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Live. Today, Norway reeling -

more than 80 killed in twin

attacks on government attacks on government buildings and a government youth

rally. TRANSLATION: I just saw

a lot of people, I wondered

what had happened, so I came

here. I don't know what will

happen to me. It was a big bomb.

It was a big bomb. World

leaders condemn the attacks leaders condemn the attacks and

offer support to the Norwegian

people. Cadel Evans within a

minute of the Tour de France lead, with just morning's time trial to go. lead, with just tomorrow

Norway police say more than 80 people have been killed people have

people have been killed in twin

attacks in and around capital Oslo. A bomb blast in

central Oslo was followed by a

mass shooting at a political

youth camp youth camp 38km from the

a policeman, opened fire, capital. The gunman, dressed as

spraying the crowd with

its. He is a 32-year-old

Norwegian man and Norway's

Anders Behring Breivik. media reporting his name is

Earlier, Earlier, the Norwegian Prime

Minister's office is believed

to have been the target of a

car bomb that ripped through

the government building. This

report from the BBC. An atrocity atrocity in Oslo. Man: Hello?

A huge bomb blast ripped

through the centre of the Norwegian capital, killing,

naming, destroying. It could

residents have been even worse if so many

for the weekend. Norway's residents hadn't already left

Prime Minister, a target, Prime Minister, a possible target, escaped unharmed. TRANSLATION:

Suddenly we saw glass coming

behind us. We were told on to

go to the back room. When we came out on to the streets and saw everything was damaged,

they said it was bombs. I know. We have a very unclear situation. We don't have details of what happened. We ask everyone to leave central

Oslo. Then, confusingly, news of a second attack two hours

later on a nearby offshore

dressed in a fake police island. A Nordic looking man

political youth camp uniform began shooting at a uniform began shooting

ruling pair. Some tried to

escape by swimming away. He

reportedly shot at them as they reportedly shot at them as they

fled. Now he's been arrested,

the police have their living clue. TRANSLATION: I

have a message to whoever

attacked us, and those behind:

It's a message from all of

Norway. You will not destroy us. You will not destroy our

democracy. Norway mobilised

every available facility, with

leave cancelled, experts

recalled from holiday. As police searched for more hidden their condolences. I want to personally extend my

condolences to the people of Norway and it's the entire international Norway and it's a reminder that

community has a stake in

preventing this kind of terror

from occurring. As the

investigation gets under way,

Britain has promised

intelligence cooperation.

Britain Forensic, CCTV, eye witness

accounts and telephone analysis

will all be fed in. The

was behind this and why? We

people on have spoken to a number of

people on the ground this

morning, including Adrian

gunman on Pracon, who was shot by the

gunman on Utoya island. He was

hit in the left shoulder hit in the left shoulder and

gave us a gave us a remarkable account of

the shooting on the phone from hospital. I got shot while laying

laying down and trying to avoid

the shooter. So the bullet hit

me and made a mark for approximately 10 or 15cm. Now there were 700 people at the

island, and I heard there has

been a terrorist attack on the

government in Oslo. Many of the

young people that were in the

island were also in touch with

people from there and had

family there, so we gathered

them to a meeting to inform how they were going and everything,

and this man came and this man came along and

said he was from the police,

and told us that he would help

us and make sure that everyone

was okay. That's when the shooting started, because that

man, dressed as a police officer, was the shooter. We

had been sent from thought that was help, that he

government to help us, had been sent from the

emergency team. But he wasn't.

I was on my way to the top of

the island, because there was steep hill upwards, and on the the island, because there was a

top there was a shop where I

could buy chocolate and

Cheetos, so I thought that

maybe it would be nice if I

could buy this and place it could buy this and place it in

a room where people could talk a room where people could talk and relax, and maybe share their emotions together over

what happened in doing that, people started

running up the hill and I heard several shots. Also I saw

friends and other people just

falling and getting killed

because of this man. So the

whole island ran in panic to

the shore, to the water, and

started swimming over. I forgot to take off my boots and my pants so it was too heavy for

