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(generated from captions) From political prisoner to

parliamentarian - an historic

election win for Burma's Aung

Sang Suu Kyi. This Program is Captioned

Live. Also ahead - the death toll climbs in flood-ravaged

Fiji as a tropical cyclone

looms with more heavy rain. Tributes for music

veteran and a gentle voice for

reconciliation, Jimmy Little,

who has died aged 75. And later

on 'The Business' with Ticky

Fullerton, China promises

gritter economic openness, but

will it deliver? Live across Australia,

Australia, you're watching ABC

News 24. Hello. I'm Juanita

Phillips. Well, it's taken more

than two decades but Burma's

pro democracy leader is finally

nation's parliament. Aung Sang set to take her place in the

Suu Kyi says her election marks

a new era for the country. Her

party has won all but one of

the 44 seats being contested. Nonetheless, the Nobel Nonetheless, the Nobel laureate

and her supporters have won a small minority

military is in full small minority where the

Zoe Daniel reports from military is in full control.

Rangoon. On the streets of

Rangoon, sheer joy. It was only

this crowd is celebrating a a series of by-elections but a series of by-elections

process that began in 1990 when

the Opposition won a landslide

election victory but was never

allowed to take power. As soon as voting finished, they

gathered here to watch the

results come in. CHANTING.

TRANSLATION: I'm so happy. Aung

Sang Suu Kyi will fulfil our

present needs for everyone. I

believe this. Today their icon Aung Sang Suu Kyi was greeted

by a massive pack of media and

supporters at Opposition headquarters. In 20 years of

journalism or more I've never

experienced a worse media scrum. Aung Sang Suu Kyi's people decided to bring the car

up to the door of NLD headquarters in between

hundreds of journalists,

international and Burmese. We

were all just packed together

and then squashed out of the and then squashed out of

way as she walked in way as she walked in the

door. The lady of Burma who

spent so many years under house

arrest by the military

government now has a

parliamentary seat and she

re-emerged to briefly

acknowledge those who put her there. We hope that there. We hope that this will

be the beginning of a new era

where there will be more

emphasis on the rule of the

people in the everyday politics

of our country. Even if the National League for Democracy

wins all the by-elections it

will only have 44 seats in a

440-seat Lower House, but 440-seat Lower House, but it's

a start. It will be days before

results are formalised but scenes like this were scenes like this were repeated

around the country as early counting showed

counting showed the Opposition

winning seat after seat.

TRANSLATION: When I voted, I

wanted her to win from the

bottom of my heart. Achieving

change from within will be a

new test for Aung Sang Suu Kyi

and her party. For so many

years, jailed and repressed for years, jailed and repressed

their political beliefs, now

part of what may be a fledgling part of what may be a

democracy. Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has flag a

possible easing of sanctions on

made Burma. Mr Carr says Burma has

made significant moves towards democracy and this should democracy and this should be

recognised. Now, there is still

a long way to G you've a long way to G you've still

got repressive laws on the

statute books and you've got political prisoners, statute books and you've still

variously stipted at being

between hundreds and a

thousand, but you've got new

labour laws that recognise the

right to organise unions and to

go on strike. You've had media

from outside the country and

media within the country report

this political contest in which

10% of the population got the vote. These are have been big

steps forward. We will see that

our consideration of easing

sanctions is proportionate. We

want to go far enough to encourage the government to

continue to move and roll out democratisiation

want to remove all the pressure

emergency has been declared in to do the good work. A state of

Fiji with flash floods claims

at least four lives on the island of Viti Levu. Flights to

and from Fiji have resumed but

more rain is forecast over the coming days. Dominique Schwartz

has the latest. Much of Vietnam live is still sub-Americaned.

Power and water has been cut.

Locals have going to great

heights to save what they

can People on top of the roofs

trying to get a helicopter or

get a boat. Others are get a boat. Others are taking

helicopters to get a cross. extreme measures to leave Two

Hopefully the airport will get

an aeroplane back to Australia

somewhere and get home. Those who did make it home were

relieved but worried for those left behind I just feel sorry

for the poor people over there. Their houses are submerged,

roofs are floating. 11,000 they're under water, their

Fijians are now relying on emergency centres. Businesses

have gone under for the second

time this year. January's

deadly floods cost millions. Frustration is mounting. There is no electricity. We are

running out of the cells on the

me bile. We can't contact

anyone. We are just stranded here. Some are feeling Lance Corporally to Corporally to be alive. Two

times I drowned and fourth time

I I came up and I didn't know

how I grabbed a tree. Locals

and tourists are now worried about Cyclone Daphne. It's

expected to pass within 500km

of Nadi overnight, bringing

heavy rain and strong

winds. Now that I've heard a tropical cyclone is on its way

we are really, really worried.

