows that it needs

North Korea to stay in tact. If

there is a war and it

disintegrates then there's

going to be a mass flooding of

refugees across the border refugees across the border into

China. China will

in and deal with that. It has

lot to lose here, China. It is really caught between a rock

and a hard place and I think

that but they would like to see many in wshington

Beijing offer a firmer line regime there. OK, Mark thank you. To other news and Cambodian number of people killed in number of people killed in that stampede is likely to

Nearly 400 people were and 750 Nearly 400 people were killed

number of patients. day of mourning is planned for tomorrow. Rescue efforts men have been trapped continuing at a mine where 29

Friday. This Friday. This morning the mine's

CEO Peter Whittal say assecond

decide whether rescue teams can

enter the mine but he says air dangerous to send anyone inside and police superintendent Knowles and police superintendent Gary that we used fading. The original robot

that we used from the Defence Force during the reactivated, we managed to get Force during the night was

approximately 1 k into tunnel where we one of the one of the miners' helmets with the light still active, which is pretty amazing that it's

still working underground. It went to the point went to the point where we had to stop it because of its

technical able and the fact that we reached the that we reached the stage where we wanted moved that to the side of the

tunnel so obstacle. We've downloaded the

footage from that devietion footage from that devietion and as we speak my team are reviewing

reviewing that establish what is actually

being seen and what we can use

as far as our activity concerned. As we probably not what families

hoped but

air that came air that came out from the hole was extremely high in carbon dioxide, very high in and fairly low in oxygen. We've

only had initial samples from

it it and we haven't got any trends from it. trends from it. We will be sampling at about interval and those first samples are now that the samples are off the

limit, the environment is still unstable, it is unsafe, and it

is not appropriate to send rescue teams underground at this time. Whilst I can the family members who we with this morning hours, at the end of the day Mines Rescue are ready to activate when a window of This is a team

whole of government approach

and whilst I can understand their frustrations we're everything possible to But obviously with the passage of time hope does diminish and whilst we remain recovery, to effect a rescue

and do what we're trained to

do. That's New Zealand police Superintendent Gary Knowles.

Back home and time is running

out for the Federal out for the Federal Government to convince the Independent

Senator Nick Xenephon to back a

bill that splits Telstra. Senator Xenephon Senator Xenephon held talks with the Prime with the Prime Minister yesterday but the Independent

is standing firm. He says is standing firm. He says he won't support the split until

he sees the business plan for the national broadband network. release the plan next month. Liberal Senator Julie

McGauran has called for the indigenous welcome to country to be dropped from the opening of parliament each day. The

indigenous recognition has been made at

the start of each sitting along

with the Lord's prayer. Senator

McGauran says the welcome to

country is not a prayer country is not a prayer and therefore should not be given

equivalent status. A court

ruling is expected this morning over a South over a South Australian construction worker charged

under the Howard under the Howard Government's industrial stood trial for failing to answer answer compulsory questions from the Australian building

and construction commission.

Candice Marcus joins us from outside the Magistrates Court. Why has

therein there been so much

interest in this case?

interest in this case? Well,

this case potentially has a

national ramification that goes beyond Ark Tribe as an

individual. He's the first

American to be charged with this particular offence under

the strail laws this the strail laws this were introduce fwid Howard Government and the Government and the Australian Building and Construction

Commission was investigating a stop work Adelaide building site in Adelaide building site in 2008

and arderred Ark Tribe attend and arderred Ark Tribe to

attend the commission to answer compulsory questions about what they were investigating they were investigating and it's alleged he failed to do

so. Now if found guilty Ark

Tribe faces a possible jail

term of up to 6 months so this has attracted nation wide attention from the union

movement and as you can see,

they're here today as they have been always to support court. He's never come to court without this without this support. What sort of ruling are the unions

after? Well, the unions would

like fo see the like fo see the ABCC and these

industrial laws abolished. They industrial laws abolished. They

say that it's undemocratic,

that the ABCC has powers that are unrivalled by any police

officer in the State, that is

that when somebody is under investigation or charged with an offence that they have the

right to remain silent and the right not to right not to self-incriminate and they're saying that ABCC takes away that right and they would like to see obviously Ark Tribe be

acquitted of this charge and

they don't want to see him go

to jail. If he does they to jail. If he does they have

vowed to take nation wide industrial action but we remain

to see the outcome in this

case. The jmentd is due to be delivered delivered shortly. Candice

Marcus outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court, thank you.

