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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Rising worry as

southern Queensland and New

South Wales.

Also tonight - a state of

emergency is declared across

parts of the United States as major snow storms hit the east

coast. Wild Oats XI still leads the Sydney to Hobart as

rough seas thin the fleet. And England continues to build a

big lead in the fourth Ashes test.

Live across Australia, this

Jeremy Fernandez. is ABC News 24. Hello I'm

Jeremy Fernandez. The

falling with flooding Christmas rains are still Christmas rains are

threatening homes in southern

Queensland and parts of New

South Wales. Queensland is

worst affected. The damage bill there is already

$600 million. The heaviest

falls have been a long the east

coast. Among the worth hit is of Brisbane where residents the town

of Brisbane where residents on

stand which to shift to higher

ground. In Chinchilla the worst floods in 50 years have inundated the town. The alerts are not over yet. It is inundated the town. The flood

the kind of pat they were that

hasn't been seen for 30 or hasn't been seen for 30 or 40

years and a third of the state

is inundated. Queensland is a

have got water everywhere. The very big state and really we

monsoonal trough has monsoonal trough has been augmented by cyclone Cairns on Christmas morning.

Clark's range has 700mm in the of rainfall in the past four days. In Theodore, west of Bundaberg, authorities are

offering to help residents who want to leave. Dozens of homes

and farms have gone under the worst floods in 50 years. None

of us have had Christmas yet.

I was in water all Christmas Day. Trying to keep I was in water all day

the water out. I'm winning at

the moment, touch wood. The

rain events coming over are

really making things even more

difficult. We wish the rain

officially broken. Major enough. The drought is would now go away.

highways are cut in highways are cut in eight

places throughout the state and

there have been 20 shift

rescues in the last two days.

This cab driver was reeled and charged with failing to drive

There are roads closed with due care and attention.

everywhere. Plan your journey. If you don't need to travel

stay at home. The bureau says

the weather system will clear towards the north in time for New Year's Eve. Karen Berkman, ABC News, Brisbane. In New towns are Eugowra and South Wales, the worst affected

Canowindra in the central west. Canowindra is coping with its worst not in 12 years. The town has been

the fourth time in a month. the fourth time in a is weeks since

the fourth time in a month. It

is weeks Eugowra last woke up to this.

Many have had to Many have had homes again until the creek calms down. They're used the inconvenience. More

decades the two pub town has dealt with a decent flood every year or so. But anyone's patience. a month is enough to test

everything frustrating the mud and everything that gets in the shops here, here where we shops here, here where we are,

they were washed out this

morning. You live in Eugowra happen. It's just part of on the creek it's going to

it. Most of the year this is just a trickle just a trickle but Mandagery Creek's cut the town rising to more than 9 metres, inundating homes and businesses twice in one day. Some people

had already

coming. didn't realise the next one was

frustrated. As I said, they've

got to do it here but still in the central west Canowindra copped west Canowindra copped its

according to the local flood worst flood in 12

gauge. If it goes into mailbox it is a relatively big flood and this one's gone not only in the mailbox but above the mailbox. It's wiped out first few crops since the drought, but nobody's been evacuated. Every day is a great

day and if we worried about what Mother Nature holiday spirit in the

north. These happy campers are

keeping a close eye on keeping a close eye on the river in Brunswick no-one is ready to pack up and river in Brunswick Heads but

go home just yet. Not unless we get flooded out we get flooded out and need a

boat. With some luck they won't

need it. There's also reprieve for need it. There's also a

in the central reprieve for those at Eugowra

be allowed to go back home in in the central west who should

the next few hours. Things could barely look more Heave wave in many areas of the high alert. People are trying state as firefightersers on

to cool off in the 40 degree heat and were forced out of the water when a 2.5 metre tiger shark was spotted 30 metres from the shore at Trigg Beach.

There's a total fire ban in place over large parts of WA. high temperatures and high temperatures and strong winds

winds could spark a major

bushfire. We classify a

get over 35 three days in a

row. I think we've averaged 38 degrees over the past classification. It was still 36 grease at 9 o'clock last night and one couple nearly lost everything when their foughty

airconditioner sparked a fire.