We just want to get We just want to get back

home. With Fiji lifting its embargo on inbound passengers

there will be more seats for

those leaving. For those here, thoufr; however, there will thoufr; however, there will be

no choice but to batten down

once again. A Sydney court has been told the been told the Villawood

Detention Centre didn't Detention Centre didn't have

its internal surveillance cameras switched on during cameras switched on during last

April's riot. A total of 16 men

have been charged over a range of offences over the Two asylum seekers began

throwing tiles off the roof. The prosecution said the

cameras were off that day

because of privacy concerns. Instead

Instead he presented the Instead he presented the ABC's television coverage of the

incident as his video source of

evidence. Ambulance Victoria

has launch offed an

investigation into an apparent bungle in which bungle in which par med ygs mistakenly pronounced a man

dead after a car crash. A dead after a car crash. A tow truck driver says emergency

workers only realised the man

was still alive when they moved

him into a coroner's van about

90 minutes later. He is now fighting for his life in

hospital. The first ambulance

arrived at the scene on the Western Freeway about 7 Western Freeway about 7 minutes

after it was called. The

ambulance officers found a man

with severe facial injuries suspended upside-down in his

sports car. Within minutes

another two ambulances

arrived. It was upturned, it

was quite wrecked. It was

sitting precariously on the

guide rails. Tow truck driver

Trevor Oliver says he was also

one of the first there Oh,

certainly they were working around the car and reaching

into the driver to check his vitals. But paramedics vitals. But paramedics couldn't

find any vital signs and left

the scene. Mr Oliver says the 30-year-old Hawthorn Whan who

was trapped in the car was left

hanging there for about an hour

before the SES pulled him out

and wrapped him in plastic on the ground. Our volunteers did a terrific job in trying circumstances to extricate people from the vehicle. All

the while, in and out of the

car, the injured man kept making small movements, something experts say isn't

unusual for bodies after fatal

crashes. This was ringing alarm

bells in my head and a

bells in my head and a few others at the scene as well,

and my only regret is I didn't

speak up sooner. Mr Oliver says

when a coroner's representative

came, somebody noticed the body

was warm and had a weak pulse. SES volunteers called one of

the ambulances back and the man

was taken to hospital. I think

we have to accept that they

would be devastated. It appears

that we've made a mistake and

if that's the case, we will be

very open and frank with them

about that. Simon Thomson says

they were very experienced paramedics. I feel paramedics. I feel sorry for the ambos, the par med ygs

because they do an outstanding job generally. The

investigation run by a

professor of trauma surgery

should take a couple of should take a couple of weeks. Surf Life Saving Queensland

says it doesn't place money and sponsorships before safety.

There is mounting pressure to

relocate the sport's national titles after 14-year-old

Matthew Barclay died while

competing last week. He is the

third teenager to die at the Surf Life Saving Championships

at Kurrawa on the Gold Coast

since 1996. Surf Life Saving

Queensland denies the event is

kept at the beach to satisfy sponsors. We have moved

carnivals since time

immemorial. I have been in competition

competition for 40 years and

carnivals move at the drop of a hat, including the Australian Championships. It is Championships. It is a non-issue. Police are

investigating the circumstances surrounding Matthew surrounding Matthew Barclay's

death. A Perth court has been

told that former AFL player Ben

Cousins will not be jailed if

he is convicted of a drugs

charge. Reporter Joanna men nah

has the details. It was a

fairly brief court appearance

by Ben Cousins. He wasn't

required to plea to a charge of possessing methamphetamine with

intent to sell or supply. He

was charged last week in the

south coastal town of Esperance

where he had been due to where he had been due to attend a drug rehabilitation clinic, however, he was stopped at the

airport by police and searched

and it's alleged they found 4.5

grams of the drug hidden inside

his body. During his court appearance, Ben Cousins lawyer

made it plain that if made it plain that if his

client is convict of the charge

he would not be facing a jail term and the presiding magistrate agross domestic

product that was the proposition. Cousins was

accompanied by his father,

Brian and there was also

support inside the court. When

he was ordered to plea, he was

in the middle of autographing a

T-shirt for a member of the

public gallery. He has bail

undertaking of $2,000 with undertaking of $2,000 with a

similar surety and that will

stay in place until he appears in court again in June. Jimmy

Little died today after a

career that spanned nearly half

a century. He was 75. Adrian

Raschella reports on a Raschella reports on a music pioneer. Jimmy Little was a ground-breaker. He scored a No.

