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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Today - historically low

polls for the ALP as the party

prepares for its conference in

Queensland. Also today - Germany and

France agree to another bailout

package for Greece. The Lybian

student who's left a British

university to the front university to fight rebelsed on

the front line. And Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy smashes

records at the US Open.

A very good morning, you're

watching ABC News 24, I'm Jane

Hutcheon. First let's take a

look at the weather around the

Just days out from the

Gillard's prime ministership, one-year anniversary of Julia

fresh polling shows support fresh polling shows support for both her and the Labor plummeting. A Neilsen poll in both her and the Labor Party

today's Fairfax newspaper shows Labor's primary vote down 4

points to 27%. Now that's the

lowest for a major federal party in the poll's party in the poll's 39-year history and to add to the

party's woes the poll shows party's woes the poll shows 60%

of Australians prefer deposed of Australians prefer deposed

leader Kevin Rudd leader over just 31% for Gillard. The devastating polling results for Labor come

as the party prepares to gather

for its Queensland conference

later today. Yesterday Mr Rudd

dismissed speculation he's

job and denied positioning himself for the top positioning himself for

approachled by supporters job and denied being

urging him to challenge Ms Gillard. Government ministers were forced to pour cold were forced to pour cold water

on suggestions the 2 had held heated discussions behind

closed doors. And joining me now is

Andrew Greene, who's in

Canberra. Good morning to you again, Andrew. Is the Prime

Minister confident she can turn these polls around? Jane, she's saying saying at least to the

newspapers today that she is

confident in the next 2 years

before the election is due she

can turn these dire polls

around and they are really horrendous these ones today. Historically low primary

support for Labor support for Labor according to

Neilsen in its 39-year history of tracking these results. It's of tracking

a really very bad situation for

Labor as a party and also for Julia Gillard as a leader but as we say she is confident that she has a plan to turn it

around. Now in the newspaper that's carrying these poll

results today the Herald, it

also shows that Gillard is no

longer - is still no longer the

preferred Labor leader against Kevin Rudd but preferred Labor leader up

against Kevin Rudd but the

chances of Kevin Rudd ever coming back are very, very slim indeed. In fact virtually nil.

But in this newspaper article

Julia Gillard has also said

we've got a plan which we are

working through to deliver working through to

which we did not start of my prime ministership. So a slight slap course to her predecessor, So a slight slap there of

Kevin Rudd. She's suggesting

that there is a plan for Labor

over the next 2 years which she

will work through. But having

said that the 3 issues that she said that the 3 issues that

said at the beginning of her

prime ministership that she would resolve, ie asylum

the mining tax, all three are seekers, the carbon price and

to be completely resolved for

Julia Gillard. Andrew, what is

Julia Gillard up to today and how is she just going to hold

her head after all this news? Well Julia Gillard is her head after all this bad

beginning her day in Newcastle

where she will visit a CSIRO

energy centre, but we're told by her office this morning by her office this morning that she won't be taking any

questions as she does that

picture opportunity. picture opportunity. I suspect

there will be a few thrown at her nevertheless, whether she

day she will be heading to chooses to answer them or not

Brisbane for the State Labor Conference, the Queensland Labor conference which Conference, the Queensland

interestingly is of the ALP which interestingly

terrible time at the moment

with its polls as Anna Bligh

prepares to face the voters again in Queensland. And Julia Gillard will use her speech

there at the State Labor

Conference to push the case to

reenergise the party and to

reform it. You will remember that John Faulkner

say about this recently. Well

Julia Gillard will argue that

the case for reforming the ALP

to try to get members back to

the party. So it will be a busy

day for Julia

have to wait and see whether

she sticks her head up to talk

about these polls. We know that

pollies don't generally pollies don't generally like to talk about opinion

polls. Finally, Andrew, a Labor

MP has suggested he's going to

preference the Liberals ahead

of the Greens at the next

election, what's prompted to do this? This election, what's prompted him

Melbourne-based MP Michael

Danby who's had an ongoing spat with the incoming Greens

senator Lee Rhiannon and really escalated senator Lee Rhiannon and it's days. Michael Danby days. Michael Danby is of

course a Jewish MP in the Lower House and he's taken great offence at the stance that Lee

Rhiannon has taken over Rhiannon has taken over Israel.

