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Live. Tonight - world leaders

pledge strong action to combat the threat of nuclear


Also ahead - farewelling a King. Tongans pay their last

respects to George Tupou V. Herbicide poisoning fears on

the Great Barrier Reef.

Environmental groups point the

finger at sugar cane growers.

And later on 'Grandstand' with

Peter Wilkins, a champion

remembered. Victorians turn out

in their thousands in in their thousands in a fitting tribute to AFL great tribute to AFL great Jim Stynes. Live across Australia Stynes. Live

this is ABC News 24. Hello, I'm

Scott Bevan. World leaders

have agreed to do more to

secure nuclear weapons and

fuels at top level talks in Korea. The world's nuclear powers, the US, Korea. The world's biggest

nuclear powers, the US, China, Russia and India have all signed

signed up to the agreement to limit the chances of limit the chances of terrorists

getting their hands on nuclear material. As China

correspondent Stephen McDonnell

reports, Julia Gillard says a stronger atomic watchdog would

help ensure the leaders' words

translate into action. China

and Russia walked in together. Then United States President

Barack Obama arrived. This high-powered summit is hoping

to keep nuclear weapons out of

the hands of groups like

al-Qaeda and to achieve this

even old enemies will shake hands. Australia's PM Julia

Gillard joined more than 50

delegations in Seoul, all here

to speak about what they're

doing to secure nuclear weapons materials. We're improving

security at our nuclear

facilities, we're removing

nuclear materials and in some cases getting rid of these materials entirely. President

Obama warned there were still unsecured nuclear facilities dotted around the unsecured nuclear storage

world. It would not take much

to kill hundreds of thousands

of innocent people and that is

reality we face. The main not an exaggeration that is the

speeches were all behind closed

doors but on the side, some presidential reassurance

regarding his own controversial

missile shield.

Earlier the PM explained what

Australia could offer this meeting. We are at the

forefront of capability in

forensic technology to detect

illicit nuclear material. We

can share that. The final agreement deals with the agreement deals with the safe

transport of nuclear weapons

material. The prevention illegal trafficking and the material. The prevention of

promotion of a better nuclear security

security culture. Australia,

for a strengthening of the amongst others, has also called

international Atomic Energy

Agency so it can police so-called nuclear terrorism. It

was all winks and nudges going

into the business end of this

meeting. One big happy family

at least on this issue.

The PM took time out from the

summit to brush aside another

grim opinion poll. Labor's primary vote remains in the

doldrums sitting at 28%. The

Coalition's widened its lead on

a two-party preferred basis. The poll follows labour your's

disastrous showing in the QLD

election. We need to listen

but my job is to both listen

and lead and that is what and lead and that is what I will be doing as PM. Labor accuses Tony Abbott of thinking

the next election is in the the next election is in the bag

but the Opposition Leader says

he's not taking anything he's not taking anything for granted. For all the granted. For all the political

heat it caused, the number of asylum seekers coming to

Australia actually fell last

year. 11,500 asylum seekers

arrived in 2011, that is about

1 thousand fewer than the year

before. The figure includes

arrivals by air and sea. The UN

says the fall is mainly due to

a decline in numbers coming by

boat. Most refugee applications

come from Iran and Afghanistan. An Australian aid

advisor has been injured in a

suicide attack in Afghanistan.

David Savage, who is a senior

AusAID official, will be flown

to Germany for treatment. His

family says he's in a serious but stable condition and but


they're planning to visit him.

All I can say about his

medical condition is that we

are pretty hopeful, given are pretty hopeful, given the

way the diagnosis has improved

overnight. AusAID says Mr

Savage was injured on his way

community meeting in the Chora back to Kandahar from a

Valley. The NSW Police

Minister says an officer who

fatally shot a man at a shopping centre in shopping centre in Sydney's west made the right decision. Police have said 34-year-old

Darren Neill was on a crime

rampage before the confrontation.

