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(generated from captions) has been named as the new Defence Joel Fitzgibbon yesterday for breaching the Joel Fitzgibbon who resigned

code of responsibility. Rio Tinto code of ministerial

walked away from a $24 billion responsibility. Rio Tinto has

deal with the Chinese

proposing a partnership with Chinalco. Instead it's Chinalco. Instead

its rival BHP Billiton to their iron

50/50 joint their iron ore assets in a

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This Program is Captioned Live. Hello and welcome to Stateline. I'm Chris Kimball.

Coming up - we Michael Bryce, noted architect, Coming up - we will meet designer and husband. First, a town where it seems it can designer and husband. First, in

take a couple of years to get planning a house or even build a fence, planning permission to renovate

how about the new ASIO building going up on the north shore Lake Burley Giffin? It will cominate the Parliamentary Triangle, and it will cost than half a billion Triangle, and it will cost more

And yet what do we know about

it? The background to this And yet what do we know about building is almost mysterious as building is almost as

it will house. Melissa mysterious as the organisation

reports. it will house. Melissa Polimeni Like any good spy the question has to be asked - who decided to place this massive

massive building in this location? And why on such a massive scale? As you wander around Commonwealth example, this building will be in your face. A site in Canberra - not that in your face. A construction

uncommon. But when it takes up a massive chunk of price tag and yet very estate, comes with a hefty

fan fare, price tag and yet very little

fan fare, it's not it's attracting fan fare, it's not surprising

is the second biggest it's attracting critics. It

project in Canberra. Since is the second biggest building

Parliament House - new Parliament House. I do think this building has been im imposed on camp bell and Canberra, and I do think it's a very major imposition because

it is such a huge projections of the ASIO work One would question the One would question

force that warrants a building of this scale, size. Counter-terrorism expert of this scale, of this Clive Williams says ASIO's numbers are growing existing home. If you look agency has outgrown its agency has outgrown

ASIO's staffing, it's

much doubled from 800 to over the past four years. And much doubled from 800 to 1600

it's projected to increase to 1860 by the end of 2011. So space in their building, and so it to move to a newer taxpayers building will eventually cost

million. In taxpayers more than $600

Government million. In 2006, the Howard for project, but since then the price has gone up, now the fences are up little about it. It's always difficult to talk organisations like ASIO because so much of what they're doing they're trying to stay below the radar. This is a very important building on a very important site. And I don't

think that we should sacrifice good planning principles because ASIO is a secure sensitive work that doesn't organisation with highly

allow it to be as open other organisations. If they allow it to be as open as some

have special requirements the site, and those have special requirements for

requirements prevent ASIO from conforming with the planning rule s that govern a

along Constitution Avenue, then important part of Canberra,

perhaps a be chosen. In late March, the perhaps a different site should

on the construction of a public was invited to comment

office building on the construction of a new

Avenue. Less than a office building on Constitution

later, the Rudd Avenue. Less than a month the Howard Government, deciding Department followed the lead of

the project should go ahead without any scrutiny Federal without any scrutiny from

been no whatsoever. I am most concerned been no consultation

that the first we really knew about it was the big blue fences going up all around the construction site. The not to allow the usual public consultation decision taken by the previous Government and I accept with a building that has sensitive use such as ASIO, it with a building that has highly

may not be appropriate to the public gazing on, for example, detailed plans of the build willing look There might be national the build willing look like.

security shouldn't occur. But security reasons why that

that the public are not consulted formally doesn't the #234678d CA public concerns about the #234678d CA should ignore

worried not just about the size of the building but also location of the building but also its

Triangle. Walter burly Griffin location in the Parliamentary would be hor eyed - at this. He wanted buildings to would be hor eyed - horrified

be balanced with the environment that they're in, and that's certainly not the case with this keeping with the national building design will be in

capital plan and the legacy. If I was the Chief capital plan and the Griffin


Minister, or indeed an officer, I would have preferred to be in centre or Gungahlin to be in Tuggeranong town

centre, that centre or Gungahlin town

Canberra, the nation and centre, that would benefit

perhaps even ASIO itself. The reality is if you're situated out at Captains something like, that it would

rather diminish its think it really needs such prominent location. location is after all not location is after all not too far from where it's been sited for quite a for quite a while. But I don't know that the domestic security domestic security warrants that location. Warren location. Warren Reed doesn't support the new

