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hung parliament looks

increasingly likely. It will be

tight, it will be very close

and I expect it will go right

down to the wire. I think

Victorians are looking for a change they're going to get is change. They

if they vote for a because nothing will if they vote for a Coalition

because nothing will change under Labor.

Also this afternoon, banking bungle, the their prevented people accessing

their money. The head of Qantas

gets ready to fly gets ready to fly on the first

A380 allowed off the ground Mike Hussey and Brad Haddin put weeks. And Ashes centuries to Australia on

Hello, live across Australia

Richard this is ABC News 24, I'm

look at tomorrow's weather: Victorians have less than 60 minutes to vote in their State election

election and it's looking like it could be a nail biting evening. The last opinion polls

of the campaign show a late

swing to the Liberal National Coalition. Neilsen's poll predicts the Coalition Coalition. Neilsen's poll

receive 52% of the 2-party vote predicts the Coalition will

while Newspoll is forecasting

51%. Though it's just a slight

party's been ahead since 2005. lead it's the first time the

The Coalition must win 13 extra

seats to wrest power seats to wrest power from

outside chance Labor. The Greens are an

outside chance of winning up outside chance of winning up to

parliament is now a real 4 seats but overall a

possibility. Look, not my intention today to talk about the polls. There's a lot of I'm very happy with our good campaign. campaign. I think it's been a

good campaign. We've been on the front foot, we've got

positive policies out there for

the people of Victoria and the people of Victoria and we

offer strong leadership to the jobs coming. Every Victorian has an opportunity

today to make a choice and they've got a clear choice. They've got a choice between a unstable and uncertain alliance between the Labor Party and the

indicate there's a late to you, indicate there's a late swing

saying for hope? You know that I've been

the ground. I think Victorians very encouraging response on are looking for a change. They know the only change they're going

going to get is if they vote that's will change under Labor. Well Baillieu and we also that's the Liberal leader Ted

from Ted brumby

Francis leader. Let's go live now to

seat of Melbourne. What seats do the pinned on? Well, Richard, the

Greens in this environment think they will be environment think they will

able to put a good showing in

up to 6 seats but there's they're up to 6 seats but there's four where I am right now and the seats of Richmond, Brunswick and Northcote. They're Northcote is held by a margin They're all Labor seats.

of more than 8% but it goes show what sort of environment we're take that they can sweep on that one and take that one from Labor as well. 2 of the seats well. 2 of the seats are held

by Labor ministers so the Labor a lot interesting, that's the seat of will be particularly

Brunswick where there Labor MP is retiring so there will be a new Labor candidate there. There's also Greens candidate but there. There's also a strong

will be a seat to watch Greens are their chances, even though there was that preference

decision by the Liberals about a fortnight ago

the Greens' chances but I preference the Greens last.

in this environment the Greens are I guess feeling quietly

confident, perhaps a little

more loudly confident now that

they can put in a good showing in those four seats. You

mentioned the preference deals

Greens are getting used then and considering that the

Greens are getting used to holding the balance of power federally, do you Victoria now with that work out as well for them in

preference deal not going their

Greens way? Well, yes, Richard, the

Greens have got a great deal of confidence from the experience in in the federal election in

August where Adam Bandt became

the first Greens member elected to the the first Greens member to be parliament in a general elected to the Federal

election and of course that

seat of Melbourne he won takes

in a lot of areas that we're

talking about today, those four seats that the Greens have their eye on. As you mentioned

earlier the Liberals do need to

take 13 seats from Labor to

form Government - sorry, the Coalition needs government in their own right. seats from Labor to form

If that doesn't happen but if

they get close to that number

of 13 that's when the hung

parliament proposition comes

into play and that's when the Greens, if they do pick

or a couple of these that's when they will be

looking to have that position perhaps en some Independents, looking

of power that we Federal Parliament of power that we see in the perhaps the situation where we see another see another hung parliament here in Victoria. OK, Frances Bell in Flemington in Melbourne, thank you. And

correspondents at the ALP and Liberal Party headquarters

within the next hour. And don't forget to join us from 6:00

eastern daylight savings time eastern daylight savings

in around an in around an hour's time for

the evening. That's Victoria Votes 2010 Votes 2010 with Virginia Trioli, Ian Henderson Antony Green. Major Australia have confirmed National Australia Australia have confirmed the ongoing technical glitch is National Australia Bank's

also affecting their NAB has also affecting their customers.

