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Tonight, prime mover. A home

lender goes it alone on

interest rates. Labor sets out

its workplace agenda. The

transition bill, the policy

decisions associated with it

will go to Cabinet before

Christmas. A southern focus in

a global battle. And a rare

glimpse into the life of the

pig-nosed turtle. Good evening,

Felicity Davey with ABC News.

Tens of thousands of home

buyers will be hit by higher

mortgage rates this week. Adelaide bank will raise

interest rates for many of its

borrowers from Wednesday. It's

making the move even though the

Reserve Bank isn't expected to

raise official rates and the

prediction is other banks will

follow suit. Christmas is

getting less merry by the day

for some home borrowers. 30,000

Adelaide bank customers, mostly

outside SA who used mortgage

brokers to get their loans,

will be hit with another rate

rise as soon as Wednesday.

That's the same day the Reserve

Bank's latest interest rate

decision will be known and the

rest of Australia is hoping for

better news. I don't think

they will but if they don't do

it this week, they will do it

in February and you couldn't

rule out them doing it this

week. That could mean a double

dose for those Adelaide bank

customers but even if the

Reserve Bank stays put on

interest rates, Macquarie Group

says variable home mortgages

could hit 9% by next year, with

major lenders delivering an

installment before Christmas

and the Rudd Government is

powerless to prevent it. At the end of the day, the banks are

going to say, "If you want us

to be able to still offer some

form of sdounted to home buyers

in terms of mortgage rates,

you've grot to let us maintain

or restore the margins we saw

previously." A serious US

recession seems the only

hindrance to higher interest

rates. We have been looking at

that for a long time now. We

think the chances of the US

going into recession is pretty

small. Chinese strength is

trumping US weakness as far as

the Australian economy is

concerned. Strong economic

growth figures expected this

week won't make the Reserve

Bank feel easier about

inflation or interest rates but

if it'sy consolation, the more

the banks put up interest rates

now, the less they may need to

rise later. Australia's 26th

Prime Minister will be sworn in

tomorrow and his deputy is promising quick work on

industrial relations. Jiled has

vowed she'll get Cabinet

approval before Christmas to

abolish workplace agreements

but the new Opposition Leader

is making no promises of

support when the bill comes

before parliament. His Sunday

ritual hasn't changed but

everything else is about to. In Yarralumla tomorrow, Kevin Rudd

will swear his oath of office.

I've got my little trinkety

things that come with me. Julia

Gillard's already taken up

office. Big day getting sworn

in, yes so, that will be

exciting but we'll be back to

work immediately afterwards. To

Agreements. The transition abolish Australian Workplace

bill, the policy decisions

associate would it will go to

Cabinet before Christmas. The

bill it-Tself will be debated

in parliament's first sitting

next year, months before the

Coalition Senate majority

disappears. We'd ask for the will of the Australian people

to be honoured. I can assure

you the message has been

received. But Brendan Nelson

doesn't recognise a mandate and

won't commit to wave the AWA bill through the Senate. There

is going to have to be a

significant discussion with my parliamentary colleagues before

any position is presented bon

half of us. He says the

economic bell being of the

average Australian will guide

him. They know the cash rate

is 7.5%. It's not. The rank's

interest rate rise took the

rate to 6.7%. Brendan Nelson is

urging the Liberal Party to

grant legal and financial

rights for homosexual couples.

I believe very strongly that

the economic and social

injustices faced by homosexual

people across this country

needs need to be

addressed. Outgoing

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock

won't be 32 help, he is

returning to the back bench and

considering whether to see out

his tomorrow. I haven't

determined that issue. The

post election shakeup is almost

over. The Nationals will elect

their new leader tomorrow.

Start working immediately

towards the next election.

Optimistically. From its

swearing in, Kevin Rudd's full

ministry will return to

Parliament House for its first meeting to get his priorities

for the opening months and

their work orders over summer.

allegations of double standards The State Government is denying

in the way it deals with

members of parliament accused

of violence. A Sydney newspaper

has published details of an

affidavit of domestic violence

allegations against the

Environment Minister Phil

Koperberg but the Minister's

staying put and the Premier is

under pressure to explain why.

