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Captioned Live.? N Tonight - a

cut above, the Government the Opposition's taxing

debate. Labor is the only political party with a plan to put a tax on plootion and to

use that money to give tax cuts to Australian families. It will

be a tax cut without a carbon tax. Also they've, struggling to

stabilise, Europe's economy, EU leaders gather to plan their next

written into law, New York next move. Same

moves to legalise gay marriage.

And Melbourne moves into the

AFL's top eight with an impressive win over

Richmond. Good evening, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm

Jeremy Fernandez. Let's begin

with a quick check with a quick check of

tomorrow's weather forecast -

promising tax cuts to cushion Both sides

the rising cost of living. Julia Gillard's come with a

without. The Opposition carbon tax, Tony Abbott's

counter fears he would Leader's promise is designed to counter fears he would scrap the Government's compensation package along with the carbon price,

price, but the PM says his tax

cuts won't be real until he can say

say how he'll pay for them. Far

from Labor heartland, Julia

Gillard found herself among friends. It's good to be with you. She's set out to woo

the west, a State hostile since

the mining tax. I respect the

I have been listening voice of Western Australia,

it. It's listening too, for word on the carbon tax. Nothing

yet on industry assistance but for households there's confirmation of relief. We confirmation of relief. We will

assist Australians through tax

cuts, pension increases and increases in family payments. Across the country, a counteroffer was made. Tony

Abbott's promised income tax

cuts for all. It will be a tax cut without a carbon cut without a carbon tax. His will target middle income earners, but like the

Government the plan's scant on detail. The Coalition will fund

these tax cuts through prudent

economies in Government spending. You need to know

where that money is coming from, money doesn't grow on

trees. So voters will have

choice, to keep their new

carbon tax with tax cuts to

fashioned tax cuts alone, what soften it, or Tony Abbott's old

he's offering seems simple

enough, but must withstand enough, but must withstand two

years of scrutiny about how

he'd pay for it. he'd pay for it. The Liberals

have laid to rest another contest, incumbent Alan

Stockdale beat former Howard

Government Minister Peter Reith

for the party presidency by the

narrowest of margins. We have

to ensure that we remain united. We have winning momeant

mum. Let us go forward to the

great political victory that

our country so desperately needs. Let the needs. Let the continuous

campaign roll on. Disgll

European leaders have agreed to

dig Greece out of its financial

hole for a second time only if it imposes more austerity

measures and spending cuts. The

crisis in Greece is threatening financial markets and could affect the world economic recovery. With the recovery. With the provisional

offer of shert and long-term bailouts on the table, it's now up to the Greek parliament and

the people to fulfil their side

of this bargain. A $38 billion

awe serty program awe serty program that would involve sell-offs sackings and

wage cuts, not exact lay palatable option for people already coping with a palatable option for these

previous slash and burn

program, a poll puts opposition to these latest proposals at

75%. But if there's no

agreement in the deal on a rescue and the PM

says there is no oh way out. There are so many negative

effects also to Leighing the

Euro which would create huge problem, for example this mean immediate default. At problem, for example this would

mean immediate default. At a summit of EU leaders summit of EU leaders in

Brusselings, the message was

clear, Greek politicians on

both sides must unite. That warning to both sides must unite. That a

warning to the Greek Opposition

which is against the but even if it's passed contributing. I think it would British Government won't be

be wrong for us to be drawn

into the European element of a

future payment. And I sort into the European element of a

assurances on, that I got assurances on,

assurances on that, thing is important. But while David Cameron returns home with that assurance, the Bank of

