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(generated from captions) Good evening. On

tonight's program a rare

insight into the underworld and

and bribery of people-smuggling. An people-smuggling.

undercover 'Four Corners'

investigation has revealed active people-smuggling are

being given refugee status

and some are even being

in Australia. You're watching

The World. secret tapes and disturbing claims. We will discuss

of the Refugee Association. allegations was the President allegations was the

Also ahead Pakistan's worst flooding on record. More than

1000 dead as disease

1000 dead as disease starts

to spread. Another poll setback forces the Prime

campaign strategy. Going Minister to rethink her Minister to rethink

Dutch. The Netherlands ends its military time in Afghanistan handing control

to Australia and US forces. Stopping the boatloads of asylum-seekers has been one of the more contentious

issues of the federal

election campaign. It has

been a complex problem for

one Government after another.

Tonight a 'Four Corners'

investigation has revealed

that Canberra recently agreed that Canberra recently agreed to significantly increase resettlement quota of

refugees but it has found

that some of those being

considered for resettlement

are actively involved in the boats, a heated issue

both sides of politics have

trade to navigate but despite

it the rhetoric the boats

keep coming. Now the

Australian Government has

sent a message to the

thousands of asylum-seekers

willing risk their lives on

old boats. The number of refugees it officially

re-settled from Indonesia each year will increase. each year will increase. It

will go from little more 50 cases of persons per year will go from little more than

to 500. This man is a people

man, both have been granted smuggler, another is this

refugee status and both refugee status and both are

waiting for resettlement in Australia. Australia. If the United

Nations HC has granted them refugee status Rights we

must get the bottom of because we must ensure that

the credibility and the - of

the commission is as we all

believe it is. Another people smuggler was imprisoned in

Australia in 2001. He has

done his time and now he is

back in Indonesia and back in

business. What about the

money? Come on! Finish now. Why are you money? Come on! Finish.

waiting? Australia waiting? Australia hands

over tens of millions of dollars to asylum-seekers and the boats

but the whole operation is

being subverted by corrupt military immigration officers, police and

caught by hidden cameras officials. This colonel was

in bribes to help facilitate demanding just demanding just over $600,000

the passage of boats to

Australia. I'm trained not

to look upset but I think it

is quite fair to say it is not a happy situation. Neither side situation. Neither side of politics appears to have any politics appears to have any

answers the the Indonesian underworld of bribery and corruption that continues

security. We will be exploring some of the issues uncovered in the 'Four

Corners' story later and speak to refugee Council of Australia

in about half an hour. Rescuers in north-west

Pakistan are struggling to

reach thousands stranded by devastating devastating floods. The death

toll now stands at more than 1100. Tonight there are growing fears about the

spread of disease. To make matters worse more rain is coming days. South Asia

correspondent salary staira is in Punjab province. of the displaced have is in Punjab province. Many

gathered in the north-west city of have been turned into have been turned into relief

centres for those who have lost almost everything. TRANSLATION: We

could not save anything. We could not save anything. We

have no shoes, even for the

children. Help reached the people here. children. Help has also

Ay reached the people here. The effort in some of the

volatile border region. This

is whose style territory and it is still unclear how many people are waiting for This relief camp has been set

up by the Pakistan army for

flood-affected people and we are distributing dry food to

them. Today I have 4 tonnes

of food for distribution

including flour, sugar and

cooking oil. The floodwaters

have destroyed the

livelihoods of some of

Pakistan's most vulnerable

people. Thousands of farmers have

TRANSLATION: My two oxen, buffalos and two kroo, ows TRANSLATION: My two oxen, 8

have died in the floods. just found one alive. The have died in the floods. I


bodies of dead and debris bodies of dead farm animals

and debris have contaminated

the water and raised fears the water and raised fears of disease. In the short-term

those already in debt do not

know how will start again. TRANSLATION: I again. TRANSLATION: I have

years. We are not covered my losses in 10

years. We are buying this wood on credit and I don't know how will I pay it back. The worst floods in than 1 million people across

the country. This scene in

Punjab is being replicated in

many parts of Pakistan. There

are thousands of people in this area waiting for assistance but only

teams and a few boats to help

them. Sally Sara joins me

now on the line from Punjab

province. We just saw you

sitting at a boat K you give

us an idea of what sort of

sights you saw today as you

went around the region? We

were out with some of the

morning who are surveying an

area where some people are stranded, an area stranded, an area most

importantly where the water

levels have been rising all day. Some of

that area the farmers do not

have a lot of room to move.

We went over on a boat to

where a family was trying to move away their possessions.

They only had a few metres clearance around their hut

and the water was moving

very, very quickly so those

people are trying to get to

higher ground as fasted as

they can. Now there are more than than 1100 reported dead so

far, given the extent of this

disaster just how conservative is that figure?

