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SALLY SARA: For more than 30 years he's lived and worked among the poorest of the poor, lepers and
orphans, the down and out children of India.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: The children all run to him. They all want to hang on to
him. He is absolutely beautiful with them.

SALLY SARA: But the story of Australian Paul Henry Dean is not one of selflessness.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: He could be charming. He could be violent.

SALLY SARA: Under the cloak of Christian charity, he is accused of sexually abusing dozens, perhaps
hundreds, of boys in his care.

One boy close to him took his own life, others have grown up with the scars.

ACTOR'S VOICE, BOY'S STATEMENT TO POLICE: He locked the door and made me strip. He put oil on my
penis and handled it. Then I put oil on his penis.

This happened 20 or 25 times in 2006. This is my true statement, Suresh, age 15.

SALLY SARA: A fugitive from Australian justice, Paul Dean has led a life of deception, inventing
stories and changing identities. For years the Australian Government knew of the allegations
against him but allowed him to roam free.

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: I'm really angry that he got away and he continued to offend.

SALLY SARA: Tonight on 4 Corners, the destructive trail of an Australian abroad, The Many Faces of
Brother Paul.

(On Screen Text: The Many Faces of Brother Paul, Reporter: Sally Sara)

Paul Henry Dean has been a con man for nearly 35 years.

His story starts here, in Bunbury, south of Perth. Dean grew up here, married and left his mark.

Bunbury was a small place for an ambitious young Paul Dean. He was a smooth talker with plenty of
grand ideas.

GUY CASTIEAU, FORMER PRESIDENT, BUNBURY SURF CLUB: Oh certainly, yes he had a lot of ideas, um and
probably um, that's how he ah aspired to be president for three terms of the Bunbury Surf Club.

Ah I think the members probably thought here's a go-getter and let's elect him as president and the
club will ah go ahead in leaps and bounds.

See Paul Dean was president in 72 and 73, 73 and 74, and then 74 and 75.

SALLY SARA: After dabbling in real estate Paul Dean became chairman of a company called Compass
Travel, with offices in Perth and here at this address in Bunbury.

The employees didn't know that Paul Dean was planning to sell the company and fraudulently pocket
the proceeds.

MICHAEL BUSWELL, FORMER BRANCH MANAGER, COMPASS TRAVEL: Well I never really had any indication at
all that even the company, that was Compass Travel the company was ever for sale. I mean we worked
very hard and it was a successful business.

SALLY SARA: Early in the New Year of 1976 Paul Dean threw a party. No one really knew what they
were celebrating. But Dean did.

He'd quietly obtained a false passport.

Declarations. Very convenient because if you had a Commissioner of Declarations as to certify
passports for you, the job was very, done very easily.

Dean used the name Alan Herbert Rose. He disguised himself by brushing his hair forward and
removing his glasses.

Dean flew to Melbourne on the 18th of January. The next day he used the false passport to catch
Singapore Airlines flight 213 to London. But he failed to reboard the plane in Singapore.

BRUCE BRENNAN, FORMER DEPUTY COMMISSIONER, WA POLICE: Well we were alerted initially to Paul Dean
being a missing person.

SALLY SARA: Bruce Brennan is the former Deputy Commissioner of Police in Western Australia.

In the 1970s he was a detective on the Major Fraud squad. He quickly found out that Paul Dean had
taken more than $100,000 from Compass Travel.

BRUCE BRENNAN, FORMER DEPUTY COMMISSIONER, WA POLICE: Well the more we dug the more we found that
there was moneys that were received that were supposed to go to Compass Travel, that were siphoned
off into other areas.

SALLY SARA: The West Australian Police issued a warrant for Paul Dean's arrest in November 1976 and
activated an Interpol alert.

(Excerpt of footage of Bruce Brennan showing pictures of Paul Dean)

BRUCE BRENNAN, FORMER DEPUTY COMMISSIONER, WA POLICE: His hair is completely off his forehead,
always down over his ears.

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: The following year, Bruce Brennan received a tip off from Interpol that Dean was in
Indonesia. He and his colleagues were preparing to go and get him. But luck would be on Paul Dean's

BRUCE BRENNAN, FORMER DEPUTY COMMISSIONER, WA POLICE: We had our vaccinations and everything else
and we were ready to go and then we heard that arrangements had fallen through and it was, as I
recall, because we didn't share an extradition treaty with Indonesia at that time.