NAB has apologised for the glitch which left thousands of customers unable to payments. There are a lot of

angry and frustrated customers

turning up at NAB branches today. The today. The bank has opened more than a Saturday so course many of them live week

to week for the pay that's meant to go into their accounts

and they've been finding it

very difficult to pay their

bill, pay for groceries and so

on since this happened on

Wednesday night. Now the bank

has been able to give them some

cash advances to help tide them

over but for some

doesn't matter what the bank would

would liex to do ultimately,

but today there just can't but today there just can't be something sorted out at this branch

there's a tradesman who was telling me able to pay his employees, he

hasn't been able to pay his

suppliers either which means he can't

needs to go ahead with his needs to go ahead with his job.

Very angry that man. Also

another woman told a story of how she had settled on her - or was meant

property on Wednesday on a house she'd just bought but she

can't access the funds that she needs to for that settlement

go through. So again a very unhappy customer there. The

problem being that not just this

raise the issue of why such a

bank with millions of bank with millions of customers

across Australia, has been across Australia, has been so vulnerable to vulnerable to one computer glitch. Deborah Rice there. Back now election and we can go live to Kerri Melbourne. What's the mood at the Liberal camp? Well I've just arrived and it's extremely quiet going to stay out there at the

polls until the polls until the last moment. I've just got off from I've just got off the phone from the media manager for from the media manager for Ted Baillieu, he was going to be tight but didn't expect it to didn't expect it to be anything like this. The course, the newspapers today are tipping that it will be a narrow that's given them something to

smile about here and they are -

the thinking is though that

that is just reflecting

mood but the Liberal Party is

saying that they're not reading

too much into it at this stage. I suppose though that

seeing those polls, do they think it's enough to win though? Well Ted Baillieu's

camp have said that it is going

to be a huge task to get 13 seats. they've got their work cut out

for them but look, Ted Baillieu

has said that they have run a

strong, effective campaign, strong, effective campaign, all

along he has said that John Brumby is tired and has been in

the job for 11 years and hasn't

fixed a lot of the problem s

which are dogging Victoria. So Ted Baillieu is tonight going

to be with his family. They

won't tell us if he's won't tell us if he's going to be watching at home on the TV

but it's not known exactly when

he will come here to Liberal Party headquarters but they did

say that like Julia Gillard say that like Julia Gillard and Tony early hours of the morning. So

we could be in for a very long night. I suppose you been saying that there that Ted Baillieu in power far change, but I far change, but I suppose after 11 years in power and with

backlash against Labor why isn't the Coalition faring better? Ted Baillieu, a lot better? Ted Baillieu, a lot of

people are saying he could have done better this election campaign, that there campaign, that there have been some real errors, that some real errors, that he was

too late in putting

out many of them in the last week and that the costings week and that the costings also were released in were released in the last week and that was just too and that was just too late.

Some of his team members

Mulder, a very strong who 's the transport spokesman and Lee - Louise Asher, the deputy, commentators are deputy, commentators are asking where were these people, where were these people, why

didn't we see more of them? There's also a There's also a lot of

commentators saying that his team were more effective in

delivering their message. Ted Baillieu did have

but perhaps he missed a lot of

the golden opportunities. John Brumby seemed to make the most of every photo opportunity. He

put the welding goggles on, put the welding goggles on, he put the hard hat on, Victoria. Whereas Ted Baillieu

we had a lot of shots of him

walking around. Look, walking around. Look, it would be really awful for him to lose a second election and Liberal Party - worst scenario for them. worst scenario for them. But look, they're looking at look, they're looking at these

polls and, you knee - know they're telling us while

they're happy about them

they're not reading too much into them at this stage. Thank

you. And we're hoping to go you. And we're hoping to go to Labour Party l next half hour. The Qantas will be a passenger on the first of the airline's A380s since the The sold out flight Q F31 Sydney to London is due to take

off shortly. Alan

greet passengers before take

off and travel on the first leg

of the flight to airline's fleet of A380s has

been grounded for more than 20

days while engines are replaced and safety checks completed.

