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Tonight - Haiti's terror,

another quake rocks the rescue

effort. I have nowhere to

go. Damning statistics, the

dramatic spike in child

abuse. A welcome royal visitor

for Black Saturday victims.

Australia's two top guns firing in the Australian Open.

Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. As if

the people of Haiti haven't

suffered enough misery and

trauma, nature dealt them yet

another blow, a second powerful

earthquake striking the island

in the early hours of morning

causing mass panic. People fled

in terror as the few buildings

standing threatened to collapse

around them. The aftershock

doesn't appear to have

interrupted the flow of aid. As

sfliz are starting to flow into

the - supplies are starting to

flow into the capital the

Government is urging people to

get out. Craig McMurtrie

reports from Port-au-Prince. It

was what terrified Haitians

didn't need a 6.1 magnitude

earthquake right on dawn. At a

nearby hospital there was

panic, doctors rushing

panic, doctors rushing patients

outside fearful of another

tremor. This is a bridge baby,

I cannot do a breach baby. This

woman is taken to an emergency

operating room, another gives

birth outside. We had a birth

now. We had to evacuate, we

heard the noise, it was

panic. There was a frenzy on

the streets. And outside the US

Embassy, where families begged

for seats on flights out. This Haitian woman and her

13-year-old daughter bring a

6-year-old boy who has lost his

parents. He has a precious US passport. They are allowed

through. Her younger brother is

left behind. We live in a

house, the house is work, but I

have nowhere to go. They take

my family, I don't have

anywhere to go. The marines are

landing bulldozers and diggers,

a US Navy hospital ship has

arrived. Soldiers are escort

ing food trucks and water tankers, with infrastructure

destroyed the aid effort is

struggling to match demand. The Haitian Government wants people

out of the capital. They are

working to see where to put the

people. For them to be better,

you know, so they can cook etc. The Information Minister

says plans are under way to

build better camps in the

countryside for 100,000 of the

homeless. Traffic in this city

is chaotic at the best of

times, today we are seeing way

more, food trucks, UN convoys,

Humvees with soldiers, and with the Government telling people

to get out of town if possible,

Port-au-Prince is in danger of

being tied up in complete gridlock. Through it all they

are still pulling survivors

CHEERING from the rubble.

An 8-year-old boy, a

10-year-old girl. And

11-year-old Fedora Sanu. It's a

miracle, a Success story, we

have to enjoy that. It's a

blessed girl. She was buried

alive for nine days.

The number of Australian

children suffering abuse is

continuing to rise. In the past

12 months there's been a jump

in the number coming to the

attention of welfare services.

More children are also being

removed from their family home.

The Families Minister says the

figures are shocking. It's a

damning picture of how society

treats its most vulnerable members, latest statistics

showing increases in cases of

child abuse. The figures are

absolutely worrying, there's

been an increase in the number

of children requiring out of

home care, that means children that can't live at home

safely. Over the past year the

number of children on Care and

Protection Orders jumped by

10%. There's over 35,000

children on Care and Protection

Orders across Australia and

34,000 in out of home

care. Over the last five years,

a 44% increase in the number of

children in out of home careful These are shocking figures. The biggest increase

was in NSW, where the number of

children placed in care

increased by 12%. That jump was

partly due to a new child abuse

Helpline, taking more than

300,000 calls last year. We are

getting to more children. There

is more reporting. And that, therefore, means there's more

substantials, and the flow-on

effects of that is the increased number of children

removed. The report found that Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander remain

over-represented, a third of

children taken from their homes

were indigenous. Every time you

see any child removed from care

you recognise that it's a very,

very difficult situation, a terrible situation for that

child, and for that

family. Most welfare groups

believe that child abuse rates

are higher than those released

today and underreporting is a

significant issue. They have

called for more resources to

reverse the trend.

