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(generated from captions) Minister's Questions, a strong

Opposition, strong courts and a

strong media made Britain, he

said, a stronger country. But

him to be more explicit. What one questioner seemed to want

suggestions can you give to the Chinese Communist Party to handle the relationship the country and the handle the relationship between

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Diplomatically, he's swerved well clear of answering

that one but the Chinese

students soon proved they're

not an easier to handle than the students back home. After

the speech I asked the audience what they distinguished guest's message

to China. This is quite problem for students to answer. to China. This is quite a hard

As our Premier Wen

Chinese peoples are pursuing

freedom, democracy and happiness. China has a population of 1.3 billion population of 1.3 billion and

that's a really big problem that's a really big problem and

indeed we need ways of indeed we need ways of solving

the problem. Like them, Chinese TV news showed the Prime Minister's praise for his country. This bulletin ignored his speech. China's country. This bulletin totally

are now on the world stage. But

Canberra where the national are they? Now we'll

Remembrance Day service is under way at the Australian War Memorial. You can see some shots of some military personnel there ahead of the

beginning of this ceremony.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce We're expecting the

to begin her address shortly. to begin her address shortly. We're

There will be a hymn before

Governor-General's address and We're that and then the

then there will be a

the wreath-laying ceremony. Some of

the people laying wreaths include the Governor-General,

the chief justice of Australia, the Opposition, the the council of the Australian the Opposition, the chairman of

of the war war memorial and the President

Australia and then after

the Ode will be read and theOde is going to be read

of Doolan, the national President is going to be read by Ken

of the returned services

league. We were hoping to, earlier this morning, unfortunately we weren't unfortunately we weren't able

man who is going to be reading

the Ode and that's before the

one minute's silence this morning. A couple of

interesting points about originally called before it was Armistice Day, as it was

changed to Remembrance Day

after World War II because they

commemorate all the war dead. thought it was a day to

On the first anniversary of the armistice in 1919, two

silence was institute as part

of the main commemorative

ceremony at the new cenotaph ceremony at the new cenotaph in London and that silence journalist Edward Honey, proposed by an Australian

working in Fleet Street. A

journalist had a part organising for this journalist had a part in

organising for this minute's

silence to be held, which has

been held since then. This is the anniversary of that

armistice agreement when the

guns fell silent on the Western Front. So back to Canberra as

soon as the Governor-General

begins her address. Now members of the club in the met in London for a reception

with the Queen. The Victorian and George cross association

for those who've received the highest military decoration are

a rare gathering ahead of

Remembrance Day. London

correspondent Rachel Brown

living recipients. Firstly, spoke to Australia's three

I'll ask you again, you're I'll ask you again, you're here with two other members of this exclusive club. How does it feel being here today for feel being here today for this reunion? This is my first reunion so it's a bit reunion so it's a bit of a special event for me but it's very welcoming a part of the family and myself being one of the youngest it's

quite good to get taken quite good to get taken under the wing and the old fellas

it's nice. And you've carried this mantel for a while

What words of wisdom will be be

imparting? He knows his responsibilities now. He's got

a lot of work in front of him.

He'll do that well.

mentioned before, he's a pretty

clever young fella and Australia will like they made him Australia will like him. Well,

of the Year so that's another

little nod. It's always great

to have another one come along, but as I mentioned before,

let's hope we haven't got a lot of people die doing whole heap of them because a

that. What's the most special thing at re unions like Bringing us thing at re unions like today?

Bringing us all together as a family. Families should get

together and his is our together and his is our chance

as a family to get together under the monarch. Michael Pratt, under the reigning

monarch. Michael Pratt, you're

a George Cross medallist

displaying the same kind of valour. There's a lot of heroicism in this room today.

As mark as said, and I agree, because I was the baby now Park's become the baby in our group so the responsibilities he spoke about, I've dealt with them and Keith's given me a hand Keith's given me a hand along the way with what's required

that are responsibility to and there are certain things

and people ask you to do things that are responsibility to do

and you do your best to help

them out and do those things

that they see you giving them a hand with and that's what we

do. We're one big family and

try to help each other out and

the community as they see to ask us to do That's what we try to do. That ask us to do things for them.

was London Brown speaking with Troopers was London correspondent Rachel

Mark Donaldson, Keith Payne and

Michael Pratt. It's always

great to hear Keith Payne talk.