It is lart are hard to tell. The general view at the moment that is there are

grave fears that number will increase. The workers up in

the northwest of the country

are still surveying the

full-scale of the disaster and they

and they have not reached all the areas where the areas where people require assistance so that

toll has been climbing. It was in the was in the 40 50s on the weekend and weekend and now to come up to

1100 at this stage gives an indication of the indication of the scale of

the disaster but there is a

great fear the officials have yet to uncover yet to uncover just how many

lives have been lost. With

the floods comes

about water borne diseases.

How great are those concerns

and what can be done when

there is still so much water

around? That is right. And to

get medical supplies in as

well and filtration equipment

to look after people is

difficult. In the Swat Valley where health where health officials say they have had several cases of alcohola most of the bridges in that area are out and people now are gathering

in a congested way on the

safest ground they have so

going into relief going into relief camps and into the Swat Valley people

have congregated in have congregated in the areas

of higher ground. So people, their stock and their stock and the human

waste from everything people

swept away is making the situation far more difficult

for public health.

efforts in flood-hit areas efforts in flood-hit areas of China intensify

China intensify with forecasters predicting more

rain this week. The floods

have claimed over 1000 lives. The flooding has been widespread.

widespread. Large areas of central China, the north-east

and the far west are still

underwater or covered in mud

and debris. The latest flood is in

is in the country's west. It

has hit some of China's most remote community bridges and roads that

connect people there the

vital supplies in vital supplies in the vital supplies in the outside

world. Rain from that system is headed to Jilin province in the east which is still recovering from floods there in 10 floods there in 10 years.

More than half a million people have been evacuated. Tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed and have been destroyed and toxic chemicals have been washed down the river. Community

there are working quickly to recover from last recover from last week's

torrential rain before the torrential rain before the arrival of new

storms. TRANSLATION: We need to clean up mud floor that was gladded in by water and after that we can think about

think about the other issues like disease prevention.

Central China has seen the

worst of the last fortnight of rain with more than 1000

confirmed dead along the

shores of the river and

hundreds more missing. The three three project held up

to the rivers biggest flood to the rivers biggest flood

in a decade but not in a decade but not without

unforeseen costs. Local media reports a hydro-electric damn

is closed to being clogged up

places you can walk on it.

Though workers remove 3 tons

a day there are still reports it is close to being shut

down. Back home, after down. Back home, after weeks

of carefully scripted announcements the Prime Minister

Minister says it is time to

bust out and show Australians

who she really is. Now June

Julia Gillard has offered to have

Abbott but he has ruled it

out declining her offer. She

looks the same. How are

you? She sounds the you? She sounds the same. Hello, how are you? how are you? But apparently she is not the she is not the same.

Concerns about the Concerns about the campaign have forced Julia have forced Julia Gillard to

get real. I have stepped up to make control and made a decisions the risk of-averse orthodox method campaigning is I'm going to play my own

game. She is throwing out the

book and the rule book and the rule book. Next

I want to bust out and I

believe I am. Labor sources

say the public was not

warming to hot they called "Plastic Julia" and the reality check came after last week's feisty press conference which raises the

question if this is the real

Julia Gillard? Why did she hide her true identity?

Would the real Julia Would the real Julia please stand see in for the last five

weeks if it is not the real

Julia Gillard? Tony Abbott

maintains he is the real deal even while even while also pursuing a tightly scripted risk-averse

strategy.. if you elect Tony

Abbott you will get Tony

Abbott. If you elect Julia Gillard you will get the

faceless men. So who will

they elect? Labor's primary

vote is below 40%. The Coalition's keeps climbing.

After preferences it is neck

and neck I don't want to

get ahead of myself sitting in the top chair too

long, too soon. Tony Abbott announced more money for

tourism. Julia Gillard went

back to school No one wants

to be a politician? She wants the give principals a bigger say bigger say over staffing and budgets budgets and promised more family

family support. Policy

question! Right. You don't want to join the want to join the Canberra

press pack do you? press pack do you? Students

aged 16-18 will get up to $150 extra a fortnight. 650,000 teenagers should benefit. A future. A transformation of

school education and a transformation of the family

tax benefit system. Paid for

in part by a handy million dividend from Medibank Private. Medibank Private. Government

sources say Gillard Unplugged

is part of a plan the draw a

line under the first line under the first two weeks of the campaign.

Internal polls suggest it is close but Labor is still

ahead in enough key marginals

to win so long as it does not have another week like

have another week like if

last one. Victoria's Premier has support to most of the recommendations handed down by Bushfires Royal Commission. But John Commission. But John Brumby

is trading warily on some of

the more expensive proposals

like a like a land buyback scheme

and putting power cables underground. Also today the commissioner spoke for the

first time about their report

and the emotional cost of the

and the emotional cost of the

inquiry. Would the

commissioners stay or go? If

I had a swimming pool and a wet blanket alongside I might stay longer than I would otherwise people really want to make a

wager on their life? Because

that is what it really

is. But Commissioner McLeod

said if the policy had properly applied on Black

Saturday the death toll could

have been halved. They were either children either children or elderly

people or people who were infirm for one reason or

another. They should not have

been there. They hinted at

their attempt to make their attempt to make the

recommendations realistic.