confrontation. It is also been revealed the authorities were trying to get Mr Neill's parole

revoked in the days before his

family death. That is because of

family concerns about his

behaviour. Darren Neill was

killed by a police officer just

two days ago. But the

judgement call. In the minister's already making a

briefings that I have had from

the police so far this morning, I recognise that this officer

decision and I think he has had to make a split second

made the right decision and I think he has

facing criticism for their use made the right decision. After

of a Taser earlier in the month, police have been asked

why the officer who why the officer who killed

Darren Neill didn't rely on his

stun gun. Now, the answer. This

officer who has made this

decision, did not have a

Taser. Police are investigating Sunday's shooting and Sunday's shooting and the alleged

alleged crime spree preceded it. They're also alleged crime spree that

looking into the earlier use of

a Taser that ended in the death

of a Brazilian student. There

have been a number of internal investigations that have been

carried out in a way that is

less than thorough. For that

reason alone we need to have an police independent investigations when

police are involved in critical incidents. Darren Neill's reason incidents. Darren Neill's

family say they raised concerns

about his mental state with

authorities but didn't get the

response they wanted. Corrective services has

released a statement confirming

that... Corrective services says

that by last Friday, a report had been completed,

recommending that Darren

Neill's parole be revoked. The department says it can't say how long it would have how long it would have taken

before he was put back behind

bars. But it never came bars. But it never came to

that. 48 hours later, Darren

Neill was dead.

Police have intensified their blitz blitz on safety breaches in the

trucking industry. Trucks from two Victorian companies are

being tracked down after some

were caught with their speed limiters disabled. It follows

previous raids on trucking

companies in NSW and SA. companies in NSW and SA. In an early morning raid, police

descended on two Victorian

trucking companies of the 41

trucks searched so far, 11 have

serious issues, including speed

limiter tampering. I am limiter tampering. I am calling

on those rogue operators or the

cowboys in the industry who

modify speed limiting systems,

you need to return the trucks

to standard as soon as possible. Authorities are trying to track down and

inspect a total of 130 trucks operated by Fred's Interstate

Transport and Damorange. Four

trucks from those companies

were caught speeding earlier

this month with their speed

limiters tampered with. There

is no need for police involvement. My clients are

cooperating and will to cooperating and will continue to do so. Also today a truck

driver was caught on camera

driving at almost twice the

speed limit on an Adelaide

Hills freeway. Police allege

drug equipment was also found

in the truck. We will seek to

impound trucks at every opportunity. We will seek to

place people before the courts at at every opportunity if at every opportunity if they drive in a dangerous and unacceptable manner. The

industry denies the industry denies the safety breaches are a growing problem. Because evidence problem. Because evidence shows

us that accident rates are falling, that the majority of

operators in Australia compliant operators in Australia are compliant and doing the compliant and doing the right thing. The industry thing. The industry crackdown began with a raid

Transport Services after one Transport Services after one of its trucks careered onto its trucks careered onto the wrong side of the Hume Highway killing three people. South Australian-based company

Scott's Transport has also been

targeted. A P plate driver was

trapped in his burning van for

45 minutes early this morning after

after colliding with a taxi in

Melbourne's CBD. Police say the van van driver was speeding when he

ran into the back of a tacky ran into the back of a tacky on

Lonsdale Street. The impact

caused the taxi's gas tank to explode

explode and both cars caught

alight. The explosion set fire

to several tree branches overhead. The driver of the van suffered suffered burns inside the cabin

of the vehicle.

overhead. The

branches on the trees above the vehicle vehicle have been significantly

burnt due to the flames. It burnt due to the flames. It is

a large fire . The cab driver

wasn't injured but was treated

for shock. Police want to talk

to the driver of a black

Mercedes whom it is believed witnessed the accident. QLD

environmentalists Drew Hutton

says he will press ahead with

defamation action against

billionaire Clive Palmer. Last

week the mining magnate week

Mr Hutton of having links to

the CIA as part of a plot to damage local mining industries.

Mr pall her says his comments

were intended to take the media

spotlight off QLD LNP leader

Campbell Newman. You cannot

treat people's reputation in

such a cavalier fashion as this

and then, especially come out

and say "Wasn't I being mischievous,

mischievous, I did it because I

wanted to distract attention away

away from other things in the

media". Mr Hutton says he has

asked his lawyers to send Mr

Palmer a letter of intent. A common farm chemical used up

and down the QLD coast is said to be threatening the future of the Great Barrier Reef. Green

groups want the chemical Diuron

banned but farmers say it is

essential for life on the land.