(Excerpt of footage of India)

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: Wanted fraudster Paul Dean or Alan Rose had got away. He turned up here in India. It
was the perfect place to disappear among the masses.

And here he would launch a remarkable career of deception. He wandered the country pretending to be
a Catholic brother and priest. He even said mass to Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.

The real estate agent from Bunbury called himself Brother Paul and Sannyasi Paul. The people he met
thought he was everything from a professor, to an agricultural engineer, a doctor, and even a
specialist in tropical medicine.

On a train journey into eastern Andhra Pradesh in 1978, Paul Dean met American aid worker Darlene
Large. He was masquerading as a priest.

DARLENE LARGE, FOUNDER OF HOMES OF THE INDIAN NATION: And I must say it was very impressive because
on the train when he met a child that was begging he would give them a clean shirt and take the old
torn shirt away and he would give them food.

He would give them money. He seemed like a Catholic priest you know, and he behaved like you would
think a Catholic Priest would behave.

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean the holy man soon adopted another persona, that of the healer.

Here, in bitterly poor and remote Titilagarh in Orissa state, he would begin the next crucial
chapter of his life, playing a central role in raising funds for Titilagarh's leper colony.

Helping him was a young man, himself the son of lepers, who would become Dean's closest ally over
the next 25 years. Eliazar Tumati would later take the name of Rose, the same name Dean had used on
his fake passport. He won't exactly say why.

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: That is something spiritual for me, but nothing do with Paul or Dean
or Rose or nothing do with that. It is something very personal for me.

SALLY SARA: But his name at the time was Rose. You did adopt his name.

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: Well, maybe. I don't know. But his name is Paul Dean not Rose.

Titilagarh was a place where few foreign doctors wanted to work. It was the perfect spot for Paul
Dean. There were few questions and plenty of respect.

PRADESH KUMAR MAHARANA, FORMER MAYOR OF TITILAGARH: He was a walking god of the people of this

SALLY SARA: Pradeep Kumar Maharana was district mayor at the time. He oversaw the leper colony.
Even today nothing much happens here without his say so.

PRADESH KUMAR MAHARANA, FORMER MAYOR OF TITILAGARH: At the time he arrived here leprosy was a
totally hated disease, a social disease. So people were not touching them. They were begging and
rotting in the streets. So this Brother Paul was helping them and raising them from the streets and
working for them.

SALLY SARA: So has he ever said he's a doctor?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: Not to me, not to anybody. As I'm concerned, he did not tell us that
he's a doctor at all. All the leprosy patients' leprosy, he worked with 2000 and 3000 leprosy
patients, so everybody calls him a doctor.

SALLY SARA: And he never signed any letters as doctor?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: No. Never signed any letters as doctor, yeah.

SALLY SARA: But the record tells a different story. Paul Dean was signing letters to potential
donors as Doctor Brother Paul.

And the unqualified Dean went further.

(Excerpt of photographs of Paul Dean performing surgery)

These extraordinary photographs show Paul Dean performing surgery and treating patients at
Titilagarh in the 1980s.

(End of Excerpt)

Kailash Das saw Dean operate on dozens of lepers here in this makeshift operating theatre. Das was
one of them, Dean amputated his toe.

SALLY SARA (to Kailash Das): Tell me about the surgery that Brother Paul did on your foot?

KAILASH DAS, FORMER PATIENT (translated): I had an ulcer in my foot. I used to be in a lot of pain.
He operated on me, took out the bone, after that I felt better.

SALLY SARA (to Eliazar Rose): Have you ever seen Paul Dean perform surgery, any surgery?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: No. No, I have seen him doing dressings.

SALLY SARA: And you've never assisted him with any surgery?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: Dressings I have assisted but not with surgery.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: I saw him perform two kinds of surgery. I saw him perform
cataract operations and I saw him perform operations on leprosy patients, cutting off toes, fingers
and even a limb, one time.

SALLY SARA: The photographer in the crude operating theatre was a young Belgian volunteer who'd
arrived full of energy and idealism. Nowadays she lives with her family in Florence, Italy. It's
about as far from Titilagarh as you can get, but she cannot forget Paul Dean.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: He was a cultured person. He could be charming. Um he could
be violent, he was also mentally violent. He could be threatening. He could be, he could have been
Mother Teresa or Hitler.

SALLY SARA: Do you think that Brother Paul is a good man?

