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Live Tonight - the NSW emergency deepens. Huge Live Tonight - the NSW flood

emergency deepens. Huge parts

of the state swamped, thousands isolated Chile's ash cloud spreads Perth causing further disruption to air throughout the country. Mass

arrests across four states in arrests across four states

one of Australia's biggest

crackdowns on child pornography. Outback hero, a quadraplegic farmer becomes the pornography. Outback hero, a

First Person to cross the Tanami desert in a wheelchair. Live across

Australia, this is ABC News 24, hello, More than 10,000 people are

tonight isolated by floodwaters

on the NSW mid north coast.

The manning region is one of

the worst hit with the local

council calling what it's

dealing with a one in 20 year

flood. Residents have been

ordered to evacuate from

low-lying parts of Taree,

Wingham and Port Macquarie.

But there is been some relieve

where the Macleay in the about Kempsey region

peaked and the local levee has

held. At the moment there


on the lower McKay plus some of

the families on the upper

Macleay that are the other side

of the river. Near Taree on the

mid north coast a man was

killed when a tree fell on his

car. From the air, there was a large inland sea. Houses are surrounded by flood water, cars surrounded

are partly submerged, and

livestock is stranded. In

Macksville the river Macksville the river reached its

than its highest flood peak in more

than 40 years. At this stage, we've probably dodged a

It could be so much worse with

another half a foot, 8 inches or so on the level, you'd be

experiencing major property caravan park was inundated. I damage. In Nambucca Heads, a

finally got what I always

wanted, a houseboat. In Kempsey

there was an anxious wait to see how far the floodwaters

would rise. More than 1000

people had to evacuate their

homes and motels. Some spent

the night at Kempsey high another night out of the school and were

rain. Comfortable beds, rain. Comfortable beds, even

getting a television for State of Origin tonight. Most of towns businesses have closed of Origin tonight. Most of the

and the CBD has sandbagged. Motorists are and the CBD has been

advised to avoid all travel along the Pacific along the Pacific Highway

between Coffs Harbour and

Grafton. Here at Kempsey the Pacific Highway is expected to be closed for at least be closed for at least five days. Jackie and Geoff Lewis are just trying to get to the coast. We're stranded travellers. We can't get eased around home. While the threat may have

eased around Kempsey,

floodwaters are closing in

tonight on towns further south

with reports some people have

had to be airlifted from properties. Philippa had to be airlifted from remote

McDonald. A man and three children have been killed in a

car crash in South Australia. Two cars collided on the Riddoch Highway about two kilometres north of Padthaway

in the State's south-east after three o'clock this afternoon.

One of the cars burst into

flames. The drivers of the two

cars are in a critical condition in the royal add made

hospital. The volcanic ash

cloud that's created havoc for

air passengers is now causing

problems in the west. Qantas,

Jetstar and Virgin

cancelled all flights to and from Perth. There was some good news for travellers. Services in and out of

Melbourne and Adelaide have resumed. 10 days after the

volcano erupted, ash continues

to cause chaos for air services

across Australia. Perth is the

latest city to be affected.

handful of other airlines Virgin, Qantas, Jetstar and a

cancelling flights in and out cancelling flights in and

of the city. Basically, hotel

booked and got to sit there until any.

can't get across to Queensland for my grandmother's funeral tomorrow stranded. The ash plume is tomorrow morning, so we're

about 15,000 feet above Perth,

a lot lower than one that affected east coast. The height

has a significant impact on how

many aircraft we can move around under the ash cloud. In

low for a safe operation in the our opinion, 15,000 feet is

Perth area. One plane did leave Perth, Perth, the Royal Flying Doctor

Service flew under the ash

cloud to transport a newborn baby heart surgery. It is

heart surgery. It is fairly

essential that surgery is done sooner rather than later. It

was good news for Melbourne and Adelaide with Qantas planes

once again taking to the skies. Very glad to be home. skies. Very glad to be home.

Had to go via Ayres Rock to get

to Adelaide. It was a long trip, that's for sure. The

airline is putting on extra services to

log. There's relief in sight

for Tasmania. Qantas and

Jetstar expect to resume

flights there on Thursday. That

air space has been shutdown for

Qantas since Sunday. This is

good news for all passengers who are waiting in

Tasmania. The ash cloud is

expected to remain over Perth

for at least another day before

it starts to clear and

gradually move east. Air Services Australia says this

may not be the end of the

disruptions because the volcano

that's causing the chaos

continues to spew ash. Police

believe they've broken one of

the big less online child abuse rings

rings in Australia. 11 men rings in Australia. 11

have been arrested including a long-term teacher at an exclusive Sydney school.

