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Cwth 'playing politics' with Gunns pulp mill -

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Cwth 'playing politics' with Gunns pulp mill

Broadcast: 20/08/2007

Reporter: Tony Jones

The Greens say the proposed pulp mill for northern Tasmania will become a key election issue and
the Federal Government is playing politics.


TONY JONES: The Tasmanian Government claims the Commonwealth is playing politics with the proposed
Gunns pulp mill by attacking the assessment process.

The Federal Environment Minister has given the project conditional approval, but Malcolm Turnbull
has labelled the assessment process for the mill as unsatisfactory, accusing the State Government
of eroding the public's trust by abandoning the resource, planning and development commission

He's given the public 10 working days to comment before he makes a final decision.

The Greens say the mill will become a federal election issue.