A big snow storm is hurt telling up the eastern coats United States and thrown holiday travels into chaos as Jane Cowan reports. What

Christmas as turned sour. You

know when you're ready to home you're ready to go know when you're ready to go

We won't to get our boarding

passes and the next one out was

8pm. We weren't so happy. The

same weather system that

brought rare snow to parts of

the southern United States in

recent days is now causing of havoc across the eastern seaboard. On one of the

the year, more than 1000 business assist travel days of

passengers stranded far from fwliets cancelled and for fwliets cancelled and

home, the gloss was fast off home, the gloss was fast coming off the holidays. I was hung up

7 times and I was on hold for four hours until I finally

talked to a human being. Some

were content to be waylaid. For us it's a good weather because

back in Brazil it's very hot

and it's, you know, we don't

get to see snow every day, so it's

it's nice. It's nice to it's nice. It's nice to be here. Blizzard warnings here. Blizzard warnings and

states of emergency were declared up and down the coast, including the sit ties including the sit ties of

Philadelphia, Boston and New

York. The latest weather

reports are qualifying this unfortunately our city is

directly in the path of

it. Post Christmas sales turned

into an emergency shop for

supplies. Train services supplies. Train services on the routes were suspended. The routes were suspended. The been delayed twice now. It sphad it

was delayed 55 minutes and they

push it up to an hour.

Motorists fared little better. In Philadelphia a football

match had to be called match had to be called off

because of worries about public

safety. Almost everywhere sled

was the only way to Jane Cowan, ABC News, Washington. Back home the nacialg Christmas holiday road

toll has risen to nine toll has risen to nine after a woman woman died in a crash west of

Brisbane this afternoon.

Queensland Police say the two car crash happened just after 2

o'clock. The death takes Queensland's road toll to 2.

Victoria has the highest number

of deaths at four. People have

died in New South Wales and one in the Northern Territory. Tasmania, Western Australia,

South Australia and the ACT

workers have voted to take industrial action at Patrick's Steve storing sites in Western

Australia. More than

maritime workers have gone on strike at and Albany. Patricks action is disappointing and confusing given there are further negotiations scheduled

for January. Union of Australia last clashed in a waterfront dispute living off the end for years in some cases, six,

phone call, not knowing whether or not they're going to from day to day. 16 or 17 different start times, short notice, no short notice, no guarantees for annual leave, long service leave no, guarantees the phone is even going to ring. They go to work in a workplace

seen three wharfies killed this year for lack of commitment year for lack of commitment to training and lack training and lack of application to decent

Really, the casualisation is held over continue to accept employment conditions in this country would reasonable. The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has

which he says will maintain his

whistle blowing website and cover his legal costs. He signed publishing deals worth 1.5 million for his

autobiography. Julian Assange said he agreed to write his memoirs to fund mounting legal bills. He's spent almost $300,000 defending himself. He's currently on bail in Britainfieding against Britainfieding against a Swedish bid Swedish bid to extradite him over the claims. WikiLeaks has been releasing tens of thousands of secret thousands of secret US diplomatic cables. As heavy rains continues to fall the Top End, those living the Top End, those living on the shelters are full and aren't enough accommodation for the homeless at a time when infection and disease is on rise. Dave slow has been living

son Darwin streets for the son Darwin streets for the past

decade. He says he's never been provided with any type of emergency never offered me a bloody thing. About 500 people are in the same situation in Darwin.

A housing lobby group says shelters are serious health risks. We ends

up with more ear and eye infections and chest infections. That just

Territory has a homeless rate 5 times the national

it's working to ease crisis. At the end of this financial year we'll crisis. At the end of this financial year we'll financial year we'll have 200 extra financial year we'll have 200 extra dwellings right across the Territory as part of the Territory as part of the stimulus package. But none of those are being built in Katherine which has

rate of homelessness in the

Territory. Support services to

prevent such an outcome have been labelled been labelled inadequate. We need need more mental health

facilities for people who facilities for people who are

on the streets. Many of on the streets. Many of the

people on the streets are there

for causes like mental health,

drug and alcohol addiction and

family breakdown. We need to integrate our services integrate our services better for those who are homeless and that's certainly something I'm

focused on. But for now, those

struggling will take refuge

in any place they can. With the

warnings that power bills could

double in the next five years,

the CSIRO is kicked off a

grassroots campaign to get more

people to switch off and save.