We are not ignorant of We are not ignorant of the pressures on pressures on Government. And acknowledged pervading sense of sadness. There there was rarely a dry eye in the room. You could not

help but feel your heart had taken over from taken over from your mind. The commissioners stayed well away

stayed well away from the politics surrounding politics surrounding bushfire policy making no comment about what the Victorian

Government will do with their report or the individuals named in it. The named in it. The Premier promised in-principle support for all but 8 of for all but 8 of the

recommendations. Including a major shift on evacuation. We do fully support We do fully support voluntary evacuation. But other big

powerlines and land buy back are are on a more shaky footing..

we are not ruling in or out

those recommendations. The Government should accept in-principle all

recommendations and get on

with it. As from the with it. As from the commissioners? It is a pity

if we simply go off and read

a book. I'm certainly exhausted but with the satisfaction of feeling that

I have done all I reasonably

could for the 173. I will if

the Daylesford CFA will take

me, volunteer. How could they say no? The Dutch military

has ended its mission in

Afghanistan becoming the

first NATO member to pull out

of the war. Before of the war. Before leaving Uruzgan province Dutch Uruzgan province Dutch troops

paused to remember their 24

comrades killed during their four-year presence. Control

was then handed over to

American and Australian

troops. Slovak and Singapore the southern province. NATO was quick to stress the alliance remains strong despite the Dutch pull-out. The mission has the full support of all its allies and remains committed for as long

as it takes in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan. The absence of the 2000-strong Dutch force

should not be felt in military terms but there are

fears the withdrawal could

influence other Western

nations reviewing their commitments in Afghanistan. In the conflict zone the battle for hearts and is difficult and constant. A

new Coalition operation in Afghanistan's Helmand

Porschins with the aim Porschins with the aim of clearing Taliban strong holds

is into a third day and while British and

making a concerted effort to bring locals onside villages remain

remain wary. Inching across

Helmand a low, slow Helmand a low, slow march into Taliban country.

Sometimes the canals are the

only really safe place only really safe place to

cross. Every piece of land must be checked for IEDs, the hidden bombs the

danger for British troops.

The real prize of this operation is the people live here. Persuading them

this the troops will bring

the security they crave. For our confidence and for our confidence and for your safety although you think

there is no implt ED we will play

play this role for future

reference. Day three of the

operation has seen a steady

advance with many houses

being searched. trust when you enter

uninvited is hard. uninvited is hard. The compound are searched, compound are searched, the

owners questioned. This new a battle for influence

with the Taliban. The people

say they are pleased to see

the troops, if not in their

own backyard. But it will

take many months to win their support and there is no

guarantee of success. The last time the troops came

here the insurgents fought

back. This time there is little resistance. There is a

certain amount of edginess as

we patrol through the field t fear being the insurgents are

watching biding their time and that they will ultimately attack. Nine years in

Afghanistan and too few signs the battle is easing. This is not the first operation in this district and this district and commanders know it is unlikely to be the

last. Several blasts have lit the

the southern Israeli resort city of Elat in a attack. Between 3 and 5

explosions were heard but there are

there are no reports of casualties. One rocket hit the Jordanian port injuring 4. Local media suggested the rockets suggested the rockets were

fired by militant in Jordan

or Egypt. That attack came as the Israeli Government

approved plans the deport the

families of hundreds of migrant workers. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

says the measures are necessary

necessary because an increasing immigration is threatening the country's the country's Jewish character. She was born here, speaks fluent me Pru and is

in the system but she is one

of many children facing

deportation from Israel along

with their families because

their parents are here

illegally. It is very unfair and

and unjust. I them you why. Because the children born

here have the right. They have their have their birthright. I

think Israel should give them their birthright. For years

Israel encouraged foreign

workers from the developing

world to come here and do poorly paid menial jobs that

Israelis did not want to do. Now

Now wanting to reduce Now wanting to reduce its dependence on overseas Labour

Israel says many workers must leave even if they have children who were born here.. I cannot imagine a situation

where they put a child and

his mother against their will

on a plane and

They live here, they live with their friend and with their friend and now

they will separate they will separate them from everything they know and put them on a plane against their will. The sight of immigration inspectors conducting spot checks on people in the street has angered human rights groups

who accuse the persecution. But some ministers in ministers in Israel's Coalition say they cannot

simply grant more than 1000

families permanent residency.