India has warned Australia

that any further attacks against Indians here will damage the relationship between

the two nations much the Indian

Foreign Minister says it's the

Australian Government's

responsibility to bring the

offenders to justice and

protect the Indian community in

Australia. Unless there is an

immediate stop to all such

attacks, on a people-to-people

level exchanges, which includes

education and tourism, will get

adversely affected. The truth

is this: the vast majority,

the vast majority of Indian

students in Australia are embraced entirely by the

Australian community. Yesterday the Victorian plaintiff

admitted that police have known

for at least two years that

some of the attacks against

Indians were racially

motivated. In the latest

assault a 25-year-old Indian

taxi driver in Melbourne was

punched by a passenger last

weekend. Police are looking for

the suspect. The United Nations

has conceded for the first time

that last month's climate talks

failed to deliver. More than 25 countries, including Australia

have signed up to the

'Copenhagen Accord', the UN's

chief negotiator says it's an

important political tool, but

it's non-binding, failing to

address the urmgcy of climate

change. That actually makes the

task at hand more urgent. And

it means the window of

opportunity that we have to

come to grips with this issue

is closing faster than

before. The next major climate

talks are in Mexico in

December. Public donations have

been pouring in to support the

three children who batch

watched their children drawn at

Ballina, police confirmed

Carole Sherry drowned after she

went to help two of her

children caught in a rip.

Carole Sherry's husband Joseph

Sherry drowned when he went to

rescue his wife. The family

went for a swim in the late

afternoon at South Ballina

Beach, a memorial fund was set

up for the children and

organisers are overwhelmed by

the public response. The owner

of Sydney's so-called 'House of Miracles', has been arrested

and charged with fraud, but the

charges have nothing to do with

the family's claims that a

miraculous oil seeps from the

walls. Financial planner George

Tannous is alleged to have

helped clients obtain credit

cards with false

documents. This home in the

Western Sydney suburb of

Guildford West attracted

followers who believe it's a

'House of Miracles'. My nephew

is sick, it's helping

him. Since the death of Mike

Tannous in a car accident

crowds flocked in. It follows

claims from his parents that

the teenagers spirit lives on

in the form of an oil seeping

from the walls. Blend the oil. Yesterday afternoon there

was a different group of visitors, the police.

57-year-old George Tannous was

charged with six counts of

obtaining money by false or

misleading statements and one

count of obtaining

count of obtaining money by deception. People making

applications for credit cards

with fraudulent documents. This

morning there was a confrontation outside the

home. While one of his

supporters was unhappy with the media attention, the

57-year-old released an angry statement. Mr George Tannous

lashed out at the charges,

describing them as a game by

those against the miracle and

the 'House of Miracles'. The

Westpac opened the case against

me while the miracle is giving

fruit to the world in

2010. Police say religious

beliefs had nothing to do with

it. No, this whole

investigation has nothing to do

with miracle oil, it's in relation to the obtaining of

credit cards. George Tannous

will appear in court next

month. Will it or won't it go

ahead. There's a big question

mark over the future of the CBD

Metro project. A few days ago

it looked like the whole thing

may be off. Today new reports

came out saying, "No, it's on

minus a station at Rozelle. The

PREMIER again was refusing to

comment. There are plans under

way, work under way, and draft

work being done. Nothing is

finalised until it's gone

through a cabinet and Budget

process. The Opposition says

that represents more uncertainty. Kristina Keneally

needs to end the confusion, the

indecision, and commit to axing

the Rozelle metro. The

compulsory acquisition of

Rozelle properties was halted

this week. The Government says

it won't make a final decision until

until next month. The Transport

Minister had other things on

his mind, speaking at a

wreckers yard David Campbell

urged drivers to slow down this

Australia Day long weekend. The

road toll is up, and with many

planning to take an extended

brake, police reinforced the

safety message. You are

responsible for your own

action, you have the responsibility of having a

driver's licence, use the

responsibility, don't think of

the moment, but long-term

repercussions. Among those,

double demerit points from

tonight until midnight

Australia Day. The founder of

Firepower denied he went into

hiding after the business

failed owing $100 million,

speaking exclusively to the ABC

Tim Johnston said he had to

contend with threats to his

family and says he's pursuing

another venture overseas and

shareholders will get some of

their money back. Teams like

the South Sydney Rabbitohs, and Western Force Rugby Union Club

were among thousands of

creditors when Firepower

collapsed in 2008, $100 million

in debt. Its founder spoke out

for the first time in an

interview with the ABC Tim

Johnston denies he's been on

the run, living in luxury at

shareholders' expense. Rented 2

bedroom apartment in London. I

certainly wouldn't say it's the

high life. Tim Johnston says

he's been overseas on business.

