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Live. This morning - Live. This morning - the UN

Human Rights Commission calls for an investigation into the death of former lib yn leader

Moammar Gaddafi. Also today -

President Obama announces the

from Iraq by the end of the

year. Rupert Murdoch faces angry protestors outside angry protestors outside and

angry share holders inside at

the News Corp AGM. And Queen continues her royal tour the News Corp AGM. And the

after paying tribute to Australia's resilience in a

public address last night. Good

morning, you are watching AB -

ABC News 24, good morning, I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Let's check could move as early as today Libya's

could move as early as today to

declare the country fully

liberated setting the clocks

ticking for elections and other

sweeping reforming. But more

immediate challenges are

pressing. How to remove tens of

thousands of firearms and thousands of firearms and other weapons from Libya's street and

ending the bickering of how to dispose of Moammar Gaddafi's body. The UN has called for investigates into Gaddafi's deaths amid claims he was

executed. A post more tem will be conducted to establish

facts. And a warning this report contains images viewers may find distressing. Friday

morning is usually a quiet time

in Misrata, not today. defiant city fought hard and at in Misrata, not today. This

great cost to oust Gaddafi's forces earlier this great cost to oust Colonel

year. Now the deposed

here by dictator's body has been bought

captured him. The body of his

of internal security, is on son, Mutassin, his feared head

public display. Well this site is becoming a huge attraction

now, hundreds of men, women and

children flocking here to see

for themselves. For these people the questions about how

exactly Colonel Gaddafi and his

sons met their end matter less

than the fact that it seems to be true. The fact be true. The fact that for

Libya this really does

represent the end of an era. Today new footage emerged

of Colonel Gaddafi's final

moments. Here he's seen being

led away on foot by rebel fighters who quickly him. Guns are pointed at his

head and voices can be heard

arguing over whether to kill

him. Several hours later he's

pronounced dead. No-one pronounced dead. No-one knows

who fired the shot that killed

him. NATO had its part to play.

French planes fired missiles into Colonel Gaddafi's convoy

as he tried to escape the town. This rebel fighter told us he and a select group had known

for a number of days that the

former dictator was holed up

they'd kept the information inside his home town. But


TRANSLATION: If we had revealed

this secret anything could have

happened. Gaddafi might have

tried to escape dressed as a

woman or even

suicide. More than 24 hours

after their deaths the bodies

of Colonel Gaddafi and some of his entourage still

unburied in contravention of

Islamic convention. But the

people who must now try to

rebuild their country believes

Libya needs to be convinced the

former dictator former dictator is

gone. Because in Libya there

are some people that don't

believe Gaddafi is dead. So

want to see people come to my house and

really, it's not any politic.

Libya's new rulers are preparing to announce Libya's new rulers are now

preparing to announce the official end of hostilities and

with it the start of a new direction the country now political process but what

direction the country now takes

in the post Gaddafi era must, in the post Gaddafi era must,

to some degree, depend on how

it deals with the ghosts of its

past. US President Barack Obama says

says all US forces will says all US forces will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year more than 8 years after the US invasion. came after he held a video conference

conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.. Minister Nouri al-Maliki.. He says removing forces from Iraq has been one of his has been one of his key

promised the rest of our troops goals. Today I can report as

in Iraq will come home by the

end of the year. After nearly 9

years America's war in Iraq

will be over. Over the next 2

months our troops in Iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board convoys

for the journey home. American soldier will cross the

border out of Iraq with their

heads held high and proud of

their success and knowing that

the American people

united in our support for our

troops. That That is how

America's military efforts in

Iraq will end. But even as we mark this important mark this important milestone,

we're also moving into a new

phase in the relationship

between the United States and

Iraq. As of January 1, and in it will be a normal framework agreement with Iraq,

relationship between sovereign

nations, an equal partnership

based on mutual interests and mutual respect. And today's conversation Prime conversation Prime Minister

Maliki and I agreed the meeting of the higher coordinating committee will convene in the coming weeks and I invited the

White House in December as we Prime Minister to come to the

plan for all the plan for all the important work

that we have to do that we have to do together.

