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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. An asylum seeker stalemate, Tony Abbott says no no the no the Government's

compromise. If he says no to this deal he's saying no to

Nauru and it will just show very clearly that he will do anything, take politics to new lows in order to politic around

very serious issues in the

national interest.

8 men arrested in over the asylum seeker boat 8 men arrested in Indonesia

tragedy. Scores dead in a series of bomb attacks in

Baghdad. And Shaun Marsh stakes

his claim for a return to the

Test side. That's gone for six

and Shaun Marsh brings it up

with a six. He gets to 99 with a six. He gets to 99 not

out. Good morning, you're watching ABC News, I'm Paul Kennedy. The Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has rejected the

Federal Government's compromise on asylum seekers. The

Government has caved in to Opposition demands to send

asylum seekers to Nauru but it asylum seekers to Nauru but

still wants to keep its

Malaysia swap deal. But

Abbott says unless temporary

protection visas are

reintroduced and Malaysia reintroduced and Malaysia is

abandoned he won't accept the abandoned he won't accept

deal. For more Melissa Clarke joins us from Canberra. Melissa, good morning. Melissa, good morning. We've

heard from both Mr Bowen and Mr

Abbott this morning, what do

you make of that? Does it seem

like much hope there ? What we

have is the Government with a very big back flip in terms of

to have a processing centre saying that it would be willing

Nauru despite its previous to have a processing centre on

criticisms of that idea

provided that the provided that the Coalition

allows it to go ahead with the

legislation unamended saying Malaysia deal by passing its

could do that as part of a

suite of measures and saying

that's a good faith compromise

However, that they're going to make.

However, with the Coalition

making no moves towards

accepting a compromise, saying

it's either all elements of their policy or nothing, it's

yet to be a compromise that

bears any fruit for the Government. Nonetheless, they

are hoping that a meeting that

will happen today between will happen today between the

Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen, the Opposition

Morrison and the foreign immigration spokesman Scott

affairs representatives of both parties, so Kevin Rudd and

jewel by Bishop, that's going

to take place this afternoon. Both sides say they will Both sides say they will enter that in good faith and are hopeful something will come of

it. The Immigration Minister

this morning that this is a Chris Bowen told us earlier

chance for Tony Abbott some leadership. Between the chance for Tony Abbott to show Government and the Opposition, the test is whether they're fair dinkum and will come fair dinkum and will come to the stable in good faith. If they're going to start they're going to start ruling things out like that that's not

a sign of good faith. If he says no to this deal he's

saying no to Nauru and it will

just show very clearly that he

will do anything, take politics

to new lows, in order to

politic around very serious

issues in the national

interest. That's Chris Bowen

there. Please stay with us,

we'll listen now to Tony Abbott

who's speaking live in

Melbourne. It's great to be

here with the sisters who have

been running this house for

50-odd years and I'm pleased to

be able to join my be able to join my fellow

Australians here on the Australians here on the eve of

the most enjoyable family time of the year. Any questions. Are

you prepared to compromise on

asylum seekers? Look, I want to

make a few points. First of all

I want to thank the Government

for finally putting a specific

proposal in writing. I want to

say that I welcome the meeting

that will take place in Sydney

at 1:30 today involving at 1:30 today involving Scott

Morrison, Chris Bowen and very

importantly Kevin Rudd Julie Bishop because the importantly Kevin Rudd and

Foreign Minister and the Shadow Foreign Minister should be

involved in this. How we handle

the boat people crisis does have very significant policy ramifications. But most policy ramifications. have very significant foreign

of all I want to say thank God

that at last the Government has

finally seen sense appreciated that Nauru is a finally seen sense and

vital part of any serious

policy to stop the boats. Now I

regret that it's taken some

14,000 illegal arrivals and the

turning up on our shores of almost 300 boats, to bring them

to this position, but thank God

they've come there. The

Opposition stands ready to lend every assistance to the

it Government in reopening Nauru,

it is in the end the

Government's job to protect our

borders, if you can't control the borders you can't govern the country but where the