Now during the Cold War and

after Russia has hosted many

summits but nothing like this. Representives from world are in St Petersburg for the biggest meeting ever

devoted to saving the devoted to saving the tiger.

Moscow correspondent Norman Hermont Hermont reports. Just days

before the summit began there was an all too familiar reminder of

reminder of the challenges ahead. A rare Siberian ahead. A rare Siberian tiger killed by far east. Saving

far east. Saving these animals will take more than

will take more than conferences those who have gathered in St Petersburg. The vast

that all of us have made have helped to win

the war has not been really won. This won. This is being called the

most high powered meeting ever devoted devoted to the well being of

just one animal. just one animal. 13 countries are expected to approve a $330 are expected to approve a $330 million, 5-year plan to save

the tiger from extinction. And I think I think what you see here is governments coming doubling tiger numbers over the next 12 next 12 years. Only 3,200 tigers are believed to in the wild they could be gone by 2022. But special weapon on special weapon on its side. Almost more than any summit images of tigers were on the walls of the Kremlin. But public support won't save tigers, won't save tigers, real protection after year. In Russia's far

east there has been some

TRANSLATION: In comparison TRANSLATION: In comparison with other populations of the Siberian tiger population is but it's slowly growing. Half a centry ago there were only centry ago there were only 50

tigers left in there are about 400. But

Anatoly Belov has a to cover twice the size

will take much more money to preserve habitat and to boost

manpower to keep poachers driving the tiger to the brink.

The top stories on ABC The top stories on ABC News 24 this morning - South yesterday killing two soldiers

, the former US ambassador to South South Korea, Christopher Hill, has

must take an active role in easing tensions. The number of people killed people killed in Cambodia's

stampede has risen to nearly 400. More than 750 people were injured during celebrations in the capital Phnom Penh. Health authorities are struggling to cope injured. And rescuers in New Zealand have been unable to reach the almost 6 days. Authorities at the Pike almost 6 days.

the Pike River mine have been

testing gas levels below the surface. They say conditions are far are far too dangerous to send

rescuers in. To finance new

and the media heir Lachlan Murdoch has bought half of his fellow businessman's James Packer's stake in the Ten

Network. Mr Packer last month

bought an 18% stake of Ten

after a $280 million share

market raid on the Also this week it emerged that West Australian billionaire Gina rien heart bought about

10% of the network also in a

raid on its shares. It's been

reported she was inspire to do

so by a recent speech by James

Packer at a dinner for his

friend the Sydney radio host

Alan Jones. The European Union

is calling on Ireland to pass

its budget as soon as possible

to prevent further to prevent further instability

in financial markets. The in financial markets. The EU economics Commissioner Ollie

Rehn said the budget should Rehn said the budget should be passed as a matter The Irish Government is at crisis point after accepting a

$120 billion bail $120 billion bail out from the EU and the IMF. Ireland's 2

main opposition parties are

calling for an immediate

general election. Let's take a

look at the markets now: Prince William and Prince William and his

fiancee Kate Middleton have

named the day for their royal wedding. It will be held wedding. It will be held at west minister next year and in good news for recession-hit Britons the

Windsors and the Middletons

will be picking up the tab. Phil Williams Phil Williams has this story. The link between the

British monarchy and Westminster Abbey goes back cent

cent rtious. The Queen was

there again today. So it's

perhaps no surprise the young

couple chose a place with deep historical and personal connections. The Queen married

her Prince Philip here back in 1947. I Elizabeth Alexandra Mary take thee Phillip for Mary take thee Phillip for my wedded husband. Prince William's aunt, William's aunt, Princess Anne had her first marriage to