And Alan Joyce spoke to the

immediate - media at Sydney Airport a short time ago. We're going to be up to

going to be up to 16 engines

that have to be replaced. On this aircraft

have been replaced, the #2 of

the engines were OK, but 2 new

engines were put on to this aircraft. REPORTER: Given the the planes were grounded why

are you confident they are OK?

We've gone through an We've gone through an extensive investigation, that

investigation has found the

root cause of this issue which

was an oil fire in the engine and we've put a whole putting engines on the aircraft that have putting engines that have the that have the latest

modification starter. also going to have a series of ongoing checks that ongoing checks that take place

on the engines to ensure on the engines to ensure the continued safety continued safety going forward. So we're 100% comfortable it. If we weren't we it. If we weren't we wouldn't be restating the today. A third Australian soldier has been soldier has been formally charged in relation to civilian

deaths in Afghanistan. In

September the director of military charged military prosecutions charge 3 soldiers over the

deaths in February last deaths in February last year. 2 soldiers were

time but the third couldn't be formally charged because overseas. The Defence Force says the soldier has now returned to Australia returned to Australia and has been served with been served with the charges. All 3 soldiers are being provided with the legal process. the legal process. Senior figures from both sides of politics have politics have backed calls to

reduce the sitting hours federal politicians. The house will sit for just one politicians rise for the summer break. Last month Federal

Parliament's only practising GP, were causing more politicians

to fall ill. And still in

coming under increasing pressure

pressure to carry out a cost broadband network. Simon Cullen reports from Parliament governor Glenn Stevens a parliamentary inquiry that

any large public investment should be subject to a cost

benefit analysis. Mr Steven

says the NBN is likely to

increase productivity but says a lot depends on how much it costs. There ought to be, of

course, a proper cost analysis of that case in those instances. The Opposition's communications spokesman Opposition's push for a full analysis of Conroy says there's already been enough inquiries and

studies into the project. An audit under the Federal Government's

failed home insulation failed home insulation program

has found more than a quarter The Fair Work ombudsman auditing insulation companies in April after the suspension

of the insulation scheme complaints from unions and workers. Inspectors checked

more than 200 companies across

all States and Territories. The

ombudsman found that 58

companies had underpaid staff.

All but one of those were based

in Queensland and the other in NSW. China has been working to keep tensions in the Korean

peninsula from escalating

following the North's artillery

attack on the South. China's Foreign Minister has met the

ambassador and spoken with his

US and South US and South Korean counterparts in the hope of

avoiding another attack. The North says that if the joint military drills by the South

and the US go ahead this weekend it will push the region

to the brink of war. Meanwhile a funeral service has been held in South Korea for 2 marines killed during this killed during this week's were joined by Government

officials and politicians for

the service which was broadcast

live across the nation. The top stories we're The top

following - the following - the Victorian Premier John Brumby Premier John Brumby and the Coalition leader Ted Baillieu

has cast their votes in has cast their votes in today's cliff new opinion polls out today

point to a victory or a hung parliament. to allow customers to take cash. NAB says progress working through progress working through a backlog computer glitch payment system on Wednesday. And the head of Qantas And the head of Qantas Alan Joyce will be a passenger on

the first of the airline's A380s to leave the ground since month. The sold out Sydney to London is due off shortly.

