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Scared Chen accuses Government of collusion -

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(generated from captions) at the highest level those of collusion boldest claims yet - to voice some of his But he used his appearance today for a protection visa. his application is still considering as the Australian Government His future remains uncertain under intense pressure. Mr Chen is a man I don't know. I don't know...who can help me. I don't know what to do. I feel really scared. last month. since he fled the Sydney Consulate about his experiences chose to front the media Chinese defector Chen Yonglin newspaper with links to Falun Gong, this time on a Chinese dissident of another white-powder attack, With news emerging Michael Edwards reports. kidnappings in Australia. that Chinese spies had carried out of his claim He also gave more details sphere of influence. and into the Communist nation's from the United States to draw Australia away diplomatic strategy by China was a coordinated Mr Chen outlined what he said in Sydney today, At a press conference political asylum. to prevent him from gaining of colluding with China the Australian Government has accused Chen Yonglin The defecting Chinese diplomat in Mississippi 40 years ago. of three civil rights activists for one of the murderers A guilty verdict And - an old man faces his ghosts. house-by-house hunt for insurgents. as coalition troops carry out their to stabilise and rebuild Iraq, A meeting in Brussels the size of its scientific whaling. but it still intends to double at whaling conference, Japan condemned But first - our other headlines. by strategic analyst Hugh White. and we'll be joined in Canberra Pentagon official to speak a former senior we'll go to live Washington Instead tonight, but he's declined. to discuss the Chen issue on several occasions Alexander Downer, We've asked the Foreign Minister, could be one of them. and that his fate between China and Australia under-the-table deals Mr Chen says there have been and other sensitive issues. influence Canberra on human rights and to use the lever of trade to

"no" to the United States. can implement a policy of saying like France, Australia can be a part of a role, The Chinese government consider away from the United States. to distance Australia and cultural pressure was to use economic He says the main focus of the plan strategically and politically. Australia As since, China tried to influence was at time of very important stage. between Australia and China The plan was that the relations earlier this year. at a meeting in Canberra by the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He says this was outlined to him the Australian Government. to manipulate is on a mission but he says the Chinese Government to back up his claims, Mr Chen has no documentation rights and democracy issues. in some sensitive issues about human in some sensitive issues about Trade, have made a lot of compromise Trade, have made a lot of Department of Foreign Affairs and especially the minister - the that the Australian Government has working in the Chinese Consulate, witnessed it in my past four years, authorities under the table. I have some agreement with the Australian based on the fact they have reached base sure. I know that that is - that take me back to China, 100% for They are confident that they will of Australia and China. between the governments

from around the world More than 80 countries is not yet known. The fate of the pilot as "host nation sensibilities". because of what's being described has not been disclosed The exact location somewhere in south-west Asia. that a U2 spy plane has crashed has revealed the United States military In news just in, Lateline. Australia a year. Michael Edwards, out at least one kidnapping in Mr Chen claims Chinese spies carry waiting there. There was a Chinese cargo ship to the high sea. and then transferred and sent to a fishing boat and he was made unconscious it's a nervous medicine - a nervous medicine called du zing - He was made unconscious by return to China. father, a former politician, to students Lang Meng to force his on the alleged kidnap of Chinese Mr Chen also gave more information about Mr Chen's claims There were also more revelations declined to comment on the claims. Alexander Downer, The Foreign Minister, Can be bought. Australian Government can be bribed. the Chinese Government believe issue whatsoever. And that is why raised no issue - no human rights visit China. They have virtually action when Australian officials issues. He says he has seen it in political and human rights sensitive political and human rights Government to give ground on the pressure or to force Australian means and financial forces to TRANSLATION: To utilise economic human rights abuses within China. in returns for its silence on as a country that can be bought off. China views Australia According to Mr Chen,