Captain Mark Phillips in the

Abbey as did the Ao groom's

uncle Prince Andrew with his

marriage to Sarah Ferguson, a young Prince William a page young Prince William a page boy on that occasion but Westminster Abbey also

represents great sadness. It's

where Princess Diana's funeral

was held. In good times and bad its links remain powerful. It is

I can use the is the seat of royal power, if I can use the word. take place there, funeral

services take place services take place there, royal marriages take place there

important that we maintain Kingdom with our royal family. News of the family. News of the wedding

location met with some

approval. But I'm so pleased they've had

location met with some they've had it at an

international place here, perfect. I fabulous place. All his royal ancestors the future. I think it's really The family and the Middletons picking tup The Government paying for the Minister, David Cameron, was

consulted about the date of the

wedding. He declared the Friday a public holiday. No popular decision for a day of pomp and glamour. After pomp and glamour. After all the excitement of the wedding and the honeymoon the royal

couple will return to couple will return to a rather more mundane existence on an RAF base in North Wales where Prince William pilot. Of course eventually when accommodation will improve substantially. He may have a long time to wait. Here's Paul Kennedy Kennedy with the headlines. Good morning. Let's look at There's one day to go There's one day to go now before the first Test at before the first Test at the Gabba. The selectors yesterday were which paceman which paceman to include and

the tip is that Doug hasn't had great match practice. Peter considered very fit and ready to go the distance even he hasn't got Doug Bollinger's swing. Usman Khawaja has been accepted into accepted into the team now and he's there as a standby

with his back injury being training yesterday, fairly static sort static sort of training, he did move OK in the nets to be hitting the ball to be hitting the ball quite well. Let's spoke yesterday. We talk about all this pressure on us think there's a lot think there's a lot of pressure

on them coming over here with last time being beaten 5-0. obviously holding think there's a lot of pressure

on them to perform and a lot of eyes on them. The the first two overs I here I was just trying to the ball there bit of swing, I don't know. But I was just trying to place the ball in working for me and he just said

bowl fast so it's good to bowl fast so it's good to have that reassurance and it's

something that I guess I've always really done throughout my career, just sometimes you let the pressures get

bit, you start thinking about different things you've just got to go back you've just got to go back to keeping it keeping it simple. It's obviously something I've got the prove to people. It's my

one side I one side I haven't done as well against definitely you can't hide behind the fact that statistic

and next 2 months I can prove people wrong on

doesn't bring any more pressure to it. There's enough pressure to walk for England in an for England in an Ashes series. I'm looking forward to try get those runs bhien me and try

and improve my record against Australia. Altear Cook there the opening batsman one of

several English players with a point to prove for The spring tour for the Wallabies is almost can show you fresh pictures from just that match against weekend. Will Genia is playing scrum half there at training. Whether he will start in front of Luke Burgess who played against Italy remains to be seen. There's a few selection things to come to terms things to come to terms with there and Will Genia of there and Will Genia of course missed that Italian right to go and he's ready to be selected. The final 15

hasn't been named yet. hasn't been named yet. Let's hear now also the centre Adam Ashley-Cooper who you can see there. I think if I get picked

I'll be 100% ready to go. It's probably best not playing not

having the bumps an bruise s game I will be back

been like that for a last pretty big centres pretty big centres obviously. They're but looking forward towards the focus in on defence hoping to stop them this tour really strong because it is important, we look back on last year in the and wep finished and wep finished in Wales and, you know, it just give yous a

lot of lot of confidence leading into the next year, I believe, especially away on tours like for us. There's been several matches in the

League. We can tell you has won its match this morn #2g-1. #2g-1. Arsenal lost 2-0 in its match and the other big team that many people follow,

Real Madrid, was able to win the end. Let's its match and that was the end. Let's take a look at a

couple of the goals. Back

flick, what a flick, what a brilliant goal

that was. Well that was stunning, stunning, an incredible lay off

and a fantastic finish from

Benzamar. Thier trying to go under the wall. under the wall. Completely

deceived by the shot. Does

this take a deflection, I wonder? A very strong shot.