This will be a strong and diplomats and civilian advisers in the lead will help Iraqis

strengthen institutions that

are just, representative and accountable, will

ties of trade and of commerce,

culture and education, that

unleash the potential of the Iraqi people. Will partner with

an Iraq that contributes to regional security and peace

just as we insist that other nations respect Iraq's sovereignty. As I sovereignty. As I told Prime continue discussions on how we Minister Maliki,

might help Iraq train and equip

offer training and assistance its forces. Again, just as we

to countries around the world. After all, there will After all, there will be some difficult days ahead for Iraq

and the United States will

continue to have an interest in

an Iraq that is stable, secure and self-reliant. Queen Elizabeth has given her only

public speech during her stay

in Australia. She used it to acknowledge the country's

growing presence on the world

stage noting our stage noting our involvement in Afghanistan through the global financial crisis. Hosting the event the Prime Minister Julia Gillard paid tribute to the paid tribute to the Queen's lifetime of service to Britain and the Commonwealth while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said she would always be welcome to our shores. 700 guests attended the formal reception reception at Parliament House where Queen Elizabeth reflected

on how the nation has changed

since her first visit in 1954. This country has made

dramatic progress economically

in social,

industrial endeavours. And above all in self-confidence. The Prime Minister also echoed her sentiments. And it is perhaps a

sign of our progress that Your

Majesty was welcomed at Canberra airport by a female

governor-general, a female prime minister and a female

chief minister. These have been most remarkable decades

indeed. The Queen talked about

some of the struggles Australia has faced with natural disasters, particularly in Queensland. We saw towns

battered by a cyclone, homes,

businesses and families destroyed by devastating floods. And expressed her

sorrow at the deaths of 29 Australian soldiers in

Afghanistan. I also share the

grief felt by those families, friends and colleagues of friends and colleagues of the

29 service personnel who have been killed during this

conflict. She highlighted our economic success in the the global financial crisis and also mentioned the recent

awarding of the Nobel Prize to Professor Brian Schmidt. Professor Brian Schmidt. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott acknowledged Prince Phillip. May I say that you have

have brought humanity have brought humanity and irreverence to what might otherwise be a stuffy

institution. And told the Queen

she would always be welcome in

Australia. You are one of

us. The Queen will spend the

weekend in Canberra before heading to Brisbane heading to Brisbane on Monday. News International has confirmed it will pay $3

million to the family of a

murdered girl at the heart of Britain's phone Britain's phone hacking scandal. In a

with the family of Milly Dowler

Rupert Murdoch said he would personally donate $1.5 million

to charities chosen by the

family. He says "It underscores

my regret for the actions of the now defunct 'News of the World'." That announcement came just ahead of News Corp's AGM in Los the 'News of the World' was

shut down. It was a tough

meeting for Rupert Murdoch and

Stephen Mayne Australian journalist and representative of the Australian Shareholders

Association was at the AGM he Association was at the AGM and

he joins us on the phone from

Los Angeles. Stephen Mayne, you

would expect that the phone hacking issue would dominate, was that the was that the case and perhaps

are US investors aware of the

scale of the scandal? Well,

there was probably 10 there was probably 10 different TV screws there, there was coverage from Bloomberg and

CMBC, this was a media event

like I've never seen before at

an AGM. Traditionally the News Corp AGMs are pretty quiet

affairs. It's getting a huge

amount of attention in the US

and certainly the British MP

Tom Watson turning up and

directly confronting Rupert

again on the phone hacking questions along with a number

of investment groups from

calling for Rupert to stand

down as chairman to embrace proper governance. So it proper governance. So it was a pretty testy meeting. Amazing

security, he was sort of in his

bunker and some very lively exchanges. And you had usual combative banter with

Rupert Murdoch, how would you

describe his demeanour? This is

my 12th AGM with rurt Rupert

and this was the most

undemocratic he's been. He

literally shut down questions

after only 1.5 hours of the

meeting. He did it before we

had the poll ts and he wasn't

going to tell us the vote so we

still right whether a majority of the whether a majority of the independent shareholders have voted against the directors or the remuneration report. We're

expecting a protest vote of more than but we don't know. I said to

him this meeting should be

discussing what the size of the

protest vote means but you're

not even telling us the vote.