He's a great character. The

second bank to raise

interest rates in excess of the

Reserve Bank's recommendation

is the ANZ. It's raised them by

39 basis points. Last week the Commonwealth Bank raised them interest

by 45 basis points. Analysts

now expect the NAB to follow suit. The Prime

Minister says the ANZ move will anger Australians but anger Australians but the Opposition argues

Opposition argues it makes a mockery of the Government. The Finance Minister Penny Wong argues the Government is cracking down. The banks shouldn't underestimate our calm determination to calm determination to get the right outcome for right outcome for Australian consumers. As I said, we consumers. As I said, we have

put in place a range start to have some effect and we will bring forward...which

we'll work through carefully to deliver the sort of outcome Australians want. Penny Wong there. We'll return to Canberra

shortly to the Remembrance shortly to the Remembrance Day remembrance service at Australian War Memorial. We're

expecting had Guantanamo Bay Quentin Bryce will begin her address shortly.

Ladies and gentlemen, could you please now stand for the hymn O God our hymn O God our Help in Ages Past led by members of the

Australian rugby choir,

accompanied by the band of the

royal military college.

# O God, our help in ages past

# Our shelter from the # Our shelter from the stormy blast

# And our eternal home # Under the shadow of thy throne

# Thy Saints have dwelt secure

# Sufficient is thine arm alone

# And our defence is sure

# Before the hills in order stood

# Or earth received herrer frame #

# From everlasting thou art God

# To endless years the

Please be seated, ladies and

gentlemen. A Remembrance Day address is delivered and this year the delivered

address will be delivered by Her Excellency Ms Quentin

Bryce, the Governor-General of

the Commonwealth of Australia. Representing the Prime Minister, the Minister, the Honourable Senator Kate Lundy, Chief

Minister of the ACT Mr Jon Stanhope, the House of Representatives Speaker, the

honourable Harry Jenkins, chief justice of the High Court of

Australia, chief justice Australia, chief justice Robert French, representing French, representing the leader of the Opposition, Senator Gary Humphries, chief of the Defence Force, air chief Houston, representing the Chief of Army, Major General John

Kaligari, representing the

chief of air force, Air Vice

Marshall Jeff Brown,

representing the navy, rear admiral David Thomas, chairman

of the council of the war memorial, General Peter Cosgrove, director Cosgrove, director of the Australian War Memorial, Major General Steve Gower. Friends,

it is good to be here with today at our treasured war

memorial. Our nation's war

grave. Its plot is lovingly tended, its solid, grounded,

familiar presence, a buffer to the human sacrifice and frailt

a bolster to the courage and distinction. On this

Remembrance Day, it is a privilege and a weighty task for me to sense your cares and

try to speak to them. As it is

always, the bits we acknowledge are shared and be their voice

and to leave the and to leave the rest respectfully unspoken.This

year, every year, there have

been moments just like this one at Gallipoli and Lone Pine at Gallipoli and Lone Pine on Anzac Day, the

of the campaign on Turkish shores. At the Turkish inter

national service on the same

day, held overlooking Anzac

Cove. Here at the 68th anniversary memorial service at the battle of the Coral Sea, at

the parade in Sydney's the parade in Sydney's domain, at Fromelles, France, at the burial of the 250 unnamed

soldiers slaughtered in 1916 on the relatives of those

Australian and British men who

were lost nearly a century ago

then found, at Saba, in the investiture room at Government

House, Canberra, presenting the

medal of gallantry to former major Jeff Kendal and the distinguished service medal to the widow of former flight lieutenant Clifford Dole for distinguished their action of Long Tan years ago. At Liz more for the

dedication of the sand condeath matches memorial, here again for the unveiling of memorial and so often in the

hushed exchanges that occur at

the edges of ceremony and

formality. Each time I am

reminded, reassured by our

remember ing, we are good at it. We seem to know what we ought to hold on to and what ought to hold on to and what is to let go. In holding on, we

remember the people and their

lessons. In letting know,

free ourselves to walk in free ourselves to walk in their shoes and learn from them. At the 11 lth hour on the 11th day

of the 11th month 92 years ago, the first wars firing ceased.

