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(generated from captions) Peter Garrett says there will

be mandatory training from

today for people installing

pink bats under the scheme . Peter Garrett and Barnaby

Joyce have created the

headlines this week but for

others in Canberra like Trade

Minister Simon Crean it has

been business as usual. It is

never business as usual in Parliament really I guess.

No, there is always a change

every day. You have to be

prepared for it. When you

look at the convention of ministerial responsibility

and you have been in this

position yourself and when

you notified again and again

not one, two or three

occasions but more there are

potential serious problems

about a policy you are about

to implement doesn't the buck

stop with you? It does but

if you look at the statement

Peter Garrett made in the

Parliament yesterday he

identified the steps he took

when that advice was

received. But clear think

steps he took did not prevent

the deaths that have

occurred. No the deaths are terribly unfortunate. That is

the fact of life but if what

you dealing with is state

safety authorities and

training programs that the employer is required to

implement t fact that you are

requiring of that people

doing it, it becomes the

question as to what you

expect the Minister to do. It

is starting to sound like

buck-passing. You cannot

expect him can you to be at

every house asking "Have you

been trained?" So there have

to be procedures in place

thad few the requirements

then ensure they are carried

out in the circumstances. If

comprehensiveness of the you look at the

statement what Peter has

explained is the step he

took. They were not the

steps that people were asking

for. But if the training and

requirements are there this

could happen. The steps he

then took toys say these are procedures should be in place. But on of these

procedures does not start

until today, it is a bit

late. That is the mandatory

nature of them. It is too

late for the four. Does it

seem this policy was rolled

out with unseam ly haste?

That is a matter forejudgement ultimately but the truth was this was a

important opportunity to do a

couple of things. One was to escalate the opportunity to

do something that actually

reduce greenhouse emissions

and secondly to use the

stimulus package in a way that created job

opportunities. No I do not

think it was rolled out with

hates. I think the fact that

people took it up shows there

is a genuine demand out there

but people not prepared to

pay the full price for

it. Putting on your former

ACTU what. Are there

questions for the employers

the answer? There may be.

Obviously the

investigationless determine

that. But if they did not

have the people properly

trained, if they did not give

them the training then that

could be a serious matter for

investigation. The regional

trade talks, dead in the

water? No, they are going

well. On 1 January this year

our two-way trade with ASEAN

is a group of 10 countries as

big as our trade with China.

People have talked about

China being our economic

salvation. It is only part of

the picture. Australia has engaged effectively with the

whole of the region and now

we have a trade agreement in

place that will open many

more doors for Australian exporters over the coming

years. So far as the Pacific

is concerned we are serious

to try to get not - trade in

many senses is not the issue

for us in the Pacific. What

we need to do is to build

their economic sustainability

so that some of them do not

end up as failed states A

huge opportunity in the

region at the moment if you

look at the big gas

opportunities in Papua New

Guinea t gold mine in the

Solomon island, big

infrastructure developments

in Guam. There is a huge

opportunity if we can get the

ingredients right the train

workers in the Pacific for

work in the Pacific. so to

help to build roads and what

they can ex-tract they can

market fish quently. You will

talk to a guide book about

Islamic finance and banking?

I have that here! Why does

it matter? Why do Australian

Business people need a find

to Islamic finance? Coming

out of the global financial

crisis Australia is being

look lad to not only as the

country who avoided the

recession but whose banking

system did not take the hit.

Our banking system had strong

regulatory reforms that have

been put in place over the

past few years. They are not

only safe but banking, funds

management operation. The big

opportunity is in Islamic

finance because there is a

population out there based on

Islamic law. Islamic laws

says you cannot offer a financial instrumentment that

pays interest. It has to be

if you like an exchange are a

prophet-share arrangement.

This is the challenge to

develop innovative products

that reflect that

requirement. Why is it

important... Might be a very

big challenge for an

Australian Business mind-set.

It is not. This is the interesting thing. It struck

me when I went to Malaysia 18

months ago they are trying to

position themselves as an

Islamic financing hub. We can

be in that game F we have

over 300,000 Muslims in

Australia, why aren't the

super funds offer a product?

Westpac is offering a

instrument that is compliant

with Islamic law. We want the

create the environment in

which Australia is more innovative, more offering of. That if we are going to

secure our future in the

financial service sector we

have to build on our

strengths and under where the

rest of the world is

at. There is a report that 50

Coalition MPs have signed a

petition calling for new

charge s against Anwar

Ibrahim to be dropped It is

up to individual members of

Parliament. Is it something

you would support? Did law

has to run its course. We

have to respect the legal

systems of other countries. Do you have faint

these charges? I have not

looked at the case and I was

not aware that the letter had

been signed but. This is the

same argument as the Stern Hu

case in China. This is no the

legal system we have but it

is the legal system we have

to respect. One in the case

of their national the Anwar

case the other in the case of

an Australian citizen. As

much as we would argue

differently in the team of

people in this country we

cannot impose our system on

other countries just as we

would not expect their system