Immigration lawless in Israel

make it extremely hard for

people to stay if not Jewish but the scale of protest against these controversial proposals

appears to have brought about

a compromise of a compromise of sorts. While

there may be good news for

this 5-year-old and her

family others of a similar

age will be sent to countries

they don't with languages

they do not speak. By the

Government's own admission

Israel's immigration policy

is unsatisfactory and is

is unsatisfactory and is in

need of reform. To Thailand now where several a state of emergency in the

capital the stage full protest. The demonstration reveals the

ongoing discontent in Bangkok

since a military

May that left more than 90

people dead. Unlike during

the height of unrest these protests were without violence rather a drama performance was the

centrepiece of this demonstration. Hundreds of protestors reenacted the

clashes that happened on the

streets of Bangkok in May supposed pain before falling to the ground in mock

shootings! TRANSLATION: shootings! TRANSLATION: The

beauty of democracy is freedom of expression, in

speaking. The freedom in abusing abusing people, shooting

people, that is not democracy. Protestors held

signs in menly of those who were killed and were killed and chanted "People died here". "People died here". Riot police kept a close watch as

the reenactment lasted just under an hour at Bangkok's Democracy monument.

Protestors say they are

committed to voicing their concerns without violence. TRANSLATION: I think more would think more would join us. We have tried to have tried to tell everyone to come and practice to come and practice a

non-violent approach. No

matter how hurtful or

vengeful the Red Shirts can

be we have come here without

violence. The protest is part

of a series of protests the

Red Shirts have held in the

capital over the past

of the Government and the end

of emergency rule. The state

of emergency still in place

in Bangkok and nine other provinces bans political gatherings of more than five

people and gives the

Government power to Government power to impose

curfew and sensor the media. There has been more There has been more violence in Indian-administered Kashmir bringing the death

tell to 36. A day after the

shooting deaths of two people

angry residents took the streets defying an streets defying an indefinite curfew. Carrying the body of

one of the victims the plot property chanted and anti-India slogans. and anti-India slogans.

Forests fires are continuing to cause havoc across parts

of Russia. 34 people have

died in the worst summer

fires to hit the country in fires to hit the country in a generation. Hundreds ever

thousands of people have been

deployed to help fight deployed to help fight the disaster. Almost 2000 disaster. Almost 2000 houses

have been destroyed. The united Arab Emirates is suspending Brack

Phones. It will allow the

Government to intercept email Government to intercept email

and messages. It denies it is

trying to restrict free speech. China Foreign

Minister has met with Fidel

Castro. The two countries have signed a series of bilateral bilateral accords to

strengthen cooperation. It has been China Foreign Minister's

tour. He has spent time in

Costa Rica a country keen to attract

attract more Chinese

investment. A day after their

meeting images of the Cuban President and the Chinese

Foreign Minister are released. China is released. China is Cuba's

second-largest trade partner.

He signed his book

dedicateing a copy to China's Foreign Foreign Minister. The Minister met the current Cuban President Fidel Castro's brother. After leave

hinge he headed to Costa Rica

building on relations established three years ago. He He met the new President and

signed off on a series of economic and technical cooperation agreements. Costa Rica is keen to attract Chinese investment. TRANSLATION: It

is a most is a most ambitious investment investment program proposed

by this country. It is

necessary so that we can grow more in the future so that we can be more prosperous and we invite the Chinese Government and Chinese public and private companies to

participate actively in some of these of these investments. The Minister has now Minister has now returned to

China. Let's get the latest world weather now with Graham

creed. Strong wind have been

the feature across the

southwest. On Tuesday we will

start to see the start to see the wind ease but they will be strong to begin with, we have

widespread gale wind widespread gale wind warning

will see showers along much along the NSW coast

of the NSW coast and through

southern vision and south of the ranges but for Tasmania

they will be confined West and South they will be confined the the

West and South Coast. For

much of South Australia it

will be dry apart from will be dry apart from

drizzle about the south which

will contract or spread did the South Australian the South Australian border.

Although we have cold and

windy conditions in the south

it is warm and windy in the

north so we are likely to see

fire danger across the

northern are Northern

that has produced the Territory. That low pressure

stronger gale-force wind along the NSW coast lot

weaken as they head towards

New Zealand although it is

rain over the northern half set to trigger some heavy

of the North Island. wind will trigger isolated showers about the Pacific

Islands. The showers, storms

and widespread rain is on the increase across much of

south-east Asia. There is the

potential for very heavy

falls anywhere from Papua New Guinea through to Indonesia,

Malaysia then also up into

the Philippines. The nod yell

are suggesting some heavy falls of rain about the

Thailand peninsula as well as

near the coast around the

Thai and Cambodia border and along Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia areas. Cambodia areas. Unsettled conditions across Japan could

produce isolated showers but

light falls. One or two

isolated storms around

Beijing. Heavy rain is once again possible about the

north-west of India and

spreading into northern

Pakistan. It will spread down

the West Coast of India. Some

a significant low developing of the models

in the Bay of Bengal by

Wednesday so we will keep an eye on that system. eye on that system. Europe is

clear. A high is sitting off

the west. That is expected to

produce strong winds along

the Spanish coast and a

the Spanish coast and a broad

area of instability will trigger isolated about some of the more trigger isolated showers

central and northern

countries but we are not

expecting the anything in the

but it could increase by way of significant weather

midweek. Africa will be seasonally quiet. We are not looking at anything in significant falls. Clear and mild conditions across all the southern areas. The western inland of the US is still under the influence of a broad a

a broad area of instability

producing hot conditions,

storms but not the further showers and isolated

significant falls of the past couple of days. A tropical low sitting south of the US

is forecast to move closer to

week and we will Florida by the end of the

That a large high week and we will monitor.

