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(generated from captions) some bidders. We have stuck to

our guns. We are joined by

Bruce Bilson from the Federal

opposition for more on this.

Good morning Bruce Billson.

How are things? All right.

Where do you think this is

headed now? Has Telstra dealt

itself out by the way it

presented its bid ? It is hard

to know. It depend s on who

you will believe. That was the

document involved in the tender

itself. You get the sense of

the proportionality. That must

be a very difficult task for

anybody to contend with does

the government accept the sales

pitch from Telstra. It sounds

like Senator Conroy will. This

risks from going from a

shambles to potentially a

scandal through the ineptitude

of the minister. You have got

the documents there. I think

the Telstra bid runs for about

12 pages and one or two of the others runs for thousands don't

they? This is the tender

document itself Barry. And

even the tender document itself was criticised as being too

vague and not giving clarify

for bidders in terms of what

was exactly expected of them.

It is worth remembering where

we came from. The Labor

government started during the

election campaign with a sound

bight on broadband but no sound

policy. Everybody has been

screaming out for clarity about the regulatory framework. What

are the rules under which this

network will operate. What are the consumer interest. What are acceptable prices to the

paid by consumers directly or

where the service is wholesaled

to another provider and what

are the duties and obligations

under competition. These are

things that Senator Conroy

swapped away. This shambolic

process has just left everybody

scratching their heads, it

likes like the minister has got

to follow some of the opposition's advice and

actually reinstint the OPEL

project. The billion dollar

inissue tiff to make sure metro

broadband was available to

rural and regional Australia.

Then look at what is needed to

make sure higher speed

broadband is rolled out to the

minister and government metropolitan areas. Isn't the

entitled to say to Telstra one

of the conditions here you

split your wholesale from your

retail arm and if you don't do

that you are not a serious

bidder? That's one

possibility. But what

everybody was unclear and very

unhappy about was just what the

government expected. In that

tender document it listed a

dozen and a half objectives.

Remember the election, clear

promises, 98% of Australian properties would get broadband

through fibre to the node at at

least 12 megabit speed. That

was very clear. By the time it

got to the documents they were

ambitions and objectives. It

wasn't clear what was a

must-have, in the tender

document. What was a nice to

have and what will be really

good. We get to the point

where some have put in very

substantial bids, others have

put in sales pitches and it now

goes off to a faceless expert

committee behind closed doors.

Do you think there is a bit of

arrogance what Telstra is doing

here, they bid for a huge

project with a 12 page tender

document? It is courageous. I

wouldn't have done T I don't

know why it wasn't canvassed

time when this has been pitched with shareholders where at a

as one of the most major

infrastructure projects going

round for a generation that you

get a sales pitch rather than a

substantial submission. It is

- it is a big trion. It is a

bill - try on, it say bill call

but it highlights very vividly

how the government has

completely botched this

process, making election

promises it could never keep.

Trying to intervene in an area

where the market was alive and

vigorous, not doing any of it

in a open transparent way. The

national interest and consumer

interest got a look in. Let's

remember the national interest

and consumer interest are

competing for most neglected

status while some kind of

political fix getting cooked up

by Senator Conroy and who he

is happy to talk to. This is

no way to run a policy. It is

no way to look after the

national interest and no way to handle a project of this saps.

Put arrogance to one side and