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Packer upset by suggestions Crown profits fro -

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Crown Casino chairman James Packers says suggestions his business relies on problem gamblers are
upsetting and he is not ignoring the human cost of profits.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: Crown Casino chairman James Packer says suggestions his casino business
relies on problem gamblers is upsetting.

Mr Packer is now publicly attacking the Federal Government's laws to put compulsory betting limits
on poker machines.

But he says he's not ignoring the human cost of casino profits.

JAMES PACKER, CROWN CASINO CHAIRMAN (FAIRFAX RADIO): This perception that the only people that come
to Crown are helpless victims and we are just sitting there praying on them, you know, I reject
that absolutely and that does upset me. And I think that that is, you know, that is a spin line
from the latte set, which is completely wrong.

ALI MOORE: Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says James Packer is in as much denial as a problem

He has challenged the Crown Casino chair to open his gambling books for public scrutiny.