England's Mervyn King issued a

flowing from a Greek default warning that any contagion

would affect everyone. Gay

pride has been on jubilant

parade in New York after the State voted same-sex marriage. Gay couples and supporters of gay marriage

danced in the streets when they

heard the heard the news. We want to be happy. We want to happy. We want to have the same

rights as every rights as every other American. New York will become

the sixth and most populous US

state to allow gay state to allow gay marriage. Gay rights activists hailed the bill as a victory while the

city's Catholic Archbishops

said they were deeply disappointed and troubled be allowed to take place in 30 the le, same sex weddings will

rallied in Brisbane calling days. Refugee advocates have

rallied in Brisbane calling for

an end to the mandatory detention of aslyum seekers in

Australia. The event was part of World Refugee Week, it concluded - included calls for the Federal Government to abandon it's Malaysia solution. The swap aslyum seekers for solution. The swap of our

mandated refugees who could irrespective of the swap, this already be coming anyway is an absolute atrocity. Organisers claimed the policy of mandatory atrocity. Organisers also

human detention violated people's

being abused, and all shapes human rights. You seem people

and forms, things that you

would never imagine happen to a

human beings, happening to

refugees in those camps, create a lot of stress. The Immigration Minister Immigration Minister has previously promised to remove

children and vulnerable

families from detention by the

end of the month. Environmental groups say that Western Australia's

Ningaloo reef has won world

heritage status. Stretching

more than 200 more than 200 kilometres Ningaloo is one of the world's

longest near shore reefs and home to whale sharks, manta rays, dugongs and turtles.

Environmentalists have been pushing for international recognition of the reach for

more than a decade. Some local farmers had farmers had raised concerns

about the boundaries of the

heritage site but the Federal Government says all groups were satisfied with the final ruling. In Ningaloo we have one of the earth. The levels of earth. The levels of protection that we had under national heritage, once you've got them

internationally recognised

there's no backwards step. It's the 19th Australian area to be

world heritage listed by UNESCO. Melbourne has become

home to Australia's first urban skiing centre. And it doesn't even have now. The new business

has created massive treadmills

for skiers. The operators say

it will help families to learn

to ski in a safe and warm environment chilly winds. No cold, no wind,

no snow, not a problem. This no snow, not a problem. This is skiing without skiing without the constraints

of the weather. I like

jumps and stuff like that on

it. It's pretty really.Et it

seem like the real thing. We're

really about not taking people

awhat from the slopes, the advantages

advantages are giving families and people an introduction to

skiing in a really safe and

warm environment. So when they do

do get to the mountain, they're experience will be a lot better. The huge incline

treadmills have become popular

in Europe and make for an

infinite ski run. The scees and

snowboard s glide on lubicated turf and beginners turf and beginners learn with the support of a balance

bar. If you're a technical good

skier, you don't have problems

with it, takes you about 15 minutes

minutes to half an hour to get

used to it. If you're proper technique, it's going to be more difficult. Instructs

carry a remote control to stop the run if the

the run if the inevitable

as much. With sno snow, it means

means this are no chunky

parkas, scarves or beanies and

that means you don't have to look ridiculous while you ski. It is Australia's first urban skiing centre but it probably

won't be the last. The company

wants to open in Sydney within

the year. Outdoor rock climbing

was, now indoor rock climbing is such a popular sport. is such a popular sport. We're looking to make outdoor skiing come into our centres so people

can have it all year

round. This was just a run. The centre hopes to open

to customers next

are stilly theing to determine

why a sea plane plunged into lake Jindabyne yesterday killing two men on board. killing two men on board. A

man from Canberra was taking

the plane for a test flying wits owner when it crashed.

Locals in the Snowy Mountains

say they're shocked and saddened by the incident. These

are the icy waters that yesterday claimed two lives. We

have spoken to a number of

people who reported seeing two

ultra light aircraft flying within reasonably close

proximity to each other One was

later seen climbing and then banking. When we believe the engine has

fishermen saw the plane hit the

lake. They raced to the wreck

but the cockpit was underwater.

The fishermen helped ferry

police from shore to police from shore to the wreckage and as place toud it to shore they discovered the bodies of bodies of two men inside. I

felt shock and surprise. This

is the first time we've had a

plane ditch, or crash into the lake. Inside the cockpit was the plane's Queensland owner,