Now Michael Danby in an interview with the ABC interview with the ABC has

preference revealed he will indeed move to

preference the Liberals ahead

of the Greens if, of course,

the Liberals agree to well in reverse and he's suggesting this because he

wants to keep the Greens out the Lower House. They've got wants to keep the Greens out of one MP in there already. Now

Michael Danby has launched a scathing attack of Lee Rhiannon scathing attack of Lee Rhiannon

as she prepares to enter the

Senate. It was her grim sort of

Stalinesque politics that I was

referring to. A person who is a

member of the socialist party

for all of the Russian of Australia and who apologised

Afghanistan and never

apologised is a person who I think should be held to political account and that's

why I compared her sort of

politics with the politics of

chai ches cue. A couple of

weeks before Lee Rhiannon weeks before Lee Rhiannon even enters Federal Parliament. Many thanks, Andrew Canberra. Thanks, Jane. One of

the Bali 9 ring leaders Andrew Chan has lost his final appeal against the death sentence. Indonesia's Supreme Court has turned down the Australian's

request for the sentence to request for the sentence to be

commuted to life. Andrew Chan

was convicted of trying to

smuggle more than 8 kg of

heroin out of Bali in 2005. His

last chance for a reprove is a pardon from the pardon from the Indonesian President. A spokesman for the foreign affairs Minister Kevin

Rudd says the Government will

vigorously support clemency for Mr and Germany have both agreed to

back another rescue package back another rescue package for debt-ridden Greece. President

Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor

Angela Merkel had previously disagreed disagreed over how to resolve

the issue. But now ate seems

they've reached a compromise,

agreeing to involve private creditors in the bailout

deal. The latest scene in this

unfolding Greek tragedy, a new

government sworn into office. A

fresh start, say some,

reshuffling the 'Titanic' deck

chairs say others. And a tomorrow. But if this confidence motion tomorrow. But if this is tomorrow. But if this is a sinking ship, the French

President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel are doing Chancellor Merkel are doing

their best to slow the leak.

Nicolas Sarkozy has a problem, French banks are heavily

exposed to Greek loans leading

to threats of credit

downgrades. And for the German chancellor the political chancellor the political cost

of massive support for all the European European bailouts is an increasingly hard sell at home

but at the core the message is

we will not let Greece or the

euro fail.

Germany's economic strength is closely connected to a closely connected to a strong

euro and because of this we

will do everything we can to

ensure and to support the euro's stability overcome the difficulties we encounter. Angela Merkel says

the banks with outstanding

loans to Greece should help

with a voluntary extension of

payments. No-one knows how the

banks will respond and in some

measures that in itself would

constitute a technical default.

The European Commission too is The European Commission too is adding its weight to support

for a second bailout but Greece

must pull together and take

hard decisions. But whatever

arrangements are are agreed in parliaments and bank

boardrooms, support on the

streets of Athens is streets of Athens is unlikely.

The anger behind all this isn't

about to go away. The Malaysian Government says it's still

working out details of an agreement to swap asylum seekers with Australia. Malaysia's home Minister says

he will press ahead with the

highly criticised refugee swap

deal despite opposition from

human rights groups. The Minister met Minister met with officials from the Australian Government

and rights groups in Kuala

Lumpur yesterday but says he

wants to speak with his Australian counterpart before announcing any details. I have

to articulate what we discussed

today but I'm confident that

the level of trust and the political will political will and the realisation that the problem

that we are dealing with is political. The deal was first

agreed upon in principle between the two countries in

May. And joining me now is Ian

Rintoul who's from Action Coalition. Ian, as you heard - thanks very much for

coming in by the way. As coming in by the way. As you

heard, the deal seems to be close, hasn't been signed yet,

are you heartened by the fact that the Australian Government does seem to be pushing very hard for human rights

assurances for these 800

people? Not at all, actually.

There's been a lot of focus asylum seekers in Malaysia. How

are they going to be

appalling? Well, people die

inside the detention centres

with unhi genic conditions. with unhi genic conditions. At the moment people have no

status. How many deaths have

there been in the last

year? Probably 6 and 10 because

there's been about 1,300 over

the last 10 years. How do you

know that's not from preexisting preexisting conditions and is

due to the condition in the detention detention centres? The reports are - the reports from Malaysian NGOs and things like scam Amnesty International, don't think there's any dispute

about the rotten conditions about the rotten conditions in

the detention centres or the

fact people don't have status

so they don't have status as asylum seekers or refugees. so health or education. But the

fact that the UNHCR has got

into this and voiced its

concern, surely this is just

pushing the deal to be more

concrete? It is pushing the

deal to be more concrete. deal to be more concrete. The

problem is that the Government

is actually violating the

rights of the 800 they're sending back regardless of the

that's the focus we put. The

thing for us is not what's

going to happen to them in

Malaysia, that's bad enough,

but they shouldn't but they shouldn't be being sent there anyway. Australia a signature to the convention. Sending them back is the first aspect of violating their

rights as asylum seekers. Do

you think there's any way this deal can be deal can be stopped? Yes, there's massive growing

opposition in Australia.