PRADESH KUMAR MAHARANA, FORMER MAYOR OF TITILAGARH: Cannot be a good man (laughs). Cannot be a good
man. He's a very bad man but he knows the art of suppressing his badness. He's an artist (laughs),
shrewd criminal.

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean had surrounded himself with dozens of local teenage boys and young men.

They were known as 'The Trainees'. Many had pulled out of school and college, lured by the promise
of medical training and much needed salaries.

JEHERU LAL BHARSAGAR, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): Twenty or 30 years ago, we thought we would get
good jobs, something nice would happen. But because of him we were destroyed. He's a bad man.

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean failed to pay the salaries as he promised. Instead, he used The Trainees for
something else.

JEHERU LAL BHARSAGAR, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): I mean, I can't even explain to you what it was.
How do I tell you?

SALLY SARA: Jeheru Lal Bharasagar is one of many trainees who claim Paul Dean sexually abused them.

HALDER HAL, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): It made me feel bad, but I couldn't do anything. He was
taking sperm from all the boys. Why was he taking sperm? I don't know.

SALLY SARA: How many times did that happen to you?

HALDER HAL, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): I can't be exact but about 15 or 20 times.

TULARAM SAHU, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): He took me to the toilet and said open your pants. Took
off my pants, my underwear, then he used some ointment, and handled me.

DHANESWAR TANDI, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): He called me to the bedroom he stayed in and he asked
me to open my pants, and put some ointment on my penis.

SALLY SARA: So of the trainee boys how many do you think were asked to have sexual activity with
Brother Paul?

MAHI DHAR PATRA, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): There were about 25 of us boys doing training. He
used 20 to 25 boys for sex.

SALLY SARA: The Trainees continued to work with Paul Dean for up to three years.

They were hanging on to the hope that the sexual abuse would stop and long awaited salaries would

It was survival.

DHANESWAR TANDI, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): Look, we were trainees and he was our guru, just like
our guru. Just like the control there is in school or college, he had similar control over us. We
obeyed whatever he told us.

SALLY SARA: The mayor got wind of what was happening, but let it go.

PRADESH KUMAR MAHARANA, FORMER MAYOR OF TITILAGARH: Brother Paul was paying them a lot of money and
they was enjoying it. So it was not, it, it had no impression on me. It was, I took it as a
secondary matter, also private life.

SALLY SARA: The boys' complaints remained buried, and Paul Dean pursued his private life

But his circle of young men was shattered by a tragic event.

Dean had taken a special interest in a deaf mute boy called Anil Kumar.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: People knew him and people loved him because he was clever.
Despite being deaf and mute he certainly was not dumb.

SALLY SARA: Here in the middle of Titilagarh is where Paul Dean lived with Anil Kumar, and gave him
pocket money, gifts and affection.

But, behind the treats, there were secrets.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: It happened in Paul's courtyard. Paul had been smoking dope,
Anil was there. Ten or 12 of Paul's following boys were there, followers, and Anil started
mimicking masturbation.

He mimicked Paul masturbating himself, he mimicked Paul masturbating him, and the boys around them
were screaming with laughter. They were screaming with laughter because Paul was furious, Anil was
definitely indicating something to us and definitely hated what Paul was doing to him.


SALLY SARA: What did they tell you?


SALLY SARA: But if Anil Kumar's abuse was an open secret, no one was about to intervene. In July
1985, he hanged himself at the house he shared with Paul Dean.

MAHI DHAR PATRA, FORMER TRAINEE (translated): I felt extremely bad, sad, because we were friends,
we spent a lot of time together, shopped together, did everything together. So I felt very sad.

SALLY SARA: Rickshaw puller Arjun Bharasagar was called to take Anil Kumar's body out of town.

ARJUN BHARASAGAR, RICKSHAW PULLER (translated): They wept, they put flowers and garlands on his
body and placed him in the grave. Then they asked me to leave with my rickshaw.

SALLY SARA: The rickshaw puller showed us where they buried Anil Kumar, in an unmarked grave just
outside the leprosy colony, in a field now planted with teak.

NATALIE NELLENS, FORMER AID VOLUNTEER: I saw Paul about a week later in another town on the coast
of Orissa, and he was completely stoned. He'd been smoking, he'd been smoking dope as usual, but
more than usual and he was crying and he kept on saying "mea culpa" and he kept on beating his
chest and saying "I'm a bloody bastard, I'm a bastard".

