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(generated from captions) deputy. You couldn't think of it. The launch of that book

happened later today. The top

story on ABC News Breakfast - negotiations are under another preelection debate between the Prime Minister

Julia Gillard and the

Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott. Mr Abbott has agreed to

debate the Prime Minister on

the economy but on his

conditions. He wants a

televised debate on ABC TV with

Ms Gillard on the proviso she

attends a town hall style forum

in Brisbane. Scott Morrison

Michael, good to be with joins us now from Sydney.

you. The half an hour that Tony

Abbott is suggesting will fill

as a debate on the economy

surely that's no where near

long enough to debate the various issues on economic management? These issues have

been debate fd for last 5 weeks

at length. We've had town hall meetings, we've had another

debate, Tony's agreed to have a

further town hall meeting, Q

and A last night. Look, I think

there's a lot of discussion

that's going on in this

prepared to have those campaign. Tony's always been

discussions, is having them and

I think the Australian people

will be informed by the

couple of days for this further opportunities over the next

debate. Importantly this town

Gillard still has to agree hall meeting which Julia

to. Half an hour to debate debt

of the stimulus measures or and deficit, the effectiveness

otherwise, interest rates, you will barely get through the

interduction and the goodbyes

before you debate the serious

issues? With any debate that

you have you cover usually a whole range of issues in. In

the first debate there were a

series of issues that were

debated and each of them got

10, 15 minutes each. I don't think that's a problem. There's

agreed to it, it's for Julia a debate

Gillard to agree now to have

that town hall discussion which

initiative when it was done I thought was a very good

discussions that have been last time just like the Q and A

there, the leaders being asked

questions by real people about

the issues they're most

concerned about rather than concerned about rather than the

sort of set up very organised

those formal debates. She's and stage managed events of

saying for logistical purposes

why not roll both together,

have a debate and something

resembling a town hall meeting

on all together, what's wrong with

that? Look, her bluff has been

called, the debate has been

agreed to, now she needs to

turn up to the town hall

discussion and she needs to

front up to that. The party

organisation sorts this out now but

but this tit-for-tat thing

needs to end and people want to

hear the answer to the

ques. Tony Abbott has a last

chance to make an appeal to

voters this morning when he

fronts up to the National Pres

is his re-Vailling of a key to

work. He won't be happy with the headlines the headlines today reading

$6,500 jobs bribe? This is a

policy designed to try to get

people particularly to move to

areas where there are jobs and there

there are employment

opportunities and to increase

participation in the work force. Participation is a key

factor for our productivity

going forward. It's also a key

factor for dealing program many times and that is that I've program many times and

the management of our

population and handling population growth. Now these sorts

sorts of initiatives will never

see us move to half the population moving to population moving to regional

areas. But they demonstrate our

clear resolve to be wanting to deal with the full range of matters, whether it's

infrastructure, services or providing incentives

encouragement for teem to go

where jobs are. It's a sign of

desperation though that such

large sums of money are now

being thrown about by the

Opposition Leader in the dying days of what has been days of what has been a very tell closely fought campaign? I'll

tell you what a large sum of

money is, $2.7 billion on a

rail link that hasn't even had

a cost assessment and cost

benefit analysis done on it which was sprung on the NSW

Government by surprise as a massive

massive big election bribe to

western Sydney which they know

will never happen, the

Parramatta to Epping rail link.

That was one big bribe. The

Prime Minister didn't even make

the decision apparently we

learnt last night on the '7:30

Report'. She was taking advice

from Anthony Albanese who about how she could try to make clearly strung her about how she could

an election campaign. All in this stack up in the middle of

proportion yesterday, the

Opposition Leader was,

according to press reports this morning, dropping $18 million

in just 6 hours while visiting

various marginal electorates in

Sydney. It sort of detracts

somewhat from his campaign

message of fiscal austerity and

attacking the Government for trying to bribe voters? Quite

the contrary. $18 million for a

series of community based

initiatives for playing fields

an $2.7 billion, $2.7 billion for an project designed to try and con for an uncosted, project for an uncosted, unassessed

voters that this government was

serious about infrastructure

delivery for western Sydney

when they'd previously said they'd never build the

there was no votes in it for north-west rail link because

them. So give me a break, a

$2.7 billion, $18 million I

think those two figures speak

for themselveses in terms of fiscal management of a

Coalition versus the massive

big billion dollar election bribes from Julia Gillard. Is

the Coalition sticking to its

stance of not releasing

stance of not releasing its

policies to be costed to the

Federal Treasury? Well again, I matter to be investigated by mean we've asked for Federal Treasury? Well again, I matter to

matter to be investigated by mean we've asked for this

for - This is the leak? We've asked

for that to be investigated and

people have to have confidence in

in the process and when there's

no confidence in the

when it's been abused and there

clearly has been abuse, then

these matters need to be addressed. I mean I think

that's only fair and reasonable. That's a no, the Coalition won't Coalition won't be submitting its costings to Treasurer

rsh? The Government held its policy announcement launch yesterday after the deadline.

majority of their policies were

never sent for costing. So

look, the Government is being a

complete hypocrite here. The process that they were suppose

to oversee has been abused in a

typical Labor way and so

they've made their bed and they

can lie in it. The Coalition is

vowing to give its policies to

be costed to a third party a

private firm by tomorrow, which

firm would beWould that be?

What outlet will cost the

Coalition's policies? You can raise those matters Robb. As a senior front

raise those matters with Andrew Robb. As a senior front bencher you'd have a fairly good idea,

wouldn't you? That's a matter

for Andrew Robb to comment on.

I'm sure Andrew will do that

during the course of the day. This has been something we've

done at many elections an both

Labor and Liberal have done

this by use ing credible firms

to look over the costings. What

it's about is ensuring the

public can have confidence about what the costings are.

You can't have a confidence in

a process this Government was supposed to oversight when

there have been leaks and there haven't been the proper determine where the source of haven't been the proper inquiries

determine where the source of those leaks were. When it suits them they will bring the Federal Police in at the drop

of a hat. Clearly when it's

going to put them under

pressure then they run for cover. The 'Daily Telegraph'

this morning is reporting that

Darren Jamieson the Liberal candidate for the marginal

Central Coast seat of Robertson is under police investigation

for allegedly manhandling two

13-year-olds he wrongly

believed had thrown eggs at his

car. What do you know about? I

was with Darren yesterday, actually. Darren is a police

officer of 21 years standing.

Darren is fully aware of the processes that are involved in Darren is fully aware of all

in making complaints to the

police and he's followed those

and I'm not surprised. I mean I

was in Robertson yesterday and there are dirt y tricks galore from from Labor. There are union

officials being flown up from

Melbourne, running a around trying to goad Liberal Party workers into all sorts of thing. This campaign in

Robertson from Labor is getting

very, very dirty and to cast

these sort of smears about and

provide briefings to journal is

just before elections in this

seat I think is a smirch on

Darren's character. Darren

years standing. I know one

thing people on the Central

Coast are sick of and that's

local crime getting out of hand

and people mucking up and playing playing around issues with

youth crime. These are things Darren

Darren can address. He's got a

lot of experience and I know he

can be trusted on these matters

just as he can be fully trusted

on this issue which I'm sure

will clear itself up within a day or so. Scott Morrison,