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Denmark - Santa Summit -

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(generated from captions) in Copenhagen. Hello I'm Eric Campbell world's oldest amusement park, Tonight's postcard comes from the most unusual international summit. now hosting the world's wonderful Copenhagen - It's wonderful, and holiday-makers a magnet for tourists from around the world. the home of the Little Mermaid. Every summer, millions come to enjoy the magic of the Royal Palace, And who can resist where Australia's Princess Mary of the Danish people. has won the hearts and minds

Which is all very interesting. But we're here for something much more important, because, every summer, come at once. all Copenhagen's Christmases for their summer holidays. This is where Father Christmases come For the past 50 years, on the outskirts of the capital the Bakken Amusement Park the World Santa Claus Congress. has played host to It's not for Santas who just dress up in department stores two weeks before Christmas. as official Father Christmases These men have been authorised by their world governing body. I have a sign for you.

Am I an Austra-alien? it's just in Danish. It means Australia - Oh! halfway round the world Dave Downey has flown in the last gruelling step for Santa authorisation. authorising committee, You gotta go in front of the

a resounding "Ho! Ho! Ho!", you've got to have which I'm working on. You do. I need to put on a bit more weight. in front of children You're not allowed to smoke or drink

and you've gotta make people happy. So, just about there, yeah. It might look silly,

take it very seriously. but the delegates of the Danish Santa Guild Henrik Jacobsen is leader and the summit's chief organiser. costumes, shapes and sizes, The Santas come in different but their tasks are the same - distributing presents visiting sick children,

those millions of letters and answering children address to the North Pole. What's the main present that children ask for? Oh, it depends. From small girls, it's Barbie - the dolls 'Barbie' is coming back now - small boys, they ask for a Volvo S60.

(Sings) # You betta watch out, you betta not cry... # Bakken Amusement Park was the natural choice for the annual congress.

It's been entertaining children since the 17th century. Since the first congress in 1957, it's grown into international juggernaut with more than 100 delegates. Membership swelled after the end of Communism, when Santa's reindeer could finally cross the Iron Curtain. We are from Estonia. 50 years we live under Russian occupation who is Santa Claus. and nobody don't know but they can't say it. They did know national costume is it? This is the Estonian Santa Oh, it's the summer costume. No it's the summer costume. Very sexy! Playing Santa may just be a hobby, it's the highlight of their lives. but for many of the delegates for 30 of his 50 years. Henrik Jacobsen has been ho-ho-hoing to Henrik's day job - Being Santa is certainly a contrast he's a guard in an immigrant detention centre. you've been sleeping (Sings) # He knows when or bad # He knows when you've been good # So be good for goodness sake # Almost every month or attempted suicides. he deals with violent attacks Well, it's day two of the congress have come to town. when the Santa Clauses And Copenhagen has thrown on some genuine Christmas weather. While Santas get the attention, of family members behind him, each has an unsung team to part-time elves. from hard-working Mrs Clauses Santa's little helpers are you? So you and your friends are Yes. (Laughs)

with the whole Santa congress? Well, what do you do Having fun. in the canal. The tour ends with a ceremonial dip It's a hard training-ground, may well be the Santas of tomorrow. but the elves of today the juggernaut heads off Then, laden with presents, children's hospitals. to one of Copenhagen's for another half a year. And Christmas is over