He returned to Australia late

last year when his passports

were seized, forcing him to

face questioning bit the

liquidator, during court

hearings he testified that

known criminals were

threatening him and his

family. It's intimidating for

them to turn up on the doorstep

when you know the reputation, it's frightening. Under closed

questioning Tim Johnston told

the court he couldn't recall numerous multi-million

tractions made by the full-blooded additive

company. The liquidators said

you ripped people off with

Firepower. If it relates to the proceedings, I don't think I

can answer that. Tim Johnston

says he understands why

shareholders are angry, he's

confident his latest

London-based business venture

will help recover some of their

investment I think when they

see the actions and work done

behind scenes, I'm hoping

they'll see a positive outcome

to that. Tim Johnston works as

a consultant for Greenpower,

the company which now owns the

rights to the Firepower

products. He's due in court in

April when he'll apply for the

return of his passport.

The US President Barack Obama

is facing a rough end to his

first year in office. His

historic healthcare reform is

under threat after the

Democrats lost a Senate seat

formerly held by the late Ted

Kennedy, and the President

admits he's lost his connection

with the American people in his

efforts to bring about change.

North American Correspondent

Kim Landers reports. I Barack

Hossain Obama. I Barack

Hossain Obama do solemnly swear. What a difference a year

makes. Congratulations, Mr President. CHEERING

The euphoria of Barack

Obama's inauguration has

evaporated. The high hopes

replaced by the harsh reality

of being President. CHEERING

On his first anniversary in

office, it's Republicans who

are celebrating, after

capturing the late Ted

Kennedy's Senate seat. The same

thing that swept Scott Brown

into office swept me into

office. People are angry and

frustrated. Not just because of

what's happened in the last

year or two years, but what's happened in the last eight

years. The Republican triumph

rocked the political landscape

and threatened the President's cherished health care

reforms It sent a powerful

message that business as usual

is not the way to do it. Stop

this unsavoury sausage making

process called healthcare

reform. The White House is

vowing to press on with

healthcare reform as Democrats try to put on

try to put on a brave face. We

heard, heed and will move

forward. The Americans demand

we move forward as party soons.

The election loss is not the

only fall out. Top US

intelligence officials appeared

in public for the first time to

take the blame for the

Christmas Day terror attack. Umar Farouk

Adulmutallab should not have

stepped on to a plane on

Christmas Day. The counterterrorism system

collectively failed. It's in

large part my responsibility, I

told the President I and other

leaders of intelligence

community are determined to do

better in the future. With

terrorist threats, a shaky

economy and a backlash against

his political agenda, the

President had a rough end to

his first year in office. Survivors of

Survivors of the Black

Saturday bushfires hosted a

royal visitor today. Prince

William dropped into some of

the devastated communities on

the last leg of his Australian

tour. The Prince delighted the

crowds wearing a yellow ribbon

to remember the 173 people who

lost their lives. Victoria is

the last stop on Prince

William's whirlwind visit to

Australia, but interest in the

future king is far from waning.

An unscheduled walkabout at

Whittlesea, north of Melbourne

created a frenzy of

excitement. I'll give you a

kiss. The Prince was in town to

learn about the bushfire

recovery effort, this part of

the state the hardest hit by

the fires, more than 100 dies,

and thousands of homes destroyed. This is the area

that was all burpt. Driving through

through the recovery zone, the

Prince saw for himself how

widespread the Ipp ferno was.

The Black Saturday fires had a

touching effect on the Prince,

he followed the recovery from

afar and was keen to hear

first-hand from those affected

as to how they are rebuilding

their lives. People like

Richard and Diane Fox, who lost

their home and are living in a

cabin as they

cabin as they rebuild. It's an

honour, it's not every day

royalty walks on your land. Or

gets behind a barbecue, that's

what the Prince did in a

community gathering in nearby

Flowerdale. He had lettuce, tomato, normal Australian

barbecue things, he was a nice

fellow. After lunch the Prince

was the star player at a local

cricket match, displays his prowess

prowess with bat and ball. The professionals were

impressed. It was it was a

little challenging, came down a

bit more pace than I

thought. The adulation wasn't

over, hundreds greeting him as he arrived at Melbourne's

Government House . The Prince

spoke at an Australia Day

reception Being in Australia is

the realisation of a dream. As far back as I can

far back as I can remember, I

have heard from my family about

the wonders of Australia, and

the hospitality and friendship of the Australian

people. Official duties over

Prince William heads back to

Britain, his charm offensive

deemed an unqualified

Success. Tonight's top story, a

second powerful earthquake

rocked Haiti causing mass

panic, but doesn't seem to have

interrupted the flow of aid.

And Lleyton Hewitt on a roll at the Australian Open.