me to swim very far, so I had to return to the island. was just fortunate I did,

because all the people that

started swimming over, they

were shot from the man when he

saw them. There were may be 20

dead people just around me. Either they got killed while

running or were

this man. He was armed with a

at close range and starting to gun and he was shooting people

shoot at us, who were moving

I saw him nearby, he stood further and further away. When

first 10m from me and shooting

at people in the at people in the water. He had

an M 16, it did look like a

machine gun. He wasn't

like crazy or to warn or to

make panic, he was shooting to kill people, kill people, with single

bullets. He was dressed in a

police uniform. I thought he

had something red on him. To be honest with you, when I saw had something red on him. To be

honest with you, when I saw him

from the side, yelling that he

was about to kill us, he looked

like he was taken from a Nazi

backward and it was something movie or something. He had hair

about him that said so. He

said, firstly, on the side when I turned back, and he started I turned back, and he started shooting my friends who were trying to swim over to the

shore, he yelled that he would kill us all and everyone shall die. When I got back to shore, he die. When I got back to the shore, he went to

side of the island, so I could

lay down for a few minutes and maybe try

and maybe find out what's

happening. I text some of my friends and they said that many

people are dead and they know what's happening. I know what's happening. I tried

to call the police, but so did

maybe 200 others, so the system

was down. Suddenly, 10 or 20 people approached me and we

talked, we tried to find out what to what to do, and he started shooting at these people. So I

lay down and acted as if I were

dead. He approached, he stood

maybe 2m away from me, I maybe 2m away from me, I can hear him breathe, I could feel

the warmth from the machine

gun. I felt it very, very near.

I heard a big boom and for a

second I

in my left ear. But I didn't

actually think I was shot, because it felt hear

just hit me and peeled off. But

it turned out I was shot pretty

badly. The fall-out from the

bombing and shooting in Norway is dominating social networking sites. Police have named Anders Behring Breivik as the suspect

and arrested him. A Twitter account purporting to belong to

Breivik has only one post,

which reads: has not been independently

verified. I will correct that, police have not said that, Norway media are original he Norway media are original he is

the suspect the Eye witness reports are emerging from

Norwegian journalists. One

quote is: bombing and gun attack bombing and gun attack are

flooding in on social media sites. One user sites. One user has contrasted

the reaction from George W. Bush after the September 11

attacks with that of Norwegian Stoltenberg. She writes: A journalist working in Norway has taken aim at British Norway News International paper the News International paper the

'Sun's front page, which describes the

describes the Oslo attack as an Al Qaeda massacre. The journalist Another norm has

Benjamin Ashton who, is an

Australian living in Australian living in Norway, told ABC News 24 this told ABC News 24 this morning he was just 800m away from the

blast. I was at work at the time, we time, we work downtown construction site, and we construction site, and we were downtown, at work having downtown, at work having lunch,

and looked up and saw a huge

explosion and felt the ground shake, and looked up and shake, and looked up and saw

debris flying in the air and debris flying in the air and a big cloud of smoke. From where

I was, all we heard was a really loud bang and felt the

shock of the explosion. shock of the explosion. So I wasn't able to see the wasn't able to see the actual explosion, but I could feel hear the enormity of it. I hear the enormity of it. I had

never lived with anything like that before. I that before. I think it was more a sense more a sense of confusion. more a sense of confusion. With

all the people - I work

many Norwegians and none of many Norwegians and none of us could believe - could ever

think there was a think there was a terrorist

attack in Oslo, it's such a

safe place. I think we were all

confused, trying to work out

what happened and what it could

be. As the news unfolded, it's be. As the news unfolded, it's

been quite a shock for everyone advising everyone to go home, to

to leave the Oslo area and return home and have put out return home the risk that there could be a

second attack and advised

people to stay home and stay away from the city. At this stage there hasn't been any

speculation about who's been involved

involved here. I think everyone

is focussing more on helping

the people who have been hurt

and securing very worried mum who was ready

to take the first flight out

and check that I was okay, and check that I was okay, but

I think everyone is in shock because no one could ever happening imagine anything like this ever

happening in Oslo. Our Europe correspondent Philip

is currently on the ground in Oslo. Oslo. This is as close as Oslo. This is as close as we

can get to the epicentre, where the bomb blasts destroyed the

centre of town, about a couple

of blocks away. You can see the tape, we are not past this, with a heavily armed policeman behind. They are

cleaning up the streets and as

they clean each street they

move the cordon closer to where

the bombs went off. Down here

you can see the damage, all the way down the street is the glass is shat erment this is

quite a way from the epicentre

and shows the force of the

blasts and the shock wave that

must have come down the street

and smashed through these

windows. At this stage police

have one man in

have one man in custody. They are that one man could have

organised both this blast and

the terrible massacre on the island? It is possible, and explosives have been found on the island as well. We don't know the exact number of know the exact number of those

killed on the island but we do

know there was a shooting spree

for some time. People have

spoken of seeing 20, 25, 30 bodies, so the official bodies, so the official toll will almost certainly go will almost certainly go up.