Medical experts have long

acknowledged the possible link

between a premature baby's and its organ function. But up

until now research on the observation hasn't been put under the microscope. A Queensland doctor is Queensland doctor is putting the theory to the helping tiny babies get a head start on life. Armed highly specialised camera, neo-natal doctor Yoga

Kandasmany is checking the size of of the blood vessels in Chaylee Hodges' retina. Born 12

early at just 28 weeks gestation, this little

no strange tore hourly examinations. But his sight's not being not being tested today. Instead, Dr Kandasamy is trying to find out whether to find out whether small blood vessels in the retina could a marker for kidney problems

later in life. We believe we are one of the earlier be then, you know, to maybe

organise follow ups for this baby. 170 at the Townsville Hospital over

the next 2 years. Half will be decide how changes in blood Toni Hodges says Toni Hodges says having her son Chaylee take

research is vital. Being research is vital. Being an indigenous family too it's important to sort of know also not just when not just when they're babies but also later in life when but also later in life when we other health complications is being carried out in collaboration with the mother and babies retest the babies as they near their retest the babies their second birthdays. Time

for all the sports news now for all the sports news now with Amanda with Amanda Shalala. And Australia's lost a Australia's lost a few wickets in Brisbane? happen eventually. England's


through late on day 3 of the first Ashes Test against

Australia at the Gabba. A

massive 6-wicket partnership

between Mike Hussey and Haddin has turned the game

Australia's way though both men have now departed. Hussey have now departed. Hussey was

given out LBW when he was on 82 but he

but he successfully appealed with the ball pitching outside

the line. Then he was lucky fo survive 2 more shouts on consecutive deliveries. But he

and Haddin pushed on with a

scorching partnership. was the first to swing the game back in Australia's favour and

Haddin followed soon after with

his 100 and in his 100 and in typical fashion

he brought it up with a 6.

could have departed for 113 but Jimmy Ander srn dropped a tough

chance to give the

wicket-keeper a reprieve. He was eventually dismissed was eventually dismissed for

136 as Graeme Swann ended a 307-run partnership. Hussey

looked like reaching his major

Test double hundred but fell short for

This This will be written large

into the history of Australian cricket. The partnership, Hussey's performance, surely his finest innings Australia. Mitchell Johnson Peter Siddle have also to the Australia's lead now 219 runs. Melbourne Victory Melbourne Victory has a 2-1 the second half of the second half of their A-League soccer match. Tim Brown finished off nice lead up work

work to put the Phoenix front. But Archie Thompson made it 1-1. Melbourne it 1-1. Melbourne once again showed up Wellington's showed up Wellington's defence

and Robbie Cruz put and Robbie Cruz put the

visitors in front for the first

time in the weeg. In W-League a late comeback has seen the Jets down Sydney FC

2-1. The Jets could have had the first goal of the game but

remay Cartwright's appeal for a penalty penalty went unanswered. Sydney

immediately launched a counter wouldn't let anything put her down. They led with just 10 minute remaining but Tara Andrews levelled things up. Andrews then launched incredible shot from halfway to pull off an pull off an unbelievable

victory for the Jets. The top victory for the Jets. The top 4 ranked players in men's tennis have all qualified for semifinals of the season-ending ATP world tour finals in London. Serb Novak Djokovic moved into the final 4 with

moved into the final 4 with a

comfort ybl win over Andy Roddick while Rafael Nadal won a tough clash with a tough clash with Czech Tomas Berdych. While the venue Berdych. While the venue for

this year's tour finals was a trouble court and the assignment of

taking on the world number 1. out of Rafael Nadal. The

Spaniard claiming the set in a

tie breaker. A fired up Nadal powered through powered through the second set

and booked a date with Andy Murray in the semifinals. There

was a more relaxed atmosphere

in the day's second fixture between Novak Djokovic and between Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick. Djokovic recorded a

straight forward 6-2, 6-3 victory and set up a victory and set up a meeting with Roger Federer. While

