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Inside Pakistan's Power Struggle -

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(generated from captions) the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. Hello. I'm Peter Lloyd in witnessing a fascinating power-play At the moment, this country is political personalities. between three very big

After eight years, President Pervez Musharraf the dictator is looking weak and vulnerable. his political rivals And he's desperate to keep Nawaz Sharif, like the former prime minister at bay. International Airport. Welcome to Islamabad is coming home from exile. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif agents are sent to intercept him. Soldiers, police and government of five Pakistani policemen At the moment I've got the hands pulling me out of the crowd.

Sharif is being silenced. Just four hours after touching down, we were in London. Seven days earlier

in the heart of the city The up-market Mayfair district real estate in the world, boasts some of the most costly richest people, owned by some of the world's and Nawaz Sharif is one of them. outside his plush apartment. I caught up with him London is a very pleasant city - in the world. I think one of the best cities for Nawaz Sharif - Money isn't a problem a wealthy industrial family. he comes from for their higher studies in Britain. My children studied here. They came comfortable than Saudi Arabia, London's also a great deal more after being ousted by a military coup where he was exiled in 1999 now President Pervez Musharraf. led by then general,

Time out, it seems, once renowned as a political bully. has mellowed a man we all make mistakes - Nobody is an angel -

we have made in the past so, whatever mistakes there is a lesson to learn. signing a deal with this man - One of those mistakes may have been General Musharraf. the current leader of Pakistan, stay out of Pakistan for 10 years. Musharraf claims Sharif promised to ruled that was unconstitutional, But, recently, the Supreme Court was free to return home, and said Sharif infuriating the general. the Pakistan media, Ever since, he has been courting of power - President Musharraf. attacking the man who robbed him the rule of law, He somehow doesn't believe in any respect for the constitution. to the law of the land. He doesn't show any respect an autocrat. In office, Sharif was labelled of corruption and misrule. He was dogged by allegations

Nawaz Sharif has re-packaged himself But from exile, as a champion of democracy. I have no personal ambitions. I have no personal motives, Pakistan democracy, rule of law. My ambition and my motive is only remembers the old Sharif Commentator and writer Zahid Hussain all too well. isn't all that seems to have changed At 57, political rhetoric about Nawaz Sharif. he now sports a head of dark hair - Once grey and nearly bald, one cheeky interviewer. a fact that didn't escape for you. Exile has done wonders than you ever did. You look thinner and younger When you go back to Pakistan, rather than a politician. they will think you are a film star more than the media round in London. Nawaz Sharif's been doing from General Musharraf's party. He's been courting MPs to Sharif's party. Shahzadi Tiwana is defecting for control of parliament, It's a numbers game to rubber stamp Musharraf soon to be asked to another term as president. That's despite polls that show in Pakistan than Musharraf. Osama bin Laden is more popular to say how many people will defect Its' very premature as yet are thinking about it. or how many people Only a few political people with power of the uniform will stay. who think they can win their seats The rest will leave. by the regime as a rat in the ranks. Shahzadi is being portrayed to call anyone a traitor I don't think it is fair or use such strong words what is good for the country now. because one has to decide What do you think is good for the country right now? be a democratic form of government Ah, it's always been and always will for our country, and this is the need this is what is needed now. a crush of well-wishers. At Heathrow, triggering a security panic. It's a rowdy farewell, (All scream) You are squashing people! MAN: (Yells) Go back! The former prime minister is booked on five different flights to confuse the regime about his arrival time. The drama is reminiscent of 1999, when Sharif refused to allow a plane carrying General Musharraf to land in Karachi, triggering the coup. In a twist, Nawaz Sharif finally boards a government plane. Pakistan International Airlines. It's military-run. But the mayhem isn't over. A passenger collapses in the aisle, claiming to be having a heart attack. Take-off is delayed for more than an hour. Once airborne, Nawaz Sharif settles back and prays. Until now, he's been calling the shots. But in seven hours, someone else will decide his fate. Well, yes, I don't know what will happen to me when I land at Islamabad. But then, more importantly, where is my country heading to? How much are you personally willing to sacrifice in this fight? Well, if Musharraf wants to send me to jail and/or in the prison and, in return, my country gets liberated from dictatorial army rule - that is not a big price. His calculation is less prosaic than it seems. Political martyrdom, he hopes, will win more attention than he's had in exile. ANNOUNCEMENT: Cabin crew stations for landing. Moments from touchdown, a final ruse. Nawaz Sharif moves to the economy cabin, taking up position in the middle of the aircraft. Everyone aboard has just become a human shield. Take your seats anywhere! Sit down! (All chant) Go, Musharraf! Go, Musharraf! It's feared the plane wouldn't get permission to land. Touching down is the first hurdle. But Sharif smells a trap. He refuses to budge, as the aircraft is surrounded. So a strange situation has developed on board the plane. The aircraft is surrounded by several hundred or so paramilitaries and police toting shotguns and submachine guns. Firstly, there was a dispute on board about passports. They wanted Nawaz Sharif to surrender his passport and they could process him off the plane, and he refused. Now, there is a dispute about bus transport,

and as I speak there are more police coming on board behind me. Are you going to allow Mr Sharif off the plane? Yeah, I have come to request him off board.

Sir, you are awaited off board, sir. 90 minutes after landing, Nawaz Sharif touches Pakistani soil for the first time in seven years. In the chaotic arrival hall, the authorities make their move. With that declaration, government thugs grab Pervez Musharraf's arch rival. It was a chilling display of brute force. Nawaz Sharif is shoved out a door, and taken to a waiting plane - destination Saudi Arabia.

The regime insists there was no coercion.

This is Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani. When he came here, there were options for him - to stay here or to go again. So, the option was stay here in jail or go? He opted for going. So, the option was prison or leave? Yeah, of course. Back in exile, in Saudi Arabia, Sharif is politically isolated. Pakistan's other exiled former prime minister is coming back on 18 October. But it won't be easy for Benazir Bhutto

to resume normal political life. There are serious legal obstacles, and the regime won't remove them. We have no deal with anybody. Ms Bhutto's party - we are talking to her but we don't intend to have any deal as such. Shaukat Aziz was an international investment banker

until General Musharraf drafted him to the prime ministership. There are some problems with her return. She's got corruption cases, will they be renewed? The cases are still there. There is no question of renewing them. They still exist. So, she still has a case to answer? She has many cases. Yes. Two-term limit on prime ministership. She cannot run for PM again? Correct. You're not going to give her that? No. We are not. As I said there is no deal.

So, whatever the laws are will stay. At the moment, the only semblance of opposition to the regime seems to be coming from people inside this building - the Supreme Court. It was these judges who said Nawaz Sharif could come home and they may rule that in banishing him last week Pervez Musharraf committed a gross contempt of court. At the same time, the far bigger issue is being weighed here - and that's the one about whether it's even legal for Pervez Musharraf to run for president while he's still the armed forces chief. The regime seems desperate to pacify the judges. At the weekend it was announced the army once re-elected. that Pervez Musharraf will quit chief will only stay The President's position as army under the law. until the period he is allowed that by the end of the year, So, you're saying, unequivocally, the head of the armed forces? Pervez Musharraf will not be I think that's what it means. The trouble with that pledge before, only to renege. is that Pervez musharraf has made it it would be a courageous step. If he does go ahead this time, constituency - the military. It means surrendering his only real And as Pakistan's history shows - few leaders can survive. without that,