support the new location of the headquarters but he he also deserves a new home. When an organisation like ASIO seeks organisation like ASIO seeks a prominent site at half billion dollars to build a big new headquarters, this new headquarters, this is an opportunity to ask what track record? OK, they can justify need ing the building to put people in and there a lot of good

a lot of good men and working for ASIO but we need to are they fulfilling are they fulfilling their charter and on some fronts they're fronts they're not. Some of the dangers lurk in a huge bureaucratic machine taking greater - a greater part greater - a greater part of the pie of national resources in budgetary terms and human skills but not performing in return. return. The abysmal track record

record on catching Australian traitors traitors is such that we really need a royal commission need a royal commission into ASIO to find out why it is not fulfilling those tasks. The It's true that ASIO's funding dramatically in recent years. 2001, it was around about $60 billion a year. And by

billion a year. And by 2012, it will be $417 million a will be $417 million a year. So that is basically paralleled increasing in staff bit's technical enhancements and a number of other responsibility areas. But what Warren wants to know is are we enough from our domestic agency. ASIO is meant to protect Australia

protect Australia from penetration from foreign spice. So that means they have to identify those foreign identify those foreign spice and also - and Australians tend to forget this - the foreign spice don't just crawl buildings late at night and grab the country's most closely guarded secrets. They recruit Australians with access with those secret, usually in those secret, usually in return for money, to go in and for money, to go in and bring them out. On that front,

performance amongst performance amongst developed nations would nations would be just about the pit, pit, it's abusiness amalgamate. 48 Algerian immigrant Benbrika Algerian immigrant Benbrika was sentenced to 15 years with a minimum of 12. The six minimum of 12. The six other men convicted of being of the group received of the group received jail terms of between 10 and years. I just simply say we've just had

just had the Operation Pendennis trial completed in Melbourne. That led to seven convictions for terrorism. The Pendennis trial in Sydney Pendennis trial in Sydney is under under way at the moment. I don't know what the outcome obviously will be of that. But ASIO contributor to that activity. So I think that you have to look at the look at the successes along with some of the that weren't done so

well. Deserving or not, ASIO's new home is going ahead. The National Capital Authority already gave its in principle its design in June last year. And in January, it cleared the way for work to start on the site. Excavation s begin next month, with occupation starting in 2012. It's situated in the hearted of Canberra's tourist drive and yet visitors are not

drive and yet visitors are not welcome. It's not only the citizens of Canberra but the citizens of the nation who have been sidelined on this issue. We've not been development. Now we half, the eastern half, Parkes Way locked in to

Parkes Way locked in to security intelligence and defence offices. You're starting to move across starting to move across the spectrum Library and those sorts of buildings. I don't think anywhere else in Canberra, further a way from where it is. Whatever is built on that site will be there for at a century. So let's not make a decision that we will all regret is finished. I don't see a

particular concern about ASIO having a prominent having a prominent location. There are locate an intelligence organisation of course the prominent organisations want to have a place in the public view and underline the importance of their function. The new Director-General

The new Director-General of ASIO, David Irvine, is overseas and may talk McClelland. A spokes man from his office said the Minister was too busy to talk to us was too busy to talk to us this week, but if he could think of someone else he'd call us someone else he'd call us back. A spokesman Minister offered Australia brief interview with Jon Stanhope on the fly at a function in Woden. We

And the National Capital Authority said us, well, nothing. Iron ically amid all source of information is and that's from ASIO and that's from ASIO itself. Some artists' impressions and a little information about planning process were posted on their website this week.

Now to another prominent lakeside position - and another development. But this one shouldn't be causing any complaints. complaints. The Gallery of Australian Design has opened its doors, taking up its doors, taking up space vacated

vacated by the portrait gallery annexe. Unusual heavyweight to be patron. made his name in design and now shares it with Governor-General.