things in heating up the mercury's

plummeting on the other side of the channel as the Wallabies

prepare for the last Test of

their spring tour against France. But the subzero temperatures predicted tomorrow morning's kick off in Paris don't have the Australian captain all that concerned. Just because we're

not used to it doesn't mean

there needs to be a big

disadvantage. You build up a bit of heat out there bit of heat out there running around so hopefully that

counters it. A sell out crowd of more than 80,000 fans is expected for France slight favourites

against the Wallabies. And in

last night's NBL action there were wins for Townsville Wollongong. Thank, Amanda. Well thousands thousands of endangered turtles

have been released into the sea in southern Mexico. Gulf ina turtles are endangered and needed a bit Hundreds of locals are taking part in the 2-day effort which

is also aiming to educate the community. The

community. The turtle populations have populations have been dwindling because of poachers animals. The Mexican navy now patrols of the area during hatching season. While traditional Gold Coast schoolies roll on a growing

school leavers in NSW

shunning the More sedate holiday spots are they're well behaved the

teenagers can be very good for business. Heidi Evans is

bracing for an influx teenagers this weekend. Her Avoca Beach State's Central Coast is taking the plunge and accepting

schoolies for the first time. It's good for business, it is and a full week book in, booking out most of the property. End of property. End of year celebrations are spread to places like the Entrance, Jervis Bay Harbour this year. Tourism operators say more and businesses are businesses are lifting bans on

school leavers to cash in on their doors and they're they've put in provisions to

make sure that it is a safe environment for them. Heidi

Evans is employing a full-time security

security guard and taking substantial bonds. So sure we are ready for sure we are ready for them and

to make sure they have a great time as well. Briany Visser and her friends say heading to celebrate wasn't for Avoca Beach is much more their kind of thing. We wanted place where we could just get

away from our

parents. Relax. Mum and dad of course still have a influence. My mum had unsurprisingly they were only

too happy to see their children giving the Gold Coast a berth. There are flood watches

in place for parts of with more heavy rain way. The State Emergency Services received almost 300 calls for help yesterday calls for help yesterday as severe thunderstorms delivered flash floods to outer northern and eastern suburbs. Clarkefield suburbs. Clarkefield north-west of Melbourne of Melbourne recorded Victoria's 75 mm. The weather bureau says Well the satellite image shows the cloud Australia and Victoria that's causing those causing those widespread showers an storms. showers an storms. Cloud over NSW is causing and storms mainly in the

rain and possible thunderstorms over much of the inland and

thunderstorms across most of NSW with possible about the western slopes of about the western slopes of the southern ranges. Rain and southern ranges. Rain isolated thunderstorms in the east for Victoria with cool

southerly winds. Tasmania will

see rain in the east but

gradually clearing during the

day. It will be partly cloudy

over much of South Australia with some showers along the southern Western Australia with fresh and gusty easterly winds,

easing in the afternoon.

Isolated showers and storms in the Top End the Top End but mostly sunny south of Tennant Creek.

That is the latest from ABC

News. I'll be back with News. I'll be back with an

update in just a few minutes

and then lit be time for One

Don't forget in half an hour

our coverage of Victoria's

election results begins. We'll

bring you ABC News Victoria

followed by Victoria followed by Victoria Votes 2010 aen evening of coverage with

Ian Henderson, Virginia Trioli

and Antony Green and of course

you can keep up to date on our website, I'm

Richard Davies, stay with us on

ABC News 24. Closed Captions by

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories News - the Victorian says new opinion polls prove government. Voters have been

casting their ballots during the day, a Neilsen predicts the Coalition will get 52% of the 52% of the 2-party vote. The National Australia Bank says

through a backlog of transactions after a computer glitch disrupted its systems. 100 branches 100 branches across Australia were open today to help

customers awaiting since Wednesday. But

does not know if the backlog will be cleared by Monday. The head

alongside passengers on alongside passengers on the airline's first A380 airline's first A380 flight to leave the ground since leave the ground since the midair

month. CEO Allan Joyce will