Now the question: Was he acting alone, was he that well

organised that he could a massive blast in the city

centre and then travel out to

the island and create absolute

mayhem, a blood-bath out there too?? What were his motives,

were they political, some sort of social proat the time, was it some religious thing it some religious thing gone

terribly wrong with him? terribly wrong with him? We

simply don't know. There is

speculation the man arrested

had a history of extreme had a history of extreme right wing views and perhaps had wing views and perhaps had a

couple of weapons that were

legally registered. If so, no doubt spark a no doubt spark a huge controversy. This will come as

a shock because people here are

unused to this level of

violence, it's quiet city of 600,000 and suddenly it's in

the international news for all

the wrong reasons. People here

are in a state of shock. First

the bomb and then the shooting,

I thought it was coming to my work at the airport. It was

terrifying. It comes as a

shock for us all

don't think significance of what's happened

here today really, it's here today really, it's quite

shocking. The story has a long

way to go yet, but so far we

have one man, two crime scenes

and an escalating body count. And nobody And nobody knows where that will stop. The Prime will stop. The Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is in Hobart where she has passed on Australia's condolences to Norway. She says Australia has offered to help in any way it

can. Australia and Norway are

countries which are good friends. I have taken steps to

convey to the Prime convey to the Prime Minister of

Norway the sadness and concern of Australians as of

these events unfold. The family

and friends of those who have

been killed and injured have

our most sincere sympathies. Of course, our most sincere sympathies. Of course, Australia stand by

prepared to help in any way

that it can. We are not advised that any Australians were

involved in these incidents.

Clearly, anyone who is

concerned about a family member

who may be travelling in who may be travelling in Norway should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

At this time we have no advice suggesting any Australians were

caught up in these brutal acts

of evil. Our of evil. Our thoughts today are

with the people of Norway, as

their Prime Minister has said, they are they are a very strong democracy, they are democracy, they are resilient country, about but this is a

very, very tough time for very, very tough time for them,

living through these acts of

evil and trying to now come evil and trying to now come to grips with the number of grips with the number of people

who have died and been injured in these events. The Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd also says that Australia will assist Norway where possible. The Norwegian authorities are

well self-contained in dealings with these - dealing with these

highly professional organisation. We stand ready to help with help with international liaison, through police and intelligence

links as to what might need to

be done internationally. In other news, Queensland Police are investigating a shooting at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane. There was an altercation was an altercation between two

men at 2:00 in the morning. Police found a suburban street with a gunshot wound to his stockmarket action. The man in his late 20s

is in Royal Brisbane Hospital

in a stable condition. Police

are asking the public

information they may have.

After three nights of riots at the Christmas Island immigration detention centre, authorities have moved to

separate the alleged

ringleaders. Up to 50 asylum

seekers were involved, some of

them lit fires and threatened self-harm. self-harm. The ABC understands

12 Iranian men have been flown to

to Sydney overnight to Sydney overnight where they will be held in Silverwater jail. No charges have been

at the centre and there are

widespread concerns about the

safety and welfare of asylum

seekers and staff. The Federal Government says it is Government says it is needless aggression. Palaeontologists

say they are uncovering say they are uncovering what

could be one of the biggest and

most well present served

prehistoric fish follows ills

found in Australia. A Canadian couple discovered it on a

camping trip to North

Queensland. The tail of the

creature was found near the outback town of rim. site , 12km north of Richmond,

is the fossil Hunter's dream.

This is where a 3m pre historic

fish was found centimetres below the below the surface. It is thought this could be one of

the largest of its kind found in Australia many at this site is where prehistoric marine creatures can be found, creatures can be found, like

turtles bones teeth and shells.