America will maintain dry if not windy weather but not windy weather but we expect to see rain anywhere expect to see rain anywhere

around and south of Rio. We are looking at widespread rain or showers although

light false about Venezuela and Columbia and Columbia coast. Still

ahead, we will speak to the President of the Council of President of the refugee

Council of Australia about the asylum-seekers

allegations raised by 'Four

Corners'. And one for the

country - the battle to repop late Russia.

Our top stories - Julia

Gillard has promised to show

Australians who she really is. The Prime Minister says she plans to throw away the campaign rule book. Tony

Abbott is demanding the Abbott is demanding the real

Julia reveal herself. In north-west Pakistan more than

1000 people have been killed

in the worst floods on in the worst floods on record. Rescuers are

still strand. Now with more struggling to reach 1000 more

than affected there are fears

disease may spread. A 'Four revealed that Canberra Corners' investigation has

recently agreed to significantly increase its

found that some of those from Indonesia. But it has

being considered being considered for resettlement are actively

involved in people-smuggling.

To discuss these issues

further we are joined from Melbourne by the President of the refugee Council of

Australia John Gibson. Firstly, your particularly that allegation 'Four Corners' report

that identified two as that identified two as people

smugglers who have refugee the reconsidered for resettlement

about four or the Australia. There are

about four or five points I

would like to make. My first that is the presence of two bad apples have bad apples have clearly identified does not in any

way take away from the fact

that we should not demonising asylum-seekers and that we should not be

that they remain almost wholly people who are victims not perpetrators, that is the first points.

points is the degree of corruption manifested

demonstrates the need constructive policies by our

to mention and develop Government and I would like

possibly the question of an effective sustainable regional protection

framework. What we saw on framework. What we saw on the program does not obviate the

need for protection for

asylum-seekers but what asylum-seekers but what it

did do from my points of view was it

degree of complexity anybody watching it the

regarding the whole issue of regarding the whole issue

a mention I think at one people movement and there was

program about people coming points towards

from Malaysia. The points

that we would be stressing is the need to increase

protection capacity in

people do not feel the need countries like Malaysia so

to move onto Indonesia and engage people smugglers. In regard to you have just

raised before you raised before you mentioned your council has regional refugee framework in

this document you put out to

try to get the interest of and the voice of politicians in regard to the

asylum-seekers debate. In that

that document you where - the commission should have a

central operational or supervisory role in

supervisory role in claims processing. If the council accords refugee status to allegedly people-smuggling

what questions do you think

should be asked in regard to the #34ition's processes? Those two raise matters concern but I

think like all things we have

to be careful we do not

tarnish the whole processing.

It is important we It is important we focus on the commission's capacity

to do the things it is good

at doing which clearly

involves developing and improving the refugee status determination

which on any view would be a

vital part of any regional protection framework so protection framework so yes it is a matter of some concern and I representative would clearly acknowledge that. It is

important though that as you

note he stated about this increase of people from Indonesia, asylum-seekers for resettlement in Australia and we should properly be

focusing far more closely on what component of

be put in place and that

involves the are at the very least at the very increased, least at the very beginning increased number of

resettlement both in Australia and other countries of resettlement. As you have

referred to in the report it

was mentioned that Canberra has increased has increased the resettlement quota from

Indonesia from about 50 to Indonesia from about 50 to

more than 500. Was your

organisation aware of that?

I just read reports about

that today. We of course I think almost 10 month ago, 9

months ago at the height of

the debate about the Merrick

boat the one languishing boat the one languishing in

Java and after the 'Oceanic

Viking' we thought it was

appropriate to call upon the

Government to increase

resettlement numbers by, resettlement numbers by, we

hazard at 1000 but I think it is important that increased resettlement be sent as a

part of a whole range of

measures that would need to be worked through and it is predicated on a level of

cooperation and above all on

increasing what is called protection capacity in countries like Malaysia and

Thailand and Indonesia as

well. One other points that could be made that is

important - Indonesia in 20

10 is a far different country

to Indonesia 10 or 12 to Indonesia 10 or 12 years ago. I think ago. I think the Foreign