The ABC is to launch

Australia's first free-to-air

24 hour television news

channel. The service will provide coverage of breaking

news using the ABC's network of

domestic and international news

rooms, running on the HD

channel and has been developed

without extra Government

funding. We clearly won't have

an unlimited Budget. We'll have

to taper the channel to the

Budget we have, which is the

same as every media

organisation in the world. We

will not impinge on the

commitment to current quality

programs. The ABC better get

this right. It's taxpayers'

money, they'll want to see a

product that's better than anything else, otherwise it

won't be successful. The ABC

wants the news channel to be up

and running before the Federal election, due in the second

half of this year. On to

finance now, and China's

economic growth has bounced

back to where it was before the

global financial crisis, but

the markets were in no mood to

celebrate, focussing instead on

the need to slow down the giant

Asian economy. Here is Phillip

Lasker. These numbers could

scare the pants off your

average Central Bank er, but we

are talking about China, in the

December quarter China's GDP

was 10.7% higher than the year

before, the fastest pace since

2007. Retail sales up more than

17%, inflation accelerating

1.9% in the year to December.

Some analysts think the Chinese consumer will rescue the global

economy, replacing the American

shopper. The this graph shows

between 2004 and 2009 China's

savers have become shoppers,

the black line indicating the

declining household savings

ratio, the yellow, rising

retail sales, and the Bik

rising purchasing power,

China's share of global

consumption is around 5%, it's

expected to be more than 20% in

10 years. Markets weren't

thrilled, investors not looking

forward to Chinese authorities

having to slow the economy.

Resources was sold off. A

exception Oz Minerals, jumping

29%, AXA Asia Pacific said its

profit was likely to be better

than expected. NAB may have to

pay more to win its bid for the

company and GrainCorp's CEO

Mark Irwin resigned. The

company said last month it

would miss profit analysts

efforts of the prospects of

China slowing its economy

didn't help commodities, oil

picked up in Asia, the same

forces played out on

currencies, the Australian

dollar held back by thoughts of

what might happen when Chinese

authorities get serious about

addressing the effect of asset

bubbles and an overheated

economy. To the tennis, and

Lleyton Hewitt advanced to the

third round of the Australian

Open with a tight 3-set victory

against American qualifier

Donald Young. His next opponent

Marcos Baghdatis, coming from

behind to eliminate David

Ferrer this afternoon. In the

women's, former World No.1 Anna

Ivanovic was bundled out,

Samantha Stosur is safely through to the third

round. Lleyton Hewitt was up

against another qualifier in

Donald Young, racing to a 4-1

lead. This young qualifier also

had tricks up his sleeve. Young

clawed his way back to force a

tie breaker, Hewitt took it

7-3. In the second set it was

Hewitt's turn to come from

behind. But the end result was

the same.

It got easier for Hewitt as

the match went along, he closed

it out 6-1.

He'll face a tough task in

the third round against his

Sydney International conqueror

Marcos Baghdatis, the 2006 open

finalist overcame cramps and

was down 2-0 and a service

break before defeating 17th

seed David Ferrer. Marcos

Baghdatis had problems breaking

serve, but no trouble breaking

racquets. Last night Bernard

Tomic showed his came belongs

in the big time going down to

14th seed Marin Cilic, in five

sets. The match took nearly

sets. The match took nearly

four hours, finishing at 2:00

in the morning, and the

teenager slammed organisers for

making him play past his bed

time. For a 17-year-old to play

at that time, you know, it's

difficult and, you know, for

the people I requested to play

during the day and it didn't

happen, I think it's ridiculous. Justine Henin twice

served for victory and twice

Elena Dementieva rose to the


But the comeback of the

former world No.1 continues to

build momentum, in a gripping

contest Justine Henin

eliminated the fifth seed 7-5,

7-6. One day internationals

could be in for challenging

times as Australia prepares to face Pakistan in Brisbane

tomorrow. Twenty20 cricket has

proved to be a crowd favourite,

but Australian Captain Ricky

Ponting says the 50-over format

still had a viable future.

Duncan Huntsdale reports. The

Twenty20 big bash has been a

big hit with supporters

flocking to the games in the

last few weeks, and this

weekend's final in Adelaide is

one-day matches could have sold out. Critics suggested

limited appeal. As players we

don't see that. We certainly

see that there's a place in

international cricket for all

three forms of the game. I

think that can go well. Ponting

has a vested interest. It's

important for me, because I

retired from Twenty20 cricket.