There's serious opposition in Malaysia itself. I think

there's lots of conditions which

which neither Malaysian Government or Government or the Australian Government have actually Government have actually dotted

the I and crossed the Ts on yet and we've got

seen the end of. I'm very

hopeful that the legal action

which has been taken is going

to put a halt, make a legal injunction against the removal of of anybody until the High Court

matters are resolved. The legal

action does seem to be about action does seem to be about a

discripcy or - discrepancy or loophole because it's separating a particular family

will that be applied to the 800

as a whole? We are hopeful that

we will see legal action which will question the ability on what legal grounds the

Government has to actually hold people for the purposes of deporting them to

country. OK, now you were at

that quite dramatic protest at

yesterday. You said to me the University of NSW

earlier that you yourself were

pushed out. Do you think it's helpful when people hold up

posters calling Julia Gillard a

racist? I think people have to

confront the reality and I

don't think Julia Gillard don't think Julia Gillard is

racist and is implementing a

racist policy. You seriously

doubt that the refugee think that? I think there's no

that the Australian Government doubt that the refugee policy

is presiding over is do you actively discriminate think it's widely accepted. How

against people from Kurdistan,

from Iran, Iraq and other

places without avoiding that

kind of label. But the point is

point is that the not whether she's a racist, the

she's implementing we've got

over 6,000 people now in over 6,000 people

detention, we've got a policy which is every bit as bad as

Howard's Pacific lution

stark reality people are solution and I think that's the

confronting. We got rid of the

Howard Government.

down the same refugee advocates believe that down the same road. Some

Nauru is a more humane option

than Malaysia, to you is there

such a thing as a more humane option? No, option? No, there's no choice between Nauru. So one isn't

better than the other? How do

you sort of chop up the

question of human rights? I think there is no choice

between Nauru and nah -

Malaysia. Offshore processing

has to end. Australia the

biggest island in the region

which has got the capacity to process and that your process and resettle. Given

the position of many people, is

just absolutely opposed to us keeping detention - asylum seekers

seekers in detention centres

and also sending them do you and also sending them offshore, do you think given the policy that the Government currently

has there is any way to has there is any way to deal

with this issue humanely? There

is a way of dealing with it

humanely but the Labor

Government's got to step back

from the Howard path of refugee

bashing. They had the opportunity when they got rid

of Howard in 2007. They didn't seize that opportunity, it's not too late to seize that opportunity and there of thousands of people who

would welcome the Labor Party

stepping away from Malaysian deal and mandatory

humane way which also detention. Briefly, what is the

other parts of the world? I

discouraging people smugglers don't think it's a question of

and that's one of the problem.

people smuggling model. There The Government starts with

is no such model. There's a question of asylum seeker

rights. If they stand for those rights

rights there is a humane solution. It's been a rights there is a humane

solution. It's been a pleasure

for coming in. Thanks, speaking with you, thank you

Jane. Rebels in the Lybian city of Misrata say at least 10

people have been killed and

dozens more injured in a rocket

attack by Colonel Gaddafi's forces. It came as NATO jets carried carried out fresh daytime

attacks on targets in the

Lybian capital Tripoli. It's

now four months since rebels

began their revolution against

Gaddafi's 40-year rule yet many

are still heading to the rebel's stronghold of

Misrata. In high spirit s, a ferry full of rebels heading

for the besieged city of Misrata., and the front lines

that surround it. Among

today's reinforcements, a young

maths student from Lancaster

University, Sadiq. In England I

couldn't do much for this revolution, so I decided to and hold the gun for the first revolution, so I decided to go