Minister's comment an those

of some of the officials who were were interviewed reflect at far greater level of concern and efforts to deal with and efforts to deal with the level level of corruption that we

were seeing. As you points out in your framework

document, you call for a

greater dialogue with the

regional partners with other

governments but how can

Australian authorities deal

with confidence with their Indonesian counterparts if as

we saw in that report that

level, fairly high level of

corruption being played corruption being played out in regard to people-smuggling? Look, I think the problem think the problem of corruption is obviously not just peculiar to Indonesia in

terms of people's movements

throughout the world, these

sorts of things will be going

on in many countries. I think what thepm has done which all good investigative reporting

does is to really bring the public attention both here and obviously in and obviously in Indonesia the fact of the level the fact of the level of corruption and is having in the fact that

people smugglers are

effectively being allowed to play their trade

who are desperate and have

been remaining in countries

for a long time like a for a long time like a very brave man who effectively produced that and waiting without any real expectation of resettlement. That is

really the issue as we would see it. We would hope All

Australians looking at that view that it is a complex

issue. It needs to be tackled

with constructive policies

and in contradistinction

turning boats back is one of

the slogans of this campaign

will not fix the problem as we have seen in that

program. But in that program

what we also heard what we also heard was that

man you referred to who set

out to expose the people

smugglers. He said "He is worried

worried bad people worried bad people get resettlement the Australia". That is a disenchanted this is a major issue for this

this election campaign the

issue of asylum-seekers how

do you think a comment like

that and more generally this report will shape report will shape the words

and the policies of both

major parties in the run-up

to August 21 and beyond and

also the attitudes and concerns of the Australian voters voters about asylum-seekers? As I say, go

back to the first points I made that those two instances of people who have clearly abused the system should on reflective of the reflective of the great, great majority of asylum-seekers like those

people in the gaols that were

shown who remain victims shown who remain victims and are not perpetrators and so

therefore we should not be

going down the path that some

people have been of the

rhetoric and the language of

demonising asylum-seekers. But it does feed the concerns you would

have to acknowledge, it does

feed the concerns that many

people hold? Look, the

concerns need to be addressed

and they need to be addressed

by constructive policies and

I think I think what is on the table

at the moment and that is why

this framework that has been

suggested of effective sustainable regional

protection framework with a

whole lot of components in it

including increasing

resettlement numbers so that

people do not feel the need

to get onto a boat to come

the Australia and that is

clearly the problem but as I

think I have said on a number

of occasions and others have

said it the said it the 6400 people in 2

months pales in comparison so

it is important that it is important that those

concerns be seen in an international context and by way of comparison way of comparison with other parts of the

00 people a month walk in to

a refugee camp in Kenna for

example and Somalia and I

think we need to get a sense

of proportion but we equally

need to have constructive and

I would hope bipartisan

approaches to this whole

issue of people movement. Humanitarian Humanitarian groups have

welcomed the global ban welcomed the global ban on cluster bombs now in force.

The law prohibits The law prohibits the use and production of the production of the bomb which has killed and has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of

civilians but the move has

not been universally adopted

with the US, Russia, Pakistan

and Israel refusing to sign the treaty. A landmark

international treaty banning

international treaty banning cluster bombs has come into

force and there are more than

100 signatories on board

including Australia. This. the most significant piece of international international humanitarian

law to enter in the force

since the land mine ban 10 years ago. From this moment on countries have a obligation to assist obligation to assist the victims. The law prohibits

the use and production of

clusters which have killed

hundreds of thousand of

civilians caught in war zones

and sets a deadline for

stockpiles to be destroyed. The people has welcomed the

new treaty and says his first

thoughts are for the numerous

victims who have suffered and continue result of cluster bombs. TRANSLATION: With this convention which I ask

all states to join the international community has

demonstrated wisdom, long- sightedness and capacity in

achieving a significant result result towards disarmament and international human

rights. The big military

powers like China, Russia,

the US and Israel are not

signatories to signatories to the convention but campaigners hope but campaigners hope the moral weight of moral weight of the treaty

will persuade them to join

up. It. We think they will

feel the power of this new convention. We think the weapon all around the weapon all around the

world and states will be reluctant to every reluctant to every use I again. Cluster bombs are by the hundreds in the

artillery shells, bombs or

missiles which scatter them

over vast areas. Some farl to explode immediately

lie dormant for years until

they are disturbed often by children attracted

small size and bright small size and bright colour.

It is estimated 300 people

died as a result of cluster munitions each year. can kill or maim someone up

to 50 metres away. While it is hoped the treaty is hoped the treaty will

reduce the number of casualties casualties in recent casualties in recent years cluster bombs will be used in

by countries that by countries that refuse the sign the convention. sign the convention.