So he was fully in the bunker, interrupting, trying to shut

everyone down and say you could

only have two questions, one

minute each, security kept

trying to tell me to sit down there were questions flowing

and he didn't tell the vote. A defensive thought The first thought The first proposal to

be discussed was that Rupert Murdoch should be chairman. How was that received

at the meeting? The chairman of the governance and nomination

committee, he gave a passionate

defence of Rupert being the

best person to lead the company. About half a dozen different investor groups did

get up, many of them with church backgrounds or get up and speak in favour of this reform and just generally expressed concerns about the whole phone hacking situation. Interestingly with Viet Din I asked him how he could stand

there as an independent director when he was godfather

to Lachlan Murdoch's son and he

gave a passionate defence about

how he's not close to the Murdoch family Murdoch family and he's independent and he Rupert is the best man for the job. I job. I think the way Rupert handled the meeting it handled the meeting it became

evident he was not the best man

for the job. It should have been held by someone who was

independent and happy to hold

the company to the company to account. Given

the corporate governance issue

why is that the case? We have

recommended against 5 directors including both of the including both of the sons,

James and Lachlan Murdoch, but we feel Rupert is the we feel Rupert is the founder

of the company and the family is entitled to be

represented, they do own 13% of

the shares and we're advocating

that he step down as CEO so

no longer gets his $33 million

salary and he steps down at

chairman. At 80 years old and

#59d years running the company

he still can and should deserve as a non-executive director,

just 1 of 10 just 1 of 10 non-executive directors but with someone else

as the CEO and someone else as

the chairman. That was the basis we recommended voting for

him. As you mentioned the Murdoch family own just over

13% of News Corp which should entitle them to, I gather, to appoint

appoint 2 of the 15 directors,

is that right? Well if you had a a normal democratic share

structure that would be the case but they do have a

gerimander where 70% of the

shares on issue don't have a

vote. They don't own many of

those shares. They own those shares. They own voting shares so they have 40% of the votes. This is undemocratic and

at one point I do a poll of the

put their hands up if they felt

this was the best governance

structure for News Corp and

they all dutifully raised their hands. Clearly they're very supportive of anything Rupert

wants and they're happy to

defend an undemocratic

structure which means the share

horlds can't hold the Murdochs

to account for phone hacking,

poor share price performance, overpaying for the 'Wall Street

Journal' and various other

things that have gone wrong in

recent years. Stephen Mayne, thank you very much. Thanks, Andrew. The country's Andrew. The country's oldest inland city which inland city which suffered severe during the recent drought will never water again. That was the confident declaration of

Goulburn residents - I think I

need some water - at the opening of a opening of a multimillion dollar pipeline designed to

drought proof the NSW city. The

pipeline will deliver water from the Sydney catchment. This years in the making. This is the first water to be pumped

along a new 81 pipeline from Sydney's Wingecarribee reservoir to Goulburn. We'll have Goulburn. We'll have water forever. The pipeline was first

proposed in the 1880s but it

only became a reality in the

recent drought when the city

came within 12 months came within 12 months of

running out of water. We were

going to truck water in here which was going to cost

millions of dollars a week. The

residents cut their usage to

less than 100 litres per person per

because the dams were like murky puddles, there was

nothing left. And nothing left. And the dryness

hung in the air with the des. You could feel it, you could

taste it. We had to

something. We put down bores,

barely saved any more water

than they were. The State and

Federal Governments put up $20

million each with another $10

million from Goulburn's rate

payers. The pipeline adds to

the city's existing 2 dams and

river pumping. Total catchment

of 11,500 square That's 5.4 times the catchment

we used to. I'm more confident Goulburn will have something to

offer for me and I'll be offer for me and I'll be able

to stay here and get a good job The pipeline can deliver 5 maeg megalitres per day maeg megalitres per day to Goulbyn but with the city's dams