What do you think of Carillon? I like it. I think it's stood the it's stood the test of time. It's a of people attempt of people attempt to do with slabs and slots and voids. I think they've done it successfully. It's a moody morn big the lake and I'm talking design with one of the nation's pre-eminent VIPs. You probably

won't see any other city in the world with as much world with as much poured concrete as Canberra. We concrete as Canberra. We seem to like our like concrete in the world and one day when the one day when the concrete revolution comes the whole revolution comes the whole of the world will will be fail and everything that's been built in it that's been built in it for 100 years! Bryce is in Australian design hall of fame. And has had an on

And has had an on and off love affair with affair with Canberra for a quarter of a century. Do you look at concrete look at concrete building and see that as a beautiful building material ? I. Do but I was bought up in the beton was bought up in the beton brut era when concrete was era when concrete was - formed concrete with concrete with big holes nits from the form work was beautiful. He is now an unabashed fan of

unabashed fan of the city its architecture. But he's still working on e regularly and I know what weather is like. But never been oblige live in it. So I am just waiting to experience my first winter in Canberra, and Canberra, and after that maybe I will be fully At the moment, I have

Queensland bones. Michael Bryce now has one Bryce now has one of Australia's most exclusive addresses - Yarralumla. addresses - Yarralumla. Not the suburb, House. As husband to the Governor-General, and the first husband husband of any Governor-General, Michael has formally farewelled his architectural and design career. Well, sort of. He's now patron of Canberra's

cultural attraction - the Gallery of Australian The perfect fit for a man who carved out a carved out a successful career in the industry. Well, I am haven't designed a building for some 30 years. Most of the work they've been doing for they've been doing for the past 30 years has And we've worked

And we've worked for many port sporting organisations from the Olympic Games through to Olympic Games through to the International Cricket Council, Australian Rugby Union on. And that's just not by on. And that's just not by any choice but number of logos that have losted and - losted and - last and been quite quite durable quite quite durable like the Australian War Memorial or the National Trust. So they're National Trust. So they're not always the most famous

been lucky enough to do things for the Wallabies, the Wallabies logo and when ever you see Twenty20 cricket now you will see you will see some of chez whacky look ing event defining logos. It's surprising what you can do with design to can do with design to redefine an organisation or a place

time. He's a time. He's a passionate believe they're good believe they're good design, smart and beautiful design should be part of the every day, not just the domain of the well-to-do. I think IKEA have dispelled that myth, that have Budget de-Saeb and it can be good design. You can be good design. You can build your house, you can have a car itself that - today that is

quite low price and well designed: So designed: So we're moving into an era where bad design is just not an option. It's design is only an option design is only an option for Intel gsh sh intsh intsh - intelligentsiator wealthy. All people want to have a design ed interior. Most can't afford it because they afford it because they have to build and fit out and

coordinate and get designers help them and so on. But help them and so on. But there will come a time when will come a time when that will just be a part of the just be a part of the way in which we which we live. The Gallery of Australian Design might just help break down a myths. It's joint myths. It's joint initiative of the University of Canberra, the nuem museum nuem museum and the institutes of architects and architects and it's hoped in -

roped in another high profile Canberran. It really Canberran. It really is a unique idea because there isn't a gallery of Australian design in Australia which in Australia which is, I guess, a huge gap in some of our cultural purr suits and history. Former NCA history. Former NCA chief executive Annabelle Pegrum executive Annabelle Pegrum was instrumental in blirnlt. In her new roam as head of architecture at the University of Canberra. Do

University of Canberra. Do you have a marketing budget for it? , no not at the moment but we have partners with a) lot of experience and who have marketing marketing tools at their decision posal. We're very we've had in the couple of weeks since the launch. very fortunate with the very fortunate with the patron being Michael Bryce. That is mar shell ous

mar shell ous that someone of some ex-innocent innocence is interested. Eventual gallery will feet aur permanent exhibition commemorating milestones in design. They're provocative, showing a off houses or Harbour Bridge bus also some also some of the more controversial designs controversial designs that elements of the industry love and the critics lover to hate. There's also an exhibition space which

the best of Berlin. Berlin and Canberra they're both capital city, they're both capital city, they're both cities very concerned with design. As we design. As we know, Canberra is a city be design and Berlin has gone through a re formation since the wall came down. since the wall came down. So it was this opportunity was this opportunity to look at these parallels that might also occur between occur between a city like Berlin and a city like Canberra. Canberra is a of trees on of trees on purpose. They have all been prantd or area for the plant ing to regrow. To all of our hills an riches that are part of our view andivist ya, they are all there by design. So when I look at burlin, they have - Berlin, they green fingers that weave through the cities. They have planned squares they have - a River through the city and they also have large lakes in association with the city. So there are strong parallel

s. And to accompany the buildings of Berlin, who inhabit them - a ex-pats living in Germany, matched with some of counterparts who now call Australia home. But it's expected this space will challenge the challenge the way Australians view their cities, view their cities, landscapes and every day objects. It