It's the third time this year

the Premier has had to deal

with allegations of violence

against women by Government

members. In January, Macquarie

Fields MP Stephen Chaytor was

expelled from the Labor Party

after being convicted for domestic violence. That

conviction was later quashed.

In April, Paul Gibson was

dumped from Cabinet after

revelation s he was being

investigated by police for

domestic abuse. Today it was

different story. These were

matters in local and Family

Court and had been resolved through movical

undertakings. Mr Koperberg

denies his ex-wife's

12-year-old allegations that he

hilt both her and her

daughter. I am not by nature a

violent person. If anything,

those who know me well would

suggest I tend to be more of a pacifist than perhaps I should

be. The Minister says the

marriage lasted seven years

after the affidavit was given

and says he gave interviews

before the last State election

on the matter. Putting it out

there exposed me to greater

attention than would otherwise

by the case. The Opposition

Leader has accused the Government of letting standards

slip. This is an issue above

politics, an issue which the Premier established

Premier established which he

said was strong and zero

tolerance approaches. Mr

Koperberg says he pohas no

plans to step down over the

issue unless it would be in the

best it interests of the

Government. Nelson Mandela has

made an impassioned play three

for global action to curb the

AIDS epidemic. Marking World

Aids Day, he made a rare

appearance at a concert in Johannesburg. It's Nelson

Mandela's own country that

carries the biggest HIV burden.

Johannesburg, the epicentre of

the global fight against HIV

AIDS. South Africa has more HIV

cases than any other country on

earth. 5.5 million people are infected.

# Never thought that I could

be... The 46664 concert brought

together international artists

to raise awareness and money

for AIDS but it was Nelson

Mandela who most people came to


46664 was Nelson Mandela's

prison number. He set up a

not-for-profit organisation

bearing that number which is

support by more than 80

international artists and

celebrities. Thank you all for

attending and supporting the

work of 46664. (All

Cheer) After years of inaction,

the South African Government

now runs the world's largest

anti- retroviral treatment

program. Benefit concerts like

this are making a difference

but the outlook is grim. More

than 6 million South Africans

are expected to die from AIDS

-related illnesses in the next

10 years. We want to urge all

of you to make a personal

commitment to stop the spread

of this disease. Nelson

Mandela's message is that

HIV/AIDS is more than a

disease, it's now a human

rights issue. Russians have

begun voting in parliamentary

elections which are expected to

cement the power of the

President Vladamir Putin. Mr

Putin's term as President is

coming to an end but his united

Russia party is the overwhelm

ing favourite to win today's

poll. That will make Mr Putin

the front-runner to be come

Prime Minister and maintain his

position as the dominant figure

in Russian politics. Voting's

closed on the pacific coast but

polls have only been open for a

few hours in time zones on the

east of the country. There's

been violence on both sides of

the turkey-Iraqi border. In the

Turkish city of Hakkari, police

clashed with protesters support the Kurdish separatist

movement. Turkey says its

special forcinise flicted heavy

casualties on Kurdish fighters

during a raid across into Iraq

and a British delegation has

begun meetings in Sudan to

press for the release of the

British teacher Yaled for

insulting Islam. The Muslim

members of Britain's holds say

they're confident they will

succeed but it may take time.

We have to be willing to stay stai and speak and continue to

talk. As far as I'm concerned,

so far it's been very

positive. Gillian Gibbons was

sentenced to 15 days in jail

for allowing her class to name

atied bear Mohammed. A

convicted drug smuggler will

return home to birthday to

complete her prison sentence

this week. Holly Deane-Johns

was sentenced to a 31-year term

for trying to mail 10 grams o

heroin to Australia in 2000.

The Thai Government and

Australian authorities recently

agreed to allow the 35-year-old

to serve out the rest of her

time in a Western Australian

jail. One of her supporters

says a source in tiland has

confirmed she will be heading

home this week. The last

correspondence I got from her,

she said it's been a long haul

and I'm happy I'm coming home.