dams close to overflowing it's

not known when the pipeline

will be used. Occupy Melbourne

protestors are back in City

Square this morning after yesterday being removed by

police. The demonstrators have

been camped out in the square since warmed them at 7:00am yesterday

they had two hours to evacuate. The demonstration The demonstration turned

violent as around 120 police were forcibly removed protestors. Around 100 of the

demonstrators were arrested.

Ben Convey joins me on the

phone from Melbourne's City Square. We do have reports this

morning about threats of legal action against the police, is that the case? Yes, firstly I

think I should clarify. I'm think I should clarify. I'm not at City Square yesterday what happened was the police actually successfulfully

evicted us from the space and

according to estimates I've heard there was more than 100, there was up to 300 or 400 in

some media reports including

riot police. So I'm on my way

to work this morning but I can tell you that yesterday there

were talks at the general

Atemibly that we held at trades

hall where we managed to march

to despite being oppressed on

the streets we decided we would

return to Federation Square

today at noon to stand up for our rights because we feel that

yesterday was a horrible

demonstration of the

willingness of our authorities

to repress its people when they decide to peacefully demonstrate in our public

spaces. Just describe to us what did happen yesterday what did happen yesterday and the police reaction? Sure. So

we were advised that the police

we were advised that the police

were going to evict us at 9:00

and we made the decision democratically democratically in the General Assembly that we'd conducting every day since Saturday last week to hold the space because we felt we had a

right we wanted to show we

wanted to demonstrate. We stood

very strong despite being cordoned off and kettled in by

hundreds of cops and riot cops

and held our ground for several

hours until about 1pm when a

small group of about 20 of us in

in the middle of the square who

were defending the kimp

kitchen we'd developed who had been feeding the homeless

population, a small group of us

was yanked out, I was one of those people, at

riot cops and put out on the street in which case the

attempts by us to maintain our

group integrity and defend our

right to speak up against some of the injustices in our society was defended on the

streets of Melbourne all day. We did a great job, I think.

Everyone involved in the movement to not movement to not allow ourselves

to be intimidated and scared

and repressed on every level by

the police and we managed to

maintain our decision to march

onwards to Traid trades Hall

and conduct a general people's

assembly there and maintain assembly there and maintain the tradition that we're attempting

to establish where we give ourselves a chabs as people to

be involved in decision make chg is something we feel

doesn't really happen. And doesn't really happen. And I

keep saying we but I should

probably stipulate that this is a movement in which we

encourage anyone who feels they

are silenced by what we call democracy in our society or that they don't have a voice

that they do have a chance to

speak and so I can't claim to represent everyone, I'm just one person as a member of the 99% of this obviously the police were trying to move you on yesterday, why didn't you yesterday, why didn't you go

peacefully? I mean not just you

be the other protestors, why didn't you go didn't you go peacefully? It's important to stress the

definition of peace here. So

it's important to remember that

we weren't armed and once we

made a decision that we were

going to demonstrate, I think

going to demonstrate, I think it's a pretty much a raigt of

people to sort of demonstrate

in public, by saying that we

don't think it's just for us to be evicted

we could to maintain the peace

and it's important to stress

that it was actually the

Victoria police that were

attacking us and not us

attacking anyone. We were

unarmed, as I said, and there

were many chants in the middle

as we tried to remind the cops

that were surrounding us that

this is a peaceful protest and

we saw many instances of the

police brutality yesterday. There were reports

that capsicum spray was used,

is that the

is that the case? Yes, I'd seen

capsicum spray being of people were filming the

atrocities of yesterday's events. It's a good idea for

people to check out YouTube people to check out YouTube to

see more evidence of the police brutality yesterday. I saw -

they were on horses yesterday.

