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Tonight - home for the Australian teenager on Tonight - home for Christmas,

charges in Bali could be charges in Bali could be free

in weeks. Also in weeks. Also ahead - disorder in the House. A

furious Coalition puts the boot into the new Speaker. Peter

Slipper has been a problem over

the years, but he's now Julia

Gillard's problem. They will smear him, they will dig, they

will get dirty. Assessing the

damage - residents in

left of their homes. And a royal outback adventure -

Princess Mary drops in on the

Royal Flying Doctor Service.


ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Tracy

Bowden. The nightmare is

nearly over for an Australian

teenager convicted of drug

charges in Bali. The boy has

been sentenced to two months in

jail, but with time already

back in served, he's expected to be

two weeks. The sentence is

less than the prosecution

wanted, but the judge said he

was impressed by the boy's

remorse. The ABC's Roberts reports remorse. The ABC's George Denpasar. After weeks of

frantically trying to hide identity, the court was thrown frantically trying to hide his

open and the media crammed in. Still attempting to shield his

face from view, the boy lent in to hear a translation of the verdict. The judge says he's

given Bali a bad name, but noted his good behaviour in

court. TRANSLATION: He's

promised he won't do it and he also has his parents, promised he won't do it again

who are capable and

responsible, to educate him and

a put him into rehab. Rather than

a possible two-year sentence,

it's only two months in total.

His father gave words of reassurance and a hand of strength as the decision strength as the decision was

delivered and hopes of an

immediate release were dashed.

Defending his decision, the

judge said jail time is necessary to justify detention so far. TRANSLATION:

If he was returned to his

parents, then what about the

detention time he's been

serving? Should that be taken into account or

it be later used to claim compensation from the Indonesian Government? Indonesian Government? The boy's lawyers have reluctantly

accepted the sentence. We

suggested to the parents to

accept it. We're disappointed

with the decision, because if

longer. Prosecutors wanted we appeal, we'll take we appeal, we'll

three months, but they're unlikely to appeal either.

Yes, it's okay, it's okay.

The boy can go back to

Australia very soon. For now,

it's back to detention, but

with time already spent behind bars,

bars, the boy's due to be

released early next month. The

deported on 4 December, prosecutors say he'll be

deported on 4 December, so

he'll be home in time for

Christmas, but it hasn't been

the Bali holiday his family intended. the House has attracted a

barrage of most barrage of most unparliamentary

language on only his second day

been in the job. Peter Slipper has

been called a "rat" and a "turncoat". His former been

Tony Abbott, says he's been a problem for the years. From Canberra, chief correspondent Mark Simkin

reports. Welcome to the very

hot seat. The tabloids are

portraying Labor's new Speaker as

as a rat joining a sinking

quite so unkind, in public ship.

quite so unkind, in public at

least. Are you disappointed in

Mr Slipper at all? No, surprises me these Mr Slipper at all? No, nothing


they are washing their hands of

their former colleague. Peter

Slipper is the Prime Minister's

Speaker and more questions

about Mr Slipper, his travels,

his use of entitlements, his

conduct, should go to the Prime

Minister. There are persistent

questions about Peter Slipper's use of use of taxpayer-funded

entitlements and Liberals claim parliament. Peter Slipper has parliament. Peter Slipper

been a problem over the years, but he's now Julia Gillard's problem. I think she may well

find that this is an interesting

they interesting one. Of course

they will smear him, they will

dig, they will get dirty.

not aware that Peter Slipper dig, they will get dirty. I'm

has done anything that has done anything that would

chair disqualify him from taking the

chair in the House of Representatives. An ex-National isn't surprised Mr Slipper is now an ex-Liberal. They kicked

this guy to death and then

wondered why he dies. belted this fellow so hard and

then the reaction is "He's just

a rat". As for the way Labor

treated the old Speaker - - Ministers maintain he

pushed. There is no deals with

Harry Jenkins. It is what it

is. Deal or no deal, Labor's

now got two extra votes. now got two extra votes. It's

likely to use them to try to

means test the private health

insurance rebate. The Government will be agenda in the new year. All

sorts of agendas from running

during yesterday's drama. Rob

Oakeshott has told the ABC a

Konga line of Liberals

approached him about running for Speaker, including Bishop and Tony Abbott. The for Speaker, including Julie

reasons behind I don't think

were the right reasons, as much as they were appreciated. The Coalition denies

started releasing asylum it. Immigration officials have

seekers into the community. 27 men, mostly from Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan, have been given bridging visas until their

claims are settled. claims are settled. The

Government decided to use the visas

in Parliament that scuttled visas because of the stalemate

offshore processing and offshore processing and is

gradually filling detention centres. We estimate that at gradually filling detention

least 100 bridging visas will

be issued each month. This is

a reckless decision. This is a

decision of a Government that is completely and is completely and absolutely

capitulated to the Greens when it

People on bridging visas will

be able to work and will get a

weekly allowance of around

$200. Zp friends have paid tribute to a Tasmanian student killed

killed in India four days

ago. They gathered in Devonport

to farewell 21-year-old Kate

Scanlon, who was among seven people killed in the blaze.

About 70 of Kate Scanlon's

friends gathered at sunset at

Devonport's Bluff Lighthouse to

21-year-old, who died when a

fire tore through two carriages

of a train in India. A way of

dealing with our grief, worry

and hurt, than by dealing with

it alone. Three other friends -

Bronwyn Smithies, Sophie Moore

and Naomi Cappelli - survived with minor with minor injuries. I've

never been more painfully never been more painfully aware

that we have the best group

going around as I am

now. This is the way we now. This is the way we want Kate remembered, happy memories. We don't want her remembered by this one

event. Ms Smithis' father urged

his daughter and her two

friends not to friends not to let the tragedy

hold them back. Do not think

that you can't live your lives

again and do this sort of trip again. Australian consular

officials are organising

emergency passports to allow emergency passports to allow the survivors

the high seas in times of war and disaster for almost 20 years, but today the flag was

lowered for the last time.

'HMAS Kanimbla' was 'HMAS Kanimbla' was officially decommissioned this decommissioned this morning at

the Garden Island Dock Yard in

Sydney. Originally bought from

the US, the Navy ship served in

20 countries, krudzing enough miles to circumnavigate the

world 30 times, She's in pretty

good nick overall for her

condition for 40 years. I wish

I could look so good after 40 years. This morning's was touched with sadness, as

pause was given to pause was given to 11 servicemen who died in two helicopter accidents on the

ship. Marines are in Darwin training

training with Australian

soldiers. The aim of today's exercise was to improve how exercise was to improve how the soldiers use each other's

weapons and a general exchange

of tactics. The United States

Marines and Australian Army share a very mature relationship. We share a lot

of proven tactics and It's important to be able to operate together on operate together on that

tactical level in order to do

what we need to do. The marines will be in the Top End

until early next month. A 23-year-old man who fell from a nightclub balcony on the Gold

Coast last Sunday has died.

Dane Seals was injured when he

attempted to jump into a swimming pool in the midst swimming pool in the midst of schoolies celebrations.

revellers were still partying

overnight, while arrests are

down this year, police were kept busy with a number of violent kept busy with a number of violent incidents. 15 schoolies, schoolies, 31 older revellers were charged with anti-social

and street-related offences. Young people can't take their eye off being responsible for

their own actions, particularly tonight, as the tide is starting to turn, we'll have

more NSW and Victorian young people arriving. More than

5,000 schoolies will begin

arriving on the Gold Coast this weekend. New Zealand voters

head to the polls tomorrow and

look set to re-elect a National

Party-led Government. The latest opinion polls suggest look set

Prime Minister John Key's

Nationals may even score enough

votes to govern in their own

right. New Zealand correspondent Dominique

Schwartz reports. Out in front

but still racing for the but still racing for the finish

line. We know it's closer than people people think. The Prime Minister's greatest worry - People just not turning up,

thinking that Nationals are doing well in the past three years, the

National Party has governed

with the support of three minor parties, two of which may

struggle to get back in. The

most likely outcome is a

National Party Government, led

by John Key, possibly with the

help of the Maori Party and

perhaps one or two other

MPs. John Key has campaigned on

being a safe pair of hands in a

time of global financial

turmoil. Fact - since became government, 100,000 Kiwis Kiwis have moved to Australia. But Labor says New

Zealanders are voting with

their feet, crossing the Tasman

in record numbers in search of

a liveable wage. It's a tack

the National Party's planned to sell

sell up to 49% of State-owned

energy companies and air New

Zealand. If you're in business

and you have a debt problem, you don't sell your

best-performing assets, and they are our best-performing assets. But the National

Party's best asset appears to be Party's best asset appears to

be John Key himself. I like him as a person. He comes across across as really genuine as well. His stature only grew during the Chris church

earthquakes and Pike River mine disaster. The Rena spill gave

the Greens a media platform. They hope to boost their They hope to boost their vote

from 7% to at least 12%.

Maverick former MP Winston

Peters is this election's wild

card. New Zealanders should

know tomorrow night who will be

leading their government, but

the exact make-up may take a

bit of hammering bit of hammering out. Egypt's apologised military leaders have apologised for the deaths of demonstrators during demonstrators during this

week's pro-democracy rallies.

Two of the country's Two of the country's top generals went on generals went on State

television calling to stop

television calling to stop for

thekt week's elections to go

ahead peacefully. The election is a is a national goal. The

judicial system is ready,

security is ready, and the

Egyptian people have to Egyptian people have to be ready Protesters didn't seem convinced. In the

north-eastern city of Ismailia there were more clashes. The

protests in Cairo have been peaceful, but numbers are expected to grow throughout the

day and authorities are

strengthening defences around the interior ministry. Princess Mary left the bright city lights behind tonight for a

taste of the outback. The Princess received a warm

welcome as she touched down in

Broken Hill, in the far-west of NSW. She was at the NSW. She was at the mining

town to shine some of the royal spot light on the Flying Doctor

Service. The flying royal visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service,

fan club made it to far west

NSW. I felt so emotional. She's even more beautiful in

the flesh of course. I said

hi, this is my daughter Jessebella, she grabbed her

hand and said hi Jessebella, how are you? It was

lovely. Danish flags made the

long journey too. Touching

down for just two hours in

Broken Hill, the Princess had a

lot to fit in. How big an area

are we talking about? We look are we talking about? We look after the bottom end of Queensland to Queensland to the Victorian border. Wearing green and gold in the silver briefed by the Royal flying

doctor service. TAFE doctor service. TAFE students prepared lunch for 250 guests,

including saltbush lamb and wild hibiscus pan wild hibiscus pan cotta.

Growing up in Australia, I've of course heard of the Royal

flying doctors and seen the very well-known TV series, but I'd really like to I'd really like to thank the

Royal Flying Doctors for their

invitation today, because it's

given me the opportunity to given me the opportunity to see first-hand the work of this iconic Australian given organisation. The princess told

the crowd the issue of women's

and children's health is close

to her heart and her task was

to announce a new breast care

nursing service for remote

areas. Joe Bevan, who is areas. Joe Bevan, who is the new nurse, will be new nurse, will be travelling

through far-west NSW,

south-west Queensland and

north-eastern SA to provide

much-needed care and support to women living with breast

cancer. Further south and

flying solo, Crown Prince

Frederick toured wind farm in Victoria's

south-west. They end their official Australian tour

tomorrow. Firefighters in WA

appear to be getting the upper

hand in the battle to contain

fires in the south-west of fires in the south-west of the

State. Cooler weather

overnight and today has allowed containment lines to be

maintained around the fire. 37 homes have been destroyed, with

people unable to get in to

survey the damage to their

properties. This was a bus trip no-one wanted to be on. These

residents were taken to fire residents were taken to the fire zone to see the blackened shells that were once their

homes. I don't know. just a shell really, that's it,

shell. Vietnam defollowation, there's no vegetation in

certain areas. If you look

out, it's just sand and dead trees. Hundreds of trees. Hundreds of residents gathered at a community gathered at a community meeting

to come to terms with 48 hours that claimed more

homes. We all know that we

need to get to the bottom of it in regards in regards to this event that

has certainly shaken the community to its community to its knees. While the department of environment

remains under pressure over the controlled burn that sparked

the blaze, it was reminding locals how much locals how much worse it could

have been. What they did do was save 370 in Prevelly. (Crowd

expected to remove some evacuation notices and allow evacuation notices and allow residents back into their

homes. But for others still in

the line of the fire, it's

going to be a longer wait.

Conditions have improved with

wind easing, and while the fire

is now largely contained, it's

still not under control. The fire zone won't be safe fire zone won't be safe for

some time, but authorities hoping to gradually residents hoping to gradually move residents back in to the residents back in to the homes

still standing. The Environment Minister is struggling

struggling to explain how his burn so wrong and burn so wrong and conceded he was ultimately responsible. The buck stops The buck stops with me, unfortunately. It's my

responsibility and it will be my responsibility to make my responsibility to make sure

we do a proper review. If we

can improve the process, can improve the process, we will. The State Government has

already started investigating

whether it's liable for damages

if the department is found to if the department is found to have been responsible for have been responsible for the

blaze. For more, we can cross

live now to live now to reporter Alisha O'Flaherty, who's in the Margaret River area. Alisha,

what is the situation there

now? We have just had some updated

updated figures. The latest is that the fire is not yet

completely contained or under

control, but the feeling

control, but the feeling down here is that they are starting

to get on top of it. That's

partly because we've had some mild weather conditions today.

We've seen cooler temperatures,

some mild wind and even a little

the day, so that has helped

authorities battle this blaze.

The latest figures we have in

terms of property losses are 30

homes, nine chalets

sheds, so the numbers have actually risen again. You've

been out and about on the

streets there speaking to

people who've been affected. people who've been affected. What are they saying? Look,

some residents were allowed

back to their properties today

to see the damage, especially

those ones whose properties were completely destroyed by

the fire. I myself a short

time ago walked down streets which was devastated by

fire and it was just devastating to see the damage.

There were homes, sheds and

cars completely destroyed by the fire. fires we fires we see, some fires we see, some residents

are far luckier than others.

We've seen some areas where there's there's one house completely

destroyed, where others around it are still standing Alisha, is

is it correct some people are

still waiting to find out, they haven't been able to get back

in to see whether their house

is okay or not? That's right. earlier in the day where many

residents expressed concern that they still that they still didn't actually residents

know how damaged or whether their

their homes were damaged at

all. So that information is still starting to flow through.

Many residents are only becoming aware today of whether their homes are still standing residents or not. I suppose they're or not. I suppose they're not really spending too much time

thinking about how the fire

happened, they really just want

to get on and get what information they can? information they can? Look, some residents are information answers from authorities, given

this blaze controlled burn from the

Department of Environment and

Conservation. Certainly when the Environment the Environment Minister

fronted the media today, he was

asked a lot of questions about

it, about how this blaze was

allowed to start, but

authorities are simply saying

qutionz Look, there will be qutionz Look, there will be a full investigation held this full investigation held into this fire and the cause of it,

but it's just too early to turn

their attention to it yet and,

quite simply, their focus right now is just putting it

out. Thank you very much, Alisha. Alisha Alisha. Alisha O'Flaherty

there in the Margaret River

area. To finance now, and the local share week with yet another fall,

quite a heavy one at that.

Global markets were digesting

the failure of Wednesday's

German bond auction. Here's

Alan Kohler. The

fallen six days in a row now, which it hasn't done which it hasn't done since

June, a fall of 6.2% in that time, for one reason time, for one reason alone, the deteriorating situation in

Europe, of course. There were

really nasty falls today, with investors shooting first, asking questions later. Woodside came out with a

disappointing production report

- bang, 5.8%. QBE didn't say anything, a broker said its

profit guidance may be at risk - bang, 5.5%. - bang, 5.5%. Bank of

Queensland might have trouble raising funds from whole sale markets - markets - bang, 5.3%. David

Jones lost another 4.6% on top

of yesterday's big fall after

disappointing sales report.

Investors are looking for excuses

excuses to get rid of stocks.

Wall Street was closed for thanks giving so the action was

concentrated on Europe and

Asia, where everything fell.

Here's a rundown of some declines since the start of

this year, Greece by more than

down by a fifth. In that

company Australia has done company Australia has done

okay, but it's still 16% down.

Wall Street has more or less

held up. Here's why. companies have never made more money.

money. It's because real wages

are falling, unemployment remains very high.

remains very high. In other words, the companies aren't

employing people and when they

do, they don't pay much. And

here's the ump teent look at

why Europe is a mess, the pigs, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany

has been running a surplus, the

chickens to extend the stock metaphor are home and

roosting. Not much happened on

foreign exchange markets today,

the Aussie stayed at around 97

US cents. I'll be back on Sunday with 'Inside Sunday with 'Inside Business',

my guests will be Greg med kaf,

and Tony Concannon. and Tony Concannon. Until then, that's finance. Now then, that's Amanda Shalala with sport. A

few injury concerns for the

Australian cricket team? Not

looking too good, Tracy. Five players have been ruled out of

next week's first test against

New Zealand at the Gabba. Shane Watson, Johnston, Pat Cummins, Shaun

marsh and Ryan Harris will marsh and Ryan Harris will miss

the series opener. The test

squad will be named tomorrow. squad Jon Huntsman reports. You

wouldn't read about such an injury injury toll at the start of the

summer of cricket. I won't be

able to play in Brisbane,

unfortunately. It's only a

minor hamstring, which a lot of my hamstring injuries

my hamstring injuries have been in the past. I probably could

have tried to rush back to the

next test, but it's all about

managing for the summer.

Should be fine for the rest of

the summer Man of the match

earlier this week, Patrick Cummins Cummins already has been forced to cool his heels. A foot injury has also ruled out

Mitchell Johnston. A hip

concern means Ryan Harris

the third paceman to be

unavailable. This is is obviously a testing time the depth of Australian

cricket. Shaun marsh has a back

injury and all-rounder Shane Watson may miss only one test. If everything goes to plan,

I'll be able to play as a

batsman at least in Hobart

during the second test. Watson's absence opens the door for a new opening

batsman. David Warner is batsman. David Warner is on the verge of a test debut after making 65 for Australia A against New Zealand. He's been

able to turn his able to turn his career, looks like he'll step up to the next level. Of the bowling

contenders, James Pattinson took four wickets for Australia A and Mitchell Stark finished

with three, as New Zealand

posted a formidable 423 in its

first innings. Could well be

an historic day. Sachin Tendulkar's search for his

100th international century continues. Outside - The

master batsman fell for 94 in

the third Test against the West Indies.

Indies. Australian golfer

Marcus Fraser has upstaged the

big names to take the lead at

the halfway mark of the

Australian PGA championship on the Sunshine

the Sunshine Coast. Fraser,

ranked 186 in the ranked 186 in the world, leads

by two shots from by two shots from American

Bubba Watson. Aussies John

Senden, Adam Scott and Robert Allenby Allenby are all in

light work of the par 3 second

with an ace, today it was John

Senden's turn to hole in one.

Don't tell me - Don't tell me - oh, holding nothing back with the

driver and his short stick was

on fire for most of the day as on fire for most of the day as he finished in outright second.

It could have been much better

had it not been for three

bogeys on the back nine.

Addalam Scott found the same

water on the same hole for water on the same hole for the

second day in a row. Fourth time in the water for Scott. Scott recovered with

four birdies to be well placed

at 7 under. Greg Norman has

hardly played over the last 12

months, but the shark still has all the shots. all the shots. Wonderful shot, Shark, Shark, almost certain birdie. The biggest charge of

the day came from John Senden.

After the ace, he continued to card birdies, starting the day

- he made the turn at the 9 - he made the turn at the front 9 in just 29 strokes to 9 in just 29 strokes to rocket

to 7 under. He makes the

29. But the star of the day was

Marcus Fraser. He shot birdies and just one bogey to

catch leader Bubba Watson on

the back nine.

the back nine. Asleep on the

lead this evening, 11 under par. Even skippy par. Even skippy was impressed. There were no

surprises in last night's AFL

draft, with the Sydney Giants

picking up the best of the

young talent on offer in

preparation for their entry

into the league next year. The

number one pick was Jonathon Patten, who played for Patten, who played for the eastern ranges in Victoria's under 18s competition this season. You know, it's been a pretty long year and this has been my dream my whole life.

To be the number one pick, let

alone getting drafted, it's alone getting drafted, it's an amazing

clubs to have picks in the top

10 were Port Adelaide and

Brisbane Lions. Federer has

continued his unbeaten run at the end of season tennis the end of season tennis event in London. He downed American

Mardy Fish in three sets, Nadal was knocked out of the

tournament after losing was knocked

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Federer

was already guaranteed top in

was already guaranteed top spot in group B

semifinals, but he finished the

round-robin stage with victory over Fish. Federer is

defending champion and if he wins the wins the event he'll move up to world number 2. Nadal's disappointing disappointing campaign continued. After losing continued. After losing to Federer in straight sets, he

went down in three to Tsonga to

miss the final stages of the

event. There'll be one game in the A-League tonight, with

Adelaide hosting Newcastle,

Tracy. Thank you, Amanda.

Checking the weather around the capital cities for tomorrow capital cities for tomorrow - it it will be a wet day across the country:

I'll be back with an update

in a moment. Then 'Contact

Sport'. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

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The top stories from ABC news. An

Indonesian judge

Indonesian judge has accused an Australian teenager of giving bali a

bad reputation after he

bad reputation after he was convicted on a drug offence. The 14-year-old's

been sentenced to two months in Indone

Indonesian detention for marijuana possession. But he'll be released

early in December due to already

spending six weeks behind spending six weeks behind bars. The


judge did note the

judge did note the teen had admitted

his guilt and

his guilt and shown remorse. The

Federal Government's begun using

bridging visas to release asylum

seekers who arrived by boat into the community. The immigration minister, C

Chris Bowen, says asylum

to Chris Bowen, says asylum seekers have

to pass security checks to be

eligible. But the Opposition says it

sends the wrong message

sends the wrong message to people-smugglers. The WA premier,

Colin Barnett has launched defence

Colin Barnett has launched a vigorous defence of prescribed burns

defence of prescribed burns in the wake of the Margaret River fire

disaster. The State Environment Department has admitted Department has admitted that the