SALLY SARA: The former mayor now admits he helped protect the shattered Paul Dean. Mr Maharana told
us he was worried that an investigation into what caused Anil Kumar's death might reflect badly on
the leprosy colony and scare off foreign donors. So he had a quiet word to local police.


SALLY SARA: The police neglected the matter? (Padeep Kumar Maharana nods)

SALLY SARA: Despite the mayor's intervention Paul Dean's time was running out in Titilagarh. It was
time to move on and start again.

In 1985, Eliazar Rose backed by Paul Dean started a charity called New Hope, with deep connections
back to Australia.

For Australian nurse Maggie Nolan, a one off trip to India had led to a lasting bond.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: Well, I was only ever going to go once and that was in 89
and I'm now coming up for 20 years and I guess the reason I've been passionate about it is because
their philosophy is Indians helping Indians, with a little bit of help from outside and they're
very true to that.

SALLY SARA: Maggie Nolan became the shining Australian face of New Hope and one of its chief

She'd spent several years in Dean's home town of Bunbury, but says she knew nothing about him or
his past.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: No, I knew nothing about him actually. I didn't meet him
until the year 2000 and I didn't know for some time that he was from Bunbury. I knew he was

SALLY SARA: Maggie Nolan did forge a close partnership with Eliazar Rose, helping Rose on repeated
fundraising missions to Australia.

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: I think I came three times to Australia. Rotary has been very kind to
us. So it's been a great support for me, Rotary Club and Friends of New Hope.

SALLY SARA: Eliazar Rose and his mentor Paul Dean could hardly have dreamed New Hope would be so
successful. It started out caring for lepers. But buoyed by foreign donations, including at least
half a million dollars from Australia, it grew to look after thousands of homeless children, the
sick and the old.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: They're just a wonderful mob, to put it in an Australian

SALLY SARA: Maggie Nolan won an Order of Australia for her work and Paul Dean found time to write a

ACTORS VOICE: "Shiva & Arun", by P Parivaraj.

SALLY SARA: Under one of his aliases, P Parivaraj. It was the story of two Indian boys who fall in

ACTORS VOICE, EXCERPT FROM BOOK: Ramu stood facing Shiva, and quickly looked around. He pulled his
shorts down and wrapped the towel around himself. But he did it slowly and looked at Shiva as he
did. It was bigger than earlier, and a bit hard.

Shiva quickly looked and noticed. "What do you call it" he said nodding towards it. "Ramu's night
cobra" Ramu said as he looked down at it and laughed.

SALLY SARA: While Paul Dean pursued fantasy, reality was closing in.

In the coastal city of Visakhapatnam, Dean was living part time in this apartment owned by Eliazar

By Indian standards it's luxury.

On the 24th of August 2001 Paul Dean was arrested. He was charged with passport and pornography
offences and having unnatural sex with 12 boys and young men from New Hope.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT TO POLICE: I am an office boy with New Hope, 18 months ago Dr Parivaraj
made me watch pornographic videos, then have sex with him like it was done on the videos. At first
I refused but he said I'd lose my job, so I gave in.

SALLY SARA: The alleged victims say some of the abuse happened here at the apartment in

The main complainant lived here with Dean and just like the trainees at Titilagarh, he kept working
for him, despite the alleged abuse.

Dean's supporters insist the charges were trumped up.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: I'm very close to that young man and he would tell me if
there was any problem in that regard. But I think it's, speaks for itself that he went back and
worked with Brother Paul for another three years and the fact that they never, ever got him to sign
a document.

SALLY SARA: But the young man did sign this official statement, describing the alleged abuse.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT TO POLICE: He told me to put my penis in his anus and then he did it to me.
The same thing happened with 11 other boys. We also had to suck his penis. He gave us 100 rupees
each. I ask you to take severe action against Dr Parivaraj.

SALLY SARA: Police had severe action in mind but they soon realised they were dealing with an
unusual prisoner.

ABDUL KHAYU KHAN, DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF, ANDRHA PRADESH: It was a very complicated interrogation I
should say, because he was a very, very clever person and he was not nervous or confused. He had a
ready story available for anything that we would ask him, which subsequently on verification we
found to be false.

SALLY SARA: What kind of things was he talking about that you checked and found to be false?

ABDUL KHAYU KHAN, DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF, ANDRHA PRADESH: For instance he was telling that he was a
medical doctor.

