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(generated from captions) You may already know the rest. girl's father on a walkie-talkie The soldiers pretend to talk to the a hug and kiss on his behalf. and the young digger gives the girl There's not a dry eye in the airport. of the airports In fact, there's not a dry eye in any

is supposed to have taken place. where that urban myth website, Snopes, According to the myth-busting the story has travelled. Here it is in the US - And here it is in Canada - nearly every detail is the same, Wherever the story is told being named Courtney. right down to the girl It's an irresistible enough story to give it currency. that plenty of people lined up journalist Caroline Hutchinson Sunshine Coast radio and newspaper ran it on her blog. Etcetera, etcetera. as an Independent Caroline Hutchinson is now running for the seat of Fisher.

she's not the only MP If she wins she'll find to have fallen for the hokey fable

who still love their country. about red-blooded Australians on this website Because it also appears Minister, Brendan Nelson. belonging to the Defence the little girl's name. No prizes for guessing how the fake story We asked the Minister's office came to be on his website about the army he's in charge of and whether it would stay. patriotic fervour, is still there. That story, with its invented scenes at airports But when it comes to truly emotional shown this week by reporters it'd be hard to top the enthusiasm given a seat on a new plane. The flight was faultless. that the A380 new Airbus I'm here to tell you in aviation standards. is about to set new benchmarks It's the cleanest, the greenest, in the world today. the biggest passenger jet aircraft been lucky enough to be on board And 10 reporter Daniel Sutton has the airbus. got on board the A380. It only got better once people food and wine served up - We've seen some of the most amazing Grange hermitage, caviar, Dom Perignon champagne, some amazing desserts. lobster scampi and prawn ravioli - in first class. Now the food was luxurious were fed fillet of beef But even those people in economy you'd have to say. and it was beautiful, was topped off But the gushing coverage 'The Sydney Morning Herald'. by this in Heaven knows how much it cost. were ready to walk out Journalists at the paper when they were presented with a deal and Singapore Airlines struck between the paper that the event be on the front page.

wrap-around, The paper devoted an entire to the giant airbus, as it's known in the business, an SAS soldier killed in Afghanistan. interrupted only, by the story about there was still plenty of room But in the centre-page spread riding on this big bird. for the Herald's take on the hopes And then there was this full-page ad of the editorial wraparound on the back page where the editorial stopped For readers, it was hard to know and the advertising began. And that was exactly the issue ready to walk out on strike. that had the paper's journalists to treat the wraparound as news, In the end, the journalists agreed over the publication. they say to maintain some control But it was an uneasy agreement. went to chairman Ron Walker. This letter from Fairfax journalists The division, the journalists argued, copy was hopelessly blurred. between advertising and editorial And we agree. the 'Sydney Morning Herald' to plan And how appropriate was it for Airlines and its new jet its front page around Singapore of an election campaign in the middle around. with plenty of bigger stories It was some sell-out. MediaEdge, told us - The advertising agency involved, management says The 'Sydney Morning Herald's on its merit as news. the story warranted the coverage

wasn't a factor, While it insists money was involved. the Herald won't say how much editor Alan Oakley So far, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' the paper to publish an explanation. has refused his journalists' call for Journalists say

damaged the paper's claim the Singapore deal has already

an end to the practice of independence and they're demanding of tying news stories to ads. exploited by the media. Now to an internet craze that's being no means alone in helping themselves The 'Sydney Morning Herald' was by posted on Facebook - to the photos trooper Pearce the social networking website. the Trooper's Facebook photos too. And television news services used

loved his job. The 41-year-old father of two killed in Afghanistan The family of a soldier remembered a dedicated father. active surf-lifesaver, A rough diamond, loving husband and father.

into his six-month deployment. Trooper Pearce was only weeks

mean it owns all the material For a start, Facebook's terms of use on Facebook pages. the material for commercial use. Those terms prohibit someone taking That's called copyright law. Then there's the issue of privacy. to limit who sees them, You can set your Facebook pages but many people don't bother.

trooper Pearce's Facebook photos, The 'Canberra Times', which used also recently published this - after using the photos, And just a few days quoted cyberspace law expert the 'Canberra Times' David Vaile warning - reporters to that list. Perhaps he should have added when Trooper Pearce was killed. This came from the Defence Department

by lifting the photos off Facebook So, did journalists respect that of the grieving family, rather than knocking on the door your online photographs raided or does privacy also mean not having for the front pages? tells us - As the Australia Defence Association But that didn't happen. we received from the editors If you'd like to read the responses photos, go to our website at - who used Trooper Pearce's Facebook

The past week has shown yet again the letters to the editor pages, that compared to the standards of

different kind of reader comment. online news pages publish a very, Recently, News Limited's online site allowed reader comments about gay marriage. There were hundreds. to the site. This one oughtn't to have made it

were eventually removed. All of the comments on the story And's online editor told us - Fair enough. But take a look at Adelaide Now, the online site for News Limited's 'Adelaide Advertiser' and 'Sunday Mail' that allowed these comments in response to a story about an alleged crime by a group of Aboriginal men.

