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Govt considers citizenship deprivation -

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(generated from captions) The PM's office has confirmed of their Australian citizenship that proposals to strip people are under active consideration. leaders appealed to the Government That revelation came as Islamic from reprisals for greater protection in Sydney and Melbourne. after the raids Leader Both the PM and the Opposition that they're not being targeted, have reassured Muslims own Muslim reference group says but the head of the Government's anti-terror laws are good enough yesterday's raids prove the existing

to make them tougher. and there's no need reports from Canberra. Dana Robertson Dr Ameer Ali, Moderate Muslim leader, for the Government. came to Canberra with a message in Sydney and Melbourne After the police raids protected from any backlash. he wants the Muslim community There are rednecks in our society into their own hands. and they can take law from the Government I want assurances will be safeguarded that my community

and they will be safe unnecessary attack by the rednecks. and they will not be subject to any for mosques, Muslim schools, Dr Ali wants extra protection a concentrated Islamic population, and suburbs where there's about the raids too. but he wants to know more has happened over last 48 hours. I want to get more info about what Political leaders of both stripes the Muslim community were quick to reassure that it's not being targeted. I've heard some say it's directed against Muslims. that all of this looks as though It's not. It's directed against people broken the law relating to terrorism who it is believed have

with terrorist organisations. and associating interest to any security authorities Nobody in this community is of any because they're a Muslim. to security authorities There are only of interest if they are engaging in activities with political terrorism. which may be associated hand-picked Muslim Advisory Council But the chairman of the PM's any more counter-terrorism laws. has doubts about the need for sensationalist headlines, While he's concerned about haven't been cloaked in secrecy. he says at least the raids over the 48 hours This action that has taken place

the media knows about it, has been open and transparent, the police are accountable, we're debating it, are appearing in the media the ministers concerned and giving explanation. Now under the new set of laws, these things may not happen in the open.

Everything can be covert. The new counter-terrorism legislation is said to be pushed through the House of Representatives tomorrow. But already, there's debate within the Government about taking another step and stripping people convicted of terrorist offences of their citizenship. The question of citizenship and the sorts of terror acts that we're now dealing with

is one we're going to have to grapple with. It seems the PM agrees. His office says citizenship deprivation for people who do not embrace Australian values is still under active consideration. There's always a case for constantly looking at regulations to make sure that things such as propensity to anti-social behaviour or propensity to terrorism is even more closely examined. But, says Mr Howard, there'll be no change to Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy. Dana Robertson, Lateline.