Government is proposing good

policy the Opposition will give

them every bit of support. I

just hope that as well as

talking to the Opposition talking to the Opposition today

the Government is on the phone

to the President of Nauru

because Nauru can be up running within a few weeks because Nauru can be up and

before the parliament of

Australia comes back in

February, Nauru can be up and

running and taking boat people

and that would send the strongest possible signal to

the people smugglers that the

game is finally game is finally up. Can

agreement be reached

today? Well, we will give the Government agreement here now

to reopen Nauru and if they

need any support from us to

reopen Nauru they have got it.

We are there with bells on. We

have been saying for a decade that

that to stop the boats you need

offshore processing at Nauru,

temporary protection visas because as long as permanent residency at the end because as long as there's

of the journey the people smugglers will always have a

product to sell and yes, you've product to sell and

got to be prepared to turn boats around where it's safe to

do so because that is the ultimate assertion of Australian sovereignty over Australian sovereignty over its

borders. What about the Malaysia solution? Look, I

think the time for Malaysia has

well and truly passed. I don't

think anyone really supports it. Half the Labor Party at

least hate it. They absolutely

hate it. And if you've got

Nauru you just don't need Malaysia. That's a sticking

point. Well it's now the Government's policy to reopen Nauru and I say

enthusiastically yes, yes, yes

to Nauru. Very enthusiastically

I say yes, yes, yes to Nauru. But you oppose Nauru. But you oppose the

rest? Well, I support good

policy, that's the Opposition's

job. To propose and job. To propose and support good policy. Where

good policy. Where governments

propose bad policy well I'm

afraid they're on their own. It's

It's up to the Government to

get support for its policies.

We will support those that are

good and we won't suppose that

are bad. While the Malaysia

solution is on the table

there's no deal? We say let's

go ahead with Nauru and let's

do it now. Let's do nah new

now. Let's ring up the President of nah ru and get

that centre open. In just a that centre open. In just a few

short weeks the Nauru can be

open and before parliament comes back in February, long

before then, Nauru can be

taking boat people and once the

boat people are going off to

Nauru well that is the

strongest possible signal to the people smugglers that the

game is up. But you think game is up. But you think the

Government though will agree to Nauru but not Malaysia? It

seems to me that it won't work

because where you're standing

at the moment - Well now

they've concede ed that Nauru

is an important part of the solution, surely it's better to have Nauru than anything. They've accepted that Nauru is going to be necessary if

they're going to takelele the

boat crisis, the crisis on our

borders. - let's get cracking

with Nauru. We offer

unconditional and complete

support for Nauru and we will

do everything immediately to

try to bring Nauru about. What

sort of deterrent will that? That's a that? That's a totally different issue. The different issue. The Government

has put a 3-pronged proposal to us. They've ruled out some

things that we think are

important like temporary

protection visas. We're ruling

out supporting Malaysia but we

both agree that Nauru is

important and I say let's go

forward with Nauru that we both

support and thank God, after

four long years, after four long years, after four

tragic years for our country,

after four tragic years for the

families of the boat people who

have died at sea, Nauru is

going to open again and we will

have the beginnings of strong boarder protection policy in our country. How long do our country. How long do you think it will think it will be (Inaudible)? Look, the moment

the Government is on the phone

to the President of Nauru

declaring a timetable and it

should be a matter of just a

few short weeks to get few short weeks to get the

first boat people to Nauru, a very, very strong signal goes

out to the people smugglers

that once again Australia is on the road to secure

borders. Premier, can I ask you about the road safety camera

commissioner, is that the title

right? Yes. Tell us about the

gentleman who has got the job - We'll go back to - We'll go back to Melissa

Clarke now for her reaction to

what the Opposition Leader has

said then and Melissa, it seems

to be very different language

because Tony Abbott is calling

saying Nauru is a vital piece

in the puzzle and the

Government earlier this morning

said it would only be used to

compliment Malaysia and is not

a big vital piece of the puzzle? It's a bit puzzle? It's a bit of verballing there by Tony Abbott saying the Government's

conceded it's a vital part.