Volunteers are being recruited

for a new national campaign

that educates individuals

hoping that they'll spread the

word. The results so far speak volumes. Here's environment

reporter Sarah Clarke. It's a

small group, but these

volunteers are thinking big.

They're learning how to cut

their power bills and reduce

their the key to this campaign is spreading the word. It's an

enjoyable way to learn or get

help where did you find that

plumber or whatever, so I there's a lot of value to

it. Lisa Geiger is one of the 500 volunteers who has been chosen to take part in the CSIRO project called CSIRO project called energy

mark. It's educating others on mark. It's educating others on

the best ways to be more

sustainable. A lot of it is

really simple stuff and stuff

that doesn't cost a lot of

money. One of the things is

planning your meals. Each advice, handbooks and the CSIRO is on stand by to help out. It's something that anybody can do, really, is get

a few friends or a few friends or people from a school together and talk about how you might be able to reduce

some of your impact. We're

all at the I'm age, the same all at the I'm age, the

life position, so it would be

nice to chat with them about

it, I doesn't know, just a bit more meaningful than, you the kids at soccer. David

Martin's cut his airconditioning back by in shadecloth. He's installed airconditioning back by putting

rain tank. He'll now be

coaching others to come on

board. Friends, family,

neighbours, I'm already talking

to some of our neighbours their power bills to some of our neighbours about their power bills and things,

and this is just a chance to take it one step

take it one step further. And

the trial so far shows the

project is packing some punch. Participants have cut their

power use by 37 per cent and their carbon footprint has been

reduced by a third. Sarah Clarke, ABC News. It's an

ambitious project to seal the through the centre of Australia

but the mayors of but the mayors of several Central Australian shires

believe they've got a strong

case and are lobbying the Federal Government to get the

job done. The outback way is a mammoth stretch of highway

corrected Laver tonne in WA to Winton in Queensland. Much of

the road is just the mayors of seven Central the road is just dirt, but now

Australian shires are lobbying the Federal Government to seal

it all the way. It's going give those it all the way. It's going to

their regions. Queensland's Boulia Shire Mayor says Boulia Shire Mayor says remote health, agriculture and tourism would benefit from a quicker route through the would benefit from a safer and

feasibility study nation's heart. He says a

proposal is on the money. For every dollar invested there's

every dollar invested there's

$2.53 return which is I find $2.53 return which is I find in

today's climate is

economics. The 7 outback economics. The 7 outback mayors certainly have their work cut for them. of driving from Melbourne to Brisbane. All up they

predicted it cost $700 million outback tourism operators. The more access that people get

across the State there's no

doubt that it just makes

easier for everybody to put the

numbers through. It is an opportunities to not only improve our domestic but also the international...

If that road is sealed it would

have huge benefits. Making the remote. Kirrin McKechnie, ABC News, Outback Queensland. The many visitors to one show since

it opened a decade ago.

record 87,000 people have come

to see an exhibition about Canning Stock Route which to see an exhibition about the

the story of Canning Stock Route which tells

track by using the latest in high-tech multi-media

displays. It is an exhibition

for the senses. The Canning Stock Route stretches 2000 kilometres through the kilometres through the desert of Western Australia. white man's track, but it passes through the heart of indigenous country. The popular exhibition tells the history of the cattle route through is more than exhibition. Each painting

etch object is telled story of

the lives and history of the lives and history of the Aboriginal people who represented in the exhibition. The stories are

told in a myriad of ways, from

screens and interactive maps to multi-media

from Aboriginal people. a presentation from Aboriginal people. It is

a presentation style that resonates well with the

resonates success. I like the way

it's told from the Aboriginal success. I like the way that

perspective and the way that

the stories are very personal

and really expressive. I wanted

to know what it was all about.