On and on they went, peppered by the comments of readers who were outraged Adelaide Now had posted such lynch mob racism. Adelaide Now began removing at least some of the comments today, shortly after we asked some questions about them. That's it from me tonight. See you next week. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not subtitled CC

Good evening. The National Farmers

Federation has welcomed a Federal

Labor plan to offer grants for

improved farming practices. It's

improved farming practices. It's part of a $200 million effort to save the

Barrier Reef from chemical run-off.

Kevin Rudd says, while nutrient

run-off has long been known as a

factor in coral bleaching, the

factor in coral bleaching, the Howard Government has done nothing to

Government has done nothing to tackle it. Under the scheme, a Labor

Government would give grants to

farming communities along the

Queensland coast. A psychiatrist who

took a loaded gun into a court has

been spared jail. Doctor Jerry Gelb

was arrested, after security guards

at Melbourne Magistrates' Court

at Melbourne Magistrates' Court found the gun in his backpack. He told

police he was carrying it because he

feared his life was in danger, and

denied he planned to use it in court.

The judge sentenced him to 12 months

community service. The remains of

community service. The remains of the last man hanged in Australia will be

exhumed and moved to a family grave.

Ronald Ryan was executed 40 years

Ronald Ryan was executed 40 years ago for the murder of prison guard

for the murder of prison guard George Hodson. He was buried in the grounds

of Melbourne's Pentridge Jail. The

State Government is allowing Ryan's

family to move the remains to his

wife's grave. But his victim's

daughter says Ryan lost his rights

when he committed the crime.

when he committed the crime. Possible severe storms in Brisbane. Sunny and

25 in Sydney. More news in

25 in Sydney. More news in 'Lateline' at 10:30.


Thank you. Thank you.

Good evening. Thank you, good

evening. Welcome to 'Enough

Rope'. Coming up disgraced

former high flying criminal

lawyer Andrew Fraser.. we -

when you hear the door slam behind you for the first time, tall speculation is

over, all best are off, it

has happened and you are

looking down the barrel of a

big sentence and you have got

to get through it somehow.

And I doubt whether you could

go any lower at any time. But first, Steve Irwin and his

wife Terri Irwin were a pair

of kindred spirits a

flamboyant and memorable

couple. When Steve died just

over a year ago he left not just at widow of young family to make sense of his passing

but a challenge that seems to

grow larger by the day, how

to raise two children caught

up with the treacherous

current of grief and fame.

Here is a mother's story,

Terri Irwin. APPLAUSE

Welcome. How are you? I

am good. I have my deep vein thrombosis socks on bee cause I fly responsibly. Let me

tell you they look great on

you Thank you. I am not

getting any younger

Andrew. But your version ins

are perfect. Can we get a bit

of your back story. Long

before you met Steve you were

an animal person. Where did

this love of animals come

from? Long before I married

Steve I was a normal person.

I think growing up in the US

was an advantage because

there are so many people and

so much traffic that inevitably my life would

collide with wildlife just by

seeing them hurt on the road

and while that was not a

sprang for the wildlife it

gave me the opportunity to

experience wildlife

rehabilitation at a young

age. I have an image of you

taking road kill home "Can I

keep it" Whatever does not

survive, cook it up for

dinner! You had a serious

wildlife clerks I have a

picture of you with Melina

the cougar. Look at the hair

on you! I was the 80s, what

can I tell you. I had the

same hair.. what do you mean

had? I was going to be all sympathetic today but I don't

think so. This is a photo of

the first time you and Steve

met at Australia zoo. Now

beyond animals and it was

love at first sight for you

guys, kindred spirit,

similar an mall-based lives, opposite sides of the world,

beyond animals what did you

guys have in common? Those

shorts. Um, Steve would

always say to me "I don't

know why you fell in love

with me. Look at me head!

What's with this? " This is

a night program, isn't it?

Okay. Well he was hot in the

cot, what can I tell you! I was actually going to show

you - look, I l I will show

you a clip from.... I hope

you don't have that clip!

There is some stuff tonne

Internet you don't need to

know about! I checked with

you before the show whether

you would mind me playing a

few grabs of you and Steve.

Sure. This is from when you

appeared in 2004t two of you,

and it relates the that very

matter. I am going to ask you

a wildlife question I know

you are appreciate. What are his mateing habits like? Well, you got seven minutes?

All the time in the world!