The authority charged with

protecting this underwater

world lists contaminated runoff

as one of its biggest as one of its biggest threats. Environmentalists say the

danger could be eliminated by

banning just one herbicide,

Diuron. Just one gram of Diuron

in four Olympic swimming pools

is toxic enough to kill or damage sea grass. We all know

we need sea grass to sustain

turtles and dugongs. We can only see it as being scare-mongering

scare-mongering to the highest level. The World Wildlife Fund

has reviewed the science on

Diuron and says it is being

found at 100 times safe levels inside the reef. Unbelievably

they have detected Diuron up to

60km inside the world heritage

area of the Great Barrier Reef,

at concentrations that can at concentrations that can harm coral. Cane growers say they

have cut their use in half and continued spraying

continued spraying is safe and

essential. We are talking

about a vital product which is

absolutely necessary for weed

management in the industry. The pesticides regulator has pesticides regulator has been reviewing Diuron for a decade.

A decision is due this week A decision is due this week on whether to lift or continue a

temporary suspension in place

since November last year. It

is now 10 years on, we need

action in the next few

days. We want to engage with WWF through the APVMA process

to ensure that this is based on good good science, not scare-mongering and

sensationalism. The row comes

as UNESCO reviews its world heritage heritage listing of the reef.

The pesticides authority has

said tonight that the temporary

ban on Diuron has been lifted

for cane growers with some new restrictions. Sydney restrictions. Sydney radio personality Kyle Sandilands personality Kyle Sandilands has been found guilty of breaching broadcasting decency broadcasting decency standards

but he won't face any penalty for making disparaging comments

about a female journalist. about a female journalist. Last year the breakfast show year the breakfast show host

launched an on air tirade

against the reporter who had

given his new TV show a bad

review. Some fat slag on

'Telegraph' web site or has already brand

ed ita disaster. What a fat bitter thing you are. The ACMA

found that this was a broadcast that was grossly demeaning,

that was deep ly derogatory of the journalist. The Communications and Media

Authority has no power to

penalise Sandilands. It has

imposed new licensing conditions on 2Day FM's owners to try to prevent to try to prevent it broadcasting any more indecent

content. The broadcaster says

it will launch an appeal. The

former head of the former Dominique Strauss-Kahn is

embroiled in yet another legal

battle. He's faced court on

preliminary charges of being

involved in a prostitution ring. Lawyers for the one-time presidential hopeful say their client attended orgies but

never knew the women were prostitutes. Mr Strauss-Khan is finding

finding himself in large part

because of his fame thrown to

the butchers. And by a the butchers. And by a curious

coincidence one month before an

important electoral term. Mr

Strauss-Khan has been released

on bail. Later this week a New

York court will hear a civil

case brought by a maid who is

accusing the former IMF chief

of sexual assault. Criminal

charges relating to that matter

have been dropped. have been dropped. The Pope

has begun his visit to Cuba by calling for the church to do

more at a time of political

change. Pope Benedict was

welcomed by the Cuban President Raul

Raul Castro. Ahead of his Raul Castro. Ahead of his visit

the point yf said that

communism had failed and that

Cuba needed a new economic

model. He told the Cuban people that

that the church sympathised with their

aspirations. TRANSLATION: Dear friends, I am convinced friends, I am convinced that

Cuba at this important moment in

in its history is looking to

the future. The Pope celebrated mass

mass in honour of Cuban's

patron saint. He then travelled

to Havana for talks with President Castro. The people of Tonga have farewelled

of Tonga have farewelled their

King in a ceremony rich in tradition. A thousand pall

bearers took it in turns to

carry the casket from the

palace to the royal burial

ground. Thousands lined the streets before streets before joining dignitaries for a two-hour