1 pop song in 1963 when

Aboriginal Australians weren't even recognised as citizens. (Sings)

# You may talk to Jesus on this

royal telephone... royal telephone... #

He was working towards

reconciliation right from the

start. His way was a gentle

approach. The soft sell he used

call it. He toured as part of

the 'All Coloured Show' to become the first Indigenous performer to achieve mainstream success.

# The land where I was born... #

He knew he could use his

celebrity in a positive

way Tonight I'm not appearing

as Jimmy Little the singer, but

as Jimmy Little, a member of a

very proud race, my people the Aborigines. He continued to

give back to his people. After

two years of kidney failure and

a dialysis, he was given a

kidney transplant. He set kidney transplant. He set up the Jimmy Little Foundation. If

I can save somebody a day or a

week or a month or a year, I'm

doing something from my own experience. He received an

honorary doctorate from Sydney

University for his activism. He was named a Living National

Treasure and received an Order

of Australia. And there were a swag of music awards. Thank

you, music lovers. You've given

me a long and Il lust tri-us career. Three years ago career. Three years ago Jimmy Little's career came full

circle with a new recording of

that old hit. (Sings)

# I love the past and I look

at the past sometimes and say,

gee, I value me living in that

era and there are some things

in the past I would have changed had I been able to, changed had I been able to, but not the joyous shall the joyties of the past.

# My father taught me all the things I things I needed... # Like identity and Lawyers have brand-the-Federal Government's

response to alleged war crimes

as utterly inadequate. The

ABC's 'Foreign Correspondent'

program has investigated the

killing of cameraman Paul Moran

in 2003 by an Iraqi in 2003 by an Iraqi suicide

bomber. It's found there has

been no attempt to extradite

the former head of the group

responsible, Mullah Krekar,

from Norway, and no key

witnesses were questioned by

federal police. A former

international war crimes

prosecutor says Australia needs

to follow other countries and

set up a dedicated war crimes

unit. To ensure justice is

brought within its borders and

in relation to its citizens,

and so far we have not done

that, and our failure to do so

is almost singular when one has regard to comparative

states. The federal police says it

it has decided not to

investigate Paul Moran's death. At

death. At least 31 people have

been killed in the crash of a Russian airliner in Russian airliner in western

Siberia. Had 43 passengers and crew were on board the ATR 72

turboprop when it came down

soon after take-off from

soon after take-off from Tyumen, 1700km east of Moscow.

Officials say the airlines

plane crashed about 40km from

the airport. As many as 12

people survived, but some are

in a critical condition. There

have been at least five major air crashes in Russia in the

last year, but this is the

first involving a Western-made

aircraft. The ATR 72 aircraft. The ATR 72 is manufactured by an Italian-French company. Rebel

groups have been helped in

their fight against President Assad. Wealthy gulf states have

agreed to set up a fund to help

pay for the campaign. Ann

Barker reports. The Syrian

conflict erupted briefly in Istanbul where those for and against the Assad regime

rallied outside the so-called

Friends of Syria meeting.

Inside, more than 70 Western and Arab foreign ministers

called for a strict ultimatum on President Assad

on President Assad to on President Assad to implement

the recent peace plan and stop

the year-long violence. The

world will not waiver, Assad

must go, and the Syrian people

must be free to choose their

own path forward. But with

pro-Assad forces still shells Homs and other rebel

strongholds, leaders in

Istanbul turned to other

options. Some Gulf states have

agreed to fund wages for rebel

fighters and soldiers who

defect from the Syrian defect from the Syrian Army,

but they've stopped short of

agreeing to supply weapons to Syria's Opposition. TRANSLATION:

TRANSLATION: My people need

help. We want a buffer zone to

protect civilians. Other states

want tougher sanctions against

Syria's leaders. So the idea is

to coordinate those sanctions

and to check that they are

really implemented. The Syrian

Government has dismissed the gathering in Istanbul as

enemies of Syria and says

enemies of Syria and says its

troops are close to crushing

the uprising for good. Bit by

bit, they're weakening the

rebel cause as daily funerals

like this one attest. In like this one attest. In the

past 36 hour as lone, at least 40 people have been killed

across the country. A

2-year-old Chinese boy is safe

and well after being rescued

from a deep and narrow well.

The toddler slipped and fell

down the 12m dry well in

China's south western u Nan

province of the well was just 30cm wide and oxygen had to be

pumped in as rescuers worked

for hours to set him free.

After several failed attempts,

the boy was pulled out.

