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(generated from captions) that we have certainty and

ongoing investment. There we

see Martin Ferguson wrapping up

that news conference, including the Prime Minister Julia

Gillard. Julie Bishop the

deputy Opposition Leader has

stayed with us, and thank you

for doing that. There is your

problem, isn't it - they've

presented this as a clean

delivered with consensus under slate, it's new, it's been

delivered with consensus under

the helm of the new Prime

Minister? What was most

disturbing about that press

conference was seeing the

co-authors of the original bad

tax policy still spinning the

same lines about getting the

balance right and consulting

further. In fact, the press

release from the three mining

companies shows that they just

say progress has been made and

that there is still to be more

consultation. Now it's very

unlikely that there will be any

legislation in place before the

next election, just more

consultation, so this just adds

to the uncertainty. Nothing's

been achieved at all other than

the Government's backfliped on

a number of core issues, but they're still using the same

spin, and this point that the

mining tax is going to be used

to increase people's

superannuation from 9% to 12%

is just not true. That is a

cost that will be borne by businesses across

Australia. Politically, do you

worry, though, this is another

game-changer, because it has

been a key, the most pressing

political irritant for the

Government - on face value it's

been removed? But we knew Kevin

Rudd was in the progress of

negotiating a similar outcome.

In fact, by the sounds of

Andrew Forrest's description of

the agreement that he thinks he the agreement that he thinks he

had reached with Kevin Rudd,

this was Kevin Rudd's deal, so

we always knew that the big

miners would somehow get this

off the table, because it's

been creating so much

uncertainty for investment for

their share price, for their

shareholders. But the point

is, it's still a work in

progress. There's still

consultation. Now we've made

it clear that we will not be

funding promises based funding promises based on a new

mining tax. We will stop the

wasteful spending, we will stop

the reckless spending that has

given rise to this new tax, and

so if we were to be elected, we

won't need to impose a new

mining tax. The responses we've

been getting through have been

saying, " Here's Julia Gillard

just a week in office and she's

already managed to sort this

out, do more than Kevin Rudd". out, do more than Kevin Rudd".

It doesn't really matter

anymore whether Kevin Rudd did

have that on the table. Your

perception as an Opposition now

is to counter the fact that

Julia Gillard is coming in with

a fresh broom. The reason that

the Government needs this tax

is to pay for its reckless

spending and pay off the debt

and deficit that it's run

up. Far less than any

government in the world through government in the world through the global financial

crisis? It's irrelevant, it's

the highest deficit in

Australia's peace-time history,

it's the largest debt in living

memory and it's a massive

amount of money that the

Government has borrowed and the

interest that they have to find

to pay off the debt equates to

the mining tax. The reason the

Government has put in place

this mining tax is this mining tax is because it

can't control its spending. It

Insulation Program. can't implement a free Home

Insulation Program. Julia

Gillard will go down in history

as the Education Minister that

wasted more money in a Federal Government program than any

other minister in history. Do

you expect the Government now

to dash off to the polls on the

back of this announcement? We'll be ready whenever the Government decides

to call an election, because

the mining tax was emblematic

of its inability to run a

government. Its incompetence

The shows in so many other areas.

The border protection policy

borders, the Home Insulation where it's lost control of our

Program which has had tragic

consequences, the building the

school hall program, which is billions of dollars in money

that's been wasted and no value

for taxpayers' money. So there

are so many issues that we will

be run to the election on, not

least being the Government's

complete inability to implement

a tax, and this is a dog's breakfast, it really is. I a tax, and this is a dog's

think you'll be going to the

pavements very, very polls, you'll be pounding those

soon. Probably. Julie Bishop, the Federal Opposition Leader,

but let's go back now to