Thousands of images involving

children as young as five were

seized. Investigators say it involves some of the worst

abuse they've seen. The arrest

of this 67-year-old in Western

Sydney could be just the

beginning. He and 10 others

face charges of sharing graphic images of children being abused. The images we've seen

child exploitation right range from the very low end of

through to

through to the highest category where we're talking torture, bondage, and the highest of rape. Warrants were executed in NSW, Queensland, Victoria

and South Australia with hard-drives, laptops and north

phones seized. It follows a

five month covert operation and a tip-off from global law enforcement agencies. The storage devices are alleged to

contain thousands of child Although we're not abuse

Although we're not in a stage

at this point in time to acknowledge how much because we're still we're still analysing the material that's seize. One of material that's seize. One of the men arrested Gregory Coupland. He caught at King's school at Sydney King's school at Sydney for

more than a decade. The school's headmaster said

40-year-old Coupland has

resigned. In a statement Tom Hawkins said: Most of the Most of the images were captured overseas most serious case police allege

that some of the video was

taken here in Australia. Two

children have now been taken

into care and a 26-year-old man

charged with their charged with their rape. The

individual in regard to that is

being charged with five counts

of sexual intercourse with a

child under the age of 10 and

two counteds under the age of

14. Police say more arrests are

possible and the focus is now on removing any other on removing any other children at risk. Melbourne police at risk. Melbourne police are seeking interview Carl Williams former cell mate over allegations he

bribed a police officer. He's

serving a minimum 15 years for

murder. He was sharing a

with Carl Williams when the

underworld boss was killed last

year. Detectives from the Ethical Standards Department

told a Melbourne court today

they believe he bribed a former police officer. The police officer. The officer wasn't named, but the

wasn't named, but the court

heard he had previously made a statement to police about the

bribe. Police told the court that the statement was

corroborated by a man who is now dead. understood to be Carl Williams.

The matter returns to court

next week. With all the doom

and gloom we've hearing lately

on jobs and the economy an interest rate rise seems like

the last thing you'd expect. The Reserve Bank thinks

otherwise. RBA chief Glenn

Stevens has warned that rates

will need to go higher because

of inflation. As Australia's economic guru took to the

podium, there was no departing

from his mantra. Further tightening of tightening of monetary policy is like some.. He left us in no

uncertain terms with the view

that interest rates will have to go up eventually. It's because the Governor still sees China's development ultimate economic force through

the mining boom, pushing up

prices and making Australians richer, riches he says will be spread

spread throughout the economy

as jobs, dividends to share holesers from mining companies and more tax revenue, but get used to the economy. Those differences are

decrease. The strong Australian

dollar, he says, dollar, he says, gives consumers more spending power despite the pain it causes some parts of the parts of the economy. There are

no magic pill solutions to the

need to adjust and there aren't really any alternatives I don't

think. There was no mention of any threats posed by any threats posed by the massive economic problems

facing the US and Europe. That

basically means to me what's happening in Europe and America

on the big scheme of things pretty small beer in Governor didn't focus on Governor didn't focus on the

run of weaker economic signs in

Australia either, like today's

Westpac Melbourne Institute

consumer sentiment consumer sentiment index which

sunk to a two year low. Westpac blames talk of higher

interest rates and the carbon

tax. The level of negativity

about it is about the same it

was a year ago and about the

same as during the GFC.

Clearly they're concerned about

the Government's decision to

put a price on carbon. The Governor was not concerned dismissing

as random noise. A matter weeks

if not days, that's the call from the coalition,

Independents and the Northern Territory government Territory government to resume live cattle exports to Indonesia. The opposition

leader says there's no time to

waste. But the minister's

warning a rushed job would not improve improve animal

welfare. Thousands of cattle

stranded in holding yards across northern Australia across northern Australia and tens of thousands more that

need to be fed but can't be

sold. An entire industry limbo. No-one should under estimate the unfolding estimate the unfolding disaster

for the cattle producers of

northern Australia. Tony

Abbott's calling for an

immediate partial resumption of live exports. live exports. Plainly, there are at light of some abattoirs

in Indonesia which comply with Australian Standards and the

live export trade to those abattoirs should be resume

immediately. He's been joined

by a cross bencher who supported the initial

suspension. There needed to

be a wake-up call to the

industry. The onus is back on them. The surprised by last week's announcement, is

announcement, is also urging a

quick resolution. We need this

trade resumed as quickly as we

possibly can and I'm not

talking about months, I'm

talking about weeks talking about weeks if not days. The Agriculture Minister

was grilled in the Senate about

more than 100,000 animals that

within a month would be too big

to export but too small to export but too small to sell domestically. The opposition

argued they'd be sent out to

fend for themselves. Does he

seam responsibility for the

tens of thousands of cattle who will probably die a long

painful death and will reverse his ill considered

decision. The minister says the

whole supply chain needs to be ungraded and cattle ungraded and cattle tagged. So

that we can track and also monitor and verify from the

point of leaving the port to

the port of a feedlot in

Indonesia to the point of the slaughter house in

Indonesia. He says without that system in place, system in place, cattle could leak into non-compliant abattoirs with where they would Overseas now, and NATO planes stepped up airstrikes against pro-Gaddafi forces in