time in my life. For Sadiq,

this is personal. His father

has come to greet him but

Gaddafi's forces have taken 16

members of their family. hours a shy, earnest hours a shy, earnest student

short journey seems transformed. It's a

short journey to the frontlines ? But is Sadiq ready

for this? (Gunfire) Those were

uncomfortably close. Gaddafi's

superior fire power is a

constant threat for these

part-time soldiers. Sadiq has come right to the very frontlines here, very active front lines. Colonel Gaddafi's

forces are just a mile or so

down the road. We can hear the missiles whistling

NATO planes patrolling the

skies too. Now the men here are

bracing themselves for what

they believe could be an imminent Gaddafi offensive. In

a quieter moment, Sadiq's

training begins These are the rockets. He hopes his maths skills will help with targeting. don't want to kill anybody, actually. And also my friends,

they don't want to kill them

but we had to fight. So where

is the enemy now?

There? Sadiq's lack of

experience is nothing new here. experience is nothing new

The rebels need training and weapons and too many are

dying. And so after a mere

hour or so of training Sadiq

joins the ranks. I

peace and freedom or we die. Fresh anti-government protests

have erupted across Syria with

reports of at least 16 killed by security forces.

Activists and witnesses say the

security forces had opened fire

in Homs, Damascus and rks smt

the worst bloodshed was in Homs

where activists said 8

protestors were killed.

protestors were killed. State television said a policeman television said a policeman was

killed by gunmen. There are

also reports one person was

killed in the northern city of Aleppo, the first protestor to die there since die there since unrest erupted

in the south of the country in

March. Women in Saudi Arabia

have begun openly driving in defiance of a ban on have begun openly driving cars

in defiance of a ban on female

drivers. The direct action has

been organised on the Internet

where women have been posting photos

photos and videos of themselves

behind the wheel. The main social networking campaign

called Women 2 Drive says it

won't stop until a royal won't stop until a royal decree allowing women to drive is issued. There's no oil-rich kingdom but it's based women from driving in the

on a religious fatwa imposed by conservative Muslim conservative Muslim clerics.

And in the next bulletin we'll be speaking to author and commentator Ida Lichter about

the driving ban the driving ban in Saudi Arabia.

Just days out from the one-year anniversary one-year anniversary of Julia Gillard's prime ministership

new polls out this morning show

support for both her and Labor Party are plummeting.

Meanwhile a Labor MP has lashed

out at the Greens and told the

ABC he wants to direct his preferences away from the preferences away from the minor

party. In his criticism Labor party. In his criticism

backbencher Michael Danby targeted targeted incoming Greens senator Lee Rhiannon. He's

peeking to '7:30' s Chris

Uhlmann. Can you tell us what

election when it comes to your intentions are at the next

distributing preferences? I'll

committee to consider not be advising my campaign

giving preferences to the

Greens but we'll be waiting to

see in the adjoining seat what

doing in Melbourne. But is it

Labor Party policy that you

would not be directing preferences to the Greens? No,

I think in marginal seats it's

very much up to local campaigns but

but as you can understand,

Chris, I have some influence in Melbourne Ports and will Melbourne Ports and will be recommending that on the basis

of what happens in Melbourne if the

the Liberals are going to preference against the Greens

in Melbourne, we'll consider

doing the same in Melbourne Ports. So the outcome of Ports. So the outcome of that, of course, would be that you

would preference the Liberals

ahead of the Greens? It doesn't necessarily depends on who's contesting at

the election but of coursely

I'd put the Greens ahead of any

extremist group but it could be that the Liberals get preference. Why is it that you

have this reaction to the

Greens? Well, I think that many people in my electorate share the views of the Prime Minister and the Minister for and the Minister for Resources

that the Greens' policy such as

their support for a 30% death duties are not the kinds of policies that Australians support. I'm a

member of a minority

government, we're not in

coalition with them and many

Labor Party members believe

that we should make a separate

and distinct political stand. But of course your government is being supported

by the Greens, their support is

very important, aren't you concerned

concerned that this might antagonise them? Obviously antagonise them? Obviously when important legislation comes up

I support the Prime Minister in dealing with whatever of the

that legislation but it doesn't

mean that we're obliged to

support them on all issues or

to give them preferences. I

think it's very think it's very important to

call the Liberals to account in Melbourne, it's Melbourne, it's their preferences that elected the