What we had was Chris

What we had was Chris Bowen

this morning saying that Nauru

could be used to compliment

other regional arrangements other regional arrangements but Chris Bowen was adamant that

Nauru is a more expensive

version of offshore processing of

of what wee see in of what wee see in Christmas

Island, that is people will end

up in Australia so it's an

interim measure but interim measure but further away than Christmas Island and

more expensive and the main

reason the reason the Government was

agreeing to it was in the

spirit of compromise. What we

have there from Tony Abbott is

very clearly not any move to

compromise from his position at

all. He's saying they will do

whatever it takes to help

support Nauru but they're also

insisting that temporary

protection visas and turning

boats around also be a next

step for the Government. They're not showing They're not showing any

willingness to except any sort

of arrangement with Malaysia,

even one that has been changed.

And there's also question marks

for Tony Abbott about his claim

in that press conference there

that they could set something

up in Nauru within weeks and

have it up and running and

asylum seekers processed there

before parliament even returns

in February because the Shadow Attorney-General for the Coalition George Brandis

himself has raised questions

about what the High Court

ruling means for offshore

processing in Nauru even as it

was done under the Howard

Government because there's

question s marks about

offshore processing in any

country because of country because of the ruling from the High Court that that

's what stopped in PNG in its

tracks as well. There will be

some legal commentators who would dispute what Tony Abbott

is saying, that Nauru could be

set up and established straight away as well. There's more questions for Tony Abbott to

answer. We may well have more information after that meeting

between Chris Bowen, the Minister, Scott Morrison, the

shadow minister and the shadow minister and the two foreign affairs spokespeople for both sides after for both sides after that happens in Sydney this afternoon. Thanks very much for that. It will be a very

interesting meeting indeed. To a related story, I guess,

Indonesian police have arrested

8 men in connection with the asylum seeker boat that

capsized off Java on the weekend. Police say they

include 4 soldiers, the 2

owners of the sunken boat and 2

crew members. The boat was carrying more than 200 people

when it sank. The confirmed death toll has now reached 90. The Northern Territory is on

cyclone watch this weekend with

a tropical low off Arafura Sea

expected to form a category 1 cyclone tomorrow. Peter Davies is the is the director of the Northern

Territory emergency service. He

joins us now from Darwin.

Thanks for your time. What is your message this morning? Good

morning, Paul. Our message to

people across the Top End this

morning is that they need to

really get prepared for this

cyclone. There's been a lot of

meetings up and down the coast

in all the remote communities,

communities have come together

to get preparations ready but now's the time for individuals

to look at what they've got to

do to make sure their families

are safe. What's been are safe. What's been your advice from the weather

experiments as to what this cyclone's behaviour will do? Well, it's hard to believe

there's going to be a slieck

loan looking at the weather in Darwin today and that's because

cyclones are very hard to predict, particularly predict, particularly as they're forming up. Our advice

is that around Christmas Day

there will be a cyclone in the Darwin area and hopefully it

will go off to the west but

we'll have to see. And so then

what are the best preparations

for people to take? Is there a

point where they must decide

whether to evack - evacuate

their homes? By now their homes? By now everyone should have decided should have decided where they're going to stay if

they're going to stay in their

own home or go fo a shelter. If

we go to a cyclone warning

which happens about 24 hours which happens about 24 hours at at that stage if they're at that stage if they're going