Libya. Rebels say they're

still not getting the still not getting the air

support they need.

trained rebel fighters outside

Misratah are struggling. NATO

airstrikes have been coming but

not fast enough. There's been fierce fighting in the past few days. The days. The Rebels taking heavy casualties. There have civilian casualties also. We

see a lot of patients due to

Grad rockets from Gaddafi army.

I think NATO should do something to stop that. However, NATO planes were

out in force over the Libyan

capital. Colonel Gaddafi's

compound in central Tripoli was

pounded repeatedly. The

its crackdown on political

protests. The army has fanned

out around towns and villages

near the border with Turkey.

Government is telling refugees

who fled the country it is safe to come home, to come home, but more and more

are heading in the opposite direction. Syrian refugees

continue to stream towards continue to stream towards the

Turkish border. We came here

because of the soldiers. They're expelling people from their homes and firing at us

with their tanks. The sir ran regime version of what happened

in the town of jiz jisz Jis It says the army has removed

armed gangs terrorising the

town's citizens and says the

refugees can now come home. The refugee crisis here is The refugee crisis here is only

likely to get worse. months most of the pictures

coming out of the Syria have

been shaky mobile phone videos

that have been smuggled out by

activists. The regime has been

unable to stop it. Now it's

producing its own video, state

television broadcast these

images of bomb making

equipment, weapons and uniforms in the same city, more evidence, it rebels. But rebels. But tellingly, there

were no pictures of were no pictures of the fighting in the city. It is

difficult for the Syrian regime

to counter images like these.

TRANSLATION: We have plenty

of food, but no water. The

United States has not yet United States has not yet said that the Syrian President,

Bashir al-Assad, has lost his legitimacy to rule, but it's

coming very close. There's

only so long that you can continue to carry out these

kinds of abuses and indeed

escalate these kinds after tax against against your own people. The US

and Britain continue to push for United Nations resolution

condemning Syria but Russia and China

China continue to resist it. Two-and-a-half weeks out

from a landmark election in Thailand, the Prime Minister

has defended his handling of political division in political division in the country. More than 90 people

were killed and almost 2000 injured

injured during two months of anti-government violence in

Bangkok last year. In an

interview with the

but to send in the army. We exercised restraint, exercised restraint, patience,

tolerance, we offered real solutions like concrete dates for early elections and for early elections and every time it was rejected by

them. Abhisit Vejjajiva says if

he's re-elected on 3 July he'll focus on addressing focus on addressing economic inequality as part after plan

to inn few the country. The

full interview with the Thai

prime can be seen on 'Lateline'

this evening. Tulsen Tollett in Sydney. It is. We're

looking to seeing how that pans

out. Game two of the series is aund way between NSW and Queensland Queensland and Maroons take a

one-nil lead after taking game one three weeks ago

one three weeks ago in

Brisbane. With a few minutes

gone in the past 20 seconds

Jonathan Thurston has kicked a

penalty goal. You can scrap

that 00. Queensland lead two

minutes to nil

minutes to nil with three minutes gone in the match. It is the first game NSW is

looking to win since 2009.

They wouldn't won a series

for six in a row. The

disruption to flight this is

week is complicating the AFL's

fixtures this weekend.

Hawthorn and Gold Coast are

having to fly early to make

sure they get to Launceston.

As Nick Bailey reports, the league's

league's closely monitoring the

situation in Perth. The AFL situation in Perth. The AFL has already experienced a number of

headaches this week from headaches this week from the

Chilean ash cloud, dense was

kept in Perth an extra

kept in Perth an extra night after its match against Fremantle, while Richmond Fremantle, while Richmond had

to bus home from Sydney after

its weekend defeat. The problem isn't teams getting out, but in.

far moved two flights for this

weekend's matches, Hawthorn and

the Gold Coast will now fly tomorrow for their match on Saturday afternoon in Launceston. Port Adelaide's

trip to Perth to take on West Coast on Sunday afternoon is being monitored as is Fremantle's trip in Fremantle's trip in the opposite direction to play Melbourne at the MCG. Look, we are concerned we are concerned about when we're going over and we're going over and more importantly, or as important, is when get back. Twos two Mark Harvey seems to think Mark Harvey seems to think he's got plans covered. Submarine.