I wanted to learn. That was

the main reason I walked the main reason I walked

through the door today. I do like that integration of the

culture and the history with

it, so you are learning about everything. The exhibition's

success points to lessons for

all of Canberra's national

cultural institutions. It is reminder that people really do

have an enthusiasm to learn

about the cultures represented in those collecting

institutions. When it finally

closes on Australia Day the museum expects as many as

100,000 to have seen the show,

by far the biggest number of

visitors to an exhibition since

the museum opened a decade ago. The Melbourne man Tristan Miller is celebrating tonight

after finishing his 52nd

marathon in 52 weeks. marathon in 52 weeks. The

33-year-old completed his last

lap at Albert Park lake this afternoon The final in a year-long afternoon The final few paces

in a year-long journey. Will

will's quest to one 52

marathons in 52 weeks began in

Zurich a year ago and ended in Melbourne today. A the Melbourne today. A the got

little bit emotional towards

the end. It was exciting to

run through and everyone as

clapping and cheering I had a

big grin on my face. Wanted to

make sure he came home in one piece. Tristan's marathon adventures took him from New York to London, Antarctica to

Siberia. He was spurred on

after losing his job at the height of the global financial crisis. I've been promising

myself a year off for a myself a year off for a long

time I thought I'd take that

year and travel the work and year and travel the work and take on a personal challenge. A

challenge which took a heavy toll on his body. After

Mongolia I did a 100 kilometre

race there and I took for

granted how well I did in granted how well I did in that

race. Came second. The fact

down. Family and friends is after that

worried about the financial

strain. Especially because it's

such a risky kind of project to

take on. I might get halfway

through it still go broke and

not achieve that goal. Tristan

Miller sold his car and home

and motor bike to take this

journey. While all of his

family and friends were here

today to celebrate, few of them

were willing to follow in were willing to follow in his footsteps. Would I do it? No.

No way. No chance. I would not

be that strong to be able to do We're not that crazy. He's done that. Oh, no, not really.

really well. Tristan will be

celebrating tonight but celebrating tonight but he's already looking ahead to

next big race, taking on the Sahara Desert in April.

Sahara Desert in April. To the

rest of the day's sport news

with Claire Aird. England with Claire Aird. England well

on its way to retaining the Ashes. Absolutely. It was a better day for Australia today

but not quite good enough I'm

afraid. England has continued

its dominance on day two at the MCG. Jonathan Trott posted the fifth century of his career as England amassed a fifth century of his test

lead of 346 runs by stumps. Ponting and fast bowler Peter

Siddle are likely to come under

scrutiny from the match referee

after a verbal battle with

umpire Aleem Dar. After a

disaster on day one, Ricky Ponting at least found

something to smile about. The captain didn't have to wait

long for another reason to

two runs smile, Alastair Cook added just

before he was removed by Peter

Siddle. In front of his home crowd, the crowd, the Victorian paceman

was shower his captain with

post Christmas gifts, Andrew Strauss soon after. But Andrew Strauss soon after. But

Australia wasn't out of gaol. Kevin Pietersen Kevin Pietersen and Jonathan Trott weren't in a Trott weren't in a giving mood,

safely guiding England to a 128

run lead at lunch. No Australian cricket Australian cricket fan should have felt big headed. After

taking the second new Brad Haddin thought he had

Brad Haddin thought he had a breakthrough, but neither were convinced, and Australian umpire Aleem Dar or hot spot

frustrations started to boil

over. Peter Siddle took

matters into his own hands to

remove Kevin Pietersen. While Jonathan Trott was being stretched to his limit. A

wonderful throw, but he's in.

continued. Peter Siddle catch Paul Collingwood's batting woes


him involved in the first five English wickets. He's doing Johnson almost had his everything right. Mitchell

wicket of the session but Johnson almost had his third

umpire Aleem Dar called for his own video review and discovered

Matt Prior was caught off a no ball. A knock to the knee looked to have Jonathan Trott down for the count, but down for the count, but he bounced back and powered towards his 5th test century. The 29-year-old bringing