Peter frirt and Canberra security consult an Richard

Holgate. The aviation Holgate. The aviation enUS and

qualified instructor was assessing the rare plane. I

suspect he was thinking this might be another addition to his burgeoning fleet of aero planes. Richard Holgate had

named his business Don't Die Wondering. That's exactly Wondering. That's exactly how

he loved his he loved his life. Passion,

competence, enthusiasm, and a

complete and utier dedication

to doing things properly. He's

survived by his partner and three children. I am angry,

upset, cross that something like this could

like and above all, very, very

sad. The peak organisation for small aircraft recreational aviation Australia is assisting with the investigation. NSW

police say they want to hear from anyone

crash. Back overseas, war crash. Back overseas, war weary

politicians in the US have

rebuked President Obama over

the country's involvement in

the military intervention in

Libya. Doesens of Democrats

joined Republicans to reject a

resolution authorising US

defence operations there. defence operations there. The

vote demonstrates the depth of

anger on the Hill after the President's refusal to seek approve from Congress for

military action. Even the

Administration has said it's interest of the United States to be in Libya so why are we

there? We're there because there? We're there because we don't like Moammer Gaddafi,

well there are a lot of bad guys in the world and if we start picking them off one at start picking them off one at a

time, we will be at war with

most of the world. While

embarrassing for the White

House, the vote is largely symbolic. A more concrete symbolic. A more concrete move

to cut off funding for the US military strike missions against Libya was rejected. At least 60 Afghans have been

killed by a bomb plast at a hospital. The suicide happened south of the happened south of the capital,

Kabul. 120 people were hurt.

It's not known who It's not known who is responsible, the Taliban has

denied it played a part. condemning the condemning the attack saying

the perpetrators were trying to

defame the terrorist

organisation. Earlier this week

President Obama announced that

10,000 US forces would be

pulled out of Afghanistan this

year. The so-called Arab year. The so-called Arab spring

has now been going for almost

six months and as the six months and as the crisis

grinds on it continues to shake

the Middle East. But its effects are not just political. Even remained calm fragile economies

have been hit. Among them is

Jordan. At the

city of injury jer a minor

miracle is happening. This bus

load of Mormon pilgrims is the biggest group of tourists here in weeks. Drumming up business

for the daily chartot race and

gladiator show is a battle and it has been since the year. Most afternoons the show

here doesn't go here doesn't go ahead because there's no-one to watch there's no-one to watch it and

it's not going ahead today

either. This crowd is moving

on. In a year of turmoil in on. In a year of turmoil in the

Middle East, Jordan has been an

island of relative calm but thattardly seems to matter. Of

course, not in Jordan but you

know the tourist s, what's

happened in the Middle East?

And he don't know there is a

border between the kauns the

Jordan nothing happen

that's why. Even at pe Rehnially popular sites like Petra visitor numbers Rehnially Petra visitor numbers

by up to 80%. Unlike some of

its neighbouring countries

Jordan doesn't have oil to fall

back on, or much else in the way of natural

resources. Tourism is around,

contributes around 14% to the GDP, so it's a huge thing. And

each unsolved postcard has a ripple effect throughout the

entire economy. The tourist

industry is pushing its Government to fund a new markets campaign spreading the word

word that Jordan is safe to

visit, but it isn't getting

very far. Mohannad Manhas

admits that not being able to

get that message out to potential tourists frustrates

him. Well, it does, but living

in the Middle East we are used to these ups and to these ups and downs, it's like a roller coastary, you

have to be prepared But the

problem for Jordan is

not just another dip in the

cycle, while Jordan itself has

been stable there have also

been some very worrying signs

and what the country doesn't

need is the collapse of one of

its biggest industries. Investigate investigators

trying to determine the cause

of a major fire at a hotel in

Canberra in week can't yet say

what started the blaze. Large parts of the New Acton pavilion burnt to the ground afternoon. The city has lost two heritage buildings in as

many months. The Canberra services club burned council services club burned council in late April and late April and that's provoked a debate about whether conservation rules for heritage buildings are make unsafe. With heritage buildings, we couldn't buildings, we couldn't actually put certain things put certain things in because

the structure was its structure

from 1927. We need to learn

what's whatever lessons we what's whatever lessons we y these fires and if there's a

need for some change, then I'm

be very seen to pursue that. At

a meeting next month the ACT's

heritage council will consider the balance between conservation and conservation and fire management. The NSW rugby

league is taking tentative

steps towards changing its junior rugby league competitions by taking players' weights into account as well as

their ages. A study is about to

examine if small boys have a

higher injury rate than their

bigger team-mates. Both these boys are 12 years of age, but

one weighs 43kg, the other 75.