SALLY SARA: Dean won bail and resumed voluntary work with Eliazar Rose and the children at New

His charges were no impediment to New Hope's fundraising. A senior Rotarian from Western Australia
visited New Hope just days after Dean's release.

GEORGE SHARP, WA ROTARY: And ah, it was maybe two or three days later that I heard that the case
that they were talking about was in fact Paul being investigated for some sort of child offence, um
but that really was all I ever heard about it.

You've got to realise that I was not there for very long. We're there to look after children and to
do things for the leprosy patients, to build hospitals, to put in lighting plants, that's what
we're there for. Not to worry about that particular thing.

SALLY SARA: But some Australians were becoming worried. Child protection advocate Bernadette
McMenamin started hearing reports from India about Paul Dean.

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: Straight away we heard that an Australian had been arrested
for sexually abusing children, a number of children. What we do automatically was contact the
Australian Federal Police.

SALLY SARA: Four Corners has obtained this Australian Federal Police memo from October 2001. It
shows the AFP knew of Paul Dean's identity, the charges against him and his criminal past.

(On Screen Graphic, excerpt from AFP memo reads "Dean, Paul Henry... child sex offences...
embezzlement of the company monies...")

SALLY SARA: And this diplomatic cable from June 2002 shows the Australian High Commission in New
Delhi was following the court proceedings against Paul Dean. But, as they dragged on, attention
began to fade, and Dean's case became mired in India's painfully slow legal system.

Late last year a court out an interim stay on proceedings, that's due to be heard again next month.

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: He suddenly did slip out of the spotlight after months and
months and months and months and months of court proceedings. We tried to find out where he went
to, why he disappeared, were the charges dropped, were he, was he bailed but again we could not, we
were asking the NGOs in India, nobody knew.

Puri, hugging India's far east, in the impoverished state of Orissa. Known for its temples, and
tourism. Pilgrims have been coming here for more than 900 years.

You won't see it in the brochures but it's also become a haunt for child sex tourists. And it's
where Paul Henry Dean got another opportunity for easy access to boys.

It's here too that Frenchwoman Mary-Ellen Gerber began to realise a long held dream.

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: Ah my dream since I am 14 years old when I lost my
mother was to help protect children who became orphan after a natural catastrophe.

SALLY SARA: She carved this orphanage from the scrub after a cyclone smashed into the coast 10
years ago, killing thousands of people.

Paul Dean was still at New Hope, but he was a willing volunteer for Mary-Ellen Gerber as well, as
this promotional video explained.

(Excerpt of footage from MEG Foundation promotional video)

NARRATOR: Three of the many, many people assisting with the rescue effort were Parivaraj, more
commonly known as Professor.

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: Mary-Ellen Gerber trusted Dean enough to leave him in charge of her orphanage when she
had to go away.

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: I trust eh Paul Dean because I saw him with the
children taking care of them, cure them. I went to the hospital with him and I saw that he was very
devoted to the children, so I trust him very much. I don't feel guilty at all, because it was part
of the New Hope and New Hope was a very well known organisation so I didn't check on that. I was

SALLY SARA: So confident she let Paul Dean star in this promotional video for her MEG village.

(Excerpt of footage from MEG Foundation promotional video)

PAUL DEAN: I said earlier that I retired, and what brought me out of retirement was the Orissa
cyclone. I was there at the time, and it devastated, it devastated districts, that's like talking
about it devastated not just the state of Ohio, but devastated three states by sizes of comparison
in America.

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: Mary-Ellen Gerber did hear about the 2001 sex charges against Paul Dean. She didn't
check with the police, but asked Dean instead.

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: And but he, he cried in front of me. He said "no,
I cannot do that. I cannot. I love too much the children", and I believed him.

SALLY SARA: So Paul Dean was crying in front of you?


(Excerpt of footage from MEG Foundation promotional video)

PAUL DEAN: The Mary-Ellen Gerber Foundation takes those children, unconditionally. They still
haven't got over their 'I'm a wild free child' syndrome, but some of the wildest outward children
are really extremely soft inside.

SALLY SARA: Mary-Ellen Gerber stuck by Paul Dean.

SALLY SARA: But in March 2005 she received an email from a Dutch couple who had been fundraising
for MEG. It passed on warnings from a volunteer that Dean, also known as Paul Allen, was having
sexual contact in the MEG village with young boys.