funeral service. Dominique Schwarz reports from Tonga. King George Tupou V was

a military man at heart and his

funeral ran with military

precision. Members of precision. Members of the

defence force led the

procession from the palace to

the burial ground. The road

lined with Tongans wrapped in

woven mats at a sign of their

humility. It is hard for me to

hold my tears because I never

forget him in my life. During the funeral service, Australia's

Australia's Governor-General Quentin Bryce stood with Quentin Bryce stood with the

royal family, one of many

foreign dignitaries here to

honour the King who delivered

Tonga's first democratic

elections two years ago. It elections two years ago. It is

not hard to see that Tongans

love and respect their

monarchy. Everyone I have

spoken with here also wants to know the democratic forms will

not end with this King's

burial. I think the jury is

still out. I think the changes

are ir reversible. There is

great hope for Tonga. The new

King Tupou is the late

monarch's younger brother. Most

recently Tonga's recently Tonga's high commissioner to Australia. He

had a chequered career as

Tonga's PM but word that he's planning to cut the official

mourning period from three

months to just five days shows

he's keen to get on with

business. A smart economic move

in a nation burdened with

debt. I think he's making his

mark and it signals his -

probably his style of

rule. King George, however,

will not be forgotten. That is

thanks to his eccentric thanks to his eccentric style

and his democratic legacy.

America's highest court has

begun a historic review of

Barack Obama's controversial health

health care law. The Supreme

Court is hearing three days of

arguments in a case that could

overturn the health care system and reshape this year's

presidential election race. He's Craig McMurtrie. He's Craig McMurtrie. The most prized seat

most prized seat in Washington. This is for today

only. If you take this one you

lose your spot in line for

tomorrow. After days of

waiting, hands were

outstretched for a ticket

inside the Supreme Court. We're

very excited. Just like Willie Wonka. This is a big Wonka. This is a big one. We

have to protect our health care

and protect the Affordable Care

Act is protecting our

health. Supporters of the US President's contentious President's contentious health care overhaul far outnumbered opponents as the nine opponents as the nine justices

of the Supreme Court, five appointed by Republican presidents, four by Democrats,

convened for the first of three

days of oral argument. Mr Chief

Justice and may it pleas the

court, this case court, this case presents

issues of great moment. The

landmark law extends kovrmg to

30 million uninsured Americans. 57-year-old Kathie McClure's adult son

adult son has diabetes, her

daughter epilepsy. Without this

law they face a lifetime of

struggling to keep kord covered and to afford it. Opponents

insist the US government

doesn't have the power to

require all citizens to have

insurance. It is tramping on our rights, trampling on the

constitution. A decision by

court to overturn it would be a

big blow for Barack Obama ahead of his reelection court

great system we have, that we

can make the choices. Even if as most

as most law experts expect as most law experts expect the court upholds it, the politically charged argument

won't end. I think we should

have health care for everybody.

My husband doesn't. I think it

is a privilege, she thinks it

is a right. Opinion polls show a majority of Americans still

oppose the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its ruling in

Fresh evidence has emerged linking Rupert linking Rupert Murdoch's News

Corporation to a hacking

operation which helped bring

down its major pay TV rival in

Britain. The BBC's Panorama program alleges News Corporation's security NDS

recruited a hacker in the late 1990s to crack the 1990s to crack the encrypted

codes of ITV digital. They then

allegedly gave the codes to allegedly gave the codes to a piracy web site allowing people

to access the software and

watch ITV digital for free. They delivered the

software to be able to do this

with private instructions, with private instructions, it should go to the widest

possible community. ITV claims

the distribution of the

software contributed to its

collapse in 2002. NDS denies

using the web site to sabotage

ITV digital or any other rival.

Staying in the UK, the cash for access scandal has for

Downing Street. The PM, David

Cameron, admits to hosting

dinners for party donors at No.10. Here's Phillip Williams. At first the PM said

he wouldn't do it. But after

mounting pressure he revealed

the names of donors offered dinner at his place after contributing contributing millions to party

coffers. In the two years I

have been PM, there have been three occasions on which significant donors have come to

a dinner in my flat. None of these dinners were these dinners were fund raising

dinners and none of these

dinners were paid for by the

taxpayer. It all started with the Sunday 'Times' sting, the conservative conservative party Treasurer Peter Cruddas appeared to offer

who he thought was a potential

donor possible influence over

policy and dinner at the policy and dinner at the PM's

flat, that for $400,000. Our bigger donors

have been for dinner in have been for dinner in No.10

Downing Street in the PM's private apartment. With

Samantha. David Cameron ordered an internal party review. an internal party review. The Opposition wants a full independent independent inquiry. Anything

short of an independent inquiry

will leave a permanent stain on

this Government and this PM.