I saw a couple of times I saw a couple of times horses

trampling through the crowd and

I saw one woman with her son in

the pram struggling to get off

the streets to avoid getting

trampled by the cops. This was

a woman who had been drawn in from the street when she

realised what was happening in support of the protestors. So yeah, that's just an example of some of

saw yesterday. Ben Convey from

the Occupy Melbourne the Occupy Melbourne protest, thank you very much. Time for sport with Tulsen Tollett and some consolation for the Wallabies overnight? Third

place, it may not be first or

second but it's something. The

Wallabies might have missed out

on winning that rugby World Cup

but they finished third but they finished third after beating Wales in the bronze

final. The Wales scored a

brilliant try in injury time to

go down by 3 points. Quade Cooper

Cooper only lasted 20 minutes before leaving the game with a

possible antearior cruciate

knee injury. Berrick Barnes was named man of the match. It

means a lot to us to pull on that jersey and to play not that jersey and to play not only for each other, only for each other, obviously we wanted to make Sharpe's night a memorable one for the

right reasons. It was a 3 v 4

play off, neither side wanted

to be in that but both to be in that but both sides took to the contest with a lot of pride evident in the way both sides

defended. To racing and the mare of the moment Black Caviar

has again stolen the lime

lieckt from a feature race, this time this time the Cox Plate. The racing industry has been debating to amend the starting barriers at moonie Valley this

afternoon. The mare will jump

with a vacant stall between it and rogue horse Here De

and rogue horse Here De Angels to prevent any injuries. The

flowers are blooming at Moonee Valley and stand between Black Caviar and

a 15th straight win and nothing

will stand between the mare and Here De Angels at the

gates. I'd never seen it

before, I understand it's never been done. I guess it's instance where common sense has ruled. Obviously it's something that probably shouldn't happen but I know Here De Angels, I've

ridden him myself and he is a

dangerous horse. Horses that

are known barrier rogues load them last. A crowd of 35,000 is

tipped for Moonee Valley. The

keep Black Caviar fans at home.

Rekindled interest got the Rekindled interest got the

better of Jimmy Choux in

Tuesday's track work and Dwayne

Dunne thinks his mount

it again. That last piece of

work was sensational. If he

brings that the to races on

Saturday he will be hard to beat. Jonathan Riddle beat. Jonathan Riddle says

don't write off Jimmy Choux If

he didn't show that dash for

the 600 I'd be worried but it's

2,000 metres. Helmet is favourite but these men still have their eyes on

indeed. Let's move to football. Brisbane's prevailed with a 3-0

win over Gold Coast at Lang Park. Tonight Park. Tonight Adelaide United

host Sydney while the battle of Melbourne sees the Heart up

against Victory. Last night's

win extended the Roar's

incredible unbeaten run to 31 games and here's a look at games and here's a look at the goals.

Overseas but staying with football, the weekend's big

English Premier League match

sees Manchester United sees Manchester United hosting Manchester stooi. Roberto Manchester stooi. Roberto man Seeney will take his side and he's been paying tribute to

his counterpart United manager

Sir Alex Ferguson. I have a big respect for him because he won

everything for 25 years. I

think that he's a teacher and think that he's a teacher and I learn from him. A win for

United would lift them back to

the top of the table and a

point above President Sepp Blahuta

announced an overhaul of the investigative and legal

structures which he takes 2

years to complete. Answering questions at a

at FIFA headquarters in

Switzerland, he acknowledged there was some corruption in

football saying 300 million

participants could not all participants could not all be angels. Always find somewhere in FIFA some racism, some

violence, some doping, some corruption, whatever, because in in a family of 300 in a family of 300 million

people you cannot avoid it. The reform timetable will see 3

task forces set up to task forces set up to im implement reforms. There were

first up season wins for the

Gold Coast Blaze and Gold Coast Blaze and Sydney Kings. The Blaze were too good

for the Hawks while Sydney for the Hawks while Sydney had

26-game star Julian Kazu to thank for their win in

Adelaide. In the WNB will there

were wins for Sydney, Townsville

Townsville and Adelaide. In the NBL the Gold Coast were NBL the Gold Coast were much