(On Screen Graphic, email excerpt reads "Paul Allen is having sexual contact... with young boys..."

SALLY SARA (to Mary-Ellen Gerber): What did you do about that email?

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: I talked to Professor and I ask him the situation.
I say tell me the truth, what did you do? He say "I didn't do anything" and he cried again.

SALLY SARA: It took a raw French-Canadian volunteer to spur Mary-Ellen Gerber into action. Natalie
Dieul arrived in India last September to work at MEG. A month later a staff member took her aside
and confided some disturbing news.

NATALIE DIEUL, FORMER MEG FOUNDATION VOLUNTEER: She told me that this man from Australia that I
never met, he was abusing some big boys there. So that was a big shock. And then I started my
investigation on that day.

SALLY SARA: Natalie Dieul started talking with one of the teenage boys who said he had been
sexually abused by Paul Dean. Dean was often called Tata, or grandfather.

NATALIE DIEUL, FORMER MEG FOUNDATION VOLUNTEER: He didn't tell me what was happening exactly inside
the room but I could see with his body language it was so hard that he could, he was shaking. It
was really ah it was really something awful. And it, he was just keeping telling me Tata is a bad

SALLY SARA: This time, Mary-Ellen Gerber acted quickly. She made an official statement to police.

MARY-ELLEN GERBER (reading from statement to police): I talked to some big boys, and discovered
that professor used many boys aged 12 to 20 in a sexual way.

(Excerpt of footage from Paul Dean's arrest)

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean was arrested on the 12th of November 2008. He was charged with passport
offences and having unnatural sex.

(End of Excerpt)

Nine witnesses alleged that much of the sexual abuse happened here, inside Dean's hut in the
village, known as guest house room number five.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM: He stays in guest house room number five. He calls me to
his room and asks me to put oil on his penis and masturbate him.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM 2: Tata tells me to put oil on his penis and hand pump
him. He also undresses me and masturbates me. This has been going on since 2005. He threatened to
beat me up if I told. This is my true statement.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM 3: He locked the door and made me strip. He put oil on my
penis and handled it.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM 4: Tata puts my penis in his mouth and keeps it there a
while. I also put his penis in my mouth. He usually calls me in the afternoons.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM 5: He also puts his penis in my anus. Tata has been doing
this with me for two years.

ACTORS VOICE, STATEMENT OF ALLEGED VICTIM 6: If I don't go to Tata's room he gives me lots of work.
So I obey him. This is my true statement. Jaju, age 14.

SALLY SARA (to Mary-Ellen Gerber): Could you have found out what was going on much sooner if you'd
actually asked the children?

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: But the children didn't talk. Even now, when they
knew everything, when I knew everything, children didn't talk. So, I could not do anything.

SALLY SARA: But you didn't ask?

MARY-ELLEN GERBER, MARY-ELLEN GERBER FOUNDATION: I didn't ask because I trust Professor. When you
trust somebody do you enquire in, about him?

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean pleaded not guilty to the latest charges. In January I met him briefly at
Puri jail. He wasn't keen to see me.

(Excerpt of audio)

SALLY SARA (to Paul Dean): Can you confirm that your identity is Paul Henry Dean?

PAUL DEAN: I have no comment, I have no comment. I have no desire to speak to her, she's from the

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: Paul Dean applied for bail. His bail application continued a lie.

ACTORS VOICE, EXCERPT FROM BAIL APPLICATION: He is a doctor in surgery and he has come to India
from Australia for his mission to eradicate the leprosy. The petitioner is a doctor and respectable
person in society.

SALLY SARA: No one bothered to check. Paul Dean went home on bail after spending less than four
months in custody. His supporters insist he's not acted fraudulently.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: He has been called doctor but he's never professed to be a
doctor. The reason that happened was because 30 years ago he was working in a leprosy colony with
500 patients and no doctor would go there and so the people themselves named him doctor because he
was the only one that was helping them and leprosy colonies will do that and they call it
doctoring. But he's never professed to be a doctor.

SALLY SARA: We wanted to talk to Paul Dean. We'd requested an interview through Eliazar Rose but
had no response. So we went to the seaside apartment in Visakhapatnam.

But, his flat was padlocked and there was no answer.

The next morning though, Dean sent a messenger to us.