Over the past century and a

quarter, 102,000 servicemen quarter, 102,000 servicemen and

women lost lives in conflict,

names carved into the names carved into the bones of the cenotaph. Many hundreds of thousands but the conflict

raged on in troubled thoughts, lost limbs and broken lives.

For some, it is still raging, for others and for others and their families, peace, pride and peace, pride and equilibrium

have been restored. We are

thankful for them bravely

turning up and

of what they had, for seeing, enduring the best and enduring the best and worst of humankind, for doing what their country asked of them and country asked of them and doing for one another what they for one another what they would have asked for themselves for one

if all that meant giving up everything and everyone they

cared up, they did, and they still do. Through the colonial period of period of the First World War, still occupation of Japan, the Korean War, the mu layen War, the mu layen emergency, the Indonesian confrontation,

the Vietnam war, the first Gulf War and the former current War and the former current peace-keeping mentoring, reconstruction operations in Bougainville, East Timor, southern Rhodesia, Rwanda, Sudan, Egypt, the Middle Iraq and Afghanistan,

Australians and millions more

throughout the world, on whose behalf we gather today,

together and apart in our own remembering expressed in

countless deeply human ways, so precious that I sometimes hold

it half asin precious it half asin to put the grief I feel, for words, like nature, like nature, is half feel and half concealed within. half concealed within. And so,

when words can do no more for

us, we take up shining a light

upon the soul. In silence, without apology or regret,

climb into ourselves and run

away joy and grief, the anger and

relief, the devastation and the

fresh possibilities if we them. This morning the opens its role of honour opens its role of honour once more to thenomies of 10

Australian soldiers who have

died over died over the last year on

active service in Afghanistan. Sapper Jake, sapper Darren

Smith, private Timothy Ackland, Benjamin Chuck, private

Benjamin Chuck, private Scott Palmer, Private Nathan Bewes,

trooper Jason Brown, private Thomas Dale, Private

Kirby, Lance Corporal Jerry

McKinney. These fine young men are in the faces and hearts, photographs, diaries and dreams

of their loved ones. For of their loved ones. For us, their countrymen and women,

they live on in our

memory and belies the values we

will always strive to protect.

In remembering them, we hope

for something better for their

loved ones and for our nation

and our world. To remember, to

hope. Hope is the thing with hope. Hope is the thing with feathers that perches In

soul and sings the tunes without the words and never

stops at all.Australians, as I

lay a wreath for these men and

all those who've fallen before

them, I snatch two poppies

winking in our midst . Behind

hind my ear I stick one

through, one blood-red poppy through, one blood-red poppy I

give to you.Australians, today

I ask you to remember and I ask you to remember and to hope, lest we forget. Thank you, Your Thank you, Your Excellency. will now be laid in the following order. following order. First Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the So the Governor-General there at the Australian War Memorial for the service with dignity,

as ever, as had to sense the cares of had to sense the cares of the

Australian people and speak to

them at moments like these. She

talked of Australians being

good at remembering and knowing

what to hold on to and what to

let go of. The Governor-General

there laying the wreath at the Australian War Memorial. She

ran through the list of locations where locations where Australians have served in conflicts have served in conflicts and peace-keeping over the years

and it such a

today the memorials peace-keeping today the memorials she

those killed this year in Afghanistan and she ran through

the list of soldiers killed in

on in our nation's memory and symbolise the freedom that symbolise

fought to protect. We might fought to protect. We might go

now to Sydney where a ceremony is also being

is also being held, wreaths are

being laid at the memorial at Martin Place in the city's CBD.

Among those who've laid wreaths Keneally. We might have a listen in there.

So that's just two of the ceremonies that are being held

in the many hundreds of

today communities around Australia today for Remembrance Day. We will return to will return to those services just as we just as we get closer to 11:00. The wreath-laying The wreath-laying ceremonies are just about complete. are just about complete. We'll

return to the main service in Canberra for Theode, the Canberra for Theode, the Last Post then the one minute's

return to that service return to that service in

Canberra in a few moments. For

now, a reminder of our top stories stories today, the High stories today, the High Court has unanimously ruled Australia's off shore processing regime is invalid.