The Government was quick to

point out the Opposition point out the Opposition had years years in Government to reform political donations and political donations and depends

heavily on millions contributed

by trade unions. Some think by trade unions. Some think a

full review of the whole system of donations is overdue. One

possible solution is substantially increase substantially increase public

funding for all political

parties. But in the current

economic climate, that is not

likely. So for the moment it is back

back to the dinners and the donations.

donations. An Australian

engineer has revealed his role in developing the in developing the submarine

that took James Cameron to the

bottom of the sea. The movie maker

maker became the first person

to travel solo to the Mariana

Trench, the deepest part of the

ocean. From the bright lights of

of Hollywood, to the earth's

darkest abyss. This is where I am. I am at

am. I am at the bottom of the

ocean, the deepest place in the

world. Movie director James Cameron travelled 11km below the

the surface to the bottom of

the Mariana Trench. Alone, he

was overwhelmed by the barren desolate landscape. My feeling was one of complete from was one of complete isolation

from all of humanity. I felt

like I was literally in the space of

space of one day have gone to another planet and come another planet and come back. More than three hours More than three hours later, he emerged. Welcome he emerged. Welcome back mate. Cameron specially designed submarine was built in

Sydney and it is here in rural Tasmania that it came to life. For an engineer this is a

boy's own adventure. Engineers

dream about doing this sort of

stuff. For six years Phil

Durbin and his team were Durbin and his team were sworn

to secrecy about the job. In a

small town near Hobart they helped design the cockpit

Cameron sat in. They even

invented a foam to wrap around

the sub for buoyancy. It had to withstand pressure 1,000 times

greater than the normal atmosphere. His life is

dangling on the line based on what done, how you have done it

and whether you have covered

your bases and managed your risks risks and done your

job. Cameron is looking to return. I see this as the

beginning. It is not a one-time

deal and then you move on. This

is the beginning of opening up

this frontier. The Australian engineers

engineers hope they will be part of the next adventure.

To finance now and the

Australian dollar kept climbing

today and for once the today and for once the local share market had a strong session

session as well in line with big

big gains in Japan and the big gains in Japan and the US

here's Alan Kohler. In the past

couple of months the attention

on financial markets has swung away from China and towards

manufacturing in Japan and to a

lesser extent in the US. It is

largely a currency story. Since

the start of February, the Yen

has fallen 8% against the US

dollar which has brought global

money flooding into Japanese money flooding into Japanese

stocks. US stocks have been doing better than those in Australia which is identified

with slowing China. This chart compares the current US

expansion with the average of

the past seven since 1968. It has

has definitely been weak. Note

it is now at the average after

a surge in growth in the past

few months at a time when most

recoveries are starting to

Peter out waiting for a second

wind. This was basically the

story of today's market action. In the past few weeks Macquarie shares have surged

16% while the market ace whole

has gone up 4%.

Blue skies and record

temperatures are not the normal fair

fair for a British spring but

the rare conditions have the

locals heading for the outdoors

this year and having to deal

with drought and the rapid drying up of rivers. It is only March but already officially it is a scorcher. Record-breaking highs

for parts of Scotland. In

Aberdeen it felt like high

summer. The tempb yur map of

Europe turned on its head. Two

degrees hotter in Scotland than in Cyprus and in England's

drought zone still no sign of

rain. Many rivers are at critical levels too low for

fish to survive. So this has

become the front line in the

national drought response. The

electrical probes stun the fish, they're collected unharmed and move to deeper

water. If we didn't do this

now then we would have a major

environmental disaster during

the summer. That is why we're

taking early action. It is a

race against time. Without

heavy rain soon the flow will stop altogether and any stop altogether and any fish

left will die. The drought

area is growing. Much of the east

east and south-east of England


already has drought status. A

huge swathe of the country

beyond is rated as at risk. Low reservoir levels mean hose reservoir levels mean hose pipe

bans for some starting next

month. Is this climate month. Is this climate change? Some experts are already

convinced. We saw a shift in

the 1990s from a pattern of

relatively cooler springs to

significantly warmer springs and

and in the last few years we have seen significantly dryer

springs as well. If the springs as well. If the trends

continue, we will all have to

adapt, the days when water

could be taken for granted are,

it seems, over.