It is hoped the significant

find will draw even more

tourists to North Queensland, people who are accepting treasures. Police have been asked to investigate James Murdoch after two of Murdoch after two of his Murdoch after two of his former

executives have suggested he knew about more phone hacking claims three

boss of News International's Europe operation says he's standing by his testimony that

he had been led down by staff.

This was the editor of the

'News of the World' until it

was shut down. Colin Myler and

the company's former legal

manager Tom Crone have openly manager Tom Crone have openly

challenged their former boss

about what he knew and when. I think this is the most

significant moment in two years of the phone hacking scandal.

James Murdoch signed a cheque

for ?700,000 for a victim of phone hacking in 2008. An

email shows the transcript of

the hacking was sent to the hacking was sent to a

reporter called Neville - a sign the legal practice may have been more have been more widespread than

one rogue reporter. Did you

see or were you made aware of the full Neville email, the transcript of the hacked

not aware of that at the time.

Tom Crone and Colin Myler say James Murdoch is mistaken. If, therefore, James Murdoch was

made aware of this in made aware of this in 2008, it

means the entire evidence given

to the initial inquiry was not

just misleading but was

completely factually inaccurate. Tom Watson inaccurate. Tom Watson has

asked police to investigate asked police to investigate and says it raises questions about the Murdochs' defend that they

didn't know the extent of the problem and were let down by those beneath them. Clearly

James Murdoch has questions to

answer in parliament and I'm sure he will do that. sure he will do that. Clearly,

News International has got some News International has got some big issues to big issues to deal with and a mess to clear up. James

Murdoch released a statement standing by his original

testimony. Scotland Yard is

considering its next step. The

pressure is already mounting on

the heir apparent to the heir apparent to the

Murdoch empire. The first of the day's AFL matches is

under way. North Melbourne and

Brisbane are playing at

Docklands, while Sydney and Docklands, while Sydney and the

Western Bulldogs are also just under way at the SCG. St

Kilda's charged into the top 8 with a 103 point win with a 103 point win over

Adelaide. For the Crows it Adelaide. For the Crows it was

their lowest ever score. It was always going to be the Saints

night, with a 4 goal quarter-time and double the

advantage by the half-time interval. That's a good kick, it's gone all the

way! The onslaught continued

in the third term, with in the third term, with the Crows unable to keep up. They

were restricted to just majors as St Kilda continued

its late season surge. The Australian cyclist Cadel Evans

has moved to within a minute of

the overall lead, with two stages left of stages left of the Tour de

France. Cadel Evans overcame mechanical problems to finish fifth on last night's 19th

stage, would I by Frenchman pirl pier. Luxembourg's Andy Schleck

same time as Cadel same time as Cadel Evans, to

climb the yellow jersey. Cadel

Evans is making a dash for the

line, he wants to prove a

point. Today he will have to

play second fiddle to vessel

its, who will survive

its, who will survive best.

Andy Schleck leads his brother Frank Schleck

Frank Schleck by 53 second on

the overall standings, while

Cadel Evans is another 4 second

back in third. The Wallabies

are expecting a tight struggle

when they take on South in their opening Tri Nations

Rugby Test tonight. Another

wet day in Sydney yesterday

meant the able to have a training run at the Olympic Stadium, where the

surface was being Quade Cooper missed Quade Cooper missed the session

with illness but is expected to

play. The Wallabies are wary of giving opportunities to Springboks sharp-shooter Morne Steyn.

Steyn. You get into

that's potentially a little bit

bogged down, the points become

a lot more valuable, and with a

bloke like him on the pitch bloke like him on the pitch the

discipline has to be right discipline has to be right up

there. The Springboks have

rested many of their best players in the lead-up to players in the lead-up to the World Cup

have travelled have a big

opportunity. There's a lot at

stake, and hopefully the guys who have a chance now for the first

first couple of games can make the decisions, I suppose,

harder for a coach going into a World Cup. The Springboks are

the defending World Cup

champions. Melbourne has

continued its push for the

international international minor premiership with

with an impressive win over the fourth played Brisbane Broncos. For the second week in a row, down in gopden point extra

time. Today the tiepts play the

Cowboys, the Tigers least the

Roosters and Cronulla welcome Newcastle. The storm scored

only one try in the heirs half

and it was level at half-time,

until Melbourne cranked it up

in the second half, with Blair in the second half, with Blair

making it a double. Slater

gets the ball to Blair - Melbourne, competition leaders, make them premiership

favourites! It's 8 in a row

for Melbourne and takes them for Melbourne and takes them 4 points clear at the Sydney, the Bulldogs took

advantage of lax advantage of lax Parramatta

defence to lead 6-0 at

half-time. A run away Jarryd

Hayne got the Eels level

they had all the they had all the momentum.