Prior continued to play his

shots and brought up his 50 as

away from Australia. The guided England to a lead of 346 runs at stumps. Nick Bailey, in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Al Kemp me three has been forced to pull out due to forced to pull out due to boom damage in the New South Wales south

number coast. It takes the total

number of retirements from the

race to 10. Wild Oats XI is race to 10. Wild Oats XI

still leading the fleet across

Bass Strait. After a cold, wet

there was little reprieve at

first light as

bashing south. Grant

Wharington had every right to be pleased with Wild gross. Inadequate insurance almost forced the the race and it collided the race and it collided with a media start. Yes, we couldn't seem start. Yes, we couldn't seem to take a trick yesterday and everything seemed to be going against us, us down to a ten to one shot on the insurance, getting public liability insurance on Boxing Day, how the hell wow do It was all hands on deck for the crew of Investec Loyal the jot chased Wild Oats XI. Mash Richards led the coast to avoid the

main sale was minor chaired to

the drama on ouzo . We two guys

in the water. We around and and get back to them which we

managed to do but very unpleasant experience. In unpleasant experience. In the battle forehand cap hoppers the big boats are best placed. Ichi Ban was handling the heavy weather well and Lahana was

also amongst the contenders. In the afternoon, the win

whipped up to gale-force and whacked several crews with whacked several crews with five

yachts retiring in less than an

hour. His boat was forced out with major rigging with major rigging and structural damage. The structural damage. The front runners through was straights. The winds are forecast to lighten and crews should have a less

lumpy ride down the east coast of Tasmania. Another fleet of yachts is negotiate the treacherous waters off bat straight tonight. 44 vessels set sail from Port Phillip Bay

this afternoon in the annual

Melbourne to Hobart event. The

yachts will be navigate ago long three different routes, either directly to Launceston

or a long the east or West

Coasts of Tasmania to Hobart. The winner of Boxing Day dash event in Port

Phillip Bay, Gusto, is the race favourite

favourite and leads the fleet

heading to ward the West Coast.

The leaders are expected to

arrive in Hobart arrive in Hobart on Wednesday. In the A-League Melbourne

Victory has beaten The Jets

jets two one tonight at

home. Thank you. Let's take a

look at the weather for

tomorrow. Showers in Brisbane,

Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It will

It will be 20 degrees in

Hobart. In the west, the heat

is still on. Perth's heading

for a top of 40 degrees. Monsoonal storms for Darwin. Sydney's Hyde Park

Barracks are getting a major

makeover with the

reconstruction of two domes

that have been missing for 150

years. In their attempts to

get the shape of the domes correct, historians have

discovered the architect, green

green, may have stolen green, may have stolen the design for one of Sydney's

design for one of Sydney's most historic buildings. The barracks are a World Heritage listed museum, but something's

missing. Two

guardhouses. This is where

the convict constable lived. So over time

So over time we think that the

domes were removed due to domes were removed due to bad weather. These days it is

tourists passing through the gates. They eat in the old

isolation cells and the cafe still has a dome. What we're planning to do is the outline

of the dome here will of the dome here will be replicated on the together a little together a little model that built. The shingles were

out of see oak and they will and be and be getting the wood from the north coast. We outline them on them on the roof so imagine this overlaid one on top of the other. The

this is your dome and they're other. The architect, former convict, other. The architect, convict, Francis Greenway, provided himself on provided himself on his

original design. While trying to copy Greenway 's domes, to copy Greenway 's domes, the historians have historians have discovered the barracks

claimed. There was a published design for a type of design for a type of farm building wall and gate lodges very similar to similar to this design. Greenway cheques, but as to whether the cheques, but as cheques, but as to whether the barracks design is there's a long trad dish there's a long trad dish of borrowing and copying in architect and design. The

museum will fund raise to cover the costs of the restoration. You're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Jeremy Fernandez. I'll I'm Jeremy Fernandez. I'll be back with a

day's news in a few minutes. Then Then dispatches 2010 and in 30

minutes Scott Bevan

This Program is Captioned Live The top Live The top stories we're following on ABC News. The flood emergency in Queensland

as he is calculated south-west of Rockhampton with authorities

considering the evacuation of

the town of Theodore. The flood level at flood level at Chinchilla in the southern inland has broken

its previous official record.

The north-east of New South

Wales meanwhile has Wales meanwhile has also

experienced flash flooding with residents in Banpu Urbanville isolated. Hundreds residents in Banpu and

of flights have been of flights have been cancelled

the across America's east coast as

snow storm. A blizzard warning

has been issued has been issued in New York City and southern states have

Millions declared states of emergency.

Millions of Americans tried to

head home after this weekend's Christmas celebrations. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange WikiLeaks

Assange is cashing in on his

new-found fame.