The skies are relatively

clear over most of the

continent. A lot of this cloud

is high level although there is high level although there is

the potential of isolated showers

showers about the coastal parts

of SA, into northern and

eastern Victoria and also about

the north and east coast of

Tasmania. The more likely Tasmania. The more likely area for showers is along the east

coast of QLD and also NSW.

coast of QLD and also NSW. That

is in association with this

high driving moisture on the

coast. We also have a trough

over the inland. Some of the

heavier of the falls about NSW

but even there generally less

than 5 mm. The far northern

tropics of QLD too. There is potential for showers in Brisbane...

Graeme Creed there. The top

stories on ABC News - the Australian aid advisor injured in in a suicide attack in Afghanistan is being flown to

Germany for treatment. 49-year-old AusAID official

David Savage was returning from

a community meeting in Germany a community meeting in the

Chora Valley in Uruzgan when he

was wounded by a bomb was wounded by a bomb blast.

Authorities say he is in a serious but

serious but stable condition.

A new UN report shows the number

number of asylum seekers coming

to Australia dropped last year.

11,500 arrived in 2011, about a

thousand less than the year before.

before. The report says the

decline is mainly due to a drop

in the number of boat arrivals.

The competition regulator will

take computer and phone giant Apple to court for Apple to court for allegedly

misleading consumers. The

Consumer Commission says Apple's promotion tells

consumers the new iPad allows

them to connect to a 4G network

when this is not the case. The

ACCC will make the application in the Federal Court in Melbourne tomorrow. Now it is

time for all the day's sports

news with Peter Wilkins. What

have you got coming have you got coming up on 'Grandstand'? Tonight Melbourne Melbourne pauses to celebrate

the life of AFL legend Jim

Stynes. The former Melbourne

Demon was remembered as Demon was remembered as a gentle giant with a passion for

life. You were a warrior

poet who was ahead of his time

and your legacy gives us all the

the greatest code to try and

live our lives by. live our lives by. Also

tonight - Campese cools talk of

an origin return after his

dominant performance against

the Tigers. Just focus on the

Raiders and getting a few wins

in a row. Hello, I'm Peter

Wilkins and this is Grandstand. This Program is Captioned Live.

It is good to have your

company. Later in the program

we talk to Brisbane Roar coach Ange Postecoglou in the lead-up

to the A-League finals series.

First tonight - much of

Melbourne ground to a halt

today pausing to pay tribute to

Jim Stynes. The footballing great and humanitarian great and humanitarian was

honoured with a State funeral

at St Paul's Cathedral. 1200 mourners attended the service but thousands more were watching

watching outside at Federation Square to honour a remarkable

life. For a man who proved so

hard to stop in life, it seemed

fitting Jim Stynes' death brought Melbourne to a brought Melbourne to a stand

still. While dignitaries and

AFL identities were among the 1200 mourners, thousands more

gathered outside St Paul's to hear

hear the moving hear the moving service. Big Jimmy would have loved this. He

thrived on a big crowd. He

would have loved the courage

his wife displayed honouring

his request to read a poem for

their children. Do not stand at

my grave and cry. I am not

there, I did not die. But

tears were never far from the surface. He was an inspiration

to surface. He was an inspiration

to us all and we could not have

a better son, brother, and

uncle. I tried following in his

footsteps but they were always

too big. I will miss you Stynes

yer, my brother and my best

friend. The service celebrated

a remarkable life. The Irish

immigrant who crossed the globe

to play Australian rules and

became the game's best became the game's best player, setting records that may

setting records that may

negative be broken. In