to leave town that would be our

recommendation. Have you got

centres set up to accommodate

people? Certainly, we've been

watching this low watching this low for quite

some time so the cyclone

shelters are are all prepared

and ready to go. They're not

set up yet because there's no need but

need but as we get closer to the 24-hour mark when we go

into warning then those things

will start coming into

place. Does it concern you that

it's Christmas weekend and

people might be more inclined

to not behave as they would

otherwise? I mean staying close

to their family and staying home and being concerned with

celebrating Christmas? Well unfortunately for Darwin

cyclones and Christmas Day are

pretty synonymous after Cyclone Tracy so yes, it does touch the

hearts of people up here. They're used to a lot They're used to a lot oof emergencies and weather events

so I'm sure everyone will do the right thing. Good luck over

the weekend. We thank for you

for your time this morning and hope everything goes

well. Let's go to NSW where the accused murderer Malcolm Naden

has escaped police again, they

say they're not giving up the search asking for community

collaboration. Here's what

Assistant Commissioner Karlene

Yorke had to say this morning. He did make good his

escape and fled into the bush.

We sent a lot of tactical

police up there and we've

retrieve ed a lot of property

from those premises in relation to his presence on those premises and they're undergoing

forensic investigation at the

moment and the police did an excellent job in relation to

confronting him and recently

we've put out now an updated photograph of what we think he

looks like out to the community

and I encourage any community

members to look at that

photograph and report any sightings to the police. You've got to remember that there got to remember that there are

a lot of break and a lot of break and enters in

these areas. They're remote

cabins, it's rugged terrain and the local police respond the local police respond to calls at various calls at various times. There was a call came in that was a call came in that there was a suspected break and enter

at this premises. My strike

force was elsewhere doing a lot

of searching for Mr Naden based

on the last reports of a

sighting and some evidence we

had in relation to his movements. These police went

there. They were confronted by

a male on the premises. They

drew their firearms and drew their firearms and he ran back into the house. They did a good job because one of the

items that we retrieved from

those premise s was a firearm.

They kept him away from that

firearm and managed to look

after their safety as well

whilst trying to arrest him but

he did get back into the premises and fled very premises and fled very quickly. They called for radio

assistance. Our strike force

officers went over as back officers went over as back up

and we searched for him but as

I say, he had made good I say, he had made good his escape into the bush. How

close is the area you were focus ing your search on? We

were focussing on an area south

of Nowendoc where the last

sightings were. The weather was

very bad so we didn't have

very bad so we didn't have the opportunity of the helicopter.

At the moment it's raining here

in Sydney but it's very in Sydney but it's very misty

and foggy up there as well and

this area was to the west of

Nowendoc. So that way since

this evidence we have now moved our resources over to our resources over to that

area. That was Karlene Yorke speaking

speaking about Malcolm Naden

and the confrontation will

police turned up to a police turned up to a property near Nowendoc and who were confronted by the man wh confronted by the man wh then escaped. We'll go overseas now,

67 people have died and around 200 have been wounded in a

series of coordinated bomb

attacks in Baghdad. attacks in Baghdad. 14 explosions hit various explosions hit various spart

parts of the Iraqi capital's

rush hour. It was a reminder of the horrors of the past and a

warning of what may loom ahead.

At the height of the At the height of the morning

rush hour 14 blasts across

Baghdad. The targets were

commuters, the country's

anti-corruption agency, even a kinder Garratten. It would kinder Garratten. It would be hard to imagine attacks more

calculated to heighten sectarian fear. TRANSLATION: My baby was

sleeping in her bed. Shards of

glass have fallen on her. All

kun tlrks are stable, why don't we have stability and

security. Baghdad is a city whose sectarian boundaries

dramatically harden during the insurgency which led the American-led invasion of American-led invasion of 2003.

Militias representing the Shia

majority and Sunni minority

terrorise civilians. Today's bombings weren't just confined to Shia districts. to Shia districts. Several

happened in those areas where

both communities still live

close to each other. Iraq's

stability is based on reserving a power sharing agreement. But tension has been growing in

recent days with the demand by

the Shia Prime Minister Nouri

al-Maliki for the arrest of the

Sunni vice-president ta rig

al-Hashemi on charges of

running hit squads. He in turn

accuses the Shia leadership of

wanting to monopolise power.