I think that sums it up. It's

expected Deane-Johns will serve

at least another five years in

prison in Perth. She's one of

the first prisoners to be

transferred under an agreement

signed by Australia and

Thailand in 2002. It's been disgrieBed police as

frightening and cowardly. A

group of up to 30 men have been

involved in a vicious road rage

attack in Melbourne, said to

have been fuel by alcohol and a

mob mentality. This is the

damage cause by up to 30 men

who used their fists and feet

to smash the car windows while

three people were inside. It

all started when the trio

returned to their car after a

drirping at a local bar and

noticed a group of men pulling

plants out of a flower bed. One

of the men jumped in front of

the car and was struck. We

stopped and next thing there's

a guy on the windscreen

smashing in the sun roof, the

wind' screen smashed and then

they set upon us and they broke

every window. This passenger,

who doesn't want to be identified, was showered in

glass and fragments lodged in

one of her eyes. Her two

friends were kneed and punched

and when she went to help them

the violence escalated. I lent

over to try and shut the door

to stop them hitting him.

That's when they punched or

kicked me. Um...and they

wouldn't sdop and they just -

the car was rock and they just

surrounded the car and we

couldn't get out. The trio

managed to escape and drive to

to nearest police station.

Officers say they're shocked at

the suvirty of the attack and

believe alcohol played a major

part. Just think it was a mob

mentality in the end. Two men

have been arrested and are

expected to be charged on

summons. Police are still

searching for the others.

We're looking for a mixed race

group, mixture of Asian and

Middle Eastern appearance

males. And particularly great

interest in some males who fled

in a yellow sports sort of

car. Police have seized the

damaged car to use as evidence.

It's a world first, the

hatching of the rare pig-nosed

turtle captured on camera. The

scientists who are studying the

fresh-water turtles are also

claiming an extraordinary

discovery. They believe the

hatchlings actually talk to

each other from within their

shells to decide on the right

time to make their mass escape.

This frenzied arrival of Cory

the pig-nosed turtle is a world

exclusive. It's the first

hatchling ever to be seen on

television. The young turtle is

in a hurry too. It takes a just

a few minutes to break free.

Other reptiles such as

crocodiles and lizards take

several hours. Rirts the unique

way the carettochelys insculpta

hatch which have scientists in

a spin. Pig-nosed turtle are

the rolls race of fresh-water

turtles, just the nicest, most

interesting rurtal in the world

I think and a lot of piechal

agree. The scientists studying

the hatching process of the

turtles believe they are

talking to each other from one

their eggs. Basically shaking inside their egg, banging on

the wall of the egg and sending

vibrations throughout the nest

that tell all the other

hatchlings it's time to hatch.

The fresh-water turtle once

roamed the world but now only

exists in three rivers in the

Northern Territory and two in

southern New Guinea. The

vibration neary was stumbled

upon a year ago during a severe

thunderstorm at the Territory's

Daly River. It's all about

survival. The more turtles that

hatch together, the easier it

is to scratch their way free

and away from predators. The

study has also attracted

international attention and

will feature in a documentary

next year. The research

findings will be presented to a

national science conference in

WA this week. A reminder of

tonight's top story - the

Adelaide bank has become the

first major lender to raise mortgage rates independent of

the Reserve Bank. And still to

come, celebrating the long haul

of Sydney's buses. Stung by

criticism of their Olympics

preparations, Beijing

organisers are bending over

backwards to prove the 2008

Games will be world class.

Critics are particularly

worried that the athletes will

be served substandard food so the organising committee has been opening everything from

training facilities to

slaughter houses for foreign

inspections. China

correspondent Stephen McDonnell

reports. Shooting and archery

have joined the list of

Olympics venues now open for

business. The Chinese teams'

training facilities have also

been unveiled. China hopes that

these athletes can win enough

gold to top the medal tally at

the Beijing Games but first

they to to be selected.

TRANSLATION: I'm trying. We're

all trying hard to be

chosen. Olympic organisers say

the Beijing games will be as

good as any. A new anti-doping

centre has been built and a high-tech monitoring station

will, we're told, track food

imported for the event as well

as that produced locally.