Greens last time and if they do the

the right thing in Melbourne

Port we'll consider doing the same thing. Have you been same thing. Have you been in discussions with the Liberal Party? No. One last Party? No. One last thing,

you've likened Lee Rhiannon as

the kes of the Greens. It was her Stalinesque politics I was

referring to. A member who was

a member of the socialist party

of Australia and who apologised for all the Russian for all the Russian invasions, Soviet invasions of Afghanistan

and check Slovakia and never apologised is one who should be

held to political account and. You don't think there's a

bit of an extreme comparison? No, I

anyone reads the provile of the NSW

NSW Greens Senator from the

monthly they will come to the

same conclusion. Michael same conclusion. Michael Danby there speaking with Chris

Uhlmann. To sport Uhlmann. To sport now with Tulsen Tollett and any change

at the US Open golf? As you

were, Jane, Rory McIlroy is

still the man way out in front

as the players continue their

second round of the US Open.

The northern Irishman hit a

5-under round of 6 f to move

him 11 under. Best of the

Australians is Johnsen den on level par world number 1 Luke Donald are

a stroke further adrift and defending champion Graeme O'McDowell is 2 O'McDowell is 2 under. This

shot on the par 4 eighth hole

took him to 10 under and in the

process made him the process made him the first player in the tournament's

111-year history to reach

10-under during the second

round. Nice, I knew coming in

here that I was playing here that I was playing well

and it was just about limiting

my mistakes. Even at memorial my mistakes. Even at memorial a couple of weeks ago I felt

I was very, very close but here

I've only had a couple of drop

shots in 36 holes and it's been

on the last hole there. So, you know, the 35 holes that know, the 35 holes that I've

played it's been pretty much - it's been very good. In it's been very good. In AFL news the Western news the Western Bulldogs surrended their 4-match losing

streak winning in Melbourne

against the Crows. overcame a first quarter deficit to run out 30-point

winners. And 2 goals to Kurt

Tippett in the opening term saw the visitors out to a

lead by Giansiracusa and

Sherman struck with the Dogs in

front and on their way to


to The Bulldogs 4 goals to 1

last quarter proving last quarter proving decisive

and the Crows have now slumped to 5 to 5 successive losses and haven't won in Melbourne since 2009. Moving to the NRL where

St George Dragons have tumbled

to their second loss in a row

losing in Brisbane. In last big win over the Gold Coast Titans. And there were Titans. And there were several

players backing up from players backing up from Origin

for both sides but the Dragons

looked fresh early on and looked fresh early on and Ratu

Peni Tagive scored the opening

try for the Dragons and try for the Dragons and the Broncos switched on though and

scored 3 tries in 10 minutes to lead by 10 at lead by 10 at half time. But the always speedy Jamie Soward

closed the gap after the break

but Darren Lockyer showed why

he's one of the game's best

with this clever 20/40 kick and

it set up the match winner.

At Sydney's Olympic Stadium

the Rabbitohs maintained their

finals hopes with an impressive

23-point win over the Titans

sending the Gold Coast bottom

on points difference. Auckland Blues have secured a

Super Rugby finals berth after beating the Highlanders at Eden

Park. And the Western Force

finished its season on a high

against the Rebels in Melbourne. Although it was an underwhelming first half with

both teams out of finals

contention but they produced some entertaining rugby in the

last 20 minutes. David Smith

went over in one corner for the

Force while James Stannard crossed in the other. The

Rebels came back with 2 of

their own to make it 24-24.

This one through Stirling Mortlock while in New Zealand

this 3 points cross to win the

game the Blues soaked up the

pressure of their must-win game

against the Highlanders to

guarantee them a top 6

Let's move to Let's move to soccer and Birmingham City have vowed to

vigorously pursue legal action

over the resignation of their manager Alex McLeish. McLeish

has been confirmed as the boss at aston villa amid a bitter

row between the two clubs. It

takes a lot to unite the takes a lot to unite the fans

of Birmingham's two great clubs but by crossing the the second city Alex McLeish

has managed to alienate both. has managed to alienate both.