Camel train. Hitch hiking. Yeah, so we have got a options there, haven't we. The

Western Force Super Rugby match

against the rebels bells is under

under threat. It is not the on

issue between the clubs. The

Force withdrew from the race to

re Joseph Stalin James O'Connor

who is favoured to red for the

next season. The Perth based

club said it couldn't accept

the contract terms demanded by

O'Connor. He gave the Emirates

Western Force a number of KP us

that we thought was that we thought was probably

unusual and equally, we

unwilling to agree to the KPIs.

Rugby say team sport. One

individual is not going to win or

or lose games for an organisation. O'Connor will mystery's match against the Rebels as he is serving a one match suspension for a dangerous tackle. Moving to tennis, Leytton Hewitt remains hopeful of taking his place the at Wimbledon despite re durg

occurring foot problems. The Australian was forced to retire overnight at the overnight at the Eastbourne tournament in tournament in Ibrahim England. Wimbledon starts on Monday. There was better news for

Serena Williams, though, the

29-year-old American took three

sets to defeat her sets to defeat her Bulgarian opponent. Williams is on the

come back trail after a serious

health scare relating to blood

clotting in March and has been seeded 8th for her defence. Frankel has made it 7

wins from 7 starts this time

winning at Royal Ascot. It was

a royal day indeed with the

stars out both off and on the track. There was disappointment, though, disappointment, though, for Australian horse Star Witness

risk ridden by around who managed second on the opening

day of the carnival in the king

stand he stakes. Fang was everybody favourite. At the St James Palace Stakes. Frankel four

Furlong to go. Frankel coming

hard. He's going to get close. Fang. Frankel's Fang. Frankel's unbeaten

record is intact. So You Think

trained by Aiden O'Brien in

Ireland will race in the prince of NSW stakes over 2000

metres. It would be great metres. It would be great to

sitting on him. It is really exciting to watch him exciting to watch him against others in the world others in the world and possibly if he goes to France

it will be great to see him see

how he stands up. I've got a huge opinion be great to see him stand up over here. Golf's second major

of the tear the US Open tees

off tomorrow not at the Kong

gretional country club. Defending champion Graeme

McDowell of Northern Ireland

says while esenjoyed reveling

in his victory this past year,

he feels relieved to be finally

hitting the course. I'm here at

a US Open for the first time a US Open for the first time

believing in my self that I believing in my self that I can

win on a US I did it last year. It is I did it last year. It is a

strange feeling. I feel like

I've done all my pre-US media and did everything, this my last bit of talking before I

tee off and Thursday. I'm

really happy it's all done.

Really want to start looking forward to the rest of my

career and what I want to

achieve with the rest of my career. There's 11 Australians

taking part. In scieblinging nor Gee nor Gee Norwegian Thor Hushovd

won the third squadge the Tour of Switzerland. The lawn dollar dropped sharply after today's speech by the Reserve Bank Governor. The local

sharemarket was down despite a

big rise on Wall Street overnight. The dollar rose overnight. The dollar rose to

107 US cents from the moment

Glenn Stevens started speaking

at Lunn time. Even though it

took him 10 or 15-minutes to

get to the bit where rates are

going up again. It was all in

the context of this week. The other thing is consumer sentiment fell sharply

to a two-year low although the Governor says he doesn't take

too much notice of this anyway

and he says it is back to the long-term average which this graph absolutely true. No big deal. Here's where the dollar ended

up below the peak of more than

107 but higher on the day. Local sharemarket ended Local sharemarket ended the day a third of 1% lower. The banks generally fell with Westpac the

worst of them. QBE was whacked

because it told the market get that margins were being catastrophes. BlueScope was

cut 5% after a broking analyst put out a bearish report put out a bearish report and

Paladin dropped another 4.5%. Obviously investors don't believe the denial of a I

capital raising or they don't

like uranium any more. The

stock has lost 21% this months. The market jumped 1.3% in New York and the Dow Jones York and the Dow Jones average closed back above 1200 points

because retail sales were not as

as bad as expected even though

they were lousy, Commodity prices strong,

copper, oil, silver and tin

went up twine 2 and 3.5%. That's finance. Far removed

from the concerns of the Australian property market, the

most expensive house in the most expensive house in the US has been sold. The asking

price was $150 miltion US. For

the long and guess mansion of late Hollywood producer Aaron

Spelling. It has 100 rooms including

including 14 bedrooms, including 14 bedrooms, five

bars, a bowling alley, beauty salon, gift parking for 100 cars. The

buyer is said to be Petra Ecclestone, the 22-year-old

daughter of Formula One racing

bail their billionaire Bernie

Ecclestone. Creed yesterday

with the two-day outlook. A

low-pressure system that has

been producing heavy rainfall

and flooding through parts of

NSW is slowly starting to move

north-east. In fact, by

Thursday night, it will be far

enough off the coast to see the

heavy falls dissipate. In heavy falls dissipate. In fact

the rain easing back to showers and and mostly confined to Hunter and the mid north coast.