The boy was taken to hospital

but had suffered only minor

bruising. An Australian is one

of four people who have been

badly injured on a yacht hit by

severe weather in the Pacific. The 'Geraldton Western Australia', Australia', seen here leaving

the UK last August, is taking part in part in the Clipper Round the

World Yacht Race. A giant wave

hit the boat about 640km off California. And the crew took

the full force of that wave on

them, so it knocked them over. The wave was over. The wave was reportedly

bigger than these which were

filmed by a member of the race

fleet. The US coastguard fleet. The US coastguard has

dropped medical supplies but an

attempt to lower rescuers had to be to

farmer Max Wilson is one of the

injured with suspected cracked

or broken ribs. Time for sport with Shalala sla. The Cowboys

on top in the NRL tonight? Looking pretty good,

too. North Queensland has a

16-0 lead over the Raiders 16-0 lead over the Raiders in the second half at Canberra Stadium. The Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys threatened

to take the lead early on and

eventually Brent Tate found a

way through. COMMENTATOR: Wide to Tait who sets sail for the

corner. What precision. They again exploited the Raiders

left edge with Ashley Graham

doubling the lead at half-time.

Graham repeated the dose after the break to put the advantage

well and truly with the visitors. Geelong fullback

Matthew Scarlett is set to miss

the Cats' next three AFL

matches for flattening

controversial Fremantle forward Hayden Ballantyne at the weekend, but the league's

serial pest hasn't got off scot-free himself. Match scot-free himself. Match review has charged Ballantyne with

striking Paul Chapman behind

play. On Saturday night Matthew

Scarlett did what many AFL

players have been itching to do. This will cost him the next three matches, four if he challenges the decision and fails. Certainly not the fails. Certainly not the first player sucked in by Hayden Ballantyne's cheek There has

always been one player who has that ability to I guess,

irritate the opposition. It's

all part of the gamesmanship.

That doesn't mean you can condone retaliation. The

retailation came after

Ballantyne's clash with Paul

Chapman just before quarter-time. The incident

wasn't captured on official

match cameras, but match cameras, but extra

footage led to the Docker being

banned for two games. The

controversy at Subiaco kried to

an ex- to an action-packed opening first round Football is

back. There is obviously a lot

of tension and anticipation

around the opening round. I don't see much harm in

it. Aside from the biffo, footy

in Round 1 wasn't bad, either. A lot of scoring. You

would say the shots on goal

were a little bit more were a little bit more advanced

at this Syme of the season, but

I thought footy is footy. There

was just some cracking

games. The Blues expect a cracking game against the resurgent Brisbane Lions when

Round 2 kicks off at the Gabba

on Thursday night. Black is

winning a lot of the ball,

Merrett is creating contest.

Hudson's first game up was

pretty impressive as well for

changing clubs, so, yeah,

they're in a good place at the

moment. Carlton has the moment. Carlton has the chance

to have defenders Nick Duigan

and Michael Jamieson back and Michael Jamieson back for the match. The Queensland the match. The Queensland Reds say they're desperate to return

to form in front of their to form in front of their home

crowd when they play the

Brumbies in their clash on

Friday. The they have leaked

133 points in their last three

games, but they're add mapt

they can turn it around

Park. Obviously our trip away

hasn't been what we wanted and

we need to come home and put in

a performance in front of our home fans that they can be proud of and we can be proud

of. The world's best surfers

have descended on Victoria for

this week's Bells Beach surf

classic. The pro tour classic. The pro tour event officially starts tomorrow and

runs until the Easter long weekend. There will be tough

competition in the women's and

women's draws with fume rouse

former world champions competing. Definitely one of

the hardest Bells in a long

time and especially with the

forecast for a big swell T will be wake up each morning and

hopefully there will be good waves and it's big. Earlier

today Victoria's Nic Muscroft

won a lead-up event to earn a wild car into the Classic. South Korean golfer Sun-Young Sun-Young Yoo has won at the

first extra hole he HPGA major.

Karrie Webb was the best placed Australian. IK Kim squandered

her advantage, but Sun-Young

Yoo took full advantage to

claim her first major

title. Comment commint it took

an extra hole but Sun-Young Yoo wins the first major

championship of the season.