It's enough to make the bravest halfback... A bit halfback... A bit scared. When

Ben goes for a run it can take

after a dozen of his opponents

to halt his progress. If a

smaller player gets in the way,

it can get ugly. In a tackle, I

can hurt them by pushing them

on the ground. His coax says

some teams have even some teams have even bigger players with clubs dominated Polynesian children often at a

huge advantage.. There's a

crush problem there. Could be

250kg going down with that amount of Children's Hospital Institute of Sport suspects that smaller players are receiving more injuries that result injuries that result in hospitalsation. The institute is joining with the NSW rugby

league to measure the league to measure the height

and weight of juniors over the

next few weeks to test next few weeks to test the

theory. Measure all the under

12 players in the Penrith junior league and all

divisions that paepts in the junior league out of Penrith.

Then from there hopefully next

year we'll look at injury surveillance survey The rugby

league wants to trial a weight-based television in under 12s here in the Penrith

district next year. But some

say they'll belief it say they'll belief it when they

see it. This issue's been going

on for the last ten years, and

they've not done anything about

it. The NSW rugby league it. The NSW rugby league is

understood to be eyeing off the model following by New Zealand

rugby league. Junior matches

there are rated

well as age. Now sport with

Amanda Shalala and the Sharks

have won again in the

NRL? They're gaining so momenum

now. They're within reach now. They're within reach of

the top 8. The Canberra Raiders have downed Parramatta have downed Parramatta while

the Sharks stormed to their

second con-Sunshine Coastive win. Clinton Toopi's somehow

stayed in the field to give made made med the Titans made made med the Titans first.

The teams trading tries and the

Sharks were only up by Sharks were only up by four at half-time. life in the second half, life in the second half, with Paul Gallen once again the

pivotal figure. He will charge

at the line. There's no stopping the skipper. What stopping the skipper. What a

run by Paul Gallen. In Canberra, the green machine turned pink and lady luck stockpiled on the Raiders as

they led 14-nil at the break. The Eels got The Eels got to within a

converted try in the second half but Josh McCrone's field

goal bounced away to give the Raiders a lucky 7-point break. second try to wrap-up the

result. In the AFL, Fremantle has come from nowhere to stay

in touch with the Brisbane

Lions at sieb Subiaco. The

Lions took off only for Dockers to reel them in, while in Sydney Collingwood is staving off a passionate staving off a passionate Swans outfit. Last year's Premiers

had to fight hard to take a

slight lead into the slight lead into the final quarter as the Swans applied

plenty of pressure. In plenty of pressure. In Perth,

Brisbane was the dominant team in the found a way back into the match

through skipper Matthew Pavlich and he slotted two majors. When in doubt, go back to theEr,

launching long and straight and

magnificent. The Lions hold a

narrow lead in the narrow lead in the third quarter. This afternoon, Melbourne surged back into the

top eight with an impressive

win over Richmond at the MCG.

There have been many false dawn for fans dawn for fans of the Demons and

Tigers not only in but during the 2011 season. It was therefore no surprise there was cautious hype around this

fixture from both sides. There was nothing cautious about the start from

The Tigers had the fition six scoring shots of the game

Weather Bureau six minutes p. Newman from 45 and he's

nailed it from the paint. But in the Jekyll and Hyde season, it it was the good deemsz who responded kicking seven of the

next eight goals heading into

entertainment continued early

as a high scoring shoot-out developed but it was soon

evident that teemg had more first half fire power and had

build a handy lead at the fwraenl. The goals tried up somewhat in the second half,

though the Tigers skipper did

his part to keep Richmond in

the contestment ten behinds the contestment ten behinds for the ferm from Melbourne looked

to have let Richmond back in

before this buzzer beater gave

the Demons the initiative at

three three quarter-time. That will hurt. Melbourne failed to keep

the upper hand, the first two

goals went to the Tigers. But

the deem repeatedly lifted when

challenged and thoroughly earnt

their spot in the top eight with a 27-point win. This will

be huge. Melbourne now finds

itself in the ability, Richmond

will need owait a little

onner. Also today the Western

Bulldogs held off a resurgent

Gold Coast side to win their second game on the produced one of the most

embarrassing moments of his career. Rischitelli, he's going

the wrong way. Oh, that's a shocking mistake. From a shocking mistake. From a senior player, a certain goal. player, a certain goal. Sherman

got it from him, that is unbelievable. The Bullmore didn't have any didn't have any issues finding

their tarls and they took a 45

point lead into the last quarter.

