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Interview With Greg Combet MP -

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(generated from captions) Bank let open the possibility

that a third hike in December.

Most economists expect the

rates to rise by 25 basis

points today. Returning to the

three-way race for the Liberal

Party leadership. Greg Combet

is the Minister astising Penny

Wong and he joins us now from

Parliament hout. Greg Combet,

good morning Good morning,

Joe. What do you think of this possibility of a free vote. Is

that a cop-out or a practical

solution? Well, not for me to

re-flegt on whatever is going

on inside the Liberal Party but

one thing that is absolutely

clear that does need to happen

is that who ever emerges from

the partyroom as leader needs

to honour the agreement that

has been struck with the Government. That is the course

of action that has integrity to

it. The Government rs, in good

faith, gogtded an agreement

with the Opposition that was

endorsed by Mr Hockey, Mr

Abbott, the Shadow Cabinet, the

partyroom itself. It was done

in good faith. It provides for

the passage of the Government's

climate change legislation, and

it's time that that agreement

was implemented, and so all of

this other talk, I think, is at

odds with the fact of the

matter, that is that a deal is

a deal, and an agreement should

be implemented because we need this climate change legislation

through the Parliament so that

we can start to take action

against climate change. That's what's in the national

interest. Are you confident

that whatever the outcome of

this leadership battle this

morning, that you will get

enough Liberal senators to

support this to get it through

anyway, even if there is an

Abbott victory? Well, who knows what's going on inside the Liberal Party. I don't think

the Liberal Party knows.

However, I'm serious what I'm

putting. Over the last 5 or 6

weeks, the Government and the Opposition negotiated an

agreement. The Government met

each of the issues that Mr

Turnbull, Mr Macfarlane, Mr

Hockey brought forward in

respect of their concerns over the Government's Carbon

Pollution Reduction Scheme. We

negotiated an agreement. It was

endorsed by the Opposition,

according to proper processes.

Mr Turnbull, to his credit, is still representing that position and supporting the

agreement, and that's what

needs to be met. You can't have

on major public policy issues

like this, which are in the

national interest, an agreement

reached and then people who

don't like it running around

trying to destroy it. For Mr

Hockey, if he assumes the leadership of the Liberal

Party, he should live up to

what he said a few days ago,

and that is that the agreement

that was reached on the climate

change legislation is in the

national interest and should be

passed. That's a commitment he

should be giving to the

Australian community. What

would a Tony Abbott victory

mean for the credibility of the

Liberal Party? Oh, I think

they've suffered a lot in their

credibility now. You see,

you've got to understand, this

is the greatest public policy

challenge of our time. Without

any exaggeration, the

overwhelming consensus of the

climate science is in, climate

change is real. We've just had

in Sydney, for example, the

hottest November ever recorded

in 150-odd years of weather recording history. Climate

change is upon us and this is a

hot-and-dry con nent with a lot

to lose. The responsibility of political leadership and

political parties is to take it

seriously and act upon it. Now

the Government has been doing

that. Mr Turnbull engaged in a

negotiation with us to secure

passage of the legislation,

that will allow us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. An agreement was reached, an

agreement was endorsed. Penal

like Mr Hockey were party to

all of that. They should

deliver on their commitments.

There is no integrity in

anyone's position in the

Liberal Party or the Liberal Party and National Parties

itself if they do not honour

their agreements. If it is the

greatest public policy issue of

our time, as you say, isn't it

your responsibility to take it

to a double dissolution as

urgently as possible if it is

rejected? Well, we are still

hopeful that the agreement will

be honoured and the legislation

will find its passage through

the Senate and be made into law

as soon as possible. Well, if

it isn't that... We'll wait to

see the outcome. I won't

speculate about double

dissolutions. The Prime

Minister has been clear that in

so far that this is not some

political manoeuvre on our

part. We genuine ly want the

legislation to pass. That's

what the important public

policy is. That's in the public

interest. That's why we

negotiated an agreement. The

Prime Minister hasn't been

entirely clear on it. He says

he is conservative when this

come Tosser offing out full

terms. But you keep pushing this argument about how

important this legislation is.

Surely it must follow we go to

a double dissolution election

if this legislation is not

passed this week? We want to

get the legislation through and

serve a full term. That's the

Government's position and that is what the Prime Minister has

said. I think the thing that

needs to happen out of all of

this melee over the last week

on the Conservative side of

politics, just step back, recognise that climate change

is real, put to bed some of

these conspiracy theories anded

climate change scepticism that

a minority of them clearly

have, honour the agreement

they've entered into with the

Government, and get the

legislation through. That's the

thing to do that has