The world No. 1 Taiwan's Yani

Tseng was third. A 16 -year-old

Australian boy is about to get

into the biggest fight of his

life. He is going to London and

will become the youngest ever

box tore represent Australia at

the Olympics. He was named in

the team today and will compete

in the heavyweight division. He

may only be a teen, but at may only be a teen, but at 91 kilos he is ready it take on

the world. It's been my dream to do the Olympics since I can

remember. I can't remember

wanting to do anything else,

but be a boxer, make it big in boxing. In the boxing. In the trans-Tasman

netball league, West Coast

fever has a 7-goal lead over

can't bring Tactix half-time can't bring Tactix nearing

half-time in Perth A half-time in Perth A gambling

game that was played by

Australian prisoners of war has

gone on display for the first

time at the War Memorial in Canberra. Frogopoly uses poker

dice to determine which carved

drog moves and how far the.

PoWs placed bets using mostly cigarettes.

This would have given them a small opportunity to take their

minds off the difficulties of

surviving in a prisoner of war camp. Private Marshall's camp. Private Marshall's family donated Frogolopy to the Australian War Memorial. Graham Creed with

Creed with the two-day outlook.

A relatively stable forecast

across many parts of the

continent as we head not only

into the next two days but

right through to the mid fell

of Easter. This cool change

which is heading up towards the south-west of Western Australia

will be a feature in the State

more likely during Wednesday

and Thursday as it moves through. Then it will slide

into south-eastern states as we

head into the Easter weekend

and behind it we have

significantly colder air. We

could even see snow developing

about alpine areas to end off

the Easter weekend. Elsewhere,

not much to talk about. The

lack of wind arrows means very light and stable condition as

cross many parts of the

continent. There is a continent. There is a weak trough through Central

Australia that. Could trigger

isolated showers and thunderstorms but isolated will

be the definite term be the definite term there. A

few showers about the south western parts western parts of Western

Australia , anywhere south of

Geraldton and also showers in southern Victoria, very

isolated, very light, some rain

about north and western

Tasmania, tending to showers

about the east and that will contract back to the western

parts of the State later in the

day and then we should day and then we should see a

period of drier and sunnier

weather. As you can see in the

other centres, relatively warm temperatures, particularly around Alice Springs, well above average maximums above average maximums and mostly drier weather as well. Little change on Wednesday,

lack of winds through the

interior, very typical interior, very typical autumn

pattern at this stage. There is

that frontal system moving up

throughout the south-west so

another burst of showers moving

through and cooler air moving

up so a drop in temperatures as

we head into Wednesday and

Thursday. Not much in the way

of rainfall T cob the very

of rainfall T cob the very far and southern coasts, which

could pick up isolated falls up

to 20mm, so perhaps some

isolated decent falls there isolated decent falls there but

they won't be widespread and

won't spread very far inland. Across the south-east,

relatively clear, but an upper

level cold pool could trigger

showers and they will increase

a little as we head into Good

Friday as well. But most of the

capitals as we head in capitals as we head in towards Wednesday, relatively clear at at this stage, warm

temperatures across most areas

and so the very pleasant autumn conditions continuing and

another very hot day on the way for Alice Springs. Theatre

people call it the Stott people call it the Stott tish

curse and the latest production

of Macbeth has done nothing to

dispel the myth. The Bell Shakespeare Company's production of the tragedy has

had to cancel two previews and

opening night performance.

Severe food poisoning has

struck down three actors including including the play's directors. They became so ill last They became so ill last week,

they were bedridden. Two of them were

hospitalised. Extremely ill, absolutely debilitating, completely flat out. After

months of rehearsals, it was

schedule to pre-sue last Friday

and open this Wednesday. While

most don't believe the curse

was responsible, some don't dismiss it I don't mention

Macbeth in theatres or foyers

of other people's plays, not because I think because I think something

terrible is about to terrible is about to happen,

but it's better not to

ignore. The actors are now recovering and the previews are

to go ahead tomorrow night. I

will be back with an update in

a moment. Then stay with us for

'The Business'. You can keep up

to date on all of the stories

that we're following by logging on our website - You're

watching ABC News 24.

Closed Captions by CSI. Live.

The top stories from ABC News

- Burma's pro-democracy leader

Aung Sang Suu Kyi has hailed a

new era after her opposition

party claimed victory in by-elections. The National

League for Democracy's own

unofficial results show it's

won 43 of 44 seats contested. Aung Sang Suu Kyi has told

supporters she is pleased about the enthusiasm the Burmese people have shown for the

political process. The Australian Government is

sending urgent flood aid to

Fiji where heavy flooding Fiji where heavy flooding has

killed at least four people and

forced thousands from forced thousands from their

homes. Food and water is being distributed to emergency centres. Mer than centres. Mer than 1400

Australians are registered as

being in Fiji. None have been

hurt. The former AFL player Ben

Cousins has made a brief appearance in the Perth Magistrates Court on a charge

of possessing drugs.