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State row intensifies over paedophile -

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(generated from captions) to improve telecommunications in the bush. But even if that gets the go-ahead, Barnaby Joyce is reserving his right to oppose the Telstra sale But this morning he signalled the government's offer should be enough to win him over. We started from nothing, the National Party started from nothing and we've gone from nothing to $6 billion on the table, that's what we've been fighting for and we've achieved. I was at the rodeo on the weekend and I think that six people... I was working at the bar, and six people came up and said what a great bloke Barnaby Joyce was, I tell you what - the rodeo next year, after he's voted for the sale of Telstra, if he sides for the sale of Telstra they won't be saying that. Telstra's not the only legislation causing internal friction within the government. As truck drivers rolled into Canberrra to protest against industrial relations changes, John Howard was still non-committal about whether to have a Senate inquiry after his Workplace Relations Minister said yesterday that it was a certainty. The question of whether there'll be a Senate inquiry into this or any other piece of legislation will of course be a matter for the Senate. I've got some concerns, I'd hate to think the things I grew up with as a working class individual were under attack. The Opposition's demanding a full Senate investigation. Dana Robertson, Lateline. It was parochial politics at its most ferocious today in a row between the NSW and WA governments over a paroled paedophile. In 2000, Otto Darcy Searle was sentenced to 424 years jail by a Perth court after being found guilty of abusing several pre-teen boys more than 20 years ago. But his sentence was made concurrent, meaning a maximum of only 11 years and he was eventually paroled after just five and allowed to move to NSW. Tom Iggulden reports. Sharon, what's the name of that Sharon, what's the name of that new Premier Morris Iemma? No, it is Morris Iemma. What sort of name is that? Apparently his parents came here from Italy in the 1 9 60s. Another immigrant to the state Another immigrant to the state has given the Premier his first taste given the Premier his first taste of the limelight. Convicted paedophile Otto Darcy Searle was paroled in Western Australia in July and has been living here on the NSW Far North Coast ever since. Searle's crimes were committed more than 20 years ago, but locals are livid that he was paroled, even though he didn't undergo a specialist psychiatric assessment. After two days of dithering, today Premier Iemma moved to send Searle back to Western Australia. Today, on the advice of the Commissioner, I'll be contacting the Premier of WA to ask for expidited application from the WA Parole Board to the Commissioner in relation to the individual on the North Coast of NSW. Has the NSW Premier called you? He said he was going to call you personally today to discuss... No, I'm not aware of any call. And Mr Iemma went a step further, promising to send others from interstate who are on parole back to where they came from. Well, it's a big deal because we don't want to be a dumping ground for WA's paedophiles. We're not going to be a dumping ground for paedophiles. But Mr Iemma's State Labor counterparts in the west had a message of their own for the rookie Premier. To suggest, as they've tried to do, that this was dumped on them in the dark of night, as they've tried to do, is pure fantasy on the part of the NSW Government. Fantasy or not, that was part of the NSW defence of how Searle ended up living on the State's North Coast and attending a born-again Christian church just over the border in Queensland. Not all of the information was transferred from the parole board to the regional office. As a result of that, they didn't have all the detail and it didn't trigger further inquiries. Oh, the NSW Government were inept. They were fully involved with all the processes. There was a knee-jerk reaction at a political level in NSW. But Mr Iemma continued his attack on the west's parole board for letting Searle out in the first place. The WA parole attached some conditions for his parole, saying it would be nice for him to live with family. Well, sorry, he's on parole in WA, he's a serious sex offender and the offenses are against children. He can live in WA. Searle was sentenced to 424 years for his crimes, Tom Iggulden, Lateline. A prominent Chinese defector has today claimed that he has information that a hit squad has been sent from China to assassinate him. Australia's Foreign Minister says the claims should be treated with great caution and the Chinese Embassy says they are ridiculous. Chen Yonglin says he was tipped-off by a high-ranking official within the Chinese Foreign Ministry that Beijing is determined to silence him. Michael Edwards reports. It's a startling allegation - former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin claiming there's a hit squad in Australia preparing to kill him. I receive a message from one of of my closest friends in China, working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that that the government has sent - one month ago - sent...sent...sent a team, a 3-member team to conduct an operation called, ah, 'Decapitation Strike'. First they want to shut me up, want me to shut up, and the other they want to set a warning example to others who want to defect. Mr Chen says he was told the alleged assassins entered Australia on business visas. And the tip-off, he says, was an email from a friend