too good for the Goulding top scoring with 16

points for the Blaze. New world Moto GP champion Casey Moto GP champion Casey Stoner finished second behind Honda counterpart Dani Pedrosa in

practice with qualifying to

take place this afternoon. And

in golf Spain Sergio Garcia

leads by 2 strokes at the

halfway point at the cast la

Masters. He's 12 under with Marcus Fraser best of the Australians on 8 under. And

the first of two V8 supercar races for place this afternoon on the

Gold Coast.

Taking a look at the weather - cloud across the Northern Territory, South Australia,

Victoria and western NSW could

lead to rain and storms. Patchy

cloud is streaming into Queensland bringing possible tropical

tropical showers. Around the States - in Queensland there

will be showers about the east

coast, afternoon showers are

expected over inland eastern districts as well as

districts as well as the

western Cape Yorke Peninsula

over the remainder of the State.

State. In NSW, there's a chance

of showers near the Victorian border, fine

elsewhere. Scattered showers in Victoria's south afternoon and the chance of

thunderstorms near the north

but they will be easing during the evening. In Tasmania, there's a chance of there's a chance of patchy drizzle about drizzle about the south-west

but otherwise fine. To but otherwise fine. To South Australia, scattered showers

and thunderstorms about the

north-east, a mild to warm north-east, a mild to warm day

ahead in the south. In WA there

will be scattered showers over most of the

hail over the northern parts of

Gascoyne and gold fields. And

ice lat - isolated shower s over over most of the Northern Territory.

And for more details on And for more details on the

stories we're following today

and to send us your comments and pictures you can and pictures you can log on to

our website. The address is You are watching ABC News 24.

The top stories from ABC News

- the UN has called for a full

investigation into circumstances of Moammar

Gaddafi's death. Amid claims

that he was executed. More

video has emerged showing the dictator's final moments.

Lybians have formed long queues

in Misrata where Gaddafi's body

is on display. The interim

government could move as early

as today to declare the country

fully liberated setting the

clocks ticking and other sweeping reforms.

Queen Elizabeth has given her only public speech only public speech during her

stay in Australia. She used it

to acknowledge the country's growing presence on the world stage noting our involvement in Afghanistan and resilience

through the global financial

crisis. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard paid tribute to the

Queen's lifetime of service.

The Queen will visit Duntroon Military College this

morning. US President Barack

Obama says all forces will be

withdrawn from Iraq by the end

of the year more than 8 years

after the US

came after he held a video conference with Iraqi Prime

Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He

says removing US forces says removing US forces from Iraq has been one of his key goals. Protestors have

gathered outside the first

annual general meeting of News International since the hacking scandal which scandal which forced Rupert

Murdoch to shut down 'News of the World'. Inside shareholders

confronted Mr Murdoch about poor corporate governance. He

told them he knew nothing about beyond phones to computer. Earlier I spoke with Michael

Brissenden about the News Corp AGM and also about AGM and also about President

Obama's troops announcement. I asked him asked him if Iraq was secure enough to leave. Well that's a

very big question, I don't know whether anybody really believes

the country is secure enough

for the troops to leave

completely but I think there is

a sense that Iraq's destiny a sense that Iraq's destiny is

now in Iraqi hands and that the

Iraqi parliament has made this decision. Clearly the public mood in Iraq is for American

troops to be withdrawn as soon

mood in America is mood in America is pretty clear

too that they want their troops home from Iraq after nearly home from Iraq after nearly 9

years. But, you know, what's

going to happen next year,

what's going to happen once

those troops do leave is

anybody's guess but I think clearly the security situation

in Iraq is going to be a

problem for some time. Michael, just moving on to another issue, the News Corp annual

general meeting was held in Los

Angeles, wound up just an hour

or two ago. The or two ago. The meeting heard

about more allegations of phone

hacking, has that scandal resonated in the US? Look, it

has, it's resonated from has, it's resonated from the very beginning simply very beginning simply because

