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Labor dumps Harry Quick -

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Labor dumps Harry Quick

Broadcast: 20/08/2007

Reporter: Tony Jones

The Labor Party in Tasmania says it expelled federal Labor MP Harry Quick because of his failure to
pay party fees.


TONY JONES: Tasmanian federal Labor MP Harry Quick has been kicked out of the party, but for
financial reasons, not disloyalty.

Mr Quick was criticised for publicly supporting the Liberal candidate for his seat over the
endorsed Labor candidate Kevin Harkins. Labor Party officials met this afternoon and said there was
no choice but to expel him. Mr Quick has not been a financial member for more than a year and owes

The news was delivered by Mr Harkins, who stood aside as the candidate for Franklin, partly because
of pressure from Mr Quick.

KEVIN HARKINS, FORMER FRANKLIN CANDIDATE: I think the outcome today has been very fair. Obviously
Harry, because of his failure to renew his membership and pay his outstanding fees, has made
himself a non-party member. So resignation by another term, I suppose, but at the end of the day
the effect's the same.

TONY JONES: Harry Quick was unavailable for comment.