quarter. The Suns went on a

final term spree with five

majors to one to go down by majors to 2 The Crusaders are off to the Super Rugby semifinals after a 28-point win over South Africa's Natal Sharks in their

final. The Crusaders will now play the stormers Town next week. The Sharks made the best possible the best possible start against

search time chaps with a try

envelope caught off the back of a su plaek. Sonny Bill Williams

burst through to restore burst through to restore order

as the New Zealanders led 13-5 at intercept think virtual shut

out any Sharks hopes. That is a

big try. After plenty of pressure, Ben Franks's try sealed the win. And sealed the win. And Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic has

equalleded his best grand slam

rut by reaching the third rut by reaching the third round

at Wimbledon. Second seed Vera Zvonareva and former finalist

Rodionovard are out of the tournament while Tomic fought back to keep Igor Andreev. His

tennis is days when Australians dominated

on grass. Davis Cup captain Pat

Rafter and Tomic's former foe Lleyton Hewitt watched the qualifier work his way back

from a from a two set deficit against experienced Russian Igor

Andreev. Tomic breezed through

the fifth set to book the fifth set to book a third

round match against Robin

Soderling.. If I play the game he doesn't like, he's one of

those players where he can whip

you off the court but my main focus will be sevening well tomorrow. Andy Murray moved

into the fourth round into the fourth round in

unorthodox fashion. Highlight reel. Jees that reel. Jees that pretty annoying

if you're the opponent. Unseeded Spaniard

Feliciano Lopez sent Andy Roddick crashing out of

Roddick crashing out of the tournament. Bulgaria's Tsvetana

Prionkova upset the second seed

Vera Zvonareva to book a meeting with Venus meeting with Venus Williams. World number one Caroline

Wozniacki thrashed French woman Virginie Razzano to centre court date with Australia's Jarmila Gajdosova.

19-year-old Patrick Cantlay has

fired the lowest round by an

amateur in a US PGA tournament. Developing

here, he is tied for the

lead The American shot a ten

under par 60 to take a four f

stroke lead at

of the tournament. The women's

world number one Yani Tseng world number one Yani Tseng has a one-shot lead after two

rounds of the LPGA

championship. Italian Marco Simoncelli qualified fast Simoncelli qualified fast eest for for toon's Dutch MotoGP.

Championship leader Australian

Casey Stoner was Casey Stoner was third

quickest, behind American Ben Spies. Let's take a look at the

weather now A band of cloud is

sweeping over the Bight carrying strong winds carrying strong winds and

showers across southern WA.

Winds moving around a high Winds moving around a high in

the south-east are generating

isolated showers in western Tasmania, coastal

and adjacent parts of NSW. The

high will brush the showers in

Queensland into inland

districts, particularly in the suite tomorrow. You're watching ABC News 24.

Stay with us, State to State is up next. Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned Live. These are the day's These are the day's top

stories on ABC News - both

sides of Federal politics are

promising to introduce tax cuts

to cushion the rising cost living. Julia Gillard's offer

comes Tony Abbott's without. Labor

says Mr Abbott's tax cuts are

not real until he can say how he'll pay for them. The

Opposition Leader says his cuts would be funded by reducing the

size of Government. The leaders

of the European Union of the European Union have

agreed to dig Greece out of its financial hole for a second

time but only if the ailing

country imposes more austerity

measures and spending cuts. measures and spending cuts. The crisis in Greece is threatening financial market and could severely affect the world economic recovery. Gay economic recovery. Gay pride has been on

after the State voted to legalise same-sex marriage. New

York will become the sixth and