of Rupert Murdoch's position

here. He's a powerful business and media figure in this

country as well. He runs

Fox television network, the 'New York Post', a number of tabloids, the 'Wall Street Journal', he has his fingers in

a lot of media pies and America

is now one of the - is now biggest part of his empire and of course his headquarters are

in New York. So of course this

has resonated here. There is no

- there has been no accusation

of wrong as there has been in the UK but

clearly what happened in the UK

and the whole culture of governance of News Corporation was a big issue at the meeting today, the AGM today. The stockholders meeting today stockholders meeting today and

it came up time and again, one

speaker after another, raising

this with Rupert Murdoch and there

there were some pretty there were some pretty strong

and vocal calls for a complete

change of governance change of governance of News

Corporation, a vote was held, because of the share structure,

actually has the majority of

the voting rights despite only

owning about 13% of the stock. So there was a lot of calls for that and Tom Watson, the

British MP who has pretty much led the charge against Rupert

Murdoch in the UK also accused

Rupert Murdoch of not being

upfront with his stock holders

and not telling them about what

he says could be a Mulcaire II

which is a second round of the

hacking scandal hacking scandal where he says

that an organised crime agency

in the UK holds the hard drives

of 3 others who are now being investigated investigated and stand accused

of hacking into computers and

he suspects that that's going

to lead to a number of civil litigation cases as those

people who claim to have people who claim to have had their computers hacked bring

their cases to the court. So he says that Rupert Murdoch and

News Corporation hasn't been about what could be potentially

a second round of these explosive issues. Anyway, it

was a very heated meeting, as

you could imagine. That's Michael Brissenden in Washington. Thailand's Prime Minister has warned Bangkok

residents to move their possessions to higher ground possessions to higher ground as

flood waters begin seeping into

the captal's residential the captal's residential areas. Businesses and residents are preparing for the worst preparing for the worst using sandbags to fortify shopping

centres and office buildings. Zoe Daniel reports from

Bangkok. This is effectively

the shopping heart of Bangkok

and it's really only now that

we're starting to see businesses here fortifying

their properties against this

flooding. We were told a week

ago that central Bangkok could

definitely be safe, then the

Government had to retract that

and say that the city could see some flooding and now Yingluck

Shinawatra has said everyone in Bangkok should protect their

property and move belongings to higher is that the Government has

failed to control that flood water that is moving water that is moving from the

north. We've seen all week

flood barriers breaking and areas being inundated around

the outer north and east of the city. The Government's now had

to admit that it can't control

that water, that the longer it

tries to stop it with sandbag

barriers the deeper it's

getting and the more likely getting and the more likely it

will be to actually break down

those defences. Some bange cock

canals have been opened to to release some of that water to release some of that water through the city before more

water arrives from the flooded

north of Thailand over the weekend. So now people here weekend. So now people here in central Bangkok aren't quite

sure if water's coming, when

it's coming or how deep it will

be but they really have no choice but to make some

preparations and people have definitely definitely been, for definitely been, for example,

stocking up on foot and waut stocking up on foot and waut -

food and water supplies and now

sandbagging their properties. In Hong Kong properties. In Hong Kong 70

people have been injured after

their passenger into a mooring pillar. The

ferry was carry ing 140

passengers from an outlying

island to the heart of the business district. No-one was injured and - well in fact

there are some injured, the

passengers have been airlifted

to various hospitals with one

person in a serious condition.

China is mourning the death of

a 2-year-old girl who rose to

national prominence after she was hit by 2 cars. Wang was hit by 2 cars. Wang Yue

died from her injuries a week

after the incident. Videos posted on the intershet Ngoed

the toddler being hit by the

first van and it captured 18 people

people walking or without people stopping to

help. It's led to calls for a

new law to force passersby to

assist a person in need. Returning to our need. Returning to our top story. The interim Lybian government is soon expected to

declare the country declare the country formally

liberated. It will allow the Government to move its headquarters from Ben Ghazi to leaders face a daunting task to

rebuild the country and bring

all the rival factions

together. The morning after the the euphoric night before,

Tripoli is quiet. In places

almost deserted. But it's far

from subdued. The atmosphere is extraordinary, optimistic,

generous, open, relaxed. It's as though a curse has as though a curse has been

lifted. But the hard work of transforming Libya begins

now. It's a big change dictatorship to a democratic

country, to a free country.