TRANSLATION: We are able to

video monitor now over 1,000

food manufacturers, 300 ports,

airports and peers of 13prievenances. China knows it

has to improve food production

quality but planners say only

the best companies will supply

food for the athletes. We've

been allowed into this Beijing

chicken processing plant to see

the food the athletes will eat during the Games. We have been

assured the hygiene is world

standard. Athletes,

journalists and visitors from

many countries are coming and

we attach high importance in

guaranteeing their safety. To

the naked eye, Beijing's

Olympics food production looks

well enough. The challenge for

China is to lift all its food

production to an acceptable

standard. Cricket Australia

denies there's any rift between

officials and the Australian

players looking to sign with

India's Premier League. 11 top

players have received official

letters reminding them of their contractual obligations in

Australia. Several of the

players including Adam Gilchrist and Ricky Ponting

have already made it known they

plan to join the lucrative new

Indian Twenty20 tournament. The

Indian cricket board has

established a new Twenty20 competition with the financial

might to attract the best

players in the world include

the best in Australia. No

Australian player has signed a

contract but several have

formally expressed interest

without consulting Cricket

Australia, profiting bosses to

remind Australia's stars of

their contractual obligations.

Inter national players can't be

cleared to play in domestic

competitions without authority

or approval from the home

board. That's a given and

nothing has changed on that

front. YB don't see it as a

stand-off or a threat t is

simply them stating what the

position is and making sure

everyone is fully aware of

that. Contradict Australia

comlane releases players to

play county cricket in England

and says its players will be

given a similar opportunity to

accept big money in India. It

may be players will tailor

their careers to gain the

greatest financial benefit but

if you're not playing top class

cricket, you're not going to be

able to have access to that

benefit. Snriefrts been 30

years since the bloody World

Series revolution and despite

the boufrth a new league flush

with money from TV broadcast

rights, cricket Australia and

its players are confident

history is not going to repeat.

NSW has built a lead after day

three of its clash with

Victoria at the MCG.

Starting at 0/20, the

visitors put on 100 before

Hughes was taken by Bryce

McGain. Mail departed for 125.

Brad Haddin led a middle order

push for quick runs late in the

day. At stumps, the Blues' lead

had stretched to 278. The

southern paceman Shaun Tait

charge under to Boxing Day Test

calculations by taking seven

wickets against Queensland.

Tait took four wickets today in

a Queensland collapse and

finish would 7/29 off 16 overs

and 10 wickets for the match,

help the Redbacks to outright

points. Australia's world

champion cyclist Anna Meares

has capped off her best year in

the sport with a gold medal in

the women's time trial at the

World Cup in Sydney. The

Australian team also won minor

medals on the second night of

competition. Silver in the women's team sprint and bronze

in the men's 4,000m team

pursuit. Queenslander Anna

Meares won a silver in the

sprint final on the opening

night of the World Cup but this

was the race that matters most

to the 24-year-old Olympic time

trial champion. She sizzled

around the Dunc Gray Velodrome

in a time of 23.869 seconds.

To get a chance to ride as the

reigning world champion frint

of my home crowd I wasn't disappoint would the support they gave me and I hope they're

not disappoint would the effort

I got. Meares's pet event was

dropped from the Beijing

Olympics program. The United

States Davis Cup drought is

over. Andy Roddick and James

Blake set up the USA's 32nd Cup triumph. Bob and Mike Bryan

made it a certainty in the

doubles. The number one pairing

in the world, the twins

overcame Nikolay Davydenko and

An Igor Andreev. One man, David

Beckham, was the reason almost

32,000 fans, the biggest ever

crowd for the code in New

Zealand, turned up to see the

LA Galaxy and the Wellington

Phoenix. The former England

captain made his presence felt.

He was heavily involved and set

up Galaxy's first goal. After a dubious penalty call, he

stepped up to it the spot kick

for the Californian side to win

4-1. He gives the crowd what

they wanted to see. And better

for water sports than football.