This was the furious reaction

of Aston Villa supporters this

week when it emerged their club

was in talks with the former

manager of their arch rivals. But today the protestors were defied. He

loses one game, it's going to

be hell. He's got no honeymoon

period at all. He's been with

the blues 3 years and he's gone

down 12th. He's going to do down 12th. He's going to do the

same to us. McLeish is even less less popular at Birmingham City

where he resigned on Sunday and

they want millions in

compensation now he's made the

journey to villa park. In a

statement City says it statement City says it does not many in I way mean the many in I way mean the dispute

is over athey shall pursue the

matter. As a player Sol Cam

Pell made the move from Spurs

to arsenal and he believes McLeash could find

hard. It's going to be difficult but it's all difficult but it's all about

results. McLeish has vowed to prove challenge of winning over the

fans who don't want him here is

a daunting one. In tennis

Australia's top ranked player

Sam Stosur will meet Melinda

Czink in the first round of

Wimbledon starting tomorrow night. Maria Sharapova is

likely fourth round opponent. Australia's 27th seed Jarmila

Gajdosova will play Alona

Bondarenko while Jelena Dokic is up against Fran Francesca

Schiavone. Lleyton Hewitt will play Japan's Kei Nishikori. And

Nicholas Mahut drawn to play

John Isner in the first round. Belgian Thomas round. Belgian Thomas degand

has claimed victory in the

longest stage of the Tour of

Switzerland. He crossed the

line ahead of Andy Schleck who

tops the mountain's classification. While Italian

Damien o Cunego did enough to maintain

jersey. In cricket rain forced

the players off early in the Test between England Test between England and Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka 9/177.

Taking a look at the

satellite. Cloud pushing across

Victoria and Tasmania in the

wake of a cold front is triggering scattered triggering scattered showers.

Patchy cloud is being pushed

over south-east South Australia bringing isolated light

showers. Skies are clear showers. Skies are clear across

large high. A fine day large high. A fine day for Queensland, strong wind

warnings for the Gulf of Carpentaria. A cold front is

passing over the south-east of NSW with a developing over the west and north-east. Fine throughout. Fine too for Victoria with a high pressure ridge is moving across ridge is moving across the State. And in Tasmania

scattered showers about the west, south and bass straits

tending to rain in the west at

first and easing this

afternoon. A cool day for South Australia, over the pastoral district and far south tending scattered

about the south-east, fine elsewhere. A few showers for WA, easing later in the day, isolated thunderstorms near the west and south coast. Cold in the Northern Territory with

cloud over the eastern Arnhem district

district and Alice Springs,

otherwise a cool and sunny

day. And looking ahead:

The top stories from ABC News

24 - new polling out today suggests that Federal Labor's popularity is at an all-time

low. The Neilsen poll shows support

support for the Government at

27%, the lowest approval rating

in the survey's history. It

also found 60% of Australians prefer former Labor leader

Kevin Rudd over the current Prime Minister Julia Gillard. A French and German leaders will see private creditors brought in to another rescue package

for debt-ridden Greece. French President Nicolas President Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany's chancellor Angela

Merkel had previously disagreed

over how to solve the crisis. Colonel Gaddafi has vowed to

fight on in Libya as NATO again

stepped up its air raids. It

comes as rebels in the comes as rebels in the western city of Misrata claim 10 people

have been killed and 40 injured after after shelling from pro-Gaddafi forces. And Northern Ireland's

Rory McIlroy has become the

first player in the 111-year

history of the US Open to reach 10 under during the second

round. The 22-year-old hit a

5-under round of 66 to lead the

field. A new report has

prompted calls for a national

screening program to test

diabetics for kidney disease.

The research has found that

type 2 diabetes is the leading

kidney disease. It kidney disease. It recommends that a cheap and simple that a cheap and simple test

every 12 months could save

lives and reduce the need for dialysis and transplantation.

Type 2 diabetes is often

overlooked as the main cause of

kidney disease. It's rarely diagnosed until almost diagnosed until almost all

kidney function is lost. That

comes a t a huge cost to

patients and the health care system. Around about $480

million in 2010 was spent on

hospital services and services. That figure is

expected to double in the expected to double in the next

10 years according to a new

report prepared for kidney

health Australia. It's a big financial burden but one that can good news is that can be greatly reduced. The

good news is that kidney

disease can be detected in its early stages through a simple and painless urine test. 5,000

Australians died of kidney

failure or start dialysis failure or start dialysis every year. More than 40% of those have diabetes. The report

recommends yearly screening of

type 2 diabetics to check kidney function. We can save 1,800 lives and have around 1,300 people avoid a replacement therapy which is 1,300 people avoid a renal

very costly. 75-year-old Brian

Fidler was diagnosed with type

2 diabetes 8 years ago. 3 years

later came kidney disease and then

then dialysis. I think in my early 50s the screen would have

picked me up had it been

available. Currently the only

federally funded screening

programs are for breast, This report shows that a yearly kidney function test would be

cheaper and effective. This is

an issue that needs to be taken

seriously. It needs to be addressed

now is to convince the Federal now is to convince

Government to fund it. Well

joining us for our weekly

Collins who's the manage ing review of the news are Peter

director of Barton Deakin and former Opposition. And John Dixson from the Centre ffr Public

