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(generated from captions) These Wayne Swan says the

money and the Government saved

by not implementing the

Emissions Trading Scheme will

be put towards a ereincredible

Armstrong energy future fund.

It's expected to deliver more

than $600 for wind solar and

bio mass projects. We're joined

by Greens leader broadband

Brown. Thank you for joining

us. Good morning. From a Greens

perspective how do you view

this Budget? Well it's a a very

anti-green Budget. There's loaf

a billion stripped out of green

projects, that includes green

car spending, money for water

tanks, helping $500 bonuses to

help householders get water

tanks and recycled water, grey

water systems, there's money

taken out of the switch to

ethanol project, a quarter of a

million there, there's $so million stripped out of

Landcare, there's another $70

million stripped out of the

caring for country program, and

of course when it comes to

climate change, that's -

there's a quarter of a billion

dollar savings by effectively

dis-Mantling the department of

climate change and there's no

sign of the very sensible

Garnaut proposal for a carbon

tax which instead of stripping

money out of the environment

would have put $10 billion into

giving this country a lead on

action on climate change. Let's get to the Emissions Trading

Scheme that's been abandoned

and from where this $652

million from that comes now for

renewable energy. We'll get to

a potential ETS in a moment but

what do you think of that

renewable energy target scheme? Well of course it's a

good thing but it's a drop in

the bucket. We're talking

here... It's not really - it's

$6 52 million. You can't call

that a drop in the bucket. Yes that

it is really in a country that

needs to transform its economy

into one that deals with cling.

It's 2% of the spending that

the Greens would get if the

Government were to put on a

carbon tax on to 1,000 biggest

polluters in the country and

get immediate action on climate

change as well as have then $10

billion a year to put into not

just renewable energy but

transforming the economy and

creating the jobs that we need

if we're going to be able to

compete in a climate change

world, in an 'Age' of environmental technology where

the best economies are going to

be the greenest economies,

China is getting the lead on

us, we're falling way behind

and this Budget is a real -

well it's lead weight in the

saddle for move towards that

sort of economy which we need

very much in the coming

decades. The Government has as

part of its Budget program

pledged to spend the next few

years trying to rebuild

Emissions Trading Scheme, which community support for an

of course is what the Greens

want as well. But in an election year, do you believe

the Government is going to lose critical support from those

people who vetted it in because

it said it believed in climate change and wanted to do

something about it and now has no ETS heading into this

re-election year? Virginia

there's no doubt the Government

is making an electoral mistake

here. The opinion polls show

that people in the electorate

particularly swinging voters,

thinking voters are extremely

concerned about climate change,

they want action on climate

change, the Greens have got a

very simple and effective climb

at tax proposal before the

Government and it's turned its

back on it. It's not only

saying it's own program won't

be going ahead and nor should

it, it was found to involve the

Grattan report showing it would

have been a $20 billion waste

of taxpayers' money as well as

failing to reach a good target

as far as clawing back climate

change is concerned, we've gone

for the Garnaut option for a

carbon tax, it was well

targeted, it would raise the

money to transform the economy,

but the Government says no

action till the weather. That's

election after next, so

Australians are not going to

accept that. That's putting at

risk the Murray Darling basin,

the snow fields, the $6 billion economy on the Great Barrier

Reef with the 68,000 jobs that

go with that. It's simply not

good enough for this Government

to wash its hands of climate

change. It should be doing much

better than that. The Greens

are ready to work on it and we

will be having it right there

at the top of the agenda after

the election as well as in the

run to this election. We've got

a program for the Australian

voters, it will work, it's a

proven program, it's the right

way to be going for the economy and employment. As well as for

the environment. So just to

finish up our conversation this

morning, Senator broadband

Brown, you're capacity that

this voter an tipthy or

backlash towards the Rudd

Government that will translate

into significant votes for the

Greens, do you stand a chance

of taking say seats like

Melbourne in the lower house? Well we can't predict

that. I know you can't predict

but how confident are you

feeling about it? Well you know

it's bittersweet, isn't it? I

would rather the Government

took up our policies. And took

on the Garnaut tax on carbon

option. You'd rather that than

winning a seat for the Greens

in the lower house? That's what

we're here for. We're here to

see the nation gets a good

dividend, not to see which

heart has votes on seats but

having said that, with this

Government failing so

comprehensively on climate

change we'll not only have good

candidates like Adam in

Melbourne running a strong

campaign but we are running

very strongly for the sphat in every State and Territory and

we'll be maximising to voters

the climate tax optionor with

putting forward among a suite

of oh policies on health

education and where in this

Budget is any proposal to look

at high speed rail between

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

That's the sort of project I

would have expected at least a

into looking at but the few million dollars have gone

Government's missing