The only areas looking at moderate falls will be the coastal fringe. Conditions coastal fringe.

rapidly starting to ease during

the day. The winds will begin to cease but the seas remaining dangerous for another day or

two. The only other rainfall

of the front, south-westerlies is with the front. In the wake

through WA, light showers there and the front will begin to mauve into SA. We are

expecting to see showers on the increase. Starting about the

West Coast, they'll slide into

districts as we head into the southern

towards the afternoon and

evening. Cloud inn across for Victoria, drizzle about the

north of Tasmania, further

showers about eastern parts of

NSW. That rain mostly about

the mid north coast and Hunter but it will continue to but it will continue to ease through the day. Similar story

for Sydney. The possibility of

showers and rain easing to isolated showers in the

afternoon, and they should

clear overnight. Mostly clear conditions across the northern

areas. Again, we have got very cold air sitting through the

interior. That's producing those frosty conditions. Further frosts again to the southern parts of northern parts or at least the

southern parts of the Atherton

Tablelands in Queensland.

We've got another very weak

front set to clip WA but it won't produce significant

rainfall. It will keep things

The next significant front cloudy with isolated showers.

The next significant front

Thursday next week. No outlook

for worthwhile rainfall there.

Showers through southern parts

of SA spreading into of SA spreading into Victoria and pretty

and pretty much most of

develops and clearing showers Tasmania as westerly wind flow

along the NSW coast. along the NSW coast. It should be mostly Basically, we have got a series

of cold fronts set to move

through the south. As we head

into the weekend we're going to see dry conditions across north

of the north but the southern

areas looking wet, windy and

cloudy. Proof that anything is

possible. A quadraplegic possible. A quadraplegic man

has crossed the harsh Tanami

desert in may wheelchair. Rob

Cook crossed the finish line in Alice Springs after a gruelling

700 kilometre trek across the

haven'tier few would take on outback. It is an outback add


been on a mission and today he

completed his 24 day journey

into the Todd Mall into the across the desert. He rode

into the Todd Mall into the

heart of Alice Springs to a hero's welcome. Across the hero's welcome. Across the

Tanami track into Alice Springs. I

nervous that my chairs were Springs. I was extremely

going to let me down. The 30-year-old father of two injured in a helicopter crash 30-year-old father of two was

nearly three years ago. He wanted to raise support of close friends wanted to raise money to

decided to trek across the

Tanami desert. He's covered

730 kilometres along some of Australia's most Australia's most unforgiving country and sometimes things

didn't quite go as didn't quite go as planned. We got our directions wrong, we won't back towards Supplejack about 30 kilometres and he was

about 30 kilometres and he was

back towards uranium the opposite direction. By the

time we got back to where Rob was he was half frozen. During

the 3.5 weeks Rob Cook deal with rain, frostbitten

toes and a flat battery at the same time as a bull. The

journey's over, he's turning his attention to a different

kind of battle. His family station has 20,000 head of station has 20,000

cattle that were to go to

Indonesia. What Julia Gillard

has done has basically shutdown our family business. The Cook

family may need some of his

export ban is being resolved. determination while the live

I'll back with an update in a

'Lateline Business'. moment then stay with us for

'Lateline Business'. You're watching ABC News 24.

Captions by CSI. watching ABC News 24. Closed

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Live The top stories from ABC News 24. Air Services

Australia says the ash cloud

causing major flight

disruptions in Perth is larger

and lower than the ash cloud states. An increasing number flights in the south-eastern

of airlines are suspending states. An increasing number

flights in and out of Perth and

while flights are returning to

normal in Adelaide, there are

ongoing problems in Tasmania. Severe weather is continuing lash the lower mid north coast

of NSW. Hundreds of people

have already been evacuated

with thousands more isolated.

There's been some relief in the

Kempsey region with the Macleay

River has peaked and the

Kempsey levee has held. 11 men have been arrested in one of

Australia's biggest

downs on child pornography.

The investigation began five months ago with undercover

agents using covert accounts to