completely right there should be Design here and that Design here and that it should be integrated with the only design courses available design courses available in Canberra and that they should be amongst the best in the country. It is important that the whole of our society focuses on good design and the urban realm. It's urban realm. It's a responsibility of government to do the very can for the public. It's if the public can

if the public can take something that something that isn't commercial, therefore commercial, therefore it will just be just be functional. We need to put our cities together better. But when it comes to the the design of Canberra, Michael Bryce has no complaints. If someone could just Canberra is a Canberra is a beautiful place and those seasons are particularly exciting. At particularly exciting. At the moment we're watching all the

moment we're watching all the leaves fall from the trees and we're waiting to be able to see through and let the sun come through gaps. I am not an expert at this but I do they am quite un it. Give mi me a year and I thinkly - give me a year and think I will be OK. Craig Allen was the reporter

there. Helen Godden is a Canberra artist who has won awards around the country, as well as major well as major international trophies, coming first in a field of over 20 million. And yet few would yet few would recognise her name. She says it's the name. She says it's the art that comes before the craft which wasn't discovered by

accident. : Most quirltsd come in : Most quirltsd come in from their mother sitting on their grand mother's knee

grand mother's knee on a Sunday afternoon. That wasn't the case for me. My husband fell off a cliff. He went climbing for the day and came off the cliff and ended up in hospital ended up in hospital for three month s with many broken bones but the short of the story is he is fine quite. We as a result my parents decide ed to move parents decide ed to move from Sydney to Canberra to live with us and help with the help with my husband and be closer us to. With

her quilting. I wasn't at all interested in the builting that mum does which is the regular set squares and the accurate stuff. But I went to the support her and meet support her and meet the local ladies and I saw someone the free motion quilting with someone drawing with the someone drawing with the sewing machine and I de decided that's what I've got machine and I de decided that

that's what I've got to do. I have always been more interested in painting and drawing, so I have 25 years as an artist before quilting in the last five years. I took my art experience and translated that to the local shows here in quiltding. I started enter ing

Canberra and started wing best of show and from there you internationally and some of my on to win nationally and quilts have won tbhes the

quilts have won tbhes the world of painted and I won an of painted surface quilts. Mum

quilt together. award with an international this quilt. That mum and I working together on

choice in a big exhibition in this quilt. That won the judges

over to America, the whole bit, America and that won me a trip

to see the big quilt that was real eye opener. That's when I realised I was doing something

With the pair quilt I like add extra things into quilting for the viewer quilting for the viewer to have to stand for and look for. to stand for and look for. I like knives and forks, salt and pepper and left shoe shoo. I thing I like quilting is being able to shoo. I thing I like about

express myself. It's not story to be read. It's like second layer of graffiti, is quite popular but when almost. Quilting in Australia

win at a show here in your is quite popular but when you

State or national lit's a you realise in America 27 million quilters registered in quilt clubs and guilds in America. So when you've won

over there you've done It's amazing how here in my studio ends up being It's amazing how what starts

in magazines and I really has no in magazines and sold overseas.

balled. One of my paifrt I really has no just snow

favourites was poppy paradox. I paint with bleach to the colour. It's 2-sided quilt. The back of it is cream silk and the front is the black with the dramatic

the dramatic red poppies. a two sided quilt because a two sided quilt because at the quilt show I wanted it to be hung with both sides showing but that's not how they do it. So they had to change the and change the hanging of the So they had to change the rules

quilts to allow that one to be seen by everyone. This is late est seen by everyone. This is my

Snowy River. It's painted with bleach on to this dark Navy

fabric and that reveals lighter colours through here and I've painted the middle section to highlight the rider. the poem. And I'm hoping this is my winning quilt for 2009. The day I got these phone

calls from the American international quilting Association saying I had won three fliesz the one show. It winning the was unbelievable. It was like

was an amaze winning the lottery really. It

it's kept me going, inspired me to keep doing obviously likes it so I doing. Somebody out there

obviously likes it so I keep

doing it.

doing it. Annette Hurda was the producer there. Our story about Canberra doctors outback has been held over until next week. In the meantime, just letting you know Crawford are that Douglas Fairbanks and Joan

with many other stars in Crawford are an item. Along

Vanity Fair exhibition with many other stars in the

National Portrait Gallery. Enjoy some of them from us it's Enjoy some of them here. Now

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