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The Queen's Christmas Message -

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(generated from captions) normally and then for this

morning, every year, people

roll in from everywhere. (Sings)

# You better watch out

# You better not cry

# Better not pout... #

Some were a little star

struck. Shannon Noll took off

his hat for them, anyway and

gave it to this lucky kid If

you can come through and spread

a bit of Christmas cheer, then

it is a great thing to do. Time

for a look at the weather now.

There has been widespread rain

between Darwin, Brisbane,

Sydney and Canberra today.

Mainly fine in the other major

centres. A broadband of cloud

is stretching from the Northern Territory into Queensland and

New South Wales. Torrential

rain and storms have brought

parts of New South Wales their

heaviest December falls in

year,. A high pressure ridge

over the Bight is bringing

clear skies to much of Victoria

and South Australia. Hot

earlies are are push noog

Western Australia and a fire

weather warn something current

for WA's Central West. Showers to the South West Land

Division. More widespread

showers and storms over the

eastern inland tomorrow. The

SES is bringing in extra

volunteers and it warns major

roads will be closed as

floodwaters rise. A flood watch

is current in large parts of

New South Wales and similar

warnings have been made for Queensland's western and

central districts.

And that's all from the ABC

News team. From everyone,


Closed Captions by CSI. # God Save The Queen seems to have its own character. Each year that passes of satisfaction, Some leave us with a feeling others are best forgotten. 2009 was a difficult year for many. those facing the continuing effects In particular of the economic downturn. all been affected I'm sure that we have by events in Afghanistan, suffered by our forces serving there. and saddened by the casualties CHURCH BELLS to their relations and friends Our thoughts go out in the face of great personal loss. who have shown immense dignity # Last Post of the positive contribution But we can be proud that our servicemen and women with our allies. are making in conjunction from the United Kingdom Well over 13,000 soldiers and across the Commonwealth - and Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are currently serving in Afghanistan. to these young men and women The debt of gratitude owed is indeed profound. and to their predecessors was created. It is 60 years since the Commonwealth of its members under the age of 25, And today, with more than a billion and practical force for good. the organisation remains a strong Heads of Government Meeting Recently, I attended the Commonwealth in Trinidad and Tobago, the Commonwealth is to young people. and heard how important to us I think the Commonwealth means unity over 50 countries coming together in terms of the fact that we're of different cultures. with the amalgamation very important in today's world. It's a model of friendship that is

practise human rights It's a group of countries that and fairness and equality to all. to Commonwealth. That's what attracts me of what the Commonwealth means Since this forum, my feeling the different countries is unity amongst and appreciating diversity, a family feeling across the world. and really just creating what we attempt to do And the research, and reliable information. is to acquire accurate allow them to reach out New communication technologies to the wider world and viewpoints. and share their experiences and networks of the Commonwealth For many, the practical assistance and encourage enterprise. can give skills, lend advice of some of the work being done It is inspiring to learn by these young people

to the challenges they face. who bring creativity and innovation and saw the bleaching of the reef, When I visited the coral reef, whose island homes are disappearing, and we have other people many Commonwealth countries as you would know, there are the impact of that is very grave. that are small island states, and about that. Oh, yes. We've been very concerned issues that concern us all. It is important to keep discussing for our family of nations. There can be no more valuable role with the Commonwealth I have been closely associated through most of its existence. I have enjoyed with leaders The personal and living bond and with people the world over in promoting our unity has always been more important than symbolism alone.

an organisation with a mission. The Commonwealth is not for its people to work together It is rather an opportunity to problems. to achieve practical solutions In many aspects of our lives, business or culture, whether in sport, the environment, remains vivid and enriching. the Commonwealth connection # BAND PLAYS AMAZING GRACE the face of the future. It is in lots of ways and dedication, And with continuing support Commonwealth of nations I'm confident that this diverse can strengthen the common bond, transcends politics, religion, race and economic circumstances.' for celebration and family reunions. We know that Christmas is a time But it is also a time to reflect less fortunate than ourselves on what confronts those and throughout the world. at home to love their neighbours, Christians are taught having compassion and concern charity and voluntary work and being ready to undertake and disadvantage. to ease the burden of deprivation We may ourselves be confronted of difficulties and challenges, by a bewildering array to work for a better future but we must never cease for ourselves and for others. a very happy Christmas. I wish you all, wherever you may be, # BAND PLAYS GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Clemence Duprat Closed captions by CSI -

This program is not subtitled 'Ahead on Compass...' we get scooters and bikes When we get gifts and stuff. and all radios and iPods But over in poor countries,

or some goats or something, if they get a pig or cow they'll be really grateful for that. Yeah, we got heaps of money. OK, now we can buy a goat. Yeah. Well, hello there, happy Christmas, and a very big welcome from all of us at Compass. I do hope you've had a wonderful day and that you're enjoying the festive season with family and friends. Now, whatever Christmas means to you, it's impossible in this day and age to ignore the shopping frenzy that leads up to it. Well, with another year of buying and receiving presents behind us, our story explores some interesting alternatives to this particular aspect of Christmas. THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS PLAYS, CASH REGISTER DOCKET PRINTS $6.15 change. I started to think about how can we celebrate Christmas that takes into account the terrible inequalities in our world, that takes into account that Christmas is something,

is a time when we should be celebrating Jesus' birthday, not our own. How do we give Jesus a gift on his birthday? Let's de-stuff Christmas and be more generous to others instead. Yes, I got a pair of shoes from a friend and they were just awful, I hated them. That would have to be from my grandma. Sorry, Nan! She bought me a hanging pot plant when I was about five.

(GASPS) What every five-year-old wants. I like every Christmas present I get. No, the back of my cupboard I've got lots of electrical Christmas presents