Officials from South Korea

and the US have met to

discuss new sanctions against

North Korea. US envoy met the South

South Korea officials for

talks on new financialal penalties first announced by

the US two weeks ago. The

sanctions will sale and purchase of arms and other associated goods with

the US says is being used to fund the north's nuclear

activities. The sanctions are

in response the sinking of a South Korea warship last March which left 46 sailors

dead. They will dead. They will provide strong incentives for North

Korea leaders to abide by their their international

obligations, to - not to pursue any activities. Activists have protested against protested against the sanctions saying they are

unfair and ineffective. unfair and ineffective. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe

has lashed out at the West during an angry address at

his sister's funeral. His

sister died on Thursday aged 80. During a speech to mourners

leader attacked the US and Europe and demanded Europe and demanded the removal of sanctions. Robert Mugabe blames Western sanctions for his country's economic meltdown. The Motherland needs more fathers, Russia's populations

is shrinking with some projections suggesting could lose another projections suggesting it could lose another 15 people in the next decade and

a half. The Government is taking

taking steps to stop the

slide but for thousands of remote villages the population battle has already

been lost. Russia is been lost. Russia is turning to celebrate marriage and

families and this family is the kind the Government

warrants to see with three

children they were honoured

by the Motherland. Russia has

been encouraging families to have more children. Love for

the Motherland starts with a

family, reads this sign. The

measures have temporarily

halted the population halted the population decline

after the country lost 6.5

million people in the last 15

years. But many say the shrinking will continue rural Russia will be hit the

hardest. In villages like

this there is little to do

but sit and watch the world. This

This woman has been here for 45 years. Her village is

disappearing before her eyes.

TRANSLATION: Presently if you take each house there are

no people here, everything no people here, everything is shut. This is where the crisis

crisis hits home in villages like the country. Vast areas are being rapidly de populated.

Russian de nothing fears call it internal As demands for workers in the

cities grow more and more young people leave the country. In village after village they are simply gone and says this demographic

expert they are not coming back. The age structure of

population in this small

village is very old because

only older people stay. woman says only people who have nowhere to go remain

here and they will soon die. Many villageless die with them.

them. Let's take a look at what is making headlines on news web sites around the world.

world. The Dutch news has

more on that withdrawal more on that withdrawal of

Dutch military troops from

the war in Afghanistan. 24

Dutch soldiers were killed

and 140 injured during their

four-year NATO mission. 'Jerusalem Post' reports that

Egyptian sources deny any

rockets were fired from s.d

inai after rockets fell near

Eilat. And layers of trash

threaten to jam the massive Three Georges hydro-electric damn.

damn. Other stories making news around the world - Greek

truck drivers have been moving their rigs off moving their rigs off an Athens highway suspending a

week-long strike in favour of

the Government over the Government over austerity measures. The stoppage cut

fuels supplies and fuels supplies and other

goods to markets. Army

vehicles were used to get fuel the fuel the airports, hospitals

and power stations. At least

35 landmines have washed up along the South Korea coastline apparently swept

there from North Korea by

torrential rain. One man was killed and killed and another injured after they found two of the

mines in wooden boxes floating in a river near floating in a river near the border. There have protests in Hong Kong defending the right to speak cantonese. It follows a rally in China's south where a

provisional official has proposed switching cantonese to Mandarin on the

local TV channels. An

accountant for electrical retailer Clive Peeters pleaded guilty in the retailer Clive Peeters has

Victorian Supreme Court to

stealing almost $20 million

if company. 39-year-old pay

used roll manager Sonya Causer

used the money to buy around 60 properties in states. She also spent nearly

$200,000 on cars and $17,000

on shoes and jewellery: Her lawyer said she was lawyer said she was obsessed

she had an exceptional with real estate and believed

ability to buy and sell

houses. The prosecutor said

her actions contributed to

the company's collapse even

though most of the money has

since been recovered. The

markets now - Europe is in

the middle of morning trade

and the FTSE is heading up. David Jones and its

former CEO where are are being sued for $37 being sued for $37 million over allegations of the #6 was lodged in the Federal

Court outlining a series of claims against Mark

McGuinness and the McGuinness and the company board. He stood down as CEO in June after admitting

unbecoming behaviour. An extraordinary fall from

extraordinary fall from

grace. Now the former head of

David Jones is facing an extraordinary claim for

who worked in the marketing damages. Christie Fraser Kirk

department is seeking department is seeking around $37 million for $37 million for alledgedly

sexual misconduct. That is 5% of David Jones profits and

the CEO's income over the

past 7 years. I'm a young

woman standing here today

simply because I said it was

not okay. Because I said that not okay. Because

this should never happen to

me or to anyone. I just

wanted to be treated with respect. Ms Fraser Kirk claims she was repeatedly harassed by the head of the company. Her

company. Her all gations include repeated include repeated unwanted

kisses, touching and text kisses, touching and text

message also. She also said she into his presence at work

functions despite having

raised her concerns about his conduct with her managers.