Now he has to get back and aid

his defence.Cristiano r

Rinaldo, a goal. One of the

world's best setting up some of

those goal and then scoring the

third goal. Just repeating 4-0

was the result there for Real

Madrid over Ajax. Let's look at

the tennis in London, the tour finals seems to be in great form. He probably doesn't want the season to end the way going. He's eaten Andy Murray

6-4, 6-2. It was Murray who started started on fire in the first match in this tournament and

was hoping to get a victory in

front of what he considers his

home crowd and Roger Federer

doing it easy though in that match. Moving through to the

semifinals now. Andy Murray

will have to beat David Ferrer in his next match to move through to the Federer. Federer demol yirk ed Ferrer yesterday. And Ferrer yesterday. And Michael,

I think the English team would

have been buoyed by Mitchell Johnson's

He was talking about regaining

some form and confidence but gave away the fact that he

sometimes lets his mind wander sometimes lets his mind wander

and he gets affected by the pressure. I think they would

have been rapt to hear him

talking like that. Do you talking like that. Do you think sledging material? Definitely

sledging, they've got 5 Tests to grind just knowing he gets distracted

when the English player, of course they feel the course they feel the pressure

and they will do at the Gabba

but maybe they might feel they

can upset him and maybe hit him

for a couple of fours and get

him off his game. Start with

the moustache. I know good cause for Movember. You're a bit frustrate fwid overdoing it in a good cause, we're a good cause, we're seeing of late

should I say, mush Tash. It is for men's health but some of those gentlemen seem to be able

to pull it off. It's very, very

late November for him to have a

late or takes him a long time to grow the late or takes him

see Michael Clarke looking fairly good on some of the pictures from the training session yesterday so the back's not causing too problems? He looks like his

movements were quite measured and I think he's so and I think he's so desperate to get to the start line for Bollinger might Bollinger might not be there with in the past couple of years, but Michael Clarke, he was there and there and he was training but

I'm not sure that he had sudden movements pulls up man will be straight in, Usman

Khawaja, from NSW. I'd love to say Usman Khawaja play for Australia Australia but maybe in the next one let's all the experience they can muster to beat trough is triggering showers and storms over moving across the south as

another rain event builds. low pressure trough in the north-west Australia as it heads across

the interior. It will levels of moisture into the NSW and southern Queensland. In rain falling rain falling along the east coast since 9 coast since 9 am yesterday. Mackay's had another 102.6 mm, the monthly total is only 16 off off the November record. Patchy rain and thunderstorms will continue over the north and east. NSW, isolated shower

about the north coast and

adjacent ranges, late adjacent ranges, late showers an possible thunderstorms developing in the south-west,

north to north-east winds. north to north-east winds. For Victoria hot will increase from the west and a cooler change the south-west as showers the south-west as showers and thunderstorms develop central area s by Dry over in the east. For Tasmania, thundery rain in the south and west but light south and west but light and patchy in the

of 22 degrees in Hobart. A rain barned barned has south-west of South so far over 7 mm for Nullarbor. Isolated Isolated shower and thunderstorms will spread into

a fairly hot day, a fairly hot day, 29 degrees in

Perth, 31 in Geraldton and a

few showers and thunderstorms left around Eucla left around Eucla and the

interior. Up to the north

isolated showers and storms about

about the Kimberley and Top

End, a hot day for the Northern Territory, 4 1 degrees in

Kununurra. Now stay tuned to ABC News 24 for all

day on the Korean peninsula.

Tensions, the search for those

trapped miner and what should

be an action packed penultimate day of Federal parm. That's all for now, goodbye. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Good morning, welcome to business today for Australia Network, I'm Network, I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons, coming up on the

program - shares slide, program - shares slide, US marks fall on concerns of Korean tensions and Korean tensions and downgrade

ed growth. Retail warning,

Gerry Harvey says the sector's facing a bleak Christmas trading period. And supply line, Australia to develop its rare earth resources for

stories coming up shortly but first let's take a first let's take a quick look