Christianity. I thought we'd

start off with religion and advertising. Now a Muslim advertising. Now a Muslim group

called My Peace has put up bill

boards with slogans like Jesus

is a Prophet of Islam in Sydney and apparently extending the campaign and and apparently they're

calling for donations. calling for donations. One bishop has called the bill boards offensive and

provocative. Another has said

it's complete nonsense to call

religious of start with I guess the more Jesus a Prophet of Islam. I'll

start with I

religious of the two of you if

that's correct, John Dix -

Dickson, is a provocation? No,

I think it's fantastic. there being more discussion

about these things. In fact I

got to interview the guy behind

the Islamic posters and quizzed

him about why they're doing it

and he's quite adamant they're

not trying to provoke. They're

just trying to say we need to

have a discussion and it's

true, within Islam Jesus is

regarded as a Prophet, othey're

just making that statement. And

that it allows Muslims and Christians and spectators to think about the differences

between the faiths and they are

profoundly different, and yet

friends, you can respect people work out that you can be

who have profoundly different

views and that's what true

tolerance is. It isn't the sort

of unthinking acceptance of

everyone's view, it is everyone's view, it is the

ability to profoundly disagree

and yet profoundly respect someone. You've had the ability to interview the person who put

up the posters but I wonder, Peter Collins, as someone who

might drive past this or even travels in a bus which has got

some of the posters on, does it

offend you? No, it doesn't

offend me. I agree with John. I think that this is about

triggering debate. It is - it

makes the point that Islam does

actually recognise Jesus Christ

starting point. I mean as a Prophet which is a good

starting point. I mean to Christians, of course, Jesus

Christ is much more than a

should Prophet and in no way, I think,

should it be seen should it be seen as an attack

on the standing of Christ in Christianity. I don't think it

was intended that way. So I

think it's an opportunity start a dialogue between two

religious groups. So why do you

think Christian leaders are

getting upset about these

leader posters? Not many

Christian leaders are. I saw

the quotes too and mostly the

response has been positive. In fact there was a group fact there was a group called

Aussie Christians who put up

what you might call

wire glad you want to talk said is dear Aussie Muslim,

about Jesus, let's chat. That's

exactly the approach. We don't

opposed about who he actually agree on Jesus, our views are

was but that doesn't mean we can't have friendly

conversations. That's what conversations. That's what a pluralistic society should be. I think what this be. I think what this is pointing to is that pointing to is that in

public life takes Jesus Christ Australia I think too much of

for granted and I think that the point which

granted, we are the majority Christians is don't take us for

denomination in Australia denomination in Australia and

that looks like continuing for

some time and so I think

there's a bit of catch up being

played here. OK, let's move played here. OK, let's move on. Happiness, the Dalai Lama has

been in Australia this week

promoting it and next weekend

'Compass' the ABC program is

running a story on an

education. Let's first hear a experiment in positive

little bit from that

program. These students are

about to take part in a world first experiment. Their school

is introducing a philosophy called positive is introducing a controversial

education. It's a new approach

to learning designed to help these teenagers develop ways of

becoming happier, more

resilient people. The school

believes that it will improve their chances of dealing with

life's challenges. But can these 14-year-olds learn

optimism in the same way they

learn reading, writing

arithmetic. OK, I won't do the

slow motion kind of run towards

you, Peter Collins, but can

people learn optimism? Is it

something that can something that can be injected

into the education system? They're not going to

learn optimism if they spend

all their time on Facebook and

social media. So for that generation you've just shown

turn off your social media,

give yourself time to think and give yourself time to think

join up the dots. I think part

of the problem today is, I mean

in a world peace and in a country where have unprecedented peace and in a country where we

we've got so much going for us, have unprecedented prosperity,

just stand back, enjoy it,

think about it. I mean we have

so much to be happy about and I

think so many kids today spend

so much time on social

media. But why do you think

that is leading to or dissatisfaction? Because I

think they don't get time to

think. I think you need time to

reflect in life and you need time to switch time to switch off. But do

young people reflect in that

way, do you any? No, they don't

and that's the problem. If the

unhappiness meter is on the

increase then I think it's particular aren't taking time out. I think probably for my

generation, which is not the

social media generation you've

had more time to reflect to

join up the dots to enjoy

what's there. So I think, you

know, the key lesson for GenY

and jond is take a bit of and jond is take a bit of time out of your social out of your social media. John