Hayne edged the Eels in front

with a field goal. Hodgkinson

saved the day for the Dogs, to

accepted the game to golden

appointment and clinch the win, keeping them in keeping them in reach of the

top 8. What a kick! top 8. What a kick! It

makes two golden points losses

in a row for the

in a row for the Eels. Looking ahead to tomorrow's

South Wales is moving around a distant Tasman low, general

rating scattered showers rating scattered showers and

gusty wind. Cloud over southern Western Australia and western South Australia with a front

and trough are triggering

isolated showers. Skies are

looking mostly clear elsewhere. Winds will ease Winds will ease over South-East Queensland, with isolated showers Fine conditions for most of the


Stay with ABC News 24, I'll

be back in half an hour with another bulletin. Closed

Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

Live. On 7:30 Queensland Live. On 7:30 Queensland - calls for governments to do

more to get businesses to go more to get businesses to go

solar. We'd definitely like to

see incentives some see incentives some of description for commercial and industrial installations. That

doesn't necessarily have to be a

a feed in tariff. Counting

crime on the Gold Coast. When

you've got 5 shootings in 3 months and somewhere between

got to be concerned about an increasing crime. And the

coal-seam gas hearings yield unexpected

unexpected fears. I now leave a dog off the chain at night if I

am home alone knowing he will

bark and warn me if there's an unannounced visitor. Never has this this been a worry of this been a worry of mine before. program, I'm program, I'm John

Taylor. Residents in Queensland have embraced solar power

installing roof-top panels installing roof-top panels in unprecedented numbers. It's

helped the State Government to

meet its solar energy target more than 3 years ahead of

schedule. But solar still only

accounts for 3.5% of Queensland's total energy generation. The industry says

more incentives are needed to

help businesses make the

been change. Queenslanders have long

been sun worshippers. It's abundant

way of life and act as a potent

calling card.

SONG: # Walk into a sunshine # The # The love affair now extends to solar power. Across the south-east glimmering roof top

panels dot the suburbs. About

1 in 20 homes have taken advantage of government

subsidies and are harnessing

the sun's rays. People want the sun's rays. People want to

do the right thing. But beyond the home the question remains.

Is solar power a viable energy

source on a commercial and industrial scale? State's oldest industrial scale? At the

State's oldest university the sandstone buildings sit

alongside a futuristic skyline.

UQ's St Lucia campus is home to Australia's largest roof top solar panel system. This solar panel system. This will

probably be about 250

homes. It's driving research

and advancing scientific

knowledge. So sitting in between good example, is a layer of ethylene vinyl acetate. The ethylene vinyl acetate. The

solar array also provides up to

6% of the university's electricity 6% of the university's peak electricity demand. Cutting

carbon emissions and power

bills. We think the system will

pay back within about 10 years. That's based upon a cost of

system which is roughly $4.8 million for the

system which is 1.2

megawatts. The system suits the university because university because production

peaks during the day when demand is day. The high cost of solar this is an extremely good

power has been its a-Killey's

heal. But Professor Paul

Meredith says the business case you take even a is becoming more attractive. If

conservative view of what you take even a reasonably

electricity electricity prices are going to

look like over the next decade,

then probably in 2 to 3 years

time the case will be quite convincing. He wants electricity grid managers to

get on board. The grid that we have was not designed to take

lots and lots

feeding it at the same time. It's designed to take big power

stations and distributing that

power amongst the users so we've significant challenges to we've got some quite

redesign the grid to cope with

things like 2-way flow of electricity which is going to

be a major factor in a new

energy system of Australia.

This shopping centre at

Moorooka on Brisbane's south

side has embraced green power.

times the size of the average A roof top solar system 40

domestic set up powers the

escalators, lights and security

system. It's also good for

marketing. Here's an opportunity where people do the

shopping in a green environment and see some benefit. The