She said her parents had

brought her up to do the right thing.

of your teachings and values

that afforded me the strength

and courage to try my best to

see that real change takes

place. We will stand by her whatever it takes. David Jones issued a statement

today saying both the company

and its directors will defend

the claims vigorously. would give any damages to

charity. Sport now charity. Sport now with

Clare Aird. Forgive me as I

smile a win for Newcastle

tonight! You will not be the only one celebrating tonight

Newcastle Knights have kept no doubt. That is because

their finals hopes alive with

an 18-points win over Manly

in Newcastle to wrap up round

21 of the NRL. Manly finally

got their hands on the ball

they did not waste it. But

another 2 tries gave

Newcastle Knights a dangerous lead. In a rain-soaked second-half Mullen

capitalised on Manly's mistake and Newcastle mistake and Newcastle Knights

extended their lead. The sea

eagles just could not catch

up. The final score 32 points

to 14. Australia's Mark

Webber has regained the lead in the Formula championship after taking out in the Formula One

the Hungarian Grand Prix. In

an action-packed race the Red Bull driver took the cheque red flag ahead of red flag ahead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. Schumacher has been penalised 10 places at the next competition for dangerous

driving. On the 16th lap the

safety car was deployed

because of debris on the track, not half as much as

ended up in the pit lane as most of the field changed

tyres Rosberg lost one of his. Somehow no one was injured. Seconds later K

Kubiser pulled out in front

of Sutil. Hamilton was out of

the race. Good news for Sebastian Vettel

the bad news. Why do I have

a dive-through! For a dive-through! For the restart. Stay restart. Stay focused.

Hamilton is out of the race,

stay focused. Focused? He stay focused. Focused? He was furious. Penalised for

failing to keep up with the safety car at to restart. safety car at to restart. I cost him. Red Bull had no worries the drivers championship. The

in a horrible accident. scrap for points almost ended

Michael Schumacher was guilty

of dangerous

to stop bar Kel you taking

10th and it cost him 10

places on the grid at the

next race. The cheque red

flag the German once made his

own was Mark Webber's for the fourth time this season. A

few weeks ago he accused his

team of treating him as a No

2 u driver. That has probably changed. Stuart Appleby has

won his first US PGA title

for four years. No such luck

for Katherine Hull at the

British Open she came

agonisingly close to her first women's major. agonisingly close to winning

Australia's Stuart Appleby

has become just the fifth

player to shoot under the PGA Tour in the player to shoot under 60 on


perfect strikes. He defied a

7-shot deficit to catch leader. He finished with 7-shot deficit to catch the

three straight birdies and a 59. COMMENTATOR: This for the big

He's done it! Overt on, n needed to birdie the 18th to

a playoff but missed giving Appleby his first win since 2006. Australia's Katherine

Hull has come up just short in the Women's British in the Women's British Open.

Her 2 under par final round

left her a shot behind Taiwan's Yani Tseng who led throughout the tournament.

Season 6 of the amount league

kicks off this week and the Fed days is hoping to get a

bit of bounce from the interest in the World Cup.

There are 11 times with the addition of a second

Melbourne side the Heart. The regular season

over 27 weeks. We have new

players, coaches a new team.

We have a wonderful new

stadium so all of ingredients should go into a stadium so all of those

fantastic season. Opening game is Melbourne

versus the Central Coast game is Melbourne Victory

Mariners on Thursday night.

Hockey - Australia is proving

to be the team to beat at The Kookaburras made it 3

wins from 3 with an impressive 6- 3 impressive 6- 3 victory over the Netherlands. Trailing 3-2 in the final stages Abbott floodgates opened and Australia won

Australia won 6-. In Basketball

t in the Stankovic cup. Snow Basketball Australia has lost

has fallen in parts of the region experience as cold

snap. The mercury dipped

below zero overnight. The

Bureau of Meteorology says it businesses are hoping the is not likely to last. Local

weekend falls will help them

out of a slow season. Let's

get an update on the weather both here and abroad.

News 24 - it has been

recently agreed to revealed that Canberra

significantly increase its resettlement quota of rove few geese from Indonesia. investigation few geese from Indonesia. An investigation by the ABC's 'Four Corners' gram 'Four Corners' gram found some some of those being considered for resettlement

are actively involved in

people-smuggling. More than

people-smuggling. More than

1000 people have been killed in the worst floods on record

in north-west Pakistan.

Rescuers are struggling to

reach 1000 more who are still

strand $. Julia Gillard says

she plans to throw away the campaign rule

Australians who she really is. She also wants another debate with Tony invitation he has already debate with Tony Abbott, an

declined. The Dutch military

Afghanistan as the mission has ended in

Netherlands becomes the first

NATO member to pull out of

the war. Australian and US troops will take over from

them. To keep up to date on

all the stories we are

following you can log onto our web site -

That is the World for this

Monday evening. I will be

back with the latest news but

from all of us for now, thank you for your company.

This program is not captioned.

Going for broke - Julia Gillard promises to the campaign rule book and

offer s another debate. This Program is Captioned


Also tonight - David Jones slapped

slapped with a $37 million sexual misconduct

sexual misconduct case. I just wanted to be treated

respect. And Pakistan's misery

- a soaring death toll and now

the fear of water borne disease. Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24, good evening. Oi'm Scott Bevan. Prime Minister Julia Gillard Minister Julia Gillard has challenged Tony Abbott challenged Tony Abbott to a debate on the economy debate on the economy just hours after announce ing she

would throw away the rule book