Dickson I know Twitter account but I Twitter account but I don't think you're terribly active,

do you agree with Peter Collins

that social media is perhaps that social media is perhaps a distraction and distraction and perhaps making

young people unhappy? I am more active

imagine and I love all of my

Facebook friends. But I think

the interesting thing about

happiness is really as soon as

you pursue happiness, you know, as

as a goal, I think its elusive.

Happiness is a by-product of

other things. But it's a real

industry at the moment, isn't it? It's a huge industry it? It's a huge industry but one of the happiness from Har vord University, Dan Gilbert, professor of

psychology, he sayed 90% of

your happiness, well being, is

bought with the first 10% your wealth. In other words,

really, to be basically happy,

you just need food, shelter and

clothing and then for the next

10% of margin of you've got to keep you've got to keep spending

more and more money just to get

a little bit of a bump and his

basic point is that really what basic point is that really what makes people happy, if that's

the right word, have a sense of well being, is family, friendships, relationships and

that happiness is the accidental by-product of having good relationships in

place. What do you place. What do you think of that? It sounds logical. I

wouldn't disagree with that. I

don't think it's a question of

how much money you have or end

up with, you certainly need the basics. If you can't feed

yourself and your children and

you can't - you don't have any

sort of roof over your head,

the likelihood is you're going

to be unhappy about that and not happy

not happy until you've found

it. But once you've got those basics I think good point, happiness is largely

largely a by-product but I do

think you have to take time

out, you have to switch off.

However you want to call it, I

mean some people going mean some people going back to

our earlier conversation, our earlier conversation, for some people lit be religious observantance and meditation

but for many people it's a good start just to take time out to

reflect. I want my kids also to

have times of sadness. One of

my favourite lines in the Bible is rejoice with those who

rejoice, weep with those who

weep and I want my children to know when it's right

happy and to have fun but I

of the things in the world and

so there's a balance there. I

don't want them to sort of sort of numbing e eke lib yum. And they've got to

constantly be happy. A group of

people not happy at the people not happy at the moment are federal politicians and

particularly the leaders and

particularly the Labor leader

Julia Gillard. I was going to

have a little bit of Kevin Rudd

in there but I think we'll just

stick to Julia Gillard at the

moment. The polls this morning

are showing pretty low - she's

not considered let's be quite frank about

that. Peter Collin, is this still due to the fact that still due to the fact that she

deposed Kevin Rudd or is it to

do with her or is her policies? It's a

combination of policies, namely

cash carbon tax and illegal immigration/boat people on the

one hand. But secondly, in her

first year as Prime Minister

she has failed to she has failed to gain sufficient traction sufficient traction as Prime Minister. In other words, the electorate were accept alright, we have our first female prime minister and

initially there was some bounce in that. All of that bounce is now completely dissipated to the point that Kevin Rudd is

now more popular than Julia Gillard. John Dickson, what do

you think about what Peter

Collins said, is he right ? I

love all three leaders and I include Kevin Rudd there to be

sure. I think they're all

fantastic and I do wonder

whether Julia Gillard's polls this week

this week are partly affected this week are partly affected by those issues also the live export issue. I

wonder whether there's some anger directed at the Government just this week and I

wonder if in a couple of she will have the same

poll. Can I quickly ask you

both, with the live cattle

exports that was done exports that was done so

quickly on carbon tax we've got

a multiparty committee, that's going to take months, is that

one of the issues, do you think? I wouldn't rate it that particular issue highly. I

think it's certainly taken a

lot of attention over the last couple of real dilemma to cut to the

chase, the real dilemma is what

the Labor Party now does. the Labor Party now does. Do

they put Kevin Rudd back, do

they say we made they say we made a monumental

mistake and I think that's mistake and I think that's a

very hard call for the Labor

Party. I don't know that Party. I don't know that they

can do that . We'll have to

leave it there. Fascinating discussion. Peter Collins, John

Dickson, thank you so much for

your time today. Don't go away,

we'll be back in 15 minutes with all the day's news. Closed Captions by CSI