It's not - it doesn't happen

overnight. It takes a lot of

time to train the people, to

teach the people to upgrade the

society. Within 30 days from

now the NTC must put aside internal divisions and form a transitional government. They

then have to legislate for

nation wide elections within

240 days. In other words, by

next June. From a standing start, that's fast. Political

parties are in their infancy here. The Islamists are by far the best organised and start the process well ahead. Many of

them fought in Afghanistan but

they insist they now want to be part of a multiparty Lybian

democracy. The most immediate

concern is security. The place

awash with weapons. This was awash with weapons. This was a bottom up revolution, bottom up revolution, the streets are controlled by the

militias who liberated them.

They won the war, they don't

intend to lose the Libya we want is democratic. We want to be free, to express ours freely, that's

the kind of Libya we the kind of Libya we want." The NTC must make sure that NTC must make sure that the expectations of the men with

the guns are met for the potential for armed revolt is

obvious. But already the

security situation is visibly changing. Today we found this group of recent recruits to the

new national security service,

former militia men now being

welded into a single force. What's striking is the speed with already moved on from the last regime. The revolution has

unleashed enormous examinations

here but Libya, of all the

countries of the Arab spring,

is best placed to begin realising realising those

expectations. And this is one

reason why. Before the uprising

Libya with just 6 Libya with just 6 million

people was producing 2% of the

world's oil. The infrastructure

has not been seriously damaged. Production is already back to a

quarter of what it already was.

Managed well, this wealth could

help transform lives

here. Libya has tribal little sign of tribal antagonism. The will to succeed

here is a powerful unifier.

There may be bitter disagreements ahead but Lybians for now are relishing this

moment of promise. 10 months

after the Arab uprisings began

on the streets of Tunisia

on the streets of Tunisia the country is preparing for its

first democratic election.

Today mark Theoklitos last day

of campaigning and of campaigning and unemployment is shaping up to be one of the

key issues. Two days ago Ismail

tried to tried to kill himself. He tied this noose around his neck and was found hanging by a friend who cut the string, saving his life. Sit a desperation that drove him to suicide. Like the other people here on the other people here on hunger strike, he is a strike, he is a qualified teacher. He's been looking for a job for 9 years. TRANSLATION: When you realise you can't provide for your Kasserine are from the Islamic party Anada. Banned under the former President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, its leader was exiled and many members were imprisoned. In just Anada has become one of Tunisia's biggest parties. It is an incredible turn around in such a short space of time. The reason for Anada's success seems to be the best organised party in this region and it's offering not only freedom and justice but also economic growth. But millions of Tunisians haven't even decided if they will vote on Salem Selmi hasn't worked since he graduated 20 years ago. He doesn't see the point voting. They say vote for us, I feel with myself shameful I feel that they want to buy our vote, our vote just to get in power. Tunisia's revolution in power. Tunisia's revolution was born in small, rural towns

like Kasserine. People here

took to the streets and paid a

heavy price. 17 people were

killed and Young people now have freedoms their parents could only have

dreamed of but they also want economic economic payback. Let's check

the weather now around the Australian capitals:

The birth of two rare Asian

lion s has been caught on

camera at London zoo.

was set up in the bed of a

lioness. She delivered the two

healthy cub licking them clean.

The cubs have been named kin and spook and will be

slowly introduced to their 180

kg dad. Asian lions are

endangered and it's estimate ed

there are only 380 left in the wild. Standby for the quarters.

I'll be back in 15 Min - minutes with another minutes with another bulletin.

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