The decision came in the case of two asylum seekers processed

Court says the Federal

Government can no longer refuse

to allow courts to review

decisions made about people processed off shore. Australia's anti-bikie laws have been unconstitutional by the High Court in another majority decision today. Two members of the Finks motorcycle club argued a section governing control orders undermined control orders undermined the constitutional npsz of magistrates. They claimed magistrates had no choice The South Australian Government rejected that

argument. The Federal Government says ANZ's decision to increase its interest to increase its interest rates above the levels Reserve Bank are: Of Reserve Bank are: Of the Government. The ANZ's 39 Government. The ANZ's 39 basis

point move is above the RBA's increase but below the

Commonwealth Bank's. Julia

Gillard says the Government's

proposed banking reforms will

ease the pain for home owners. Qantas's Airbus A-380s Qantas's Airbus A-380s remain grounded while the airline checks for engine problems. They were grounded last

Thursday after an engine broke

apart during a flight, forcing

QF32 to make landing in Singapore. The

airline says the planes will

stay on the ground until stay on the ground until the we heard in the last

that Singapore airline have landing found some oil leakage in three

of its engines and three of its planes are being attended to at

the moment. The problem are with the Rolls Royce engines. The Prime

the Gillard has arrived in south Korean capital Seoul

ahead of the G20 summit.

ways to prevent a repeat of the

2008 financial meltdown. Ms

Gillard will discuss a free trade agreement with her south Korean counterpart and meet with the Canadian Prime Minister

Minister during her time Minister during her time in Seoul. The US President Barack

Obama is also in Seoul for Obama is also in Seoul for the

G20 summit. Yesterday he Indonesia where he spent Indonesia where he spent his childhood. He used a high

profile speech to launch a

closer partnership with counterpart Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Indonesia

correspondent Matt correspondent Matt Brown

reports from Jakarta. reports from Jakarta. Before the world's largest continued to reach out. We also know that relations between

between the United States and

Muslim communities have Muslim communities have frayed over many years. As President, I've made it a priority to

begin to repair begin to repair these relations. However, this speech was not

was not as ambitious or

far-reaching as Mr Obama's dramatic... In the 17

speech we have made some progress but we have progress but we have much more

work to do. As he praised

Indonesia's fight against violent extremists he tied to

to his own escalating war in Afghanistan which antagonises

many Muslim

Innocent Muslims in

Innocent Muslims in America, Indonesia and across the world are still targeted are still targeted by violent extremism. I've made it clear

that America is not and never

will be and all of us must work together to defeat Al Qaeda and its affiliates. His withdrawal

of troops from Iraq won

applause but the reality of

Israel's ongoing occupation in

the Palestinian territories

weighs on many here. In weighs on many here. In the Middle East we have faced false starts and setbacks but we have been persistent in our pursuit

of peace. At Jakarta's mosque earlier, Mr Obama found a

friend in the imam Ali Mustafah

Yukub. I hope the relation

between USA and Muslim world is

growing very nice. However, the visit wasn't without its peculiar handshake between the conservative information

Minister caused a storm on the

he tried Internet after it was claimed

he tried to avoid touching Mrs

Obama but she held her hands too far forward. Obama but footage was posted on

showing his claim to be false. Obama but

In his keynote address, his speech was claim ed praised. Here we can find speech was claim ed - was

divides of race, freedom and religion, that ability to see

yourself in other people. However, his recollection in

Jakarta in the late 1960s drew the most Indonesia, while flying kites the most admiration. Living in

and running along the Paddy fields and chasing dragonflies. Mount Merapi continued blowing out ash

clouds and Obama continued trip. Barack Obama clouds and Obama continued his

his attention back to the much trip. Barack Obama now turns

bigger picture and the G20

meeting in Seoul. Matt Brown

reporting there. We return to reporting there. We return

Canberra now and the national

Remembrance Day service under

way at the Australian War Memorial. The wreath-laying there. Some of those ceremony has been under way

there. Some of those laying

wreaths have included the

Speaker of the House of justice of Representatives, the chief

justice of Australia and the chief of the Defence Force.

We're expecting any moment now

the Ode to be read out, the Ode to be read out, the Last

Last Post and the one minute's

silence. They shall They shall grow not old as

we who are left grow old. we who are left grow old. Age

shall not wiry them nor shall not wiry them nor the

years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in morning we will remember them. down of the sun and in the

(Bugler plays Last Post)