If it's not around I only have

Test cricket. It was smiles in

the Pakistan camp, no tension

between former captain Younis

Khan, and the man who took over, Mohammad Yousuf. Best

player in the team because of

his very fighter, all the time

fighting, and good to field as

well. The addition of

match-winning all-rounder

Shahid Afridi and improved

catching at training has

Pakistan hopeful of bouncing

back from a 3-0 loss. Pakistani

one-day team is better than

given Test cricket. It'll need to be

given Australia's one day form

in 2009. To beat England 6-1

and beat a good Indian team in

India, the way we did, we dominated one-day tournaments

that we played. Australia

defeated Pakistan 3-2 when the

two teams met in the United

Arab Emirates last year. Well,

this time of year Tamworth is overflowing with country music

stars, but it's not just the

big names making the festival,

a new generation of performers

is rising through the ranks.

Karl Hoerr has been there to

hear them. Queenslander Luke

Austin is getting used to being recognised around Tamworth. Congratulations. Thank

you very much. Well done.

It's amazing. The 28-year-old

is the winner of this year's

Starr maker competition,

earning him a record diesel and

the chance to make it big.

# - record deal and the chance

to make it big. Fate found me

# You are not meant to be. He

spent the past six years

backing Troy Cassar-Daly. He

describes it has an honour. I

said if I can be affiliated

with these people and taken

seriously, I can do this for

myself. With so many big and

not so big names, the up and

comers have never had so much commetics, Joan Douglas, from the Academy of Country Music

knows that the most. The way

they are trained and the access

to tutoring and things, it

makes them so professional so

young and very

talented. Another rising star is 23-year-old Victoria Baillie.

# Too bad # So sad

# And you miss me

# Like I missed you After

releasing hers first album,

she's been nominated for the

'Best New Talent' at the

Country Music Awards. Making

the album, writing the songs,

doing all that in itself took a

couple of years preparation and

hard work. Of course many

people with their heart set on

a country music career never

make it this far,

make it this far, that's

because Joan Douglas says it's

room for the best of the

best. It's the hungry one on

the site saying, "This is what

I'm born to do, I love it, I

want to do it", there's no

stopping that kid. If anything is certain in the music

industry - it's that there's

always someone trying. Time to

check the weather now, and the

run of sunny days continued in

Sydney, the city had a top of

27, but it was a lot

27, but it was a lot hotter in

the west with 40 in Richmond

and Penrith. Currently in

Sydney 25.

Around NSW it was generally

fine and hot in the north with

easterly winds. A similar story

in the south-east, with

slightly cooler temperatures on

the Far South Coast. It was a

hot day in the Riverina, and up

to very hot in the west with

light to moderate

dry in the 24 north-westerly winds. It was

dry in the 24 hours to 9am. No rain fall either during the

day. In the capital cities -

Adelaide had a scorcher. Warm

and cloudy in Perth, Melbourne,

Brisbane and Canberra. Hot and

wet in Darwin, cooler in

Hobart. Cloud near Cyclone

Neville, cloud building in the

north-west near Cyclone Magda,

cloud crossing the far south.

There's a broad high over South

Australia, NSW and southern

Queensland, a trough pushing through WA into South

Australia. Looking at

tomorrow's rain fall, the two

tropical cyclones will deliver

heavy rain and storms to

northern WA and tropical

Queensland. Dry elsewhere. In the capital cities:

Around NSW - fine and hot in

the north, with easterly winds.

Another hot day expected in the

Illawarra, and it will be hot

on the Far South Coast. Very

hot in the Riverina, and the

rest of the state. A light mild change expected in the

south-west. Another fine and

sunny day ahead for Sydney,

with a top of 32, and very hot again in the

again in the west. Sun is up at


Checking tonight's top

stories again - Haiti has been

struck by another powerful

first earthquake eight days after the

first one, more buildings

collapsed but it hasn't stopped

the flow of aid to survivors,

and Prince William visits

Victorian communities

devastated by the Black

Saturday bushfires, that's ABC

News for this Thursday. I'll be

back with updates during the

evening and the Late Edition

News at 10:30. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI

... It's a miracle. A

miracle. Can I shake your

hand. It's nice to meet you.

It's so special, I said that to

him, "It's so important for

us", it's a healing thing,

helping us move on. Prince

William's solo tour down under,

is he the monarchists

record. It will sway people,

there's a magic to monarchy

that's recognised. Him coming

exercise. here is nothing more than a PR