About half an hour ago, a young man on a motorbike arrived at our hotel and this document was
delivered under our door. It is a police name check from the Australian Federal Police dated on the
10th of December 2001 and it says there are no disclosable court outcomes against Paul Henry Dean.

And while it clears Dean of past convictions, it does not mention he was still wanted for fraud in
Western Australia.

(Excerpt of footage of Sally Sara making a phone call)

MAN: Hello.

SALLY SARA: Hello, could I speak to Mr Dean please?

MAN: May I ask who's speaking?

SALLY SARA: It's Sally Sara calling from ABC Four Corners program.

MAN: Sorry?

SALLY SARA: It's Sally Sara calling from ABC Television Four Corners program.

MAN: Can you call after 15 minutes?

SALLY SARA: Fifteen minutes on this number? Okay no problem, thanks, take care, bye.

MAN: Thank you.

(End of Excerpt)

SALLY SARA: We did call back. Repeatedly. There was no answer, and no direct contact from Paul

Paul Dean is soon to face trial. His chief ally, New Hope's Eliazar Rose, is sticking by him.

SALLY SARA (to Eliazar Rose): Do you think Paul Dean has sexually abused children?


SALLY SARA: What if you're wrong?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: I'll apologise to you. We respect him, we have great respect and you
know if somebody coming and hurting us or doing something to us we'll not respect.

Remember, we are Indians. If we, we respect, there's no doubt, somebody slaps us, we respect, but
we have certain place in our hearts.

SALLY SARA: Why are you so loyal to Paul Dean?

ELIAZAR ROSE, NEW HOPE INDIA: I am loyal to every human being helping other human being.

MAGGIE NOLAN, FRIENDS OF NEW HOPE INDIA: Eliazar Rose has known him for 30 years. Do you seriously
think that myself or Eliazar Rose, who is highly respected in India, would not have heard something
in that time?

Do you seriously think that the children of New Hope would continue to call him Tata, which means

When he arrives at an organisation anywhere, the children all run to him. They all want to hang on
to him. He is absolutely beautiful with them and in all that time of being in an organisation, some
child would have spoken up by now.

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: They don't want to believe it because what does that mean?
That they've been working with this person for years and years and they haven't noticed anything.

(On Screen Graphic reads: "Mr Dean denies all the allegations regarding both sexual misconduct and
financial malpractice, whether in Australia or India")

SALLY SARA: Maggie Nolan sent us a letter stating that Paul Dean "denies all the allegations
regarding both sexual misconduct and financial malpractice, whether in Australia or India".

(On Screen Graphic reads: "New Hope is ready to co-operate with a proper inquiry and judicial

SALLY SARA: She also says "New Hope is ready to co-operate with a proper inquiry and judicial

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: You know Paul Dean is obviously a very charismatic person, a
person that created so many personas and was so believable but basically the organisations that
continue to support him and keep him in the, those positions are negligent and I would say in some
ways responsible for him continuing to offend.

SALLY SARA: The Australian Government may soon feel pressure to retrieve citizen Dean, whatever the
result of his Indian trial.

BERNADETTE MCMENAMIN, CEO CHILD WISE: In fact I would hope they're following him down the street as
we speak. He's out on bail yet again. What's to say he's not going to just disappear yet again.
He's a very cunning man. I would like to see him brought back to Australia through extradition and
prosecuted in Australia.

SALLY SARA: Right now there doesn't seem to be much interest. After approaches from 4 Corners, the
Federal Police, the Foreign Affairs and Attorney-General's departments and the WA Police, all
declined to discuss possible action on Dean's case.

BEN SAUL, CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW, SYDNEY UNI: There seems to be a case in which there appears
to be a lack of coordination between the relevant Government agencies, and as a result of that lack
of coordination this case probably hasn't been pursued as vigorously as it probably deserves to be.

SALLY SARA: Lawyer Ben Saul argues that the Australian Government is obliged to explore Dean's

BEN SAUL, CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW, SYDNEY UNIVERSITY: It does seem that there is credible and
compelling evidence available that Paul Dean is suspected of certain serious offences.

That should certainly give the Australian authorities reason to treat that evidence seriously and
to pursue further and genuine investigations with a view to seeking extradition if it's warranted.

SALLY SARA: That evidence shows Paul Dean in his various fraudulent guises abused boys and young
men over decades as he roamed India.

If he rides his luck once more in India's courts, what more will it take for Australia, finally, to
try and stop him?