Today there was this warning

for the Government from a former prime minister. We have warned long ago that terrorism

will continue to be acting in

Iraq against the Iraqi people unless the unless the political landscape is corrected and the political

process is corrected and it becomes an inclusive political process. The attacks come just

four days after the last

American combat troops left Iraq. With an assertion from

their president that even then

sounded like a hostage. All of

it has led to this moment of

success. Iraq's not a perfect

place, it has many challenges a

head but we're leaving behind a sovereign, stable and

self-reliant Iraq. There self-reliant Iraq. There is now a very real sense of forboding.

American officials are pressing

the Iraqis to negotiate but

that will take a wilful compromise that has so far compromise that has so far been

absent. That was the BBC's

Fergal Keane reporting there.

The top stories this morning on

ABC News - the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has rejected

the Government's the Government's latest compromise on asylum seekers.

The Government has agreed to

send asylum seekers to Nauru

but Mr Abbott says it must also

abandon its Malaysia deal and reintroduce temporary

protection visas. 8 men

including 4

including 4 Indonesian soldiers have been arrested in connection with the asylum

seeker boat that sank last

weekend. Indonesian police say

the group includes the boat's owners and 2 crew members. And

a series of coordinated bomb

attacks have killed scores of

people and injured 200 in the

Iraqi capital Baghdad. The explosions happened during the

city's busy morning rush city's busy morning rush hour

and are the worst attacks in the country in months. To

finance and despite the gloomy forecasts, the Australian Retailers Association insists

this Christmas has been a good one for many retailers. The

Association's executive

director Russell Zimmerman is

predicting total sales of almost $40 billion and some

strong results in the post

sales. We were predicting about

$40.1 billion in post Christmas sales. What are you expecting

to see in figures between now and Christmas

morning? Obviously there's been

a full week, traditionally the

Sunday before Christmas is your

biggest trading day. biggest trading day. Well obviously Christmas Eve, people

will be out looking for fresh

food and vegetables. So last Saturday was your big Saturday

and this week's been very, very

strong and I think you're going

to see the shops are are very busy over the next two days. So is that $2 billion fanciful? I

think it's probably a realistic

figure at this stage. It's

always a prediction. But yes, I think we're on track to think we're on track to see that $2 billion come through. Why wouldn't people just, if they haven't bought and gone and spent all their

money now, why wouldn't they

just wait for those extra few

days for sales? Because people still need Christmas presents

to put under the tree. And to put under the tree. And that includes me. To the markets: Now to talk about the Now to talk about the sport

here's Lisa Maksimovic and it

appears Shaun Marsh might have

good Christmas prechbt - present waiting for him. I

think so, he certainly earns it

and it doesn't cost a thing.

Christmas is looking sweet for

Shaun Marsh who has got his

foot in the door for Boxing Day

Test selection. Last night

there was no sign of back

trouble as he notched up 99 off

52 balls helping the Port

Scorches to a win over the

Melbourne Renegade s. Here's a

clip of Big hits there. Well, come Monday all eyes will be on the

MCG when the Boxing Day Test

match begins. Brett Lee is one

of the world's fastest bowlers

who made his own debut on

Boxing Day. A short time ago we

asked him how he sees Australia's young side in

comparison to the Indian team.

Here's what he had to Here's what he had to say. I think with the Argus report,

with the new coach, the with the new coach, the new captain, we've got some guys coming in now who haven't played a lot of cricket, a few

guys that will make their

debut. We're going through this transitional phase now of Australian cricket. I think the

public need to understand that

we do need time as a we do need time as a cricketing

nation now to rebuild

ourselves. We haven't got the

likes of Glenn, Shane Warne,

Adam Gilchrist, Justin Langer,

Matty Hayden, just to mention a few of the superstars. These

young guys coming through now

will take time to find their

own, I guess, you know, I'd fi

- identity as a player and it's

going to take time but we've certainly got certainly got some

depth. A-League coach John

Kosmina has returned to

Adelaide United with a 2-2 draw

to Sydney FC last night.

but Adelaide took the early lead

but Sydney drew level from a

upper hand getting 2-1 penalty. The Reds took the

upper hand getting 2-1 early in

the second half but the Sky Blues scored the equaliser. Chelsea skipper John Terry has faced his fans for the

the first time since being

accused of making a racial slur

taking to the

taking to the pitch this morning against Tottenham.