The A-League last night had its

first postponement with the

Central Coast versus Sydney

clash washed out. The round 15

mch mach is likely to be

rescheduled to a date before

Christmas. Holden driver Garth

Tander has won the V8 Supercar

championship for the first

time, holding off a challenge from Jamie Whincup at Phillip

Island to take the title by

just two points. With two races

to go, the battle for the

championship shaped as an

old-fashioned duel between

Holden and Ford. Garth Tander

and Jamie Whincup were locked

on 566 points, staying on the

Phillip Island circuit proved

difficult for many drivers. But

Garth Tander remained on course

for the championship, making it

two wins from as many races at

Phillip Island this weekend to

move seven points ahead of

Whincup who was third. Garth

Tander is now officially the

man to beat for the

title. Craig Lowndes'

championship chances evaporated

when he finished sixth. Tander

was in the box seat, starting

the final race from pole

position. The 30-year-old WA

driver soon trailed Todd Kelly

butonly needed to finish in

front of Whincup to ensure he

won the title. After his

pitstop, Tander became the meat

in a Ford sandwich with Whincup

in front and Lowndes behind.

With two laps to go, Lowndes

forced past Tander. Whincup

needed to overtake race leader

Todd Kelly to win the

championship but couldn't

achieve that. Tander finished

fourths to claim the round win

and a 2-point victory in the

championship. Taken me 10

years to get here. Tander's win

keeps the championship in

Holden's hands after Rick

Kelly's win last year. The

Australian tennis great Ken

Mcgregor has died from cancer

in Adelaide. He was 78.

Mcgregor formed an outstanding

doubles combination with Frank

Sedgman. They won seven

consecutiveground sclam titles

in 1951 and' 52 and were part

of three Davis Cup wins for Australia. Tried a couple of

other players with Frank,

trying to find someone young to

play with him. They gave me a

chance and we seemed to Klim so

from there on we always played

together. Mcgregor also won the

Australian singles title in

1952 before turning

professional. He was inducted

into the international tennis

Hall of Fame in 1999. He is

survived by his wife, two

children and five

grandchildren. Love them or

loathe them, Sydney would grind

to a halt without them.

Government buses move hundreds

of thousands of people around

the capital each day and this

month they'll notch up 5 years

of service. If you have a

fetish for buses, this is where

you wanted to be today. From

the first gas guzzlers to the

latest green machine in the

fleet, they were packed into

Luna Park. Beep! It was a

trip down memory lane for Roy

Gould, who started driving

buses in the late 40s. I

remember when these buses come

out, thought they were the

greatest thing ever. You had

all this power and air brakes

and you didn't have a hot motor

sitting beside you. During

World War II, parts were in

short supply. They had to go

to Canada and get some truck

shassies from Ford and it was

made as quickly and cheaply as

possible so they could get

through the war. That's why

it's painted army green. They

saved money by axing

conductors, who were once in

faction fashion. The & the

female uniform went to this

aquamarine colour and the min-E

mini skirt came in. Doreen

Butler was the first woman

driver at Randwick in 1969. She

defied a ban on wearing shorts.

Only the men were allowed to

back then. I am-H three plain

clothes inspectors pick me up

off my bus at Circular Quay,

escort me back to Randwick

depot and told me to leave the

premises. Six days I was off,

suspend ed. She was a trail

blazer. The rules were changed

a year later. When you get a

chance to ride something as old

as this, you realise when it

comes to the modern bus,

they've come a long way,

especially when it comes to the

suspension. The actual

anniversary is on Christmas

day, that's when route 144

motored from Cremorne Junction

to Manly in 1932. Manly was a

popular spot for beach-goers today.

Cloud over the southeast of

Queensland and eastern NSW

causing storms and there's low

cloud over southern WA. On the

synoptic chart, a trough will

spread showers and storms

across NSW, Western Australian

Queensland, Victoria and

Tasmania, schooler southwest winds will spread across the south. Tomorrow's rain fall

prediction, showers for much of

eastern Australia and parts of

the Northern Territory.

Another look at tonight's

main story - home loan interest

rates could be about to rise

again, with predictions that

lenders will follow the

Adelaide Bank's plan to raise

mortgage rates on Wednesday,

independent of the Reserve

Bank. That's the latest TV news

for now. We'll be back with an

update in about an hour and for

the latest headlines 2000 hours

a day, don't forget ABC News

lawn line. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI