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Court asked to speed up Pratt ruling -

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Reporter: Leigh Sales

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Richard Pratt's lawyers have asked the Federal Court to speed up a decision
over a key piece of evidence in the billionaire's criminal trial.

Lawyer Leon Zwier told the court his client didn't have long to live and wanted a quick decision on
whether an admission he made in an earlier civil settlement could be used in the criminal case.

Mr Pratt faces four charges of giving false and misleading information to the ACCC's hearings into
his company's cartel with rival Amcor.

LEON ZWIER, LAWYER: Richard Pratt wants the ruling from the court before he dies. I can't say
anything further than what I've already said to his Honour Justice Ryan. Thank you.

LEIGH SALES: Justice Donnell Ryan said he'd look at the matter again over the weekend, but couldn't
guarantee a quicker ruling.

A steady stream of visitors has come to see Mr Pratt at his home this week.