Terry is likely to be charged for allegedly abusing for allegedly abusing Anton Ferdinand. The England captain

has vowed to clear his name and

is concentrating on what he

does best against Tottenham.

The match ended 1-1. The result

means Spurs and Chelsea remain

3rd and 4th in the sport for the moment. Thanks, respectively. That's all for

Lisa. Let's go to Vanessa

O'Hanlon now for the weather, good morning. Of course the

Christmas weather, a monsoon

trough is causing showers

storms over the northern trough is causing showers and

tropics and there is a low

pressure system within that that could develop into a tropical cyclone as early as

tomorrow morning. Patchy

tomorrow morning. Patchy cloud

also over Queensland and NSW is causing storms. The Top End

with that tropical low expected

to develop into a cyclone a lot of rain falling around of rain falling around that

region. We've had nearly 100 mm

in places around Arnhem Land.

There's a low that's also - was

a tropical cyclone, it's now a

low and Fena is still directing

some gusty winds on to the coast. We'll see large swells over the weekend as well. We

may even see beaches in

Queensland and NSW closed. For

tomorrow the rain will fall

just around the south-east of Queensland and north-east Queensland and north-east NSW under a trough. We'll still

have heavy rainfalls around

that low up on the Top End's

north coast and on Christmas

Day warm and humid over

south-east but of course as

that humidity builds up

afternoon showers and storms, possible for Tasmania, Victoria

and also south-east NSW and

again more heavy rain on again more heavy rain on the

Top End's coast. And that will

continue into next week. Queensland today, isolated showers and storms in the showers and storms in the trop

ix and along the coast from

Bowen down towards the NSW

border. The isolated showers and thunderstorms will extend through the through the eastern districts

of NSW but it will be mostly

sunny in the far west. A hot

day for Victoria, mostly dry the far west and along most of

the coast but showers

developing across the rest of

the State later today. Tasmania, partly cloudy, afternoon showers about the central and eastern districts,

very warm day for Launceston,

26. Fine and mostly sunny in

South Australia, 34 degrees for

Adelaide. Western Australia has

a severe fire warning for parts

of the Pilbara where it has

been very hot this week.

Isolated showers along the

south coast to about Esperance.

Afternoon and evening

thunderstorms and showers for

the southern goldfield s.

Afternoon storms in the

Kimberley and for the Top End.

We'll see scattered showers and

storms particularly over the Darwin-Daly and Arnhem districts. Let's take a look at Christmas Eve:

That's it from us. Have a

safe and happy weekend and for

more of the day's top stories

including that important meeting with Scott including that important moou

meeting with Scott Morrison, Chris Bowen, Julie Bishop Kevin Rudd stay tuned Chris Bowen, Julie Bishop and

News 24. Goodbye. Closed Kevin Rudd stay tuned to ABC

Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. Live. Good morning, you're watching ABC News, I'm Jane

Hutcheon. The political impasse

over border protection appears

set to continue with the Federal Opposition agreeing meet the Government to discuss

the issue but ruling out

helping the Malaysia asylum seeker

seeker deal go ahead. Yesterday the acting Prime Minister the acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan met the Coalition's

request for a written proposal

outlining a new border

the Government was willing to protection policy. It

talk to the Nauruan Government about processing asylum seekers there but

send them to Malaysia. However, the Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott says he remains opposed to the Malaysia deal. The Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen is meeting the